MAC Style Black: Volcanic Ash Exfoliator Skincare Review, Photos

MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator Review

MAC Style Black included two pieces of limited edition skincare — the ever-raved about Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and previously-mentioned-but-finally-released Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask.

I’ve been a big supporter of MAC’s Volcanic Ash Exfoliator since it released.  I loved it.  I sparingly used it so it would last as long as I could manage.  I managed to make two tubs last me a year or so (it was launched in 2008).  I couldn’t even begin to tell you how excited I was for it to be re-released with Style Black!

The re-released Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is slightly different than the original in a few key ways, though the product still feels, smells, and does the same (for me!) as the original version did.  This release of Volcanic Ash Exfoliator uses both sugar (sucrose, specifically) and silica for exfoliating, whereas the original release only used sugar.  Before, when you scrubbed your face with the exfoliator, the sugar particles would eventually dissolve, but with the addition of silica, you’ll notice a slightly gritty texture the whole time.

From what I can tell, MAC was attempting to address some of the problems/concerns the product created when it was originally launched.  The tub packaging was both unsanitary and was not shower-friendly (which is the most convenient place to use this, because it can be messy).  The tub seemed to get a lot of water in it when I had it in my shower, which kind of resulted in the sugar dissolving faster than I’d like–and the heat of the shower also caused some of the sugar to dissolve, I’d imagine.   Since silica doesn’t dissolve, it also makes it a more shower-friendly ingredient when it comes to exfoliation!  The new tube packaging now makes it more hygienic and shower-friendly, as well.

Considering I ended up having half a tub of exfoliator without any exofliating properties because all the sugar dissolved, I’m happy it’s in a tube!  I also think that while it feels thicker, it’s also hard to judge, because before you were scooping it out of a jar so the two processes are different enough.  I also don’t have any of the old stuff left to compare.  It does, though, feel a little thicker.

In the end, it applies and feels like the original.  I’d say it’s a little grittier than it previously was, with the addition of silica, but it still doesn’t feel like a harsh, aggressive exfoliator.  It’s fairly gentle, and it should be used once or twice during the week, depending on how your skin takes to exfoliants.

Product value on this could be better, because they took out about an ounce of product and tacked on an additional fifty cents.  I can handle the slight price increase, but I’m less than impressed with the decrease in the product itself (particularly since it’s 3.4 oz.), since it represents about 20-25% decrease in how much you get for your money.

Bottom line: It’s a mild exfoliator that has an earthy, ashy smell that’s not unpleasant (at least not to me), nor is it like ohhh, yummy! , it’s just kind of the scent I’d expect from it.  It leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and may even give you a lil’ bit of that glow.  I still love it, but I’m not quite as in-love as I was originally (I think that’s more because of all the other exfoliators that I also love).  I definitely still recommend trying it out–ask for a sample if you’re unsure–because it is a fantastic exfoliator!

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation:  If you liked the original, I think you’ll still like this slightly reformulated version!  It’s a good, mild exfoliator!

Availability: MAC Cosmetics


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happybadfish Avatar

I exfoliate. I use a 1% BHA. I use this because it has been scientifically proven to be able to exfoliate in pores as well as the surface of the skin. I would be curious how a product uses sugar to exfoliate. Couldn’t you achieve the same result with just using a washcloth?
I love MAC, but I feel that products like this are produced to grab our money and do nothing for our skin. Volcanic ash might be “natural” but so is poison ivy.

Christine Avatar

While a washcloth can certainly exfoliate, it really just depends on what kind of grit/texture you want. Sugar has been used as an exfoliant for years, in both at home solutions and in formulated exfoliators. I know some might find that BHA is too much for their skin. I’m not an esthetician, so I wouldn’t and don’t consider myself a skincare expert, but I like and use what works for me.

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator has always made my skin look better and reduced acne, so for me, it gives me results that not every exfoliator does and definitely does something and not nothing 🙂 Skincare is very, very personal, as our skin-print is so different from the next person, so what works for one, might do nothing on another, and may cause a reaction on still yet another!

