MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners ($15.00 for 0.04 oz.) are being repromoted with the MAC Vera Collection. I received confirmation from MAC HQ this morning that these will be permanent going forward (just these shades). Β All seven shades available with this collection have been released previously. These shades include: Black Line (black with gold pearl), Black Swan (black with pearl), Designer Purple (iridescent violet), Industrial (periwinkle grey), Lord It Up (bronze with pearl), Petrol Blue (deep navy with pearl), and Undercurrent (teal with pearl).

  • Black Line is a dark brown-based black with dirty gold shimmer. It has good color payoff in a single stroke. It’s similar to Shiseido Black Sand.
  • Black Swan is a blue-based black with silver-blue shimmer. It has good color payoff in a single stroke. I don’t know of a dupe for this one.
  • Designer Purple is a brightened violet purple with violet and silver shimmer. This shade had some of the chunkier sparkle. It has good color payoff in one pass. MAC Rich Purple was the closest dupe I could think of, but it’s darker, less violet. Urban Decay Delinquent is similar but not as bright.
  • Industrial is a gray-casted blue with hints of brown. It’s an interesting color, and I found it difficuolt to describe. The color payoff is so-so in one pass, and even layering, it doesn’t build as well as the other shades. I couldn’t think of a dupe.
  • Lord It Up is a warm bronze brown with gold-bronze shimmer. It has good color payoff in one stroke. It’s similar to Urban Decay Corrupt.
  • Petrol Blue is a dark navy blue with sapphire shimmer. It has decent to good color payoff in a single pass but layers nicely. It’s similar, but brighter, than toki doki Skeletro. Make Up For Ever #3L is similar but not as intense.
  • Undercurrent is a blue-based teal with green-gold and teal shimmer. It has good color payoff in a single pass. Urban Decay Junkie is nearly identical.

The best part about Pearlglides is their intensity; they’re deep, dark, and look rich once applied. Some perform better in a single stroke than others, though you’ll get the best results if you go back and forth (just once, so it’s like two passes in total). The texture is very soft and creamy, so they glide effortlessly across the lash line and never tug or pull.

These wear around eight hours on me, and luckily, since these were repromoted, I was able to re-test these against the newer rating system in the past week. I tested out the wear of Black Line, Industrial, Lord It Up, and Undercurrent on the lower lash line. I’m not sure if these are water line safe, but my instinct is that they’re likely not, because of the high shimmer content in all of the shades.

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners Review, Photos, Swatches


MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
Black Line, Black Swan, Designer Purple, Industrial, Lord It Up, Petrol Blue, Undercurrent

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
Black Line, Black Swan, Designer Purple, Industrial

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
Industrial, Lord It Up, Petrol Blue, Undercurrent/em>

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
Black Line, Black Swan, Designer Purple, Industrial, Lord It Up, Petrol Blue, Undercurrent

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
MAC Black Line Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
MAC Black Swan Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
MAC Designer Purple Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
MAC Industrial Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
MAC Lord It Up Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
MAC Petrol Blue Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
MAC Undercurrent Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner


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Erin Avatar

Yay, I’m so happy these are perm! I wear Lord It Up at least 3 days a week and i’ve been restricting myself from using Undercurrent and Industrial to save them! Now I can use them with abandon! I’m also going to pick up Black Line. And you’re right, these are not approved for the waterline.

Chelsea Avatar

I have Designer Purple from the previous collection, and UD Delinquent, I found them to be a dead on dupe (I drew a heart with MAC and coloured it in with UD.. I couldn’t tell where the outline ended and the ‘middle began’.. It does look a lot brighter in this swatch.. do you think the formula could’ve been slightly tweaked?

trayceeee Avatar

LOVE these! Gonna get petrol blue, designer purple, and likely undercurrent. They will be perfect for a pop of color in my daily neutral looks!

Nubia136 Avatar

Do you have Mac’s RAVE eyeliner to compare with MAC Designer Purple eyeliner? I have Rave and I thought that Designer Purple would be too similiar.

Chantal Avatar

I have Rave, too (LOVE it!). From what I can tell from Christine’s swatch, it seems like Rave is a bit deeper and plummier, whereas Designer Purple is brighter with more blue/fuchsia (almost flashes a hint of Stars N Rockets)? What do you think?

Laura Avatar

I have both and they are quite different. Rave is darker and more blue, whereas Designer Purple is much brighter. Urban Decay’s liners in Lust and Ransom are both closer to Rave, as is MAC Violet Underground. UD Delinquent shadow pencil is the closest thing I have to Designer Purple, but like Christine says it’s not as bright – it’s darker with less obvious shimmer. HTH!

