Sneak Peek: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks Photos & Swatches

Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick
Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick


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Dione Avatar

I have Sake already on it’s way to me! I can see a few more I’d like too (rhubarb!). These look just as good as the original formula. I love Bite, they are my go to lip products. Can’t wait for reviews.

Ashleigh Avatar

Thank you Christine for getting these and reviewing them! I spy a price creep, hopefully the formula will be worth it! They do look very promising though. I like the looks of Sweet Cream, Fig, Meringue, Maple, Beetroot, and Tannin!

Aj Avatar

Oh man, I really like that they expanded the color range for these lipsticks. I really don’t need another deep purple color – but I think Black Truffle will work out better for me than the other deep purple lipstick I own – too dry for me.
I also really like Nori, Tannin, and Chai so far. I’m hoping Chai isn’t too light on me.

Alana Avatar

The bite beauty luminous creme lipsticks were the best lipsticks of all time so when they said that they were discontinuing them all it was a sad day. Hopefully the Amuse Bouche lipsticks won’t disappoint!

Aline Avatar

You pretty much hit Rouge status on January 2nd, don’t you? 😉 I ordered Radish yesterday and am excited to get it. I love their lipsticks and have a bunch of them. I’m hoping one of the new lipsticks is a dupe for Grenache. The color is unique and I’m halfway through it.

Christine Avatar

It actually took me until February 13th, surprisingly! I think last year was faster. These Bite lipsticks were probably the largest single order at Sephora ever – I was very worried they weren’t going to process (they have held $300-500 orders in the past) it, but go figure, it went out per usual.

Rebecca Avatar

Aline, the sephora near me still has granache, so I say check your local store. If they don’t have it, let me know and I’ll see if I can get you one!

Aline Avatar

Thank you so much. I need to stop by the mall today, so I’ll see if they still have one in stock. I generally can’t do cool colors, but this one works for me. I think it’s really unique.

Katherine T. Avatar

OMG, these look amazing!!! I didn’t think they could improve upon the luminous creme formula, but these look just as good if not better. Can’t wait for your reviews. So sad they didn’t bring back Shiraz, one of my HG MLBB colors ….sob, sob 🙁 Maybe I can ask their BITE custom lip lab to recreate it for me

Mara Avatar

I look at your blog every day, but this is the first time I’m leaving a comment. I could see myself wearing nearly every color in this collection, it looks amazing! It’s bizarre but it seems like even the super bright colors are wearable because of the way the formula looks on your lips, if that makes sense? I really like the Bite brand and since my lips can’t handle all the new liquid lipsticks I’m super excited to try some of these. Thanks so much for the swatches and I appreciate everything you do!

Fran Avatar

I got Radish as a 100-point perk from Sephora on Friday and wore it yesterday. Unfortunately, for me it had the same problem the old formula did — a slight tendency to bleed at the outer corners of my mouth (this is probably due in part to age-related changes in my skin there, i.e., baby jowls). Of course it’s especially noticeable with such a vibrant shade. I’ll have to try it with a primer; if that solves it, without having to fuss with a lip liner, there are several shades in addition to Radish that strike me as especially pretty: Pickled Ginger, Sour Cherry, Dragonfruit, Eggplant, Sangria, Beetroot, and Jam.

Pearl Avatar

Wouldn’t you know it, but Bite has a lip primer! I’ve been using that lately and really like it – I have MAC’s lip primer also but it’s more slick as compared to Bite’s which is like a matte-but-not-flat moisturizing balm. It’s clear if not just a tad white-cast and it’s got peppermint oil in it as well – if you don’t mind those two things, check it out! Also if you don’t mind the peppermint oil, EOS egg lip balm things (Target has them) have a peppermint one and I use that as primer too – maybe there’s something about the peppermint oil that acts as a binder? Not sure.

A clear, waterproof lip liner will help also – Sephora and Make Up For Ever have clear waterproof lip liners to act as borders and prevent lipstick feathering out into the lip lines. I had stopped wearing bold lip colors for quite some time because of color feathering out from my lip lines, but between Bite’s primer and Sephora’s clear waterproof lip liner, my lipstick stays put now. 🙂

Alison Avatar

Fran, instead of Bite’s lip primer (it pains me to say this since I LOVE all of Bite’s products), I recommend the Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone pencil. It is a version of their ozone lip primer (clear), but they make it in a thicker stick so it is easier to apply to the whole lip. I use it all the time with all sorts of Bite formulations (matte creme lipstick, matte creme lip crayons, luminous creme lipsticks, and a custom one that I made at the lip lab) and it works wonders! Not only does it keep the lipsticks from bleeding, but I also see a noticeable improvement in wear time as well. I tried out Bite’s primer last fall and didn’t think it made much different. Hope this helps!

Bonnie Avatar

Fran, how did you get Radish as a 100-point perk? I’ve been checking the rewards every time I order (which has been every couple days the last week buying more of these lipsticks! lol!) and I never saw that as a perk!! I’m dying to know. Was it in-store only or something?

Nancy T Avatar

Yep, I noticed it too, quite a lot of dupes of Bites previous shades. But that’s a *good* thing! Also spotted a perfect replacement for MAC The Fashion Flock lipstick in the shade Sorbet! I am really ready to give TFF the boot .
So many gorgeous shades here, including a few non-conventional shades that look very nicely pigmented. Excited for your reviews of these seemingly promising lippys!

Bonnie Avatar

oooh that’s awesome Nancy! I ordered Sorbet and I have the fashion flock on my list, maybe now I wont need it! When you say youre ready to give it the boot, do you mean from your to-buy list, or do you have it and not like it?

