Round-up: Tom Ford Lips & Boys Overview & Thoughts

With 50 shades, you’re bound to get a few misses, but by and large, about half of the collection was less impressive. I know that my “marker” is I’m looking for B+ or better, which left 17 of the 50 as performing B or less (or 34%). I think that while it was a good idea to breakdown the colors into color families, it would have been better to a) provide individual shade descriptions, or b) segment shades into “layering” or “sheer” categories.

Overall, it ended up feeling like a mixed bag, though there are certainly winners within the range. I think the idea and campaign were genius, and it is a nice way to try out Tom Ford’s often raved about formula without spending $50 a pop. Even better, the Lips & Boys miniature-sized shades are actually more for your money based on price per ounce, so it’s really win-win if there’s a shade you’ve had your eye on. You can view all swatches of these shades here in gallery format.

The limited edition Lips & Boys Collection officially (re)launches on the 26th, but you can place orders online at the following retailers now:

TEMPTALIA RECOMMENDED: Adriano (A+), Henry (A), Matthew (A), Michael (A), Stavros (A)
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Addison (A-), Cary (A), Collin (A-), Cooper (A), James (A), Julian (A), Patrick (A)
MOST UNIQUE: Casey (D-), Guillermo (A-), Gustavo (A-), Holden (C-), John (A), Kyril (D), Liam (B+), Luca (B), Michael (A), Peter (B-), Richard (A), Rory (D), Stavros (A), Tomas (B+)

Check out the report card + more comparisons!

Report Card

As: 26 | Bs: 15 | Cs: 6 | Ds: 3