Has a pet ever destroyed a beauty product?

Has a pet ever destroyed a beauty product? Share your stories! (If you don’t have a pet-story, feel free to share a child, sister, partner-related destruction story instead!)
I don’t think so… I can only recall Mellan destroying half a drum stick from Rock Band and a wooden camel figurine (the dog likes wood). He is pretty good about leaving any makeup alone! Husband knows that too πŸ˜‰

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My dog ate my eos lip balm that was on my bedside table, the plastic end of my urban decay 24/7 liner in penny, and the rubbery handle of one of my orly nail polishes. LOL

My dog ate my EOS lip balm too – multiple times. I am not sure if she thinks it’s a ball. After the third time I put it where she can’t get it.

My dog also like to sniff my makeup – and has a tendency to get close to an open MAC pigment and knock it over. But I still love her πŸ™‚

Never any true disaster, but once I was using my lovely Laura Mercier artist palette and my cat decided it would be awesome to jump on it.

He ended up scratching a couple of the eye shadows…so nothing too CATastrophic…heh heh

No, but one of my kids (not sure who), twisted a brand new Tarte Lipsurgence all the way up and then put the cover on it, ruining it. My then 18 month old also drew on the walls with a UD 24/7 pencil.

I don’t remember my cats actually DESTROYING anything, but I remember my baby cat (he is 3 years old, but he acts like a kitten) chewed on my favorite foundation brush πŸ™ I had marks on the handle,and it was kind of cute looking at it. πŸ™‚ He chewed on it because he likes to chew/lie on/ eat/rub himself on stuff I use a lot.

Not any of my beauty products, but Ry did “adorn” my glasses by chewing on the sides. He also had an accident on one of my Coach bags, fortunately it was nylon and survived the wash no worse for wear. Tensions were high that evening to say the least.

One time a MAC blush found its way to the floor and my little ferret Frisbee opened it and clawed it up. In the heat of the moment I was upset since I had just bought it, but she has since passed and now every time I open the lid and see her little claw marks I smile. Naughty little weasel! πŸ˜‰

Usually have four dogs, some of whom have/had a preference for lipstick, so I have quite a few with teeth marks. One splintered a Shu case + another tried to hide a Vincent Longo Vesuvio Sheen under a radiator. You guessed it: it melted all over the floor + it’s discontinued, natch! They go for the ones which are accessible….especially by climbing to a table, and which had been worn frequently around that time. My best pet obsession with makeup, though, was the Malamute I had in the eighties. She watched me diligently and occasionally took brushes into her crate, which was always open. She would nose me and do the Wooo Wooo, until I did her up, too. At first I would actually put a dot of eyeshadow in the white spots over her eyes + a streak of blush on her ‘cheeks.’ It got to be such a PIA, that I eventually resorted to just stroking the brush on her face. She was so smart, I’m surprised that she did not know the difference. I almost got a couple of cheap brushes, because I had to spend time every day washing them! Eventually, I had to shut her out of the bathroom….For her, the novelty never wore off, and she posed around like Linda Evangelista. I paid for shutting her out, because she either wolf-howled or sulked the rest of the day. With the other dogs, they simply liked something that smelled like me: lipsticks were scent objects. But Petrushka (the Mal) actually liked makeup, or makeup application, for itself. And even if she looked like Clarabelle, she thought she was tres HOT! This is the god’s truth!

Knew a horse (gelding) who had a strong preference for hot pink and animal print accoutrements, such as saddle pads, boots, etc. Knew one liver chestnut gelding who looked amazing in rich purple bridle, etc.–and knew it, too.

What a lovely story! I’ve had malamutes, too, and think they are the world’s most wonderful dogs! Thanks for sharing such a cute story about yours.

I’ve only ever had cats, and while they have never destroyed anything, I’ve found “lost” items under/behind furniture.