JennBee Avatar

Ooh, I love discussing exfoliants! Dorky esthetician here 🙂

Using a washcloth is not a great way to exfoliate, in my opinion. It can pull your skin quite a bit, considering that it will have almost no slip, unlike a physical scrub with a liquid base. Commercially sold scrubs usually have some great ingredients in them, and the small particles make them ideal for gentle exfoliation.

Sugar, salt, baking soda, etc. are not as effective as acids, true, but acids are not tolerated by everyone, so scrubs are a good alternative. In addition, washcloths are obviously laundered with detergent, a small amount of which is inevitably left behind. That isn’t something I want put on my face, especially considering I’m allergic to the fragrances in most laundry detergents.

I agree with Christine, though – skincare is a very personal thing, and a lot of it depends on preferences. 🙂 Acids are great, but not for everyone, and I happen to love scrubs for my sensitive skin.

tofupoo Avatar

i love this :)! i really like the smell for some reason! it make my skin soso soft and nice like i just got out of a facial and i dont want to put any makeup on after or anything because it makes my skin feel so clean!

kat Avatar

REALLY dissappointed in your rating system right now!!! You only give this a B+?? You have been raving for this for year(s), have wished it would be re-released on various occassion, and buy multiple backups every time it comes out (and encourage others to do the same). I totally understand that you don’t want to insult any of the companies or products by giving bad reviews, which is why your average rating seems so high (if anyone points out that you’re also dealing with high end products; I would like to point out that on various occassion you said you would have given a product an A if not for the price point so I don’t see why that same logic should be compared to MAC; it’s not dior but it’s still much more than drugstore! So yeah, it has to work for it’s B at this cost) but I am nothing beyond absolutely shocked that you gave this product such an average rating. And I do know that skincare is a bit shakey because everyones skin is different so you may be nervous to give it such a high review only to have someone come back and tell you it was awful for them, but this is a quality inherent to ALL skincare so it should be accepted as such when reviewed. I also read through the post a few times and I GET that you didn’t love it as much this time as last time, but I am just really annoyed that almost every product gets a B+! I get that this should be the average, but if 90% or products rated get a B or B+ it really sort of defies the point of HAVING the rating system as letter grades. May as well just have left it as “not recommended” “recommended” and “highly recommended” if you aren’t going to properly exploit the rating scale…..

Christine Avatar

Hi Kat,

The product is different than it used to be — they added an ingredient (that’s a major change!), packaging, and they took out an ounce. The product used to be amazing, more affordable, and I loved it then. Unfortunately, I do consider the fact that they took out an ounce (20-25% of what used to be there) something important to consider. To me, since this is very much a comparison review as well, that’s huge!

Here’s an explanation of how I review:

I compare price across a brand and its competitors (I don’t compare Chanel’s price tag to NYX), but price is still important. I wouldn’t compare MAC against drugstore brands on price, because they’re not the same.

I went back a few pages, and I saw a variety of B-, B, B+, and A- — I think the lowest I saw was D (Chanel). I consider a C product something that’s just okay, it’s average; a B product is good, but there’s probably something better out there; and an A product is and shouldn’t be easy to get to (thus everything tends to be in the B/C range), because an A product is outstanding–this is the best of the best. I personally don’t go looking or trying out products I know won’t work for me (why waste the time testing a bad product or ruining my skin with products that are bad for me?), so I definitely have a tendency to review products that I like or interest me! 🙂 (But I think most beauty addicts do that – they buy and use what they like!)

Our editorial policy is all about giving an honest account of the product, and the rating system is a summary – that’s why it’s broken down into four parts (product, value, ease of use, packaging) and then an overall rating. If you see the product is rated a 9, then you know the product itself is good, but if the packaging sucks or it’s way overpriced amongst the line, then the overall rating has to drop. The rating system is only a piece of the review, but the written review should give you an overview of the pros/cons and my experience using the product (and swatches, if relevant, should help tell the story, too).

kat Avatar

Hey I didn’t mean to be rude or anything, I just saw that most of the products had gotten B’s (you have given out a variety of grades as you progressed, but it did start mostly B’s) and I just thought it was shocking because you kept raving about how great it was, that’s all!

Kate M. Avatar

Thanks for the review Christine!! It was really helpful, I didn’t realize they put in silica…I’m not sure how I feel about that I guess I should test it out! And when I found out that they put in less product I was really sad!!

