NARS Gaiety Blush Review, Photos, Swatches (Updated)

NARS Gaiety Highlighting Blush
NARS Gaiety Blush

Once More with… Gaiety!

I reviewed this blush just seven months ago when it originally launched with NARS’ spring collection. This is mostly a summary and an update with newer, better quality photos along with the diffused flash/studio lighting for the full face photos along with an updated list of potential dupes (based on added product swatches).

NARS Gaiety BlushNARS Gaiety Blush ($28.00 for 0.16 oz.) is described as a “bright candy pink.” It’s a cool-toned cotton candy pink with strong blue undertones and a mostly matte finish. I remember some readers inquiring about its similarity to NARS Desire, which I did not own previously, but now that I do, I can say that it’s far, far different–Desire is darker, richer, much more intense overall. MAC Full of Joy is lighter, more purple. MAC Peony Petal is darker, pinker. MAC Azalea Blossom is more purple. MAC Briar Rose is pinker.

Gaiety has a soft, touchable texture that’s finely-milled but not powdery. It delivers decent color payoff, but with it being a lighter color, it will take some layering to achieve true-to-pan color on medium to dark complexions. On lighter skin tones, it’s a very wearable pale pink with blue undertones–perfect for those with similarly cool undertones. I re-tested the wear, and it still wore well; a solid eight hours with very minimal fading along the edges.

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NARS Gaiety Blush
NARS Gaiety Blush

NARS Gaiety Blush
NARS Gaiety Blush

NARS Gaiety Blush
NARS Gaiety Blush

NARS Gaiety Blush
NARS Gaiety Blush

NARS Gaiety Blush
NARS Gaiety Blush

NARS Gaiety Blush
NARS Gaiety Blush (Diffused Flash)

NARS Gaiety Blush
NARS Gaiety Blush (Studio Lighting)

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Christine-Temptalia  So, Gaiety is the one on the right cheek (when looking at the photo), correct? The cheek on the left in the photo appears to have a more peachy blush.

 Seriously, when I saw the whole picture, I thought, “it looks so great on her right cheek, but not so good on the left one.”  I personally don’t think Gaiety is  a good color on Christine.  As beautiful as she is, I don’t think it flatters her skin tone. 

This was one of the blushes in the joie de vivre palette from Nordstrom, and for me it’s really not “decent color payoff” – it’s incredibly pale, and i have to layer over and over to get anything resembling like your swatches or pictures. I’m pale enough that the soft flush I can get works for me, but I don’t think I’ll reach for this on a daily basis just because it’s so sheer.

You’d think it would be more cost effective to use the individual product in a palette, as it seems a manufacturer would have to take the time and energy to “reformulate” for a palette, *and* put in place an additional production run. However, I’m on board with the conspiracy theory, as it seems palettes tend to be alot weaker, regardless of brand or pricepoint.

xamyx wwendalynne The only blush in this particular palette that gives me issues is Gaiety – everything else applies like a dream, smooth and soft and pigmented. So I don’t know, maybe I got a bad batch or something?

blueraccoon You can try “removing” the top layer of the blush with either a coarsely bristled brush, or a piece of transparent tape. Sometimes powder products have some sort of “film” or something on the top layer. I had the same issue with Marie Galante and a MAC quad, but now they work *alot* better.

Christine-Temptalia You know, I hadn’t even considered that. *facepalm* It’s entirely possible! The rest of the blushes seem more true to color, which is why I hadn’t really thought about it.

Kiss and Makeup I know and it works!!!  I’ve seen this one of Christine in a number of photos already from reviews of other products and knowing how cool of a pink this one is, I was really surprised at how well she pulls it off.  But she does!!  And it looks fabulous 🙂

Great blush, so fresh for springtime ! I have Dior Rosy Glow and honestly I love them both, but I wear them during springtime, I purchased both last spring ( 2012 ) and I will wear both again next spring or maybe when the weather is fair and a bit rainy too !

huh, it actually doesn’t pull as cool on your cheeks as I thought it would–it looks amazing on you! But I still don’t think I’ll be picking it up…I just tend not to get excited about such light, cool pinks. I am a warm, peachy-pink girl all the way 😛

Gaiety is not for me, even if it weren’t so sheer, but I just wanted to say: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, the NARS blush reviews are back! You have no idea how much I missed them. I used to look forward every few days to the next one, thinking,”Will it be today? Will it, will it??!”  <insert image of a panting dog in one of those “It’s BACON!” adverts>  When the needs of the many fall collections got in the way and stopped them for a while, I was going almost through withdrawals! I’ve been on tenterhooks to see how Gilda looks on you and I truly cannot wait until you start on the cream blush reviews!  <“It’s Baaaaaaaaaaaacon!”>  LOL!

