Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick


Urban Decay Venom is a very cool-toned, dark berry with a luminous finish. It is a discontinued lipstick that retails for $22.00 and contains 0.09 oz. Read review...


Tired of high-tech lipsticks that suck all the moisture out of your lips? Us too! So we created an addictively luxe formula with insane color payoff. Urban Decay launches Revolution Lipstick, a classic, creamy formula you’ll love wearing—with the signature Urban Decay pigment-rich color you rave. This is rich, buttery lipstick at its best—intense pigment plus creamy shine. You’ll love EVERYTHING about it, from the act of applying it to the way it feels on your lips. Revolution Lipstick applies smoothly (without dragging or skipping) and hugs your lips. And the pigment load is amazing! Just one swipe gives you a BIG laydown of color.

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The Good: Creamy (5), Long-wearing (5), Smooth (4), Blendable (4), Easy To Apply (3), Great Value (2), Travel-friendly (2), Moisturizing (2)

The In-Between: Highly Pigmented (5), Thick (2), Non-sticky (2), Buildable (1), Sticky (1)

The Bad: Tugs/pulls (2), Hard To Apply (1)

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2 Written Reviews

By Nadia 4 years ago.

This has been my go-to bold lipstick for awhile now. It's such a pretty color and it has an added bit of purple shimmer that looks amazing under certain lights. The formula is not quite like anything I've ever seen. This is worth it just for the beautiful purple-ish shimmer alone! Fairly long-lasting as well. I only need to touch it up a little after eating a large meal.

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By Michaela 5 years ago.

I bought this color when these lipsticks first came out and man was I not disappointed! I've never bought a color like Venom before but it was the beginning of Fall and I was determined to jump on purple/plum lipstick train. I usually wear this with the matching lip pencil so I don't know if the results would be different without it. My one and only complaint is the shape of the lipstick. The round shape makes it a little hard to stay inside the lines but the color payoff and long lasting wear time make this lipstick worth it! I wore this lipstick almost every day during the Fall and Winter but I still have a ton left, you are definitely getting your money's worth.

1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.
Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Fair - Undertone: Pink
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