Can I ask what other exfoliators you love?? The thing about LE items is that I’m afraid I’ll love them and I’ll never see them again. I still have half a tub of the original VAE and I was so sad until this came out!!


Christine Avatar

No problem, Kate! I’m sensitive to silicone in primers and the like, but I feel like this has worked out well since I’ve been using it (since it came out – so two weeks or so?), so I think it’s OK. I’m disappointed about the less product thing, too. It’ll still take me a few months to get through a tube, sure, but when just a year ago you got 4ish ounces and now? I say boo!

I love Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA Gel Cleanser – it has these mild exfoliating beads or whatever (LOL!) that work really well. I also love Chanel’s Exfoliating Mousse Cleanser, which has tiny, tiny exfoliating particles in it, for a daily product. Philosophy’s Never Let Them See You Shine scrub is also good and mild enough to be used throughout the week. It was supposed to reduce shine, too, but I’m normal-to-dry, so I couldn’t tell you if it did that much! My boyfriend liked it, though 🙂 LUSH’s Dark Angels is also kind of like Volcanic Ash, but they’re definitely not the same. I like that one a lot, too, but it can be a bit messy.

I find I often reach for masks like Prescriptives’ Instant Gratification (and boo, Px going out of business, I love that product!) or REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask for exfoliating as well.

Kate M. Avatar

Thanks so much for the recs! I’ll be checking these out soon =) And I’m so grateful for your blog, I love all the features and you put so much effort into all the posts!

Christy Avatar

Love this! I bought 1 to try it out, then another 2 for backups in store. Then I ordered another 4 more online since I saw that the MAC Canada had more in stock. I hope that lasts me til the next release 🙂

Christy Avatar

It just felt so much better than so many of the other exfoliators I have. Well, besides the Chanel exfoliator since it’s quite a bit gentler for me.

I remember using a few others that felt like rocky sand, or others with the teeniest beads that would get stuck in my pores. Anyways, those have been banished from my bathroom.

Christine Avatar

Haha! Origins has this really fantastic scrub called Modern Friction — it’s FANTASTIC, but it’s too rough on my skin. I love to use it on my hands and feet, though. But you know what? My sister LOVES it for her face. It’s not painful for her (and she has zero threshold for pain when it comes to beauty, LOL!). I do better with facial masks or more mild/moderate scrubs that I can use just once or twice a week (particularly since I use Chanel’s Exfoliating Mousse Cleanser nightly, as well as the Clarisonic, I find I don’t need too much dedicated scrubbing action).

It’s so good that you’ve found something that works for you!

Aleksis Avatar

I personally would have given this product a C or lower…I can’t believe no one else thinks this is a mediocre as I do…there was BARELY anything in the actual product to even exfoliate? I feel that an EVOO/Sugar mix is SO much better..and a heck of a lot cheaper, I also hated the texture of this…gooey and when you wet it it gets normal but it dries up too quickly so you have to add more water but if you add too much water it feel as if there’s a total of 5 grains of sugar. No one can explain to me why this is so special besides the black color and a couple of the ingredients which aren’t even that beneficial anyway…hmmm…maybe I should have saved my complaning for my own review on it! lol

Christine Avatar

LOL! It’s all good, Aleksis. Not everyone loves the same products, you know? That’s why it’s so great that there are lots of different places to review (your own blog, Sephora, Makeup Alley, etc.), and I really love when people who have used the product comment on any reviews I have of it. I think it just adds to the conversation!

I always use mine in the shower, so I wonder why I don’t have any texture/drying problems. It’s just too messy for me to bother anywhere else! I am surprised though that you didn’t feel like it had enough exfoliating to it! It’s not a super scrub, but I definitely feel the granules/exfoliants on my skin!

I hope you returned it!

Aleksis Avatar

You’re right skincare is so hard to review anyway as everyone’s skin is so different! I am glad that you like it though…and thankfully I was able to return…I bought another mask lol

Andrea Avatar

Thanks for the review!!! I bought two tubes of the VAE! Been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I’m pretty happy with it! Love the new packaging too. I didn’t really notice the “gritty” feel, but I do agree that it does feel slightly thicker!