I love it in the pan but on me, I think I’d look like a full blown cracked out clown. I so want to add it to my blush collection but I will be skipping it 🙁

It’s true, I don’t have to. I’m not trying to be critical, and I greatly appreciate the time and effort Christine puts into her work. But personally, I’d prefer more reviews on different items and brands.

74259 NARS blushes are fairly popular, and we have received a fair number of requests to review them – and I’m regularly asked about if such and such LE blush is similar to such and such NARS blush (MAC and NARS blushes being most popular).  We cover a lot of MAC, so I thought maybe NARS would be a better option for some permanent items.

I don’t know why, but I do really like this cool pink on you, Christine.  It is one of my favourite NARS blushes on you.  As a result, I had a tough time deciding between this and Desire with Desire winning out for my complexion.  Still, I love this on you whenever you wear it. 

I have a problem with cool toned blushes pulling a lot of red tones, do you know why that is? How do I make that stop?! LOL Thanks Christine!!

Does this one have better wear than Nars Gilda blush? I am currently using Nars Gilda and just after 2-3 hous after I apply it, I have probably half of the original amount left, and after another 1-2 hours, everything is gone. I use it on top of my powder foundation (which I use as a powder to set my liquid foundation). Would that be causing the problem you think? Do you have any tips to prolong the staying power of a blush? Thank you!!!

svea Hi Svea,Gilda wears eight hours on me, so I don’t have any problem with the wear time on that one :(You could try applying directly over your liquid foundation, and then setting with your powder foundation.

this colour just dont fit to me but the cosmetitian told me that it would be good , but i think now that she only want her cash…

When you are test driving these blushes or to be photographed why are they being applied  heavy handed? I think sometimes it can take away how beautiful these shades can look, if they were applied as you would in your regular “looks”. You look stunning, and the blush can be seen very well from your photography skills when you apply them as you regularly wear them 🙂

KristinaC Hi Kristina! For several reasons:1.) So you can see (or I can “prove”) the buildability of a blush, because not everybody is fair skinned – someone with medium or darker skin may want to feel confident they can wear it), as well as so you can see the texture, effect of any undertones, etc. 2.) So I can actually test the wear. If you start with hardly any blush on, it’s very hard to determine the degree of fading.  If you start with more visible color, it’s very easy to tell if it’s faded just slightly, halfway, or entirely. 

I am so happy to see these NARS reviews back for the blushes!! I was missing them. Everyday I’d come with the thought if this was the day a new blush review would be up. I’m addicted. I know. :PI think this shade looks absolutely gorgeous on you. Very girly and brightening. Out of Angelika, Desire, and this…I really think this one looks best on you! I’m heading to Sephora tonight to play with the blushes from NARS, so maybe I’ll have to test this one out on the cheek.

Kafka LOL. 😛 Unfortunately, none of the cream blushes are available at my Sephora. I think I’d be all over it if I saw it in person! Somehow, though, I ended up walking out with SUPER ORGASM! Whaaaaat?! Ugh, this is 100x prettier than Orgasm *and* legitimately looks peachy pink on me, which the original doesn’t. All the glitter just blew away, and I fell in love. Once the glitter was gone, all I noticed was a subtle sheen, which actually appeared much nicer than Orgasm’s sheen. I thought I’d walk out with Angelika (I was given a sample instead), but I had to have the Super Orgasm.I’m totally baffled at how much I like this shade.Also, I tried on Gaiety. Total mixed feelings. It’s a little more cool toned than I’d normally go for, but it didn’t look bad. It did show up, but it just seemed so soft/sheer. It was pretty, but I don’t think enough to make me want it…

Did you ask a lady there? I work at sephora and I put the new line for the blushes and shadows (it changes when we have to add new and permanent shades). Te cream blushes are just under the display because there was a line change. They may come back, or you can ask her to look in the drawer for you. Our penny lane and cactus flower were replaced on our gondola with orgasm (lol another tester..?!? Lol) and liberte from the summer collection.