Franny Avatar

I’m so happy these are permanent! Lord it Up is my favorite brown liner ever. It adds just the right amount of sparkle to brighten up a simple everyday eye look.

Serena Avatar

I just tweeted to Urban Decay recently that I would adore a full sized pencil of their Junkie liner. I’d probably buy 8 and horde them in case they ever got discontinued because I love the color THAT much. They said they didn’t know if they’d be coming out with a full size any time soon, but I guess that money is going to get Undercurrent!

Sunny Avatar

Oh yum! I like all of them, but Black Line really spoke to me. Anything with gold glitter πŸ˜‰ I also like how it’s not really black. I like the intensity of a black liner, but something that’s almost black but not quite gives the definition and oomph without being too harsh!

Silvia Avatar

Black Line looks so different on my skin! It turns out a gorgeous green, it’s not brown at all. Definitely my favorite liner.

My Industrial from Art Supplies has great payoff, I hope it’s not a general problem of this new batch:)

marta Avatar

yay!!! so happy mac finally made these permanent! i have black line and i love it..i will def buy it aging when they land here in italy! (i only wish the staying power was as good as 24/7 pencils..)

Ashley Holloway Avatar

That they are now going to be permanent makes me SOOOO happy! I love the ones I have: Industrial, Undercurrent, Almost Noir, and Black Russian, but I’ve been craving Designer Purple and Petrol Blue that I missed out on. So, I can now do a happy dance! πŸ˜€

Dana Avatar

Yay for these going permanent! Pearlglides are my all time favorite eyeliners! I already have Black Line, Black Swan, Lord it Up and Petrol Blue from their previous collections and love them all! Especially Black Line!

sarah Avatar

i bought undercurrent and petrol blue when these were released with 2010s holiday collection and i have been using them so sparingly because i adore them and didnt want to run out. i am so glad they are perm! industrial looks like club eyeshadow a little, with that duochrome thing going on.

Gina Avatar

I’m SO EXCITED about Undercurrent! Just the other day, I was lamenting over the fact that when I run out of my LE UD Junkie pencil, that it was gone for good! But now I have a dupe! Thank you so, so much Christine!

Alexandria Avatar

I love Urban Decay’s Junkie. I know which one I’m buying, Industrial is gorgeous too- it reminds me of the eyeshadow Label Whore from Too Faced, too bad it’s not more opaque ‘___________’;

Laura Avatar

I already have all of these (I love the formula!) but I am SO glad they’re going to be made permanent. I currently have to ration my use of all of them, especially Blackline which is probably my favourite pencil liner ever. I’ve been kicking myself for ages for only getting two backups last time it was released!

Violet Avatar

While I think the colours look gorgeous, I’m not really seeing how these could be creamy..? They look horribly patchy compared to, say, Milani or Urban Decay’s liners. Especially Petrol Blue, Industrial and Designer Purple. Idk. I absolutely love these colours! Undercurrent and Balck Swan looks so cool!

Vonvon Avatar

Yes, they are permanent now! I have put away my Pearlglide liners to save them, as I had been using them quite often in the past. Time to bring them out again!

I have Black Line, Industrial, Undercurrent, Designer Purple and Almost Noir( not in this collection, though!).

Laura Hansen Avatar

This might be a dumb question, but do you have any recommendations for sharpeners for these pencils? The MAC one does not seem to work as well, nor the other cheapies I have in my kit. Then pencil is so soft that I find they either break off, or get smushed when I sharpen them, this not only takes forever, but its a waste of product.

Michelle Avatar

These are so gorgeous! I bought Undercurrent and Black Line at the Shop MAC event a few days ago and I love them. And it’s great that they’re permanent, so when I save up money I can buy more!

Pami Avatar

They are all so pretty. Petrol reminds me of the swarovski peacock or iris crystals/beads. I love the sparkles IF they would stay on the liner. It seems whenever I wear a liner with sparkles, they end up migrating below my eyes and even onto my cheeks. Is that just me or do others have this problem? I

Carrie Avatar

I’m real happy these are finally permanent! Designer Purple is my favorite purple eyeliner and there just aren’t dupes for it. So huzzah!

Portia Avatar

I love this product; your grade of A is well deserved for it. The pigmentation is awesome and the texture of the product is great! I have a couple of these colors and love them! Thanks for doing these reviews on their products!It’s sparkle is on point!

