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MAC Too Fabulous: Mineralize Blush Duo Reviews, Photos, Swatches

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Mineralize Blush Duo: (Clockwise) Rhapsody in Two, Buddy Up, Bi-Tone, Chic Couple, Sun & Moon

MAC Too Fabulous: Mineralize Blush Duo Reviews, Photos, Swatches

On March 4th, Too Fabulous will launch launches in-stores, but you can expect it to pop-up online on either Monday (the 1st) or Tuesday (the 2nd) as well. Included in the collection are six shades of Mineralize Blush Duos ($23.00), nine shades of Cremesheen Glasses ($18.00), and six shades of Lip Pencils ($13.00). I’m missing one mineralize blush (Two Virtues) and one Cremesheen Glass (Loud & Lovely), as well as all of the lip pencils–I will have the missing pieces reviewed on the launch date once I get to the store and purchase them, so please be patient! Update (3/4/10):  Everything is now reviewed and all that!  🙂

The Mineralize Blush Duos are soft, smooth, and have kind of a “dirty” look to them, overall. I’m not a big mineralize blush fan because they have a tendency to break me out, so I rarely wear them. I also find that they fade faster than a typical powder blush, so they’ve just never been worth the breakout-potential! Rhapsody in Two is the only one I really liked, as the others just felt too “dirty” for my personal preference. I’d say Bi-Tone might be my second favorite, if you made me pick one!

Mineralize Blush Duos ($23.00)

  • Bi-Tone is contains a pinky plum and a coppery gold. Together, they create a muted, coppery coral-red with golden shimmer.
  • Buddy Up is a mix of muted plum and brightened pink. When swirled, they create a muted reddened plum shade that goes on fairly sheerly and doesn’t have too much glitter.
  • Chic Couple is a duo of peachy-copper and neutral brown with gold-green shimmer. The two mix to form a very bronzy brown with orange undertones and gold shimmer.
  • Rhapsody in Two is a mix of light yellow-pink and light peach-orange with a frost finish. The two create a a lightened, played down pink champagne, almost. I think may end up being a favorite for many, though I see it being used primarily as a highlighter. This is the only one that really caught my attention.
  • Sun & Moon is predominantly beige-y brown with pink-brown chunks within it. Together, they swirl to form a peachy copper brown with pink and gold shimmer. When used lightly, it can look very soft and pretty, but intensified, and I think it may feel too orange.
  • Two Virtues is a mixture of a cool-tone, blue-based frosty medium pink with violet-purple pieces.  Together, they make a light medium pink with silver shimmer.  The violet doesn’t really come through that much.  It can be layered on more heavily for a pinker look, but it’s fairly sheer.

See more photos & swatches…

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Mineralize Blush Duo: (Clockwise) Sun & Moon, Rhapsody in Two, Buddy Up, Bi-Tone, Chic Couple

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Bi-Tone Mineralize Blush Duo

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Bi-Tone Mineralize Blush Duo (Lightly / Heavily)

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Buddy Up Mineralize Blush Duo

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Chic Couple Mineralize Blush Duo

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Buddy Up Mineralize Blush Duo (Lightly / Heavily)

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Chic Couple Mineralize Blush Duo (Lightly / Heavily)

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Rhapsody in Two Mineralize Blush Duo

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Rhapsody in Two Mineralize Blush Duo (Lightly / Heavily)

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Sun & Moon Mineralize Blush Duo

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Sun & Moon Mineralize Blush Duo (Lightly / Heavily)

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Two Virtues Mineralize Blush

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Two Virtues Mineralize Blush (Heavily / Lightly )

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Ally Avatar

They look gorgeous but slightly disappointed for some reason 🙁 I’m usually all over anything mineralized but the colours don’t swatch as i expect them to. Rhapsody in two looks to be my favourite, i bet that will steal the show for many! Thanks christine as usual 🙂

toy Avatar

I have very interested to see how the Bi tone blush looks on your cheeks, that is the one I want to get! I think the colors in that would great for both eyes and cheeks. Also I would be interested to here what is your must have for these blushes.

Christine Avatar

I’m not sure if I will be wearing any of these, since they have a tendency to break me out 🙁

I don’t have any must-haves, again, since they often break me out, and the only one that even appealed to me a little was Rhapsody in Two. The rest were too “dirty” for me!

Az Avatar

RiT look beautiful, just like Moon River but I wont get it. Buddy Up and Sun & Moon for me. Though I dont know if I should get Bi Tone, and S&M (oh lol) or Chic Couple.

