Deluxe Shadow Box

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box is an eye palette that retails for $38.00 and contains 0.46 oz.

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By Emma 11 years ago.

This palette contains a really wonderful selection of eyeshadows with the 'deluxe' formula. This formula means the eyeshadows are VERY soft (almost to the point of being too soft, as a little crumbling does occur) and apply really nicely, and comfortably. The brights are the best part of the palette for me, particularly 'Peace' and 'Graffiti', which are so pretty. It's versatile because you have a great range of colours, as well as some browns and a black. For me the browns are a little too light, including the darkest one, which actually comes out a lot more light and shimmery than it looks. 'Zero' is a really nice shimmery black that has good opacity and makes the palette just that much more versatile, as any look can be made more dramatic. 'Fishnet' is really striking because it has a duochrome effect which allows it to appear more pink or purpley/blue depending on how it is worn Each eyeshadow is very easy to blend because they are all so soft. The packaging is great too because it's small and thin so will fit in a handbag easily, whereas something like the Book of Shadows would be too bulky. I find palettes tend to be good value for money too because you are getting 9 eyeshadows together for a better price than if you were to buy them separately.

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