MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday 2013 Collection Launches December 5th

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday 2013 Collection
MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday 2013 Collection

The collection launches online  at in North America December 5th, 2013 at 12PM EST.  It will be available in-stores on December 12th.  It will be online for Australia/Korea on December 6th, UK/Europe on December 10th, Japan on December 12th.  For official information about the launch, please see our original launch post here.

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Hi Lena,

I understand that there’s a double-ended brush in the collection, but I’m confused on what she’s asking about in regards to the brush! What is the question about the brush? I don’t know if she has a question regarding the price, or is looking for a photo or something else – that’s why I asked for clarity 🙂

Christine – in the post you list the items that are launching for this collection. But there is no brush listed. I think the question is (at least for me) is there a brush launching with this collection per the dates above or is it already launched?

Yes, there is a brush included in the collection – I don’t have the brush, unfortunately, so I could not take any photos or tell you anything about it personally! I’m so sorry everyone!

Wompwomp. I was hoping that they’d change it up and launch at midnight so I didn’t have to stay up until 2am (or 6am like last time, and go to bed empty handed). Darn you, 14 hour time difference! *shakes fist*

Everything gets sold out so quickly what’s the point? I wait for the limited stuff to arrive and by the time I get off work and go home everything is sold out.

I agree. I’ve given up on their LE items. HELLO MAC some of us don’t have jobs that we can just take a break whenever we want or sit online and surf the internet??!!?? If you want my money then you should also realize, I have to work to earn it. Geez, Louise….I’m on the hunt for a cosmetic brand that doesn’t play these games.

I love the color of the packaging but I don’t respect Rhianna any more and will pass on this. I can’t support her as a spokesperson for MAC.

All I want is ONE more RiRi Woo lipstick…..yet I feel like I’m waiting in line to get concert tickets! MAC really needs to upgrade their IT infrastructure to handle LE launches. This is terrible…..

All I wanted was Pleasure Bomb. It sold out within 15-20 minutes. Since it will be MAC stores on Dec 12, does this include MAC counters inside dept stores?

Online usually launches a couple of days earlier, but it’s hard to say since those retailers put them up at their own discretion (to a point).

…and one last thing………..Christina….you should really come out with your own BRAND of cosmetics. Of all the makeup you review, use and recommend….who better than YOU to introduce a line that has it all????

I’m just sayin’………you would do well….very well.

I work on a computer and have another one by me…so often go to MAC when these collections come out to see how long it takes to get to the actual products …a harmless distraction….as I work on my screen. 20 minutes this time (an hour last time) but the 2 new lipsticks were sold out already (not last time), along with the eye liners and shortly thereafter the nail polish. Sort of funny! Maybe they should make a few more…I wasn’t planning on buying but if I had been I would have been so mad.

It took me about 10 minutes (like you, I just wanted to go through the process but wasn’t buying anything), and Bad Girl RiRi & Cockiness Eyeliner were sold out, then Pleasurebomb sold out maybe a minute after that…

Amazing…I’m not sure it’s such a great sales strategy…reading the related comments on sites like yours. No lipstick is all that important…and so many other options exist…
So glad I could see the whole collection beforehand (thanks!).

Having watched MAC and their hype machine for the past six or seven years, I assume that they deliberately (and significantly) under-produce so that demand stays high and frenzied. A few years ago, I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they simply underestimated demand, but at a certain point, they’re smart enough, have been in business long enough, and have done enough major collaborations to get it. I expect products to sell out, but surely they could produce enough and still sell out in a few hours–as opposed to a few minutes–and still get their “success” story while making at least a few more customers happy. It feels more like a lottery draw – a random chance that you’ll have the *ability* to purchase. I get that it’s a strategy, I just don’t think it needs to be as extreme as it is or even implemented across all collections. But as long as there remains as much success as there has been, there’s no reason for MAC to change the strategy, because clearly it works well for them.

Makes sense. I agree it’s a little like a lottery when they sell out in 15 or so minutes. So many unhappy customers…and, yes, extreme. I’m so glad I didn’t really want some of these items!!!!

WOW, not even an hour and the lipsticks are already sold out…… lol, this is why MAC keeps releasing crappy products. Because of all the hype, and ppl run to the site and things get sold out FAST. Interesting how they don’t even have to come out with commercials, or advertise on magazines/billboards, etc. and they are always in such great business…….

OK this is the 1st launch I was off work for and even though I was “on line” to shop a few minutes before launch I still didn’t get everything I wanted although I probably was luckier than most….got all 3 lipsticks, the nail polish, and the silver liner but missed out on the gold one that sold out in my cart. I’m working a 12 hour shift the day it launches in stores so this was pretty much my only shot at the collection 🙂

Hey ladies I agree 100% with you all. Every time they realise a L.E addition there are a few people that go into Mac and buy three, four of the entire collection, and run home to put it on EBay. Those are the people I can’t seem to understand the most. They’re going to turn into some dollars in their pockets. It’s every time mac has a L.E. event,. I thought makeup was something women enjoyed wearing and then shared the experience through swatches, and blogs. It’s always the same ones every time. If Mac is going to allow this same group to buy 3 & 4 intire collections, then they should either make more to accommodate the demand or make sure that these lovely woman get stuck with them. You know darn well they paid 16.50 for a lipstick that there expecting you to pay over $50 for.
I also think had to wait 15 min. Before I could shop and most everything was sold out. Mac should be ashamed of themselves for poor it support. And very poor customer sales!!

With stuff like the Rihanna I think MAC only lets you get one at a time online (limited in stores but not as much). But otherwise I totally agree with you. I don’t understand selling out a limited edition before those who are on your site minutes after you make it available can buy it. I wasn’t even planning on buying this…but still don’t agree with the so limitedness of it. Oh well, more money to spend elsewhere!

I didn’t even bother with falling for the chaos that these releases cause online and I won’t be going in-store either. I’m gearing up for the Spring 2014 releases instead. I’m just Riri’d

What time will the items post in Macys site? I got I to the MAC site 1230 on launch day and Bad Gal and Pleasure Bomb where sold out already 🙁

I have had much more sucess acquiring things from mac le collections from the nordstrom’s website than I know you have to wait a bit longer but it is a much more pleasant experience.

I don’t even bother with the LE’s because they’re sold out so fast. Besides, it’s not like they’re any special quality to the MAC hearts RIRI Collection: Some red lipsticks, Bronzer, nail polish, 2 quads, maybe some eyeliners, and a copper quilted makeup purse. Actually regarding them selling out, I think they purposely made it scarce, to create a monstrosity of a hype over this product. It’s cheating loyal customers who buy their products on a daily basis, and I’m pretty sure the pros don’t even get a reserved set, which is only special packaging to begin with. Sigh….

Hi Christine – this collection is now available on, but the only lipstick is RiRi Woo. Were all 3 lipsticks expected launch or just this one? thanks!

I believe the collection launched on their website around 6am EST but Pleasure Bomb, Bad Gal Riri & the nail polish went FAST… I tried Live Chatting on the Nordie’s site to see if they had info on restocks but they said they don’t plan to restock it anytime soon (probably because it’ll be launching at the counters on Thursday):

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