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MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick
MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick ($15.00 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “matte cool red [with a retro matte finish].” It’s a deep, medium-dark red with strong cool undertones and a matte finish. MAC Ruby Woo is absolutely similar–it’s very, very similar. RiRi Woo is inspired by Ruby Woo, but the difference is very slight–there’s a noticeable difference in darkness and undertone when the two are swatched side-by-side, but applied, it is incredibly difficult to tell.

Other possible dupes include: MAC Ronnie Red is pinker, has more of a sheen. Rimmel #111 is not as blue-based and has a glossier sheen. MAC Charmed, I’m Sure is pinker. MAC Runaway Red is similar in darkness but it is slightly brown in comparison. NYX Chic Red has a slight sheen but it is somewhat similar. NARS Mascate is darker and brown-toned in comparison. NARS Dragon Girl is cooler-toned.

The retro matte finish is drier and stiff; it’s the type of texture that I think you can apply best with a lip brush, because it allows you better control and precision.  Because it can be stiff, it will tug/pull on the lip while you’re applying it, which means you may use too much force and it will easily jag outside the lip.  The color is incredibly pigmented, though; one swipe and you will see fully opaque color coverage.  RiRi Woo has Rihanna’s signature etched around the side of the lipstick itself, but there was nothing on the packaging or exterior packaging.  The color is a classic, retro red with cool undertones, but if you have Ruby Woo, RiRi Woo will feel redundant.  This just arrived about an hour ago, so I haven’t worn it for long, but so far it feels much like Ruby Woo, so I would expect six to eight hours of wear, some staining, and possibly be slightly drying over time.

P.S. — Watch for a giveaway of RiRi Woo soon! I purchased mine, but I received a press sample this morning, so I’ll be giving away the one I purchased here on the blog.

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick
MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick
MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick
MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick
MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick
MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick
MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick
MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

MAC RiRi Woo (Left) / Ruby Woo (Right) Lipstick
MAC RiRi Woo (Left) / Ruby Woo (Right) Lipstick

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick
MAC RiRi Woo (Left) / Ruby Woo (Right) Lipstick

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick
MAC RiRi Woo (Left) / Ruby Woo (Right) Lipstick

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick
MAC RiRi Woo (Left) / Ruby Woo (Right) Lipstick


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LOVI Avatar


Latypeofgirl Avatar

What does she stand for thats so bad? I love her music since the beginning and I think shes very open like her song S&M shes just letting people in to her life.

Kat Avatar

She told everyone to get out of her life after she went back to the man who beat the crap out of her.

Her relationships are her business, but she’s a terrible role model for making such a public mess out of her personal affairs.

Also, that S&M song was in the worst of taste considering how soon it was released after those pictures of her with her face split open were all over the news.

chris Avatar

I agree. I respect she makes her own life choices, but I can only cringe at the role model she portrays to her underage fans.

Raeda MUA Avatar

I personally lost respect for her when she came out with s and m and hated her when her “found love in a hopeless place” video aired. So I too will not support her. As for Ruby Woo, I am a Russian Red girl but use Ruby Woo on my clients.

Lauriel Avatar

thank you so much for the review! i’m glad i bought this now, i love my matte reds and this will be such a nice addition to my collection!

isha Avatar

wow! was waiting for your review. i love riri and don’t own ruby woo so i’ll get it with the special packaging whenever that comes out but, if i had ruby woo, i’d definitely pass.

Sarah Avatar

My thoughts exactly!! I love Rihanna and was reeeeally tempted to buy this the first time around because I don’t have Ruby Woo, but I’m truly a sucker for special packaging so I’ll gladly wait for that. Knowing Rihanna’s style, the packaging should be pretty nice!