I did come home from work one day to find my then 2 1/2-year-old gouging a Cargo palette with the bases that came with it. Luckily, I was able to save most of it!

My puppy has chewed up many an eos lip balms and she also likes my beautyblenders! If she sees me waving the fetching sticks (aka my brushes), she sometimes tries to catch those as well!

As I do dog rescue and foster I have had a few things destroyed. My feline eyeliner comes to mind and a Mac Lipglass. They always chew the handles.

Once i bought a really pretty powder with some sort of overspray or something, i wanted to take pictures for my blog, so i opened the compact, put it on the table, reached for my camera and saw one of my kitties stepping right into the powder.

thank god, she didn’t really destroy it, but quite a bit of the overspray was gone.

Lola bit through a squeeze tube of Smith’s Rose Balm and one of Clinique yellow moisturizer gel when she was a puppy, now not so much. But she does like to collect pink things in a pile on her pink blankie…

YES! I have always had shoe eaters and the random brush chewers. But 12 years ago I started rescue work, I foster the occasional puppy. About four years ago I had a lab-pit mix puppy who ate everything -clocks, telephones, small appliances … She ate all of my make up brushes!! I had started buying them when I was 13 and had collected the lot over a 3 year period in high school, several hundred $$ invested in 1983 dollars and they were unbelievable, after 30 years still in excellent condition and she ate them all, they were completely destroyed. I cried. I have no idea who manufactured them and have not been able to replace them. They just aren’t made the way they used to be, haven’t found anything like them yet. If I do I know it’s gonna cost me… I am going to try the Japanese brushes next. *Sigh* After that, not much else can phase me so I thought, ha! Early this year I had two puppies who had a taste for discontinued lippies. =-O They are 6 before I realized they could open my purse. I bought a new bag ( causea I kept gum in there too) and had to start keeping all my lip products in the dresser drawer. Puppies are horrible. I don’t know why I keep bringing them home.

OMG D: I can relate. I have brushes that I hate to admit, are decades old, too. They are still just as good as new. I’ve also acquired several artist’s brushes which are very good quality – you might look at those as possible replacements.

Because, as dreadful as they can be, they are the loves of out lives! Hey, if you want to go for Japanese brushes, check out Wayne Goss’s brushes on Beuatylish. Major drool, drool. For a good/comprehensive review of them, check out Cora’s on VintageorTacky. It’s a while back. You’re going to want virtually all of them! Don’t you HATE it, when a collection of irreplaceables goes? Tres BOOOOO!

oh…yeah…my dog brandy…was caught lying on my vanity room floor….chomping away at my MAC..single embark eyeshadow….brown color was all over (I had been in the kitchen cooking etc. )..in the carpet, her mouth….and i was like …omg…noooo….that was 4 yrs ago….she was a puppy…so it never happened again….the eyeshadow had fell some way..to the floor..idk….but it was hell cleaning it!! lol

My little four legged furry brother Freddie seems to have a particular love of Lush.He has devoured at least one of each of babyface, buffy, herbalism, angels on bare skin, anything “buttery” or smelly. He even mangled the aluminium tin that ultra balm comes in to get to the goodness inside. I came home to find a flattened tin, with teeth marks in it. His most recent beauty meal was a babylips lip balm, that he stole of the table next to the tv.

Yes, my dog chewed up a makeup brush! Thank goodness it was only one of those little ones that come in the bottom part of blush/powder compacts. I’m keeping him out of my makeup room though in case he’s developed a taste for them.

Ooooohhhh yessss! My cat destroyed my new Chanel Ombres Perlees Eyeshadow Palette a couple of years ago. It was right after I had received it too. It wasn’t done on purpose though and the palette is still somewhat usable. It’s just not a pretty sight.

ha ha great question! Its a yes for me! My dog cannot resist the balms. If there one in his vicinity he will certainly eat it even lipglosses and lipsticks that smell yummy! He also likes digging my eyeshadow palettes :'(

My ex husbands dog would chew on on anything and everything he could would find on the ground, even help himself to the underwear drawer if he was bored. (I never could figure out how he opened it)
But he never touched my my makeup, brushes or anything that might have dropped and I didn’t notice. Go figure. My ex got his wish for full doggie custody with no fight from me. But I still miss the the brat. I’m still a sucker for dogs, no matter how much of a pain they are.