Ana Avatar

Thank you for these fantastic swatches. Since Pepper, Beetroot and Gazpacho were sent out to thousands of people as promotional materials, nobody’s been talking about the shades that I want to know about, namely Rhubarb, Sake and Fig. Rhubarb is gorgeous, as is Sake. Fig might be little too light for me, though. I’m taking the plunge!

Jessica Avatar

Yes! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this post. I’m in trouble–I see quite a few I want! (And it looks there are some potential matches for my beloved Vouvray.) Still, I’m bummed about the loss of Cava. It was such a unique shade and it was one of the few nude-ish lipsticks that didn’t make me look like death.

KJH Avatar

Yes, the lavender behind it makes it a real interesting and different nude. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll drag it out of my Bite bag tomorrow. What blush do you do with it? Maybe will try rapture, or that nude from the Tarte mattnificent palette.

Bonnie Avatar

I agree Cava is amazing!!!! I can’t believe they didn’t bring it back, especially since they brought back fig and pepper and it looks like plenty of others but with different names. Here’s hoping that they make it again eventually!!!

Josie Avatar

I have been obsessing about Tom Ford Negligee and Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl (I ended up ordering both this morning since I couldn’t decide between the two). Bite Beauty Chai looks like a close dupe for Bond Girl and Verbana a dupe for Bond Girl. I can’t wait to try these!

Wednesday Avatar

I am (was) in such a lousy mood. We are swamped and I haven’t had a good beauty fix until today. Thank you!

I LOVE radish.. so my kind of bright summer colour. I also need Sake and perhaps Rhubarb.. that name is so familar, is it a repromote?? or did they have the same name in the thin matte pencil line. Will have to check that out in my stash.

You rule Christine as always for pulling these swatches together. The gallery view is uber helpful!!.

KJH Avatar

You probably have Rhubarb in a pencil form. I think it was in 2 Xmas tins. Who knows, but I have 2, unless someone persuaded me to give her one. Bite has done a few shades in different formulas. Tannin comes as a pencil, too. My question is: is Maple part of that coveted Canadian set? I still think the formula wasn’t broke, so why fix it? But they certainly have widened their shade range from the original darker reds and nudes…away from what I choose and more into the pinks, corals and mid ranges that were not originally their specialty. Fine. Fewer to seduce me. But despite having >2 dozen Bites, I think I need at least 3 of these, as long as someone can explain the source of the citrus scent, and how skin-friendly that ingredient is. I’m such a ho 4 good l/s.

Wednesday Avatar

I consulted the ho-hoard and it tells me you are spot on 😀 I do have Rhubarb in pencil form. I just pulled for use in current rotation.. Guess this means I’m over my p/o at Bite.. It’s freaking fabulous on me. LOL

The Cdn maple lippie is called Mulled Maple so not certain if it is one and the same due to slight name difference, but I’m guessing…prolly.

Pami Avatar

I love your sneak peeks! With so many shades, I’m surprised I don’t see anything that I “can’t live without”, though there are several I do like. What I’m the most sad about is I was really hoping that one would be a dupe of Mauvember that we couldn’t get here in the USA. Waaaah.

Claire L Avatar

I love so many of those! For the first time ever I have actually considered getting a very dark lipstick, Black Truffle looks just like blackberry stain on the lips, I love it! I’m sure it’d be a talking point too, lol!

Jenny Avatar

You are the first one to have a complete set of all the swatches!! Thank you for posting these for us since they will be available soon for purchase.

t Avatar

I already ordered black truffle, it’s exactly the kind of shade I love and the swatch looks gorgeous!
funnily enough Google chrome seems to think this page is in French I guess because of “amuse bouche” … it keeps offering to translate for me

Barbara Avatar

I feel the same way for some reason, I get a better overall ideal of the shade and tone in the zoomed out pics. But am loving some of these for sure.

KJH Avatar

Very eclectic and diverse. As G said, something for everyone. I think Bite believed they should take on Audacious. Slightly less wallet sting, a horde of colors, and the lip swatches look great. (I think some of the forearm swatches got weaker, as you proceed down the column, but, so what?). You can tell you put on Audacious in the dark; it’s that recognizable. Think I’d know it if someone else put it on me…and I have no sense of smell. Somehow, I think these will be unique as well. Bite has a great product; hope they stick to their core competency, and don’t start making other face cosmetics.

Kalindrome Avatar

Maybe I’m just grumpy that they discontinued their original formula, which was my all time favorite lipstick formula out there, and one of the few on the market that didn’t irritate my lips, but I am just not falling in love with these shades. I see like two, three colors max that pique my interest (Chai, Nori, Sour Cherry). Until I swatch in the store, I will remain a cautious skeptic.

Bonnie Avatar

Thank you so much for these amazing swatches Christine!!! I used these last night when they went up in the swatch gallery to narrow down my order of 4 more (I had 4 already ordered pre-swatches) It was sooo helpful!!! A couple of the shades look so similar to eachother (Chai and Verbena for example) that I’m glad I waited and didn’t order both! I was practically waiting on baited breath for this post, it made my day!!! 😀

Alora Avatar

How did you get Cotton Candy to apply so evenly on you? It applies streaky on my lips and even though I used the Agave lip mask the night before it still managed to show imperfections. Then throughout wear it would gather in areas and look blotchy… I’m sorry Sephora but I’m gonna have to return another product at this rate. I’ve had a few problems with select colors. Cotton Candy and Persimmon being the main culprits. Persimmon looks fine at first but as it wears it gets this dried cracked appearance. It feels creamy but doesn’t look it and it feathers just enough that the lines get fuzzy. Did I just get bad eggs? <:( Gazpacho, Dragonfruit and Radish are amazing. Jury is still out on Gingersnap.

Heather Avatar

I’m so bummed! I just discovered Granache this year! If I had known it was being discontinued I would have bought more! I checked the dupe section but didn’t see this shade there. Anyone know if there is one yet?

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