OCC Belladonna Lip Tar Review, Photos, Swatches

OCC Belladonna Lip Tar
OCC Belladonna Lip Tar

OCC Belladonna Lip Tar

OCC Belladonna Lip Tar ($14.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is described as an “ultra, ultra violet.” It’s purple–it’s a brightened medium-dark purple with subtle pink-red undertones. Not unsurprisingly, I could not think of any dupes out of these purple lipsticks. Illamasqua Fierce was the closest I could come up with, but it looks tame in comparison (ha, ha).  When I tested this shade for wear, it hung on for a very impressive eight hours, and it still looked pretty good then but noticeably worn.

It’s a liquid lipstick that is very, very pigmented! It may take a couple of applications to get used to just how much pigment is packed into this product. I like these applied best with a brush, because you can ensure you don’t over-apply the product (which isn’t what I did in the swatches–I applied with fingertips, so I did apply a bit more than I needed to). Lip Tars dry down to a semi-matte/satin finish, and it depends on how much you apply–I usually find that I get a slight sheen for fifteen to thirty minutes after application, but then it dries down to the satiny finish. If you apply just a sheer layer, you’ll have more of that semi-matte/satin finish from the get-go.


DCDiscontinued. $18.00.
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OCC Belladonna Lip Tar
OCC Belladonna Lip Tar

OCC Belladonna Lip Tar
OCC Belladonna Lip Tar

OCC Belladonna Lip Tar
OCC Belladonna Lip Tar

OCC Belladonna Lip Tar
OCC Belladonna Lip Tar

OCC Belladonna Lip Tar
OCC Belladonna Lip Tar



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These are so pigmented! I really wanted to try one or a few out, but I’m not sure which color to get for my complexion. Does anyone have any suggestions for a NW46 skin tone? Thanks a lot!

Aww, I wish I liked lip tars! They come in such pretty colors. But they always look like garbage on me–they just look dry and sink into my lip lines. It’s a bummer, because I bought three because everyone raves about them, and they just sit there unused because OCC has a less than stellar return policy.
Their Loose Color Concentrates are fabulous, though, and totally underrated!

I feel the exact same way! I hear all the raves and see how pretty they look on other people, but on me they look awful. I actually had to try one on after reading this review, thinking that they maybe weren’t as bad as I remembered, but it was actually worse. My lips craved lip balm before I had even finished applying the tar, and now my lips are dry, chapped and sore (after leaving it on for only 15 minutes). I find it weird that a product can look both too wet and too dry at the same time. It seems to draw all the moisture out of my lips leaving them scaly looking and at the same time sink into lip lines. It doesn’t matter how much product I apply, this always happens.

 @t_zwiggy Thank god I’m not alone, then! I feel like I never get them to look right–either dry as hell or goopy and gross. And I absolutely hate how they STAIN EVERYTHING! Out of desperation once, I tried applying it with my fingers to see if I could make them look nice… nope! And my pointer finger was stained pink for like 2 days.

@Gina, I’m curious, what is their return policy like? I’ve been contemplating whether I should try them out but I’m leery of ordering, sight unseen, from a brand that I’ve no experience with. If they have a nonexistent to terrible return policy, then that makes me hesitate even more.

 @Kafka Last I checked, it was pretty much that if you’ve opened or used the product at all, they won’t take it back. It has to be in selling condition, which I think is garbage to be honest, seeing as how they’re sold at such a limited number of stores. And in addition to that, their customer service can be quite snippy…
But I believe beauty.com carried their products now. I’ve never ordered from there, but they might have a better return policy if you’re still looking to try their products.

@Gina, thank you for letting me know. Really useful information. 🙂 I almost *never* return make-up. I’ve only returned one thing in the last 5 years (a recent eyeshadow palette set) and that’s because I had no use for 27 (!!) eyeshadows that didn’t work for me. (In contrast, I have frequently returned a barely-used skincare product when it caused a bad reaction or something.)  BUT I just like knowing at the back of my mind that a return is possible. It’s sort of a comforting, psychological reassurance, if you will.  “Snippy” customer service…. Hm. Don’t like the sound of that. At all! I wish a brick-and-mortar store carried OCC here. It would make me much more willing to dip my toe into the pool and try out their things for the first time.  Oh well, I guess it won’t be OCC for me then.