Andrea Avatar

Me too!!!! I hope I can make the two tubes I bought last a while 🙂

Did you also get the Thermal Mask? I’m going to try it next week!

Christine Avatar

I think you can! Plus, if you have the mask, it’s probably best to use the mask once a week, the exfoliator once or twice a week, which will extend the life of both, ha!

I think each product says that they’re recommended use is 1-3 times per week, but I imagine if you use both, if you did both 2-3 times a week, it might be overkill — depending on your skin, though.

I did get the Thermal Mask. I still want to use it a few more times before I make my final verdict! It reminded me a bit of Clean & Clear’s STEAM Scrub (but without the scrub part) and Prescriptives’ Instant Gratification (but again, not much of the scrub part).

Andrea Avatar

LOL I think I will follow your advice 🙂

Can’t wait for your review of the Mask!! I haven’t tried either of the products you mentioned, but I am looking forward to trying the it!

glitter princess Avatar

i got 2 exfolitors N 2 Masks i used the mask last nght it sure madde my skin feel clean but didnt really heat up when re applied water to it as suggested by sum ppl :/

JO Avatar

I really want 2 get my hands on a sample of this…and the mask…but i dont live near a mac and i dont know when i will b there again. I expect by the time i get there it will have been discontinued. 🙁 if any 1 is willing 2 send me a small sample of each let me know lol

glitter princess Avatar

i know ppl are debating the price of this product but i do have to say 13.50 is alot for a mask and exfolitor. and i would say its good but i have been using asda’s own brand of exfolitor which includes tea tree and witch hazel and it keeps my skin spot free and would have to say its of good quality. so i would disagree with ppl who say that if u ay more u get more value or quality! i think it depends if something suits ur skin but your wallet as well….just my thoughts…

Christine Avatar

I haven’t heard of Asda before!

The statement that higher price = higher value is not always true, I completely agree! I think it varies, and with skincare, it depends on your skin. My sister almost never gets pimples… EVER… and she barely washes her face really. I’ve only managed to get her to wash and moisture everyday in the past two years. So for her, she doesn’t need anything special – she’s lucky!

glitter princess Avatar

ASDA is called Walmart in the USA ;)wow ur sister reminds me of mines! only to be fair i think she would say I have better skin and do tend to get hardly any spots 🙂

Tricia Avatar

Thanks so much for this review! I’m dying to try it. May I ask where exactly did you buy it (MAC store or a counter like Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, etc.)? On the MAC website it’s still not available 🙁

Candi Avatar

The last time I looked the had some in stock at the Nordstom site online…you can check there. Or you can always call MAC customer service…

Jasmine Avatar

I purchased this last week and bought another yesterday. I think it’s great, and really like how the exfoliator is sugar and dissolves quickly, as I think most exfoliators are too harsh. The biggest plus for me is that it helps with my acne. And those that are acne prone know this is HUGE!

amy Avatar

The scrub and the mask always makes my skin look glowy and rosy after use. I love the way the sugar feels as it dissolves on my skin. I have only used it for two weeks, so I have yet to see any great improvements on my skin, plus I have to use it sparingly use at the moment I don’t have cash to buy back ups. 🙁

Christine Avatar

Hey Amy,

Glad it at least gives you short term results like glowiness! 🙂 I usually only use it once or twice a week — my skin doesn’t need more exfoliation than that, and IMO, I’ll probably get 3-4 months out of a tube (maybe more!). So you should be OK!

Anitacska Avatar

I got mine on Thursday and only used it once so far, but did like it a lot, so so far so good. I also got the thermal mask and might use it tonight, if I’m not too tired at bedtime. How long do you leave the mask on?

I have to say I found it a bit weird though reading your review about how you don’t think it’s that good when you’d been raving on it for ages, but I see what the difference is, and am still happy I picked it up.

Christine Avatar

It’s still a really good exfoliator, but it didn’t blow me away as much as the original formulation did. I would also say that since it was limited edition, I was forced to hunt around for better exfoliators (since I now knew it was possible to for them to be amazing) and learned to live without it.