Cindy Avatar

Mineralize products, whether a simple powder or these lovely looking blushes, are beautiful in the package, but on 30+ skin, especially dry 30+ skin, always look awful. They settle into every pore, line and crease no matter how much you prime first or buff after. Worse, the shimmer magnifies these flaws as it catches the light, and then the colour fades away. I assume they must be better on younger skin, or skin which is not so dry, since they have a cult following, but this is one collection that I’ll be completely passing on.

As a side note – March is usually hell for college and uni student with final papers, projects, and presentations in all their classes, ALL due at the same time!! Since your program is a double concentration, I imagine that your March will be even busier than most students. You come across as so organized and in control that I won’t wish you luck – you’re obviously making your own luck through hard work – but I will wish you the best March possible! I also wanted to thank you, because you post so regularly and frequently, even when your life must be busy with other important priorities – so a BIG thank you Chrstine!

Have a great weekend.

Amy Avatar

Thank you for the lovely review-your pictures are wonderful as always! I’m not sure that I’ll love these when they come out this week, but greatly appreciate your preview!

Eunice Avatar

how do these actually compare to the regular blushes in terms of texture, wear and color payoff? to me right now, they seem kinda blah and i’ve never really caught on to these mineralize blushes :/

Christine Avatar

When I wore them, I found that I didn’t love them because they seemed to fade faster than a traditional powder blush would on me (and I don’t really have oily skin, so powders hold up quite well on me!). Since they break me out, I stopped wearing them quite awhile ago, so I’m hoping one of the many fans of mineralize blushes can speak up and tell you how fab they are and why 🙂

diana Avatar

Chrisitine i feel the same way it sucks because i really love msf’s and mb but they just break me out 🙁 which is weird because i rarely have zits is there anything you can do to stop that?? lol

DEENA Avatar

just to comment on Eunice’s post…i love the mineralize blushes because they r quite silky on the skin and its not as shimmery as you think…it gives off a healthy glow..the colours are amazing. It does give off a nice natural look but the big down fall is that they do wear off easily. Throughout the day I’d notice that the blush faded. Christine do u normally apply anything on ur cheeks to prolong the blush and to prevent the fading? If u do maybe that can help with the mineralized blushes. Thanx

DEENA Avatar

also is there a post on ur site about the eyeshadow duos? I would like to see what every1 thinks about them but cant seem to find it.

Anitacska Avatar

Since I’m a huge fan of mineralize EVERYTHING lol, I will be buying all 6 of these blushes. I just hope they don’t come out at the same time as Spring Colour Forecast in the UK! 🙂

cmferrets Avatar

yeah i know , what the hell mac! why do they keep incrising their prices on everything. these are the same as the ones last year, no packaging change!!

Vonvon Avatar

Thanks for the swatches of the blush duos….having a hard time deciding which one to get……blushes are my latest thing now….wasn’t really a blush person before. Guess it would be best to try each and every one in-store before deciding. 🙂

M.A.C.nunu Avatar

I think Bi-tone will end up being the one I buy, the rest look far too..rusty? I can see the attraction of Rhapsody in Two but I hardly use highlighters, and when I do, Dior Skin shimmer is my go to.
I’m one of those that LOVE mineralised blushes, they’re great to use in the summer, and for special occasions, they give cheeks a gorgeous glow without looking overdone.
My fav mineralised blush is Nuance xD

kpenn09 Avatar

Thanks for the reviews, Christine!

I have to agree that mineralized blushes tend to break me out too, but I really do love the sheer wash of colour that they give my very fair skin. I have found that if I put a thin layer of tea tree oil on my skin before applying any mineralized product, I do not have a problem with break-outs.

I’m going to try to make it out of this collection for under $100. I’m thinking Loud & Lovely + Double Dare glasses, In Synch liner (to wear with Gaga l/s) and Bi-Tone blush, although I’m anxious to see how Two Virtues swatches.

Dusty Avatar

Unless I find these to be outstanding, I expect to only pick up one (just cause they look kind of cool). I’m most excited for the lip pencils (i LOVE MAC lip pencils and they’re are some nice colors coming out). I called MAC SF yesterday and they said that three of the pencils were already nearly sold out with pre-orders so it looks like they might end up being the hotter item.

Emilie Avatar

Thanks for the review and swatches Christine! 🙂
Would you say Rhapsody in Two is comparable to Benefits Sugarbomb? Like the effect of it and such? I was thinking it might be a cheaper alternative 🙂 what are your thoughts?