@Miss J  You know, sometimes a colour or a blush just calls to you. And when it does, you answer that call, dammit! You’ve been circling around Super Orgasm for a while now, so clearly it was something that really drew you in. And I’m so happy that you love it. I don’t understand how all the glitter manages to vanish on you but that just makes it all the more something that was “meant to be.”  (But, seriously, *how* did you make the glitter disappear???! LOL!)  I definitely agree that the colour is a thousand times prettier (imo) than Orgasm. I think it’s because it’s more pink and that suits people with our skin tone more. All in all, I’m really happy for you. You’ll have to report back further as the days progress and let me know if the love affair continues unabated. 🙂

Kafka I swatched it on my arm, and thought, “if only the glitter wasn’t there – this would be so damn pretty!” I walked around for a bit then when I looked back down, poof, glitter was gone. I guess the large flecks just don’t really stick to my skin. After shaking my brush, the majority of the glitter just flew off. I ended up with a few stray specks, but just buffed em off. *shrug* I’ll make sure to update you! I feel guilty buying ANOTHER blush. My mom basically told me how stupid I was because most people only buy one blush. 🙁

@Miss J Well, at least you wear blush. I buy it, but I *rarely* wear it, and when I do, it’s usually the same one (L’Oreal Mauvelous-but now I really want NARS Sin). My mom just tells me I have way too much makeup in general.

@Miss J  Does your mother collect anything? Cookbooks, knicknacks, cute mugs, whatever? Because I think it’s the same thing. I get the same sorts of comments from my mother, both about makeup in general *AND* specifically about NARS blushes. My response is that it makes me happy. Some people buy shoes, I buy blushes. (The fact that I buy BOTH is something my mother decided to kindly ignore. LOL!) But the next time she says something, perhaps you can gently remind her of something *she* collects and adores. As for the glitter in Super O, let me know if you find the texture of the skin on your face makes a difference and makes the glitter stay on longer. But please, don’t feel guilty. Please don’t let the comment ruin your happiness and joy. 🙁

@Miss J I’m jumping in here, but one blush?!  Even people who don’t wear lots of makeup have more than one blush.  During my barely wearing makeup phase I had 3 blushes, in addition to a couple of basic makeup items.  

Kafka I’ve worn Super O 2x now, and I notice the only place the larger flecks stick to is the inner part of my face/cheek that’s more towards the center because that’s where my pores are the largest, so it seems to stick there a bit, but wipes away pretty easily with a fan brush or buffer brush.I tried Angelika out today, and I think it looks pretty, but do you think it is similar to Riviera? I’m not sure I need both.She used to collect knicknacks; she’s got increasingly more frugal, though. I pointed that out to her about what she does or at least used to collect, but of course she denies that she ever bough a lot of knicknacks. I think what really bothers me is that she basically tells me I’m stupid/bad/whatever for it, yet she always wants to use what I have or for me to give her some of my stuff. I just feel embarrassed lately when I look at my box o blushes.

Re. Angelika vs. Riviera, most people seem to compare Riviera to Mata Hari. Riviera looks a lot warmer and darker than Angelika, so I don’t think the two are really comparable. Angelika has some small glitter than vanishes but it may be a bit easier to use than Riviera which I think is a wee (just a wee) bit dry in comparison to some of the other Multiples. (Which probably makes it perfect for combo/oily skins.) Have you done a side by side of Angelika and Riviera on your cheek? (I find arms don’t really show the true colour, esp. in summer). What is making you pause with regard to Angelika *other* than what your mother is saying?

As for your mother, sweetpea, I hate hearing the hurt in your voice. You’re not stupid, bad, silly or anything else she tells you. And you’re particularly not any of those things just because you’ve bought some blushes! Hell, did you read the recent eyeshadow poll where many, MANY people had over 200 and some people had over 500+???

The fact that she wants to use what you have *after* telling you off shows that the problem is on her end. I know it is easier said than done to say, “I’ll brush it off,” I know it’s your mother and that makes the comment matter more. But, if you can, *try* to remember that it’s her issue and that perhaps she’s taking some frustration out on you. After all, it’s not as though she doesn’t LIKE what you’ve bought! She may wish she had those blushes herself!