I was also extremely disappointed by the decrease in volume. I just thought was in bad taste. I’ll say that if they gave you the same amount and put the price at $19.50 (still increased by fifty cents — which is OK by me), the product would be an A-, overall. It’s one thing when two different brands have different prices, but for a brand to go from ~$4.30/oz. to $5.74/oz. in a year’s span bothers me.

Saira Avatar


did u find that this new release is the same formula as the 1st time it was released? same smell, texture, size particles, is it rinsing cleaner?….etc. generally is the same thing u bought last summer? Sometimes these companies feel a need to improve on what’s not broken and end up messing up what worked so well in the 1st place. I wanna know I’m buying the SAME exfoliator that worked wonders last year.

Christine Avatar

Hi Saira,

It’s mostly the same, but they added silica as one of the exfoliants, rather than just sugar. It’s still very, very similar, but it just can’t be said that it’s the *same.* It works just as well on me, from using it for the past two weeks, as the original version does, though!

The smell seems the same to me, the texture is similar, but perhaps more granules overall, and it feels a little thicker, too. It seems like a lot of people are still loving it (including me – just not quite as much; I’ve learned to live without it!), though!

Cherokee Avatar

I bought two the day they debuted at MAC. I don’t really think I need two and I am considering taking the additional one back or giving it as a gift to my makeup artist niece.

I like Volanic Ash, I don’t love it. There are so many products out there and even more factors to take into consideration when using a product. I was once told by one of the ladies working for Philosphy that skincare is a combination of what you put on the oustide as well as how you take care of your inside (i.e. eating healthy, taking vitamins and drinks loads of water). There are people who do the aforementioned and still don’t have the skin/complexion they would like. It’s preference. I find that after using a product for awhile sometimes it does not always work.

Anywho, just wanna say I love this website.

Christine Avatar

It’s a good product, but like all skincare, it may not be superb for everyone! (Particularly for those who already have found HG products!)

I’m sure your niece would love it!

The ladies at Philosophy are SO right — sometimes it really does matter what you put into your body. Some are lucky that it doesn’t matter (e.g. my sister), but for others it does (like me!).

Thanks, Cherokee!

Dusty Avatar

to me an exfoliator is an exfoliator. beyond that, it’s all a matter of your own personal preference. while this DID leave my skin feeling VERY soft, i prefer my usual method: a pair of exfoliating bath gloves and a VERY heavy face moisturizer – i use aveda’s tourmaline charged moisturizer – it ain’t the cheapest product but i love it and massaging my face one a week with a heavy cream like that and those gloves leaves my skin feeling clean and very soft.

if i weren’t already set on my existing method though: this MAC exfoliator is THE BEST exfoliating product i have ever used.

i’d be curious what people think of the mask though… because i LOVED THAT! i loved that it was warm and made my skin feel so sooooo soft!

i’m not too pleased with the smell of either of these… but it washes off and the feeling you have afterwards worth a couple minutes of bizarre smell to me (i don’t think i could even explain the smell – it’s like… rubber?).

Christine Avatar

Hey Dusty,

Where did you nab your exfoliating bath gloves from? I’m interested in giving your method a try, if only for the experience 😉

I like the mask, but I’m not sure what’s doing. I need to actually read up on it some more. Clean & Clear STEAM and Prescriptives’ Instant Gratification are both heat-up products that I’ve liked in the past (Prescriptives’ one is practically HG), but they have a much more obvious exfoliant to them (they both feel more like a scrub).

I don’t like the smell of the mask, though – that I can say, LOL. I will also say that the scent seemed less unpleasant the second and third time I used it!

Dusty Avatar

I agreee. After a few times you stop noticing the smell as much 🙂 For my fellow caucasions, I’ll say that the smell is nothing compared to the shame and white-guilt you feel when you apply a completely black face mask 😉 Horrible, I know… But I’m sure I’m not the only person that’s noticed this. It’s pretty bad. Bad MAC! LOL.

The gloves you can get at just about any beauty supply store, I’ve also seen them at places like Target or Fred Meyer as well – They are usually quite cheap (maybe $4 for a pair). Try searching for “exfoliating bath gloves” in Yahoo or Google, you’ve probably seen them before. Oddly enough, I find them too abrasive for use on my body, but I like the way it feels to gently massage my face with the fingertips of these gloves. After a few weeks of exfoliating this way, I noticed a big difference in my skin. It’s softer and looks healthier. It is more intense than your regular exfoliating cream though, so I only do it about once a week.