Sarina Avatar

thanks Christine, I’m gonig to mac next monday and i’m going to get them both because it’s gorgoues
Do you have them both?
Hope your enjoying your products 🙂

Aleksis Avatar

I was going to get rhapsody in two, but I think it may be an exact dupe for ‘hand-finish’…I think I may get ‘two virtues’ if it isn’t too lavender…as always thank you for the swatches! =)

ak Avatar

The bronze-y colored ones in this collection should look very good on you, but if you want to get a dark plum colored blush MAC has plenty of regular blushes that will suit you.

vern Avatar

I must say they would look even better on darker complexion. i said i was going to pass and check them out anyways and wanted to buy three of them bi-tone (gorgeous bronzy rosey pink)…sun and moon(golden).. Two virtures (gorgeous pink). I actually tried all three on. You really have to try them on rather than swatching. They are much prettier in person and i’m really not a blush person. nc50 for reference

Marjo Avatar

Thank you for the swatches! Do you still have Grand Duos so that you can compare Sun&Moon with Earth to Earth and Chic Couple with Light Over Dark? They seem similar from what I see in your photo.s

Holly Avatar

I’m just going to get Rhapsody in Two and Bi-Tone! I don’t think any of the others would look very good on my NW10 skintone, but I guess that’s good news in a way! Maybe Two Virtues too, once I see it and the swatch of it!(:

Venessa Avatar

Hi Christine,
I was wondering, if you have time, could please do side-by-side swatches of each of these blushes when you pick up the last one? It would be so helpful for comparing them to each other.

Kalee Avatar

i like how you show a lighter swatch as well as a more concentrated one because every time i see a heavy blush swatch on someones finger or arm i think “oookaayyyy……but thats not how much you would wear on your face so thats not really what the color is going to look like”

kali Avatar

While the pictures were loading, I was actually saying to myself, “Please don’t let me like this, please don’t let me like this!!” These are really pretty but I’m so glad that they’re not a must-have for me. As of Friday, I’m on a no-buy for at least until April 4 (Easter) and I’ve given myself just 3 “passes.” I need to save those for “Give Me Liberty of London” collection!! Can’t wait for the Art Supplies collection too.. hope they’re not sold out by the time my no-buy’s over. =( I need to stock up on pearlglides.

Alexis Avatar

OH NO – I preordered Buddy Up but if it makes you break out I’m starting to get a little worried. I have ultra sensitive skin so now I’m a bit worried…

Marcela Avatar

Very disappointed, they look to be just as the Grand Duo blushes, which I did not like…anyways, in two weeks Liberty to London Collection will be in stores, can’t wait for that one. =-)

sf Avatar

Is it me or do they all pretty much look alike with the exception of rhapsody???Oh well can’t expect much from mac in the blush dept esp. after the success of the blush ombres…I don’t know what could live up to those lol

Luisafer Avatar

finally I see them!!! they look completely different on skin… but with my oily skin, don’t think I’ll be getting them…

Rita Avatar

I checked out the Too Fabulous Collection today (yes, it is already out here in Europe). And even though I have once sworn to stay away from Mineralize Blushes, I grabbed the Two Virtues after having tried it on. Looks great, not too shimmery at all.

Ashley Avatar

so far i like sun & moon, and chic couple. on friday i have jury duty but our courthouse is next to the mall, which has a mac counter in the nordstrom, so whenever jury duty is over, i’ll head over there and buy a bunch of MAC…and see Alice in Wonderland.

kurisu Avatar

I can wear mineral face powder (not mac though) without any problems. I do own a MSF (Perfect Topping) as a highlighter and it also broke me out! I got a few blemishes that same night that I wore it, but ONLY on my forehead… Maybe because I have combo skin (dry, but oily t-zone). So I can see why some people wouldn’t like MAC’s MSF and MB’s. So I only wear my MSF as a highlighter above the cheeks.

Rhapsody in Two is also my favorite, color and swatch-wise. The only thing I don’t like is the pattern. IDK, I fell like it was kind of slapped together, even though it looks abstract. XD I’m a sucker for really cute patterns, i.e. Beauty Powder Blushes from A Rose Romance collection. The texture looks so gritty. Buddy Up looks BEAUTIFUL in the package, but when swatched, it just looks plain… ^^;;

allison Avatar

I have not been impressed with this collection. But, I saw these at the MAC counter today and I have to say that Chic Couple looks great in person. The MA was using it as an eyeshadow. I could totally see using it for that purpose, I am not really feeling it as a blush for me personally.