My pack has no interest in my cosmetics, plus they do know things are not to be touched in the master bathroom area. But here’s the kicker. My little Dachshund, Digger, grabs my Trind nail repair off my bedside table and chews the cap. Don’t ask me why. He’s done it to 3 separate bottles.. I don’t know what the fascination is so now it gets tucked inside a drawer.

No, my cats seem to leave most of my stuff alone, except I have claw marks in one pair of boots. But… they don’t like my husband’s hunting stuff and peed all over ALL OF IT. OMG did it stink! And my husband was furious. Some he could just wash, but there was a lot he had to throw out and replace. He has since put it all in a closet with a closed door (it was in a closet in the basement without a door).

Well she ( the big destroyer) didn’t have a chance yet, my make up is on my bag the whole time, But both of them have wreaked may thing at home specially our coach.

Nope. The one cat that’s “mine” likes to make sure I’m paying attention to him at all times, but he’s otherwise kept out of my stuff. The dog is actually very good with not destroying things – the only things he puts in his mouth is shoes, which he doesn’t chew but treats them like sticks, carrying them around so that you have to try and get them from him. πŸ™‚

My dog was always pretty good. When he was a puppy, I bought him a lot of chew toys, so other objects were generally left alone. Once, however, I’d left my $700 frameless eyeglasses on the coffee table, and walked in to find that he’d grabbed them, and was chewing away.

My cat loves to sit/lay on the bathroom counter while I’m putting my makeup on, but he never touches anything.

I’ve never lost any makeup, but my house isn’t childproof, and on one occasion (years ago), when my brother-in-law came to visit, he brought my young niece with him (she was three or four, I guess?) It was just after Christmas, and my mother had bought me an expensive gift set for Calvin Klein’s Obsession – body lotion, body wash, one large bottle of perfume, and a purse-sized bottle. My niece had gone into the bathroom, and after a few minutes, I could smell some pretty strong scent drifting all the way down the hallway into the kitchen. She’d squeezed out/emptied both bottles of the lotion and body wash into the bathtub, and had dumped the largest bottle of perfume out on top of all that, as well. By the time I walked in, she was spraying the small bottle on everything. So, I had about $150 worth of product go down the drain. Literally. And, I couldn’t get the smell out. It seemed to stick into everything. Now, even to this day, I cannot tolerate the smell of Obsession. It makes me gag.

My cat steals my makeup brushes that are made out of real animal hair. He plays with them, and I find them months later while cleaning under pieces of furniture. I’ve gotten super careful about where I will leave my brushes now. He’s such a little menace.

No incidents with pets but my sunny boy did mess up one lippy. My mistake totally! I left a couple of lippies on the couch. He opened one…all was ok…but then he saw me coming and got scared so quickly tried to hide it by closing the cap on a full twisted up lippy! I have it in a drumming jar now!

My dog is pretty good about knowing what is off-limits to chew on, but she did destroy the box of a product (I think it was a bb cream?) that I was planning to return, so I ended up having to keep it.. sigh. Haha!