Dusty Avatar

woo hoo! have fun!

and yes, that scent… i don’t know either. i swear it smells like rubber to me though. but with something else i don’t like: lavender.

tires burning in a field of lavender, sprinkled with sugar! that’s the smell. YUM! but it makes your skin SUPER SOFT! 🙂 LOL.

I love it, burning tires and all 😉

Michelle Avatar

I like this product a lot and I don’t have sensitive skin, however, I wouldn’t classify it as a gentle exfoliator. Wow, you can really feel the scrub — which is what I wanted. If someone has delicate or sensitive skin, I probably wouldn’t recommend the product. Maybe it is because I use Retin-A nightly (which can irritate my skin) — but my face was red after I used this exfoliant. I’ll probaby stick to once a week . . .

Christine Avatar

Really! I find it pretty gentle on my skin. Retin-A was way too strong for me, so I stopped using it a long time ago (and I actually don’t use many anti-aging products because a lot of them seem to irritate my skin, boo!). I wonder if you used more water or scrubbed gentler if you wouldn’t get any redness post-rinse.

Bananarchy Avatar

I found this way too abrasive for the delicate facial area. MAC’s color is where it is at but their skincare is not their high point. Super messy too.

Michaela Avatar

You might have already answered this question, in which case I’m sorry to waste your time, but are you going to be reviewing the Thermal Mask? that’s the only Volcanic Ash product I’m really interested in… 🙂

glitter princes Avatar

i just tried this exfolitor and have to say i do love the feeling of it and the smell seems quite nice. 🙂 It reminds me of my clean and clear warming scrub but it has more ” gritty texture” as u have said” even thought i have another back up i am seriously thining of getting 1 more as i think this woud be great for all over body but my dilemia is that for the price £13.50 its abit step and in comparison the clean and clear is £3.50 and u can get it all year roundand …also i have heard some rumours that this may be made PERMANT? is this true? also does anyone know when the NEW UK MAC SITE IS LAUNCHING??

glitter princess Avatar

sad to hear it christine! never mind I hve 3 bottles in total so this should lst me a while! also Im loving the bodyshops retro range which is back! i./e the passionfruit cleansing gel/ dewberry bath and shower gel, body cream and banana shampoo and conditioner! will ou be reviewing these items?by any chnce? would love to see you review or post up upcoming bodyshop information thanks x

glitter princess Avatar

thanksnly if its convient for you or your team pls do not go out your way if its a problem bu this range was out when i was in high school when i waslike 12 or something but its like lsh stuff and smells amazing 🙂

nicole Avatar

sounds nice. im in korea and korea doesnt have the exfoliator 🙁
i really wanna try it so bad!!
maybe i should ask my bf in the us to send me this lol

Angelique Avatar

Alas, this just didn’t do it for my skin. Loved it the first time round, but the new formulation was just a bit too harsh on me this time. Which is really rather disappointing because I loved the original formula. (i hear you about getting water in the tub, though. my first tub got waterlogged somethin’ awful. and the sugar’s mostly melted in my second tub–only have a few centimeters left, anyway.)

My replacement’s AmorePacific’s Treatment Enzyme Peel, which isn’t a damn enzyme peel at all: it’s a powder exfoliator that’s activated by water. It actually works better for me than the original VAE did. Unfortunately the bloody stuff’s ungodly expensive: sixty dollars for an ounce, I think. But I have seven more sample boxes left, so for now I’m happy. If you ever get a sample box of it, say from Sephora, try it. I think you’ll like it.

Glam Avatar

Im so sad that this is discontinued! Christine what can I use now?? My skin is senstive and I am acne prone!! Other products are too rough and just make my bumps pop and bleed (YUCK)!! Please help me!!

bex Avatar

This product is being re-released again with the MAC heavenly creatures collection in July! I wonder if the formulation will be the same……Please put up some product photos as soon as possible about the new collection, I can’t wait 🙂

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