Extra Dimension Skinfinish


MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish is a highlighter that retails for $44.00 and contains 0.31 oz. ($141.94 per ounce). There are 52 shades in our database.

Editor's Review

The Extra Dimension Skinfinish formula is supposed to give “the perfect glow to the skin” with a “creamy powder formula” that wears for “10 hours.” It’s a powder highlighter that I’d describe as a moderate to intense highlighter, and they come in varying hues with some that might work as highlighting blushes/bronzers are on some skin tones and true highlighters on other skin tones. In general, the formula is very pigmented, blendable, and wears around eight to nine hours on me.

Claims / Ingredients

A liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflections, designed to highlight and brighten your face for an intense, iridescent metallic finish. The creamy powder formula lasts up to ten hours.

6 Written Reviews

By Elisha 1 year ago.

This is great as an eyeshadow and a highlighter! I hope they bring it back.

Tags: highly-pigmented, highly-pigmented, smooth, smooth
Skin Tone: Medium - Undertone: Olive

By Giovanna Fialho 3 years ago.

Sorry my english, but this is the best illuminator of all. It has a warm glow, with particles that change from a coral pink tone to almost an iridescent green color. It is very unique. When I left my country, my mother gave it to me, unfortunately it was stolen and I will never find an equal again. This is the best illuminator of all!

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Tags: highly-pigmented, highly-pigmented, buttery, buttery, easy-to-apply, easy-to-apply, luminous, luminous, great-value, great-value

By Diane 6 years ago.

If you don't like wet looking highlight , I don't recommend Oh Darling but if this is what you are looking for this is such a great formula. It's super pigmented and it last super long. (8 hours on me) . I don't know if it emphasized your pores because mines are super tiny .

Tags: highly-pigmented, highly-pigmented, buttery, buttery, creamy, creamy, smooth, smooth, easy-to-apply, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, long-wearing, luminous, luminous
Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Very Deep - Undertone: Neutral

By Rad 10 years ago.

I actually bought this because of all the recommendations on beauty blogs and this powder/ creamy formula is great. It gave a beautiful finish on the skin, like a liquid highlighter does and the colour (like a bronze/copper) is stunning. It gives a really soft bronzy glow. I just wish i'd bought more!

Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Light Tan - Undertone: Olive

By Jess 10 years ago.

This is a gorgeous warm highlighting powder, I had been a proponent of NARS Copacabana cream highlighter but since I found Superb the Copa has definitely gotten less use. It does emphasize pores but I think that's a hazard of all shimmery highlighters in general, rather than a specific drawback of this product.

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Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Neutral

By Keisha 10 years ago.

This bronzer is quickly moving its way to the top of my list! The texture is very silky...almost creamy and I love the way it looks and feels. It glides onto the skin very smoothly giving a luminescent summery glow. As this is a duo, the deeper shade can be used on the cheeks while the lighter golden shade can be used as a highlighter. My fav way to use; is to swirl my brush into both shades and apply. For daytime, apply with a light hand as it is very easy to look overly shiny.

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Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Light Tan - Undertone: Yellow