My parents kitty knocked my Trish McEvoy large planner palette with several eyeshadows off the bathroom counter when I was staying there once. She was still a kitten at the time and feeling playful. I’d only had it a month and the planner cracked along with some of the eyeshadows (although most of the shadows were in tact fortunately). I get Z palettes now because they’re heavy cardboard and absorb a bit of the impact from dropping instead of a solid plastic case. I’m also more careful around playful kitties πŸ˜‰

Other than that I’ve lost a few lip balms that smelled too good for my dog to resist (nothing that couldn’t be replaced easily).

my husband went into the dining room one night and started freaking out. he came running to me with the dog in his arms…she was covered in red. he thought it was blood! nope, just red lipstick! her white paws and neck were covered in it (as was my beige carpet). i had to use ponds cold cream to get the lipstick out of her fur! i think she dug the lipstick out of my purse, so that always goes where she can’t reach. other than that she has been pretty good-she chewed the lid of my hourglass lip treatment balm, but i got to her before she could destroy it. she usually sticks to chewing up the kids’ toys instead of mine! i am missing a couple of makeup brushes, and after seeing the comments here, maybe the dog is to blame.

I lent my sis my Metal Rock Mineral Skin finish. She calls me a few days later sobbing. I ask her what’s wrong and she finally gets out “I dropped metal rock”

Me: Oh…..
Sis: I’m so sorry *sobs*
Me: *crickets*
Sis: Hysterical crying

When my cat still had tiny baby teeth he chewed little holes in a squeezey tube tinted lip balm. I didn’t notice and stuck it in the pocket of my work pants. Throughout the next few hours it leaked a patch of pink oil through my pants. I didn’t notice until a coworker pointed it out! He’s also chewed up a 24/7 eyeliner :/ he’s too cute to yell at though haha

My boyfriend’s cat used to “attack” my large fluffy make up brushes. He pretty much ruined this one Clinique blush brush. But as the cat got older it stopped being so playful and doesn’t chase after them anymore.

Once my husband and I woke up to our white dog, Pirate, absolutely covered in BRIGHT CHERRY RED lipgloss. He had stolen an Lancome Juicy Tube from my purse, and chewed it open. πŸ™‚

My dog was a pretty good boy when it came to my makeup. He occasionally took things but he would just put them in his mouth (never biting/chewing) and put them in his bed. It was usually MAC/NARS single eyeshadows/blushes. The cases would be a little slobbery but no worse for wear. He did however take my brush bag once and managed to unzip it and started pulling all the hairs out of my brand new Hakuhodo powder brush. I was furious but you can’t stay mad at a labrador. And he was only 3 at the time, he was still only a baby really. He has sadly since passed away but his sulky face after I’d told him off is something that makes me smile even tho I was so mad at the time.

My African grey parrot would always find her way into my makeup room and chew on the corners of my palettes and the caps of any bottles laying around (like nail polish, etc) but she has never actually destroyed anything. I keep her out of there now.

I have cats. They don’t destroy my makeup. It’s more like, if anything in on the floor, they’ll bat it around like a toy until it gets lost and I find it under the dresser 3 months later.

Not my pets, but my daughter when she was 3 years old. One time, I left her in Dad’s care and came home to him sleeping and she had pulled my makeup tray (back when it all fit in a big tray), some eye shadows were broken and she was drawing on the floor with my lipsticks!

Another time I found her painting the walls with my MAC 160 brush and her brother’s diaper rash cream. Brush was ruined.

Jiji, when he was a kitten, hid my MAC Wonder Woman blush in his litter pan (ICK). And Gomez, another kitty (RIP), stole my Sonia Kashuk brow brush and bent the ferrule really badly, but it still works.

Quincy, the bunny, doesn’t seem to care for the beauty products so much…

Thankfully my dog or any family member has never ruined any makeup. But I did ruin my mom’s makeup. When I was small I used to take lipstick put it all over my lips and outside my lips as well and smoosh the lipstick when I put the cap on. Always been a makeup lover!

I have a Prague Ratter and hes still a puppy, but hes growing so he got tall enough to reach whats on top of our coffee table in the living room (small apartments call for small furniture) where we also eat and etc. And one day after i rushed doing my makeup I put on my beauty blender, that I just used for the 3rd time, on the coffee table and I came home to the beauty blender in my room, in the middle of the floor, all ripped up into a million little pink spongy pieces. I was highly upset. I still need to buy a new one.