Anitacska Avatar

I ordered all 6 of them and received them already yesterday (yay!) and I really like them all. 🙂 My favourite is definitely Two Virtues, reminds me of Love Rock from Grand Duos (in fact I think you can pair them all up with one each from Grand Duos, they are very similar colours). As they came out at the same time as Spring Colour Forecast, I’m now about $365 poorer and am picking up a few more lipsticks and lipglasses and possibly the bronze quad tomorrow. So that’s another $150 or so… oh dear.

Anitacska Avatar

Haha, well I did! 🙂 Got 5 more lipsticks, 1 lipglass, 3 more longwear lipcolours (Night Rose, yay!) and Vintage Grape blush ombre. I’d better stop now, lol! 🙂 (Didn’t pick up the bronze quad in the end, talked myself out of it.)

Sharon Avatar

I won’t be getting any of these… too much shimmer for me, because of my age. The only blushes I wear are matte; anything else (like the mineralize blushes) magnifies my fine lines too much.

Thanks for all the hard work you do every day to show all of us the products — very much appreciated!!

Reza Avatar

Thanks for answering this, Christine–I needed to know this, too. I’m totally stuck between Two Virtues Mineralize and Azalea Blossom Ombre from Colour Forecast 1. Grr!

Jess Avatar

depends on what you want on your lips – I own Azalea Blossom and it give a soft, matte effect which works great with sparkly lips and strong bright lips.

If you go for soft pale glossy lips, Two Virtues will give a fantastic look (but would probably be too shiny for stronger lips). They made a really nice pairing of the Cremesheen glosses with these mineralized blushes.

Reza Avatar

I decided on two Virtues and OMG I am in love!!!! Thank you, Christine, for your swatches. I walked in to my very-busy MAC counter at Nordstrom’s and knew exactly what I wanted to try, then I knew exactly what I wanted to buy. Lovely, just perfect and helpful and informative and everything you set out to me, I’m sure. In LURRRRRVV with Two Virtues!

Roseline Avatar

I have a question! Lol, I’m just curious and VERY envious haha. You get ALOT of free samples from MAC. What do you do with all of them? =P

Jackie Avatar

i was really wanting two virtues.. but i keep hearing the words “sparkly” and “frosty” to describe these blushes… makes me think i can just throw a frosty blue-pink eye shadow on my cheeks to dupe it X)

Nadine Avatar


I am fairly new to blushes. I am a NC50, which one of these would look good on me??? I missed the opportunity to get the blush ombres (ripe peach) which is sold out everywhere even on line. You had also mentioned sugar bomb by benefit. Do you think that would look good? Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Jessica Avatar

I’m a NW43 and most of them aren’t “dirty” on me so it really depends on your skin tone. They are so pretty and I do want a couple, but I have so much blush and I don’t want a bunch of dupes.

In your opinion Christine which to do find the most “unique”? I’ve swatched them all but I’m still undecided.

Oh and to join in on the lasting convo, I do find that these last on me and I have dry skin, but most blush does =/. They don’t sink into my pores either, I actually prefer them to regular MAC blush because they are smoother and silkier. The Mineralize and BPB make up the majority of my MAC blush stash.

sophie Avatar

I was a little surprised to see them so soon at mac (international) they came the same day as spring color forecast…
I was so happy i wanted 2 but i just got 1 and that is sun & moon!!! loved the color and it’s great to use as a bronzer as well 🙂

sugarcake Avatar

Hey Christine, just wondering, which brush do you recommend to use with the blushes? I use 188, but I am not sure if it mixes the two colours very well! Thanks! Btw I absolutly LOVE these duo’s, I own Rhapsody in two and buddyup.

adele Avatar

i love rhapsody in two and bi -tone.. going to purchase one tonight.. i’m leaning towards bi tone because i think it looks like its more pigmented and will last longer.. great pictures btw!

Sharday Avatar

I have the Sun&Moon blush! I love it! I’ve found that when I apply it lightly, it gives me a hint of color while simultaneously making my skin glow.

Also, I’m new to the site and I think you are doing a great job! It is definitely making it easy for me to pick and choose make up.

Jenn Avatar

These were released in February? There still on the MAC (canadian)website. How long are they gonna stick around for? I plan on ordering them in about a month, does anyone know if they’ll still be there?

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