Emi at Project Swatch Avatar

I had to examine that swatch picture very, very carefully to see the dividing line between the lipsticks. It’s not the same – and I theoretically prefer Riri to Ruby, since it’s a bit darker and less pink – but there is really no difference at all from a normal viewing distance.

marisa Avatar

I love your review, but I feel like this is a huge dissapointment! There was a lot ofhype with the collaboration, just for it to be almost the same! Lol

Jen Avatar

I think it’s kinda cool that it’s Rihanna-inspired but it really bugs me that it’s so similar to Ruby Woo. Thanks for the comparison swatch! I don’t have Ruby Woo so I could buy RiRi Woo without it being bright red overkill but… I think I only want it b/c I think Rihanna is sorta cool and I love her red lip look. I have so many reds as is.

Ruthie08 Avatar

I totally agreed with you on this one Christine. I thought it was a little deeper or darker than ruby woo. But it turns out to be the same…I’m glad I didn’t bother to purchase it. It’s way too bright for my own taste. I’ll stay with my viva glam 1 thank you!

rashmi Avatar

Ohhhhhh Christineeeee 🙂 loveeeeee you in this 😀 and with allll the lip colors dear 🙂

heyyyyyy i managed to get TT stuff 😀 😀
your fav liner yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

now i guess only CDP # 2 gloss is left in my vanity which is your fav :D:D
ahhhhhh made a big hole in my pocket but eveyrthing is fair in love 😀

Vic Avatar

Like I said to the girl at the MAC counter today, I’ll just get Ruby Woo with my next B2MAC. Much more excited about my Candy Yum Yum today! 😀

Kiss & Make-up Avatar

Oh this is so weird. On you it doesn’t look so cool. I saw the swatch and the lipstick on another blog today and I commented that it would look too harsh on me. But when I see it now, I am pretty sure it would work.

Hannah Avatar

I would have loved if RiRI Woo was the same color as Ruby Woo but in a more modern matte formula. I hate the formula of Ruby Woo but love the color! Oh well…

Laura Avatar

So disappointed! I love Ruby Woo it’s my second favourite red after Russian Red. I was really hoping that RiRi Woo would be a kind of inbetween. Like Ruby Woo but a bit of a darker and deeper tone, but not as dark as Russian Red. RiRi and Ruby look literally identical to me! Wish I hadn’t ordered it now.

Eb Avatar

RiRi woo is my first red lipstick and I’m excited to try it out since I’ve heard so many good things about Ruby Woo 🙂

Kesha Avatar

Hmmmm….maybe it’s the lighting, but other swatches I have seen so far makes it look a little darker than it appears in your pics. I don’t own Ruby Woo so either way I don’t have the disappointment that those who do own it would have. I’m actually NOT a RiRi fan so I’m good with the packaging not having anything too distinctive to it (other than the signature but I can ignore that lol). I’m a little sad that the next release is supposed to have some other lip colors in the special packaging because if the rumors are true that there will be a twist on Up The Amp in the mix and a darker purple then I will have to get those despite the packaging lol.

Slimmy Avatar

Wow, they do look very similar. I love Rih and was definitely going to purchase Riri Woo, but I own Ruby Woo and now I’m having second thoughts. But then there’s my deep love for Rihanna that makes me reconsider lol. Is there a such thing as too many red lippies? Serious question

Stacey Avatar

My curiosity is not so much the difference in coloration only, but is the RiRi just as drying as the original Ruby Woo?

Surabhi Avatar

Hmmm…little disappointing that there is not much of a difference, but guess Ruby Woo was pretty close to classic red. Anyways didn’t have Ruby Woo so ordered Riri Woo. Waiting for it to come! Hope it looks nice on me!

Surabhi Avatar

My Lipstick arrived today…love love love it. It is such an awesome red and looks perfect. I guess I am liking it so much because I didn’t have Ruby Woo but I am happy with this purchase!

Neha Avatar

Thanks a lot Christine for the review & swatches.I really tried hard to get RiRi Woo but it was Sold Out..I love Ruby Woo a lot and I believe its dry finish is its X-factor! It instantly makes the rest of ur face brighter. They are so so similar but still, I would love to own RiRi Woo!!

Katie Avatar

1. Ruby Woo doesn’t suit me (don’t know why people say it’s a universally flattering red) so I guess this won’t suit me either. Sticking with Lady Danger.
2. Not buying anything Rihanna is selling, sorry.

