MAC A Little Moonlight Dazzleliner

MAC Dazzleliner is an eyeliner that retails for $22.00 and contains 0.06 oz. ($366.67 per ounce). There are 4 shades in our database.

Editor's Review

The formula is a "top coat" that can be layered over your liquid liner or can be built up for "full drama" if desired. I think "top coat" is quite apt for these, as they absolutely work well for layering on top of other products, like liquid eyeliner, or to add a dose of sparkle with less base coverage. They have a shinier finish at dry down with moderate to heavy amounts of sparkle and glitter (depends on the shade). The consistency was quite thin and watery, and I found it difficult to pull the thin brush-style applicator in a fluid stroke and get even coverage out of it. The formula dried down quickly, so it wasn't prone to drying into my fine lines, and once it dried down, it locked into place well for nine to ten hour wear.

Claims / Ingredients

M·A·C Shiny Pretty Things Dazzleliner is a glitter eyeliner top coat to layer on your liquid liner or add sparkle to the lash line. A mix of subtle shimmer and full-on glitter for a multidimensional effect. With a fine-tip brush for precise application, you can build it up for full drama. Specially designed in shiny pretty metallicized packaging.

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