Don’t know Prague Ratter! Gotta google that. + I fancy myself a dog person. I assume it’s a Czech go-to-ground short haired type, who dispatched the vermin with great glee and success. OOOOps, this doesn’t have anything to do with makeup!

OM everlovin’ FG! How cute are they? Smaller than the average/breed standard chihuahua? They look as if they have huahua, toy fox, and toy Manchester in their background, and maybe Russian Toy. LOVE the ears! Talk about a lot of dog in a small package….. saw them boating, sparring, and seeking little prey guys. WOW! Nice call on your dog choice. Maybe I ought to go read some dog blogs, because again, I’m off topic, for makeup!

Nope – or at least not yet. This morning one of my cats started nomming on my brushes, but I got to her in time! I store them out of reach, but I was using them at the time.

I have two dogs and one is relatively mellow but the other chewed up my naked palette (about 1/4 of virgin is still mia), the handle of my makeup forever kabuki and at least 3 eos lip balms. he’s got an iron stomach!

I’m kind of amazed now with what dogs can eat without getting sick… I’d don’t think I’d be feeling so good if I ate a lip balm plus the plastic it comes in.

omg yes. my lil maltese used to love to steal anything i liked a lot. he stole my mac lip gelees cuz he liked the way it was squishy on his teeth i guess. teething puppy. hasnt happened in a while but im much more careful!!!

Not that I can think of, but my cats sure do terrorize the rest of our house – throwing up and having accidents everywhere! My one cat has always liked to chew on plastic bags, so if I’m not careful, my shopping bags will have little kitty teeth marks all over them.
I’m probably more of a menace to my own stuff than any pet – I’ve lost numerous hairbrushes and deodorants to the litterbox when I used to keep it in the bathroom (they’d roll right off the counter into the litterbox – there’s no salvaging that), and I’m constantly knocking stuff over and dropping stuff.

Not any of my dogs ever destroyed any of my cosmetics, but a former roommate used to help herself and then tell me “her dog” got my brand new mascara and chewed it out of the packaging and left it on her bathroom counter, amazingly without a single tooth mark on it or the packaging anywhere. Same with a nice listick; the dog left it in her bathroom on the counter right in cosmetic case. Pretty smart dog. After that I put a lock on my bathroom door till I moved out. I bet her dog was pissed off.

Haha – Oh Mellan! My two cats like to swipe things off of countertops. That does not sit well with eyeshadows, bronzers, powder, etc. I think the husband is worse though. He looks for my “face lotion,” as he calls it, after he shaves. Nothing will make your heart drop in your stomach faster than your husband slathering on some $100 face cream!

When I was dating my husband, he tried to fix the lose handle on my curling iron. He’s a lawyer and not a handy type of guy, so he went at it with a screwdriver…while it was still plugged in. It shorted out sending a puff of black smoke into the air and leaving scorch marks all over the wall & outlet. He looked at the curling iron and looked at me and said “cool”. I married him anyway.

My 21yo cat knocks stuff off my desk alllllll the time, most recently he spilled an entire small jar of loose brown/black eyeshadow straight into my keyboard.

My dog also likes to eat lip balms and eye/lip pencils.

Not my pet, but friend’s dog chewed up a brand new container of Tokidoki mascara. The mascara its self was okay but that didn’t matter ’caused I’d bought it for its packaging.

YES!!! My crazy little dog has eaten the box of my Benefit Dandelion blush (destroyed the box AND mirror but the powder was miraculously untouched), chewed my Nars Orgasm Illiminator tube, my Dr Brandt “pores no more” tube and she ate a coco butter lip balm. The feats she undergoes to get these products from the shelf are incredible. I want to set up a web cam…! She also chewed the lid of my MAC face & body foundation but that was unscathed and completely useable. Crazy (but so loveable and awesome) dog!

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