MAC To the Beach Collection – Nail Lacquer Reviews, Photos, Swatches

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Scorcher Nail Lacquer

MAC To the Beach Collection — Nail Lacquer Reviews, Photos, Swatches

To the Beach includes two shades of limited edition nail lacquer ($12 a pop). The one not yet included in this review is Scorcher (creamy bright coral-red), which I will be sure to include as soon as I can.

  • In the Buff is a muted, brownish-green. It’s not quite the green I’d think of when I hear the word “avocado,” but it’s not totally off from there either. It’s almost like an avocado that’s been exposed to air for a few too many minutes. I’m not entirely sure this is a flattering color, but it seems like a unique one to me.
  • Scorcher is a brightened, intense red-coral with a cream finish.  It was pretty easy to apply with very little streaking, even on the first coat.  I used three to get to a nice, solid color.

The application was fine for me, but I generally don’t have issues with MAC lacquers. It has a cream finish, so no shimmer, and two coats is enough to get pretty opaque, but I did three because I messed up on one finger for the second coat.

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Scorcher Nail Lacquer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Scorcher Nail Lacquer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Scorcher Nail Lacquer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Scorcher Nail Lacquer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC In the Buff Nail Lacquer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC In the Buff Nail Lacquer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC In the Buff Nail Lacquer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC In the Buff Nail Lacquer (Flash)

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC In the Buff Nail Lacquer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC In the Buff Nail Lacquer

In the Buff was provided as a press sample; Scorcher was purchased by Temptalia.

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Christine has normal-to-dry skin with areas of dryness (cheeks, nose, and under the eyes). She has a light-medium skintone with subtle, warmer yellow undertones. Her best foundation matches include: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea in Light-Medium Neutral (best match), Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup in Desert Beige 2N1, Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow in 4.0, Hourglass Warm Ivory Vanish Seamless Finish, Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous in Dusk, MAC NC20/NC25, Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Liquid in Y305 (140). (For more information, please check the FAQ.)

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Hey, it’s hard to tell from the photographs but would you say its more green or more beige? The first photo looks very beige-y/neutral and the second two look more green. I want to purchase Originality from the pret a papier collection and don’t want to buy another MAC polish if its not worth it! Thanks x

One is with flash – the other two are in natural light, so depending on where you’re at, you’ll see it change a bit 🙂

This looks sooo much darker than in the promo pics! Its a shame 🙁 I would have liked to see a muted, lightened avacago color, it looked so dreamy almost in the promo!

You know, I can totally see that — in fact, I was thinking to myself, while I was swatching, that surely someone would call it vomit green!

This so reminds me of the horridly tacky avocado colored appliances from the 1970s. I’m a nail polish junkie and tend to gravitate toward less traditional shades (and I can never get enough greens!), but this is horrid.

I actually really like this color; like the review says “may not be the most flattering” but it’s definitely unique! I have a few outfits I think would love gorgeous with this laquer. This might have to be my first MAC polish~are the polish’s pretty high quality??

Some people have issues with MAC polish — I’d say that a good portion do, but I, personally, have no issues. I use Zoya’s Color Lock System and don’t have chipping problems with my MAC polishes!

Wow, usually, I think Mac can do no wrong but… omg. I love nail polish and almost any color but… omg. This pushes the limit of even what I consider ok. This is hideous! It’s like Linda Blair puke green!! OMG. It’s honest to God, exorcist split pea soup vomit!

I hope you hurry and get it off your pretty nails! Recuperate by wearing one of the new Zoyas, and soothingly coo to your fingers how you’ll never do that to them again!! XD

LOL! I didn’t think they were puke-y, but I think it just depends. I didn’t have it on for long, for I was busy swatching China Glaze 😉

I’m really thinking about getting this one.It’s definetly a unique colour and I don’t understand why so many don’t like it.I’m just wondering how it would look with my light skintone,because I’m a NW 15.Would you say it’s more flattering on light or darker skintones?

Both, I think. I think the lightness against lighter skin is nice, but I think the lightness against darker skin tones offers a nice contrasting effect.

Ok, this doesn’t really have to do with the nail polish, but how do you paint it so precisely with the neat border? I’ve always heard to keep a small border around the cuticles, but the way you do it is so professional and I have no idea how to do it myself. Anyone have any tips?

I totally see where peopel are coming from – even the MA at MAC said: Really, this one? when I asked her to give me one.
But I think it’s unique and as long as I’ wear a colour as clothing, I’ll wear it as a polish, too. I think it will look really nice with my light skintone, and it seems very summery-lazy but kind of chic to me.
But yeah, I’ll get hell for it from so many people. 🙂

I think it’s totally not pukey, too 😛

I don’t know… I feel like maybe at first glance it’s a bit pea soup, but give it a few glances and it’s lovely!

I am all for wild colors for fingers and toes, but this one looks like baby food peas.. Not my favorite color. But hey for those who buy and love it, rock that look!

i wonder why they call it in the buff? i was expecting something a little more in the beige family…
i tried the two polishes in the store today…i think i’m more likely to go for scorcher, but for that a second haul may be required.

I’m sorry to say this…but this is probably one of the most horrible colors a nail polish can have. I would never wear this…MAC what is wrong with u?

Haha all the comments crack me up! Love your description of ‘avocado that has been left in the air for a few minutes’ lol. I think it is so different and nice! Definitely getting one!

OK,I just ordered Scorcher instead of In the Buff.Safer pick:)I think Scorcher will be sold out much more quickly,since In the Buff doesn’t seem to have a lot of fans.So I can still think about getting In the Buff later.

Blech…I have to say, In the Buff has got to be one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. Would that color flatter ANYONE?
Scorcher’s okay, it’s not ugly…but its rather LOUD.

Wow, In the Buff is one of the ugliest polish colors I have ever seen. It looks like someone looked at the inside of a dirty baby diaper and said, “that would be a good polish color.” Truly beyond hideous.

i discovered yesterday evening upon returning back to the flat that rimmel 60 seconds has an ‘almost’ identical dupe for scorcher — 430 coralicious. it’s sllllllllightly more towards pink, but not much. so i decided to wear it, and skip on scorcher. more money for blush?

i bought both the nail polishes today. i just wore In the Buff two layers and all im gonna say is: put it on your nails take a look from distance and you are gonna love it. it looks nice with both one layer on two layers. and i think this is one of the easiest MAC nail polish to put on, tiny tiny tiny waves on first layer but second layer everything is perfect. and instead of poo or pea, this reminds me of olive oil & green olive gone greener.

I’m getting both. I”m so pleased with the brown bag color from Pret, I think these colors look interesting.. Scorcher is a no brainer.

In the buff may be a funky nude.

If you are one of those women with ivory skintone, auburn hair and avocado green eyes, this will be your dream color. For the other 5.9 billion of us, not so much.

Maybe China Glaze “High Hopes” from the Up and Away collection could be a dupe for Scorcher? I’m wearing High Hopes right now and they look similar, but Scorcher is sold out 🙁 so I cant compare.

I went to look if there are any pictures online of these two nail polishes, so I found the pictures Christine took of her swatches, and it seems like High Hopes has a bit more of a pinkish undertone, while Scorcher has a red one, but they are sooo similar 😀 thanks!

Hmm.. I love scorcher, but on me its an intense deep pink rather than the orangy coral in your pictures. Ah well, still a dazzling pretty color for summer 🙂

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