Erica Avatar

I alerted all my young family members and co workers to get it online and also directed them to your blog :). They either love or hate RiRi, but they were all curious about the lipstick (lol). “Auntie Erica” deliberately passed on RiRi and will keep wearing her Ruby Woo. Frankly, I prefer my Mac Minerialized Rich lipstick in “So Gorgeous”. Aptly named and so moisturizing. I love it.

Nichelle Avatar

I’ve been like staring at the swatch with both lipsticks for, like, 10 minutes now. I don’t see any difference at all :/

Veronica Avatar

To my eye, RiRi Woo seems a smidgeon darker and more matte than Ruby Woo, but the difference is so miniscule, it makes any argument for significant distinction futile.

Maya Avatar

It looks too dry, I think I’ll just pass on this. I’m not a fan of how matte lipsticks make my lips look very dry after an hour.

Ciara Avatar

Jealous of how well you pull of reds! This looks like it might be slightly easier than Ruby Woo (as slightly as the teensey difference between the two anyways!) for paler people with cool undertones to wear. I missed it before it sold out (both US & UK releases!) but I’m gonna grab it & give it a try next time!

JRMillington Avatar

I would say this is exactly like Ruby Woo…which i have btw…… the swatches are hardly different from each other….it just looks as if one was swatched heavier than the other….i was actually on my way to check out this lipstick when it came out on the website, i’m glad I changed my mind!!! Most people mention the drying texture……Strange enough I find this the one characteristic that enables ME to wear this lipstick comfortably, else it would be all over my teeth…..which I hate!!! 🙂

KF Avatar

Aw, I really wish this was more different than Ruby Woo. I know a lot of people don’t like the retro matte formula, but I LOVE it (hate creamy lipsticks – I feel like they’re sliding all over my face!) and would die for more colors in that formula.

nazih Avatar

LOL ladies, save yourself the headache and just get ruby woo if you like this color. Nothing even remotely different between the two smh.

dewi arina Avatar

hye Christine.what happened to ur website It seems there slight glitch occurs. I can’t find the picture of yours ( I mean the picture of your face with the lipstick you’re using on your lips ). Its quite difficult to differentiate the difference between some products without the pictures.
Look at here
please do something on it. Really appreciate it.

Julia of Avatar

Wouldn’t buy anything related to Rihanna, but still expected this shade to be somehow unique. Pictured it darker. Certainly didn’t expect it to mimic Ruby Woo! Disappointing, especially with all the hype out there.

Ryou Avatar

I honestly can’t tell the difference between the two. I’ve always loved Ruby Woo’s color, but the finish and dryness have always turned me away. Pity, because the color is gorgeous. >:

Precious Avatar

I like the shade, but the lipsticks itself looks drying. I wish it was in a different finish though, say a modern matte, which will make it more wearable for most people.

Christine, in your last photos (where your lips are shown side by side to compare Riri Woo and Ruby), I’m seeing bare lips on the left.

Cara Avatar

Thanks for the quick review/swatches!! If I owned Ruby Woo it would only add to my disappointment. MAC made no effort whatsoever, with the product, photos of the product, color, packaging, and website… The virtual queue to order was ridiculous. They couldn’t even increase their web servers temporarily, for an online exclusive launch…& Not even one photo with RiRi wearing her lipstick on Christine, you should run MAC cosmetic’s website.. you would do a far better job.

F. K. S. Avatar

Forget the website, just run MAC instead. I’m now convinced that Estee Lauder is ripping off MAC fans, and that it is time the fans take some action against that.

Steph Avatar

Mac and their “Malibu Stacey with a hat” syndrome all over again. I guess if you’re a huge Rihana fan and don’t own Ruby Woo its all good.

Cara Avatar

If I owned Ruby Woo it would only add to my disappointment. MAC made no effort whatsoever, with the promo photos of the product, color, packaging, and website… The virtual queue to order was ridiculous. They couldn’t even increase their web servers temporarily for an online exclusive launch…

Liz Avatar

Ruby Woo didn’t work for me, so I’m definitely not interested in this. I do think it is kind of offensive for MAC to repackage something that already exists (because let’s face it this is basically Ruby Woo), put a celebrity’s name on it, then sell it as if we can be fooled that easily. They would not have released this color were it not for the fact that Rihanna’s name is on it. This just adds to my dislike of the company.