Re. Super Orgasm: After reading your post, I tried out Super Orgasm again and the first time, I managed to buff out almost all of the glitter. I’m not sure how much of the colour I buffed out, but as I’ve said before, I love the colour. So much prettier than regular Orgasm! And Jesus, what a colour. I really did look like I’d just had an… um… you know. The second time, however, no matter how hard I tried, there was still glitter somewhere. No amount of buffing could really get rid of it, especially on my inner cheek area near my nose. I buffed for about 10 minutes yesterday and somehow, still ended up with migrating glitter.

But what happens with me is totally irrelevent. *ALL* that matters is how you like it and how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel glorious, pretty, fresh and radiant, then HURRAH!!!! I’m thrilled for you. And, yes, a wee bit envious that I can’t get it to work as well (and that my pores won’t cooperate, lol) since the colour is spectacular. Truly spectacular. You’ll have to let me know if your new love affair continues unabated. xoxoox

Totally OT: Are you getting weird pop-ups on this page? Pop-ups suggesting other threads and a FB like? It won’t go away no matter how much I click. Grrrr.

Yes, I did get Sin and I liked it. I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t LOVE it but I did like it. I was surprised by how much redder it appeared on me than what I had remembered from in-store swatches. Not a bad amount of redness but there *was* red, as opposed to more of a mauve-y look. Still, it was incredibly natural-looking and that is always a plus. I think it will be really lovely when I’m paler and when my summer colour has faded. Despite using sunscreen with a high SPF, the Texas sun has turned my skin colouring into an NC 32 or 35 recently. And I think that may be the issue right now.

You know what really surprised me? Albatross! I liked Albatross a LOT more than I thought I would. Never as much as my beloved, HG Copacabana but I was still impressed.

I ordered the Maui Multiple and should receive it soon, so that I’m really excited about. I’ve really fallen in love with the more pigmented, bright, blush-like Multiples. I find them so incredibly easy to use. Thanks to that new passion for Multiples, I’m now up to 21 NARS blushes! So, next time your mother criticizes you, tell her that there are people who are as addicted as you and that you’re not strange in having this passion. Because you’re not. I daresay there are people whose MAC blushes range in the 50+ category! And if she doesn’t think *any* of that is normal, well, that’s her issue.

xamyx I’m like that with eye shadow now; buy it, but don’t wear it. When I do wear eye shadow, it is the same stuff over and over. I used to wear eye makeup all the time (it’s my favorite-or was-part of makeup), but my eyes have grown increasingly sensitive/irritable. I haven’t quite come to terms with it, so I still buy pretty shadow even though it’s unlikely to get much use.

Liz9969 I think she just says *one* for “dramatic effect” to make her point, lol. I know I have a lot of blush. I do wear all of them, though (not all at once of course – that would just be tragic looking).I would actually like to pare my blush collection down to 3-6, but the makeup lover in me would never be able to choose which 3-6, LOL.


I have not tried them on my cheeks side by side! I’ll have to do that to see for certain, but from what I can tell – Angelika comes off sheer, but more pigmented on me than Riviera does; it is also lighter, brighter. I get a very innocent, girly vibe from the blush. I’m just hesitant because I don’t reach for the pinky-pink shades too often, so I don’t know if I need Riviera, Mata Hari, Desire, AND Angelika.

As far as Super O – I just freaking LOVE this color so much. It is THE perfect peachy-pink. I wish they’d make it without the gold glitter; however, I can overlook a few gold bits here and there for this color. I wouldn’t wear it in a professional setting just in case some glitter specks did stick, but any other time is fine with me. The sheen in this is so perfect. The color isn’t overly pink, but definitely more pink than peach, and it isn’t too peach. It’s just perfect.

I’m glad you like both Sin and Albatross! Interesting that Sin shows a bit red on you! It’s mauve-rose-berry on me; I prefer it more in fall/winter when I’m lighter.

Definitely let me know your feelings on Maui. I’ve been highly debating it! I can’t decide if I want Maui Multiple or Constantinople Cream Blush…OR BOTH.

Yeah, I’m getting the pop-up, or was, I clicked it and it closed fine for me. It’s a feature to suggest other posts.

