Graphic Eyes Eyeliner


Zoeva Female Attraction Graphic Eyes Eyeliner

Zoeva Graphic Eyes Eyeliner is an eyeliner that retails for $7.50 and contains 0.04 oz. ($187.50 per ounce). There are 17 shades in our database.

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Get gorgeous statement eyes with our Graphic Eyes+. Enjoy a brand new product performance with a superior luscious and ultra smooth formula. The Graphic Eyes+ collection combines the smoothness of a liquid liner with the ease of application of a traditional pen without compromising in quality or makeup result. The powerfully pigmented liners are free of fragrance and parabens. Once dry, they are designed to give you a super longwear and waterproof finish - no matter how busy your day is. Dive into a broad range of must have shades that deliver true, rich and intense color.

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