Rachel Avatar

Hey Christine!
So I bought undercurrent when it first came out and the MAC rep told me they weren’t water line safe, so your instincts would be correct πŸ™‚

Jenny Avatar

I have two of these from previous collections and I was wondering if Chrisitine or anyone had any tips on these..? First I find them impossible to sharpen even remotely well, the tip ends up being quite thick or it breaks off. I’ve noticed that with these pencils, the actual eyeliner part isn’t really attached to the black wood part of the pencil so it seems to move around quite a bit which may be related to the sharpening issues..anyone have any tips on sharpening? I’d like to use them again esp since they’re permanent now. Another thing, the tiny shimmers in them are nearly impossible to take off! I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this under good lighting, but the eyeliner pigment comes off quite well but the shimmers are stubborn little suckers. I use cleansing oils, balms, bc I use very waterproof mascaras and when I use these eyeliners they cling on like no other, I end up having to go meticulously between the lashes because the shimmers just won’t budge, and I have to literally scrape them off! Any tips on any of that would be appreciated!

Jennifer Avatar

“I received confirmation from MAC HQ this morning that these will be permanent going forward (just these shades).”

OMG You just made my entire day!!!!

Lark Avatar

They’re Permanent?! YAY! I love Designer Purple and Undercurrent; Suspect I could ditch everything but them and Black Track Fluidline and live happily ever after…. Thank goodness I don’t have to buy a bunch. Five of them last time and a stub left.

Lark Avatar

Maybe a Mac monitor is prettier than reality… Except D Purple and Undercurrent are right. Petrol Blue looks more saphire, more pop! Hope so, I like the idea. It was a little flat in previous releases.

Kristen Avatar

I usually don’t buy MAC since we don’t have a store or counter nearby, so I was just going to skim through the post looking at the review. Then I saw the first two swatches. I read the entire thing. I haven’t been this excited about a MAC product in a long time!

Mindy Avatar

Yes, definitely skip the waterline unless you want your eyes to water like crazy! I forgot and did it TWICE! I’m a slow learner.

So happy these are permanent now! I don’t have to be cheap with my Undercurrent and Industrial!

Mindy Avatar

Also! Black Line makes the best smokey eyes ever. Smudge it and it brings out the shimmer and just looks amazing. I used it for my cousins wedding when they brought them out the first round and she went to the store and bought what was left lol

Leticia Avatar

It is sooooo great that these are permanent now!! I loved Black Line so much when it first came out, I got a back up, but now I don’t have to worry about running out of it! I also wish they had included Rave, but I’ll settle for these ones in the meantime, hopefully other shades will be relaunched or new ones launched. I looooove the formula!

yomji Avatar

there are some pretty good dupes… the whole pencil eyeliner line from Woodbury cosmetics was I believe, created to copy the pearlglide line.
They’re waterproof, smudgeproof and a lot cheaper πŸ™‚
unfortunately, I think they’re only sold in South Korea, so that’d be the only downside…

Coraline Avatar

I LOVE the way these pencils glide on and feel, but I haven’t found a way to make them work. I have single lids, and by the end of the day, it’s smudge city πŸ™

Cynthia Avatar

I just bought Undercurrent today! And even though it’s not considered waterline safe, I put it there anyway. I don’t really have sensitive eyes, so it was fine even while wearing contacts! It also lasts forever there!

Stephanie Avatar

When looking at the descriptions on the MAC site, I was hoping Industrial would be something close to a liner I love but can’t find anymore, Light As Air. Sadly, it looks nothing like it! It’s described there as “Periwinkle Grey” but I don’t see that at all in your swatch. So sad. Love a few of the other colors though!!

Margie Avatar

Lovely formula and great color payoff…. But STAY AWAY FROM BLACK SWAN IF YOU WEAR CONTACT LENSES! It blurred out my contacts within an hour and I was literally blind after 2 hours :'( I was wearing it as an eyeliner ( top only, did not line water line ) man I love black swan soooo much noooooo!

Tiffany Avatar

hi! am so glad they have rereleased the pearlglides, I bought petrol blue and undercurrent when I was on holiday in asia in 2010, and have loved them so much but couldnt restock. Just a question though – the shade of undercurrent in your swatch looks more teal-green, whereas the one i have seems more green with less blue undertones, and a hint of gold/yellow undertones. is it just from the lighting in your pic or is the new undercurrent more of a teal? Thanks!

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