Lila Avatar

Thanks for this review! I couldn’t see any difference in the comparison photo but looking closer Ruby Woo is slightly brighter. I already have that so won’t be purchasing RiRi Woo.

Ruby Woo can be drying, so I always apply a slick of clear lip balm beforehand. It glides on easier without dragging your lips, lasts longer and makes the lipstick look glossier! I love the colour but not a fan of a completely matte finish 🙂

Latypeofgirl Avatar

Sorry if this sounds dumb but are you comparing the top lip with the bottom lip when u say left and right? I think the top lip looks darker and the bottom lip is brighter. I really like the darker color since i have lime crimes velvetines Red velvet and its very similar and looks like a dupe though i personally dont buy from that company.

Deb Avatar

Can’t stand Rihanna so wouldn’t purchase anything with her stamp on it anyway….but my gosh, this looks as dry as the desert. But you can definitely rock the reds, Christine!

Tam Avatar

This is on its way to me, and I am already disappointed. I thought it would be a vibrantly darker version of Ruby Woo, to attract those who considered purchasing Ruby Woo, but found it not dark or deep enough for their skintone, like myself. I rarely get sucked into the MAC hype, but this time I got taken.

LUCK Avatar

Is Riri Woo retro matte, or just matte? Also, I checked your review of Ruby Woo (under the Fall Colour collection) and it seems like Ruby Woo is darker. But that might just be the lighting in the photo. Anyway, thank you for your efforts! I always rely on your reviews whenever I have second thoughts. 🙂

Cat Avatar

The color is gorgeous, but RiRi Woo looks so dry it’s making my lips hurt just to look at your photos, Christine! I guess it’s the retro matte texture, but yikes!

Blah Blah Avatar

OMG! I just wasted $16. I was so excited about the retro matte texture I bought it asap. What is the point if its a cool red. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT RUBY WOO IS. Ugh…. Someone smack me…

n8iveBeauT Avatar

Whoa! I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing. Looking at the color is hurting my eyes!!! Maybe it’s the white backdrop. Beautiful color, very dupable obviously for something that’s already permanent. Consumers might want it just because of who the name of the color is affiliated to. MAC sure knows how to get consumers to buy into their products if this was sold out very quickly.

Bridgette Avatar

I am excited to get this tomorrow. The colors are very similar. That’s why I got Riri Woo because I never tried Ruby Woo. I do feel you don’t need both since they look practically the same on the lips!!

andrea Avatar

if you guys think riri woo or ruby woo is too bright, and you want a red lipstick thats matte, please give the Viva Glam #1 a try! its 100% donation to the mac aids fund and is a gorgeous classic red. i like it better than russian red but they are very comparable.

Emma Castillo Avatar

So I went to times square to get my riri woo.

Disappointment. I swatches against ruby. Walked around.
Literally decided against it. It’s almost the same. Bought a pro long wear eye shadow and a new pro palette instead lol.

If you own ruby. You pretty much own riri. It’s tooooooo slight of a difference and the more I think about it it’s one of those “emperor’s new clothes” hypes….

Lulu Avatar


Joyce Avatar

Hi Christine! I’m a sucker for packaging, any idea whether I should wait until Mac launches the special packaging for riri woo and heaux or should I just get it immediately in the June 7 launch? Do you know whether Mac will actually launch riri woo in special packaging or not? I’m a temptalian, I listen to everything you say! Hahaha

Erika Avatar

I already had Ruby Woo. I was excited to see what riri would come out with. Im not a big fan of hers but i love her funky style. I was hoping for a bit more edge but this is no lie exactly the same. The diff you have to see it with a magnifying glass. If you have ruby woo skip it…f not you can just grab this for the nice signature on the side. =)

Euni Avatar

Just got mine today! RiRi Woo is definitely more different on yellow undertoned skin, at least for me. It is richer and darker in color on my skin. The matte finish is more comfortable for me to wear than Ruby Woo. Love it!

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