XOXO – Thanks for the kind words in regards to not feeling bad. I did see the eye shadow post. 😀 I know there are others like me, but I just get tired of people in my “real life” that make me feel like shit. It’s not like the net where I can click “x” if someone’s being an asshole, lol. It’s just frustrating that I can’t enjoy something without being told I’m wrong for it. I know it’s crazy to a level considering there isn’t a way I can use everything in it’s entirety, but I would be SO BORED if I had one blush to use everyday. It’d be easy and cheaper, but BORING. I’m on a mission to hit pan on a NARS blush now.

This blush and Laguna bronzer are on my NARS wish list for the next time I’m in the market for those types of products. I think it shows how makeup obsessed I am that I have like a makeup waiting list for when I’m wanting to buy something of a certain category, haha.

Christine, you should try Mata hari, or dolce vita, they would look divine on you! Outlaw would too but apparently your press sample wasn’t the greatest, mine at work was pretty pigmented and soft.

StephanieT  My Outlaw was the same. Not pigmented on a swatch but perfectly pigmented with great colour on the cheek. Soft and blendable, too.  A simply stunning blush. 

Yay! The NARS blushes are back. 😀 For some reason, and I’m very sad about this, Gaiety just didn’t look right on my medium toned skin. I don’t even know why, as I usually love these baby pinks with blue undertones, but it looked a bit sheer and powdery on me. But since I have, Full of Joy, Peony Petal AND Azalea Blossom, I probably didn’t really need this anyway, lol. I love Desire and Mata hari though, they look great on me. I’d love to try Outlaw too, despite the bad review, but I do have MAC Mocha and Star Wonder already… Can anyone comment on how similar they are? Is Outlaw very shimmery?!

Emme  I can’t comment on the MAC blushes you listed but I can tell you that my Outlaw was nothing — NOTHING — like the dud that poor Christine got.  I have a huge amount of NARS blushes at this point and I can honestly say that Outlaw is in my top 3.  I don’t think it is super shimmery; what it has is a sheen. On your skin, you get a lovely, *not* over-the-top, gold sheen. Kind of more of a glow. A perfect degree of glow.  And the colour, the colour….. truly stunning. I hope that helps and that you try it. 🙂

Kafka It sounds amazing! I may have to order it unseen, since we don’t have NARS here, but it sounds like it would be worth it from your description. 😀  Is it very reddish?

Emme  Outlaw is not reddish on my skin, but then I have no red or pink in colouring. I’m a pale to medium olive. On me, it’s a soft rose with a really faint raspberry touch and the most subtle, gorgeous gold sheen. I think Christine’s swatches of the blush colour *in the pan* are very true to life, but not the colour swatches on her arm or cheek. I truly think she got a dud. I don’t know how it would be on you if you do have red in your skin tones; perhaps someone with a similar colouring can speak more to that. But it is absolutely one of my favorites (I have 20 NARS blushes at this point!) and so lovely that my mother saw it on me, then went out the very next day to buy it. LOL!  What skin tone/colour do you have?

Could someone tell me when to wear a blush cool toned and when to wear a blush warm toned ? I mean is it a faux pas if a very fair skin with red pink undertone wears a warm pink rather than a cool one like this one, Gaiety??? Pardon for my ignorance and thanks for the help.

@virginie Wear whatever you like, first off! :)A lot of people will wear peachy blushes to help mitigate any natural redness in their cheeks, but it’s not a must and plenty will wear whatever they want.Usually what dictates cool/warm tones for your blush will be the rest of the look. Personally, I use a cool-toned blush cooler colors, more dramatic eye looks, or vampy lip colors – but it’s not always the case. The times I would most likely reach for a color like Gaiety, for example, would be with dark smoky eyes or blue/purple eyeshadows.

Just an FYI, I think the comments are problematic for this section, too. They’ve all vanished and on 2 different browser systems. So, perhaps Livefyre can work on this thread in addition to the Burberry one?

Wow I can’t believe Gaiety got a B! I have always wanted to get a perfect pink blush and trying hard to steer away from buying anything from MAC since they make so many pink blushes.(Just a preference of mine) And then came Gaiety in all its pinkiness. Its light and its cool toned,unlike Desire which is warmer and darker,I don’t know how it would look like on my NC25-NC30 skin. Gaiety was perfect pink,not too bright,not too over-powering,sometimes it look natural depends on how much is packed on my cheek. The key is not to put on too much or it will look garish and tacky. I wish Christine should tone it down a bit when putting blush,its immensely striking,wish it would be more of a natural way to wear blush though. 🙂

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