 @Kafka Beauty.com does carry OCC, but not the entire line. I bought a Lip Tar from them, hated everything about it, and they took it back as part of their 100% color-satisfaction policy.

@Francesca – Thank  you for letting me know. That will certainly make it easier to try out the line. 🙂  Just out of curiosity, why did you hate the Lip Tar so much? Do you have very sensitive or dry lips, or was it something else? A textual issue, perhaps? The Lip Tar is one of the main things that I’m interested in trying out, but I hear such *wildly* divergent views on them.  

Reminds me of “Sleek Pout Paints”. They come in other shades such as red, pink but also in white or blue. But they´ re more for mixing individual lipcolours. I don´t own any of these, but only because I´m too lazy to use a brush most of the time 😀

Coincidentally and oddly enough, on a FB group I’m in, someone *just* posted today a link to an OCC Lip Tar set that is on sale, *today only.* I hope it’s okay to post the link: http://www.occmakeup.com/lucky.html   Set of 4 lip tars for $29.50, instead of $74:  “As a special deal just for Lucky™ readers OCC is thrilled to make this one-of-a-kind box set available today only! Don’t miss your chance to pick up these best-selling OCC Lip Tar shades for a fraction of their usual cost. Shades include Melange, a deep terra-cotta nude, Memento, a gorgeous pink-plum, Grandma a clean and classic coral, and NSFW a beautiful true red! Also included: a pro lip brush for a precision application.”

Very pigmented indeed !  Do the OCC products last in time ? 6 months or more ? Most Vegan brands last 6 months, sometimes 12 months but not beyond ( logically ). We don’t have OCC here, maybe in Paris but not around Bordeaux.
Thank you !

That is a lovely colour! Reminds me of Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn and Illamasqua Fierce.
I have issues with Lip Tars feathering, but that’s because I don’t use a lip pencil or lip primer or anything.

Sadly though, I’m sure it would make my teeth look extremely yellow… (I would reply to my last comment but it hasn’t been approved)

It looks so totally yummy! However, I don’t think I’m daring enough to wear it. 🙂 Maybe at a costume party or something. 

i found out last week that OCC was available in my country! In a really small, rinky-dink store in a sort of sketchy area lol. I went anyway and got the Lip Tars in Anime, Pageant and Queen. I’d have bought more but they didn’t have testers so I just got three. I’d love to buy the others for mixing and matching. Their selection is extremely limited though.

Love the color, but you should look into some teeth whitening, since it’s such a focal point of your face, it would really make your lipsticks flatter you better.

 @JUNDA Her teeth are perfect and not yellow. I should know. Plus, not all people can afford to pay up to $700 for a good whiten. 

@MiettaReynolds @JUNDA
I did not say her teeth are not perfect, but it wouldn’t harm to brighten them up a little bit, especially the lateral incisors and canines since threat are the teeth that absorb most of coloring in a persons diet. Also I don’t know why my username came out that way :-

 @joannafigueroa  @MiettaReynolds  @JUNDA FYI, I whiten my teeth approximately every 6-8 months, per instructions on dental whitening kits (most seem to say you can use up to two systems per year). Unfortunately, I’m not comfortable with going outside of those instructions – sorry!

@Christine (Temptalia) @MiettaReynolds @JUNDA
Fyi, white teeth Willy look white no matter what color.lipstick you’re wearing (I should know 😉 ) and fYI I hope you’re following your dentist or hygienist recommendations.

 @joannafigueroa  @Christine  @MiettaReynolds  @JUNDA If they’re perfectly white, sure – but I don’t think I said (or claimed) that mine are perfectly white- only that I already DO whiten and am not going to do more whitening than recommended! So if you do have not perfectly white teeth, as many of us do not, teeth can look yellower or whiter depending on what color lipstick you’re wearing. I’m sorry that my teeth are not white enough for you – like I said, I definitely whiten and do what I can 🙂 Like regularly see my dentist, brush teeth, floss teeth, whiten.  Again, I’m really sorry I can’t do more!

 @joannafigueroa  @Christine  @MiettaReynolds  @JUNDA no one’s teeth are pure white unless they have brand new veneers. some lip colors bring out the yellow. christine’s teeth are perfectly fine. whenever people say “believe me i know” or “i should know” or some other crap like that, they generally don’t know what they’re talking about.

Belladonna has recently been discontinued…Do you know where I may still be able to find it? If you still have yours would you be willing to sell it to me?

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