MAC Peacocky: Mega Metal Eyeshadow Dupes & Comparisons (Part 1)

MAC Peacocky: Mega Metal Eyeshadow Dupes & Comparisons, Part 1

I’ve split the Mega Metal Eyeshadows into two parts for dupes and comparisons, and then I will also do the Kissable Lipcolours (also in two parts) so no post is overwhelming!ย  It’s always amazing how things are not as easily duped as one would think.ย  When compared next to each other, the nuances of each shade gets diminished or more noticeable, depending on what else is swatched nearby.ย  Whether any of these is really dupable depends on how close is close enough for you.

  • CENTRE STAGE is richer and warmer than Urban Decay Twice Baked, while it is significantly darker than Urban Decay Smog. It is darker and more of a chocolate brown in comparison to Bronze. Buckwheat looks like a sheer, lighter imitation (not comparable!). Twinks has too much red in it, while Sable looks more taupe in comparison. Urban Decay Darkhorse has a stronger green-tinged gold pull. I think Chocolate Brown pigment would be the closest dupe, but I do not own it to do a swatch comparison.
  • DALLIANCE is closest to Urban Decay Maui Wowie, which is still a few shades darker and more golden, while Patina is too brown and Retrospeck is far too golden. Bobbi Brown Pewter is a lot cooler-toned and much darker. Warming Trend is warmer, a little more orange, while Summer Neutral is more of an antique gold. Rye is a darker variation on Summer Neutral, so it doesn’t compare to Dalliance, and neither does Smoke & Diamonds.
  • DANDIZETTE is most similar to Urban Decay Goddess, which is slightly purple-toned in comparison. Deep Truth is brighter and bluer, while
    Blue Storm is a less intense version of Deep Truth and Blue Flame is bluer and cooler-toned.
  • EGO is closest to Bobbi Brown Bash, but the latter is more of a yellow green. Similarly Humid is a yellower green than Bash, so it’s much yellower than Ego. Oomph looks like a dirty, muddy green mess next to Ego. One-off is a much brighter, cooler green.
  • MATING CALL is closest to Lotusland, which is noticeably lighter; similarly Fashion Groupie is slightly darker. Dame’s Desire is a brighter, cooler-toned purple, while Stars ‘n Rockets is a lot pinker.
  • NOIR PLUM is most similar to Urban Decay Mayhem which is a little lighter and more iridescent. Marvel has a stronger red undertone, while Violet pigment is much lighter. Grape pigment is more intense, red-toned, and a touch darker.

See swatches!

UD Twice Baked, UD Smog, Centre Stage, Bronze, Buckwheat

Buckwheat, Twinks, Sable, Centre Stage, UD Darkhorse

Retrospeck, Patina, Bobbi Brown Pewter, Dalliance, UD Maui Wowie

Dalliance, UD Maui Wowie, Warming Trend, Summer Neutral, Rye, Smoke & Diamonds

Dandizette, Deep Truth, UD Goddess, Blue Storm, Blue Flame, Dandizette

Oomph, Ego, Bobbi Brown Bash, Humid, One-off, Ego

Dame’s Desire, Mating Call, Lotusland, Fashion Groupie, Stars ‘n Rockets

Marvel, Violet pigment, Noir Plum, Grape pigment, UD Mayhem

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Anya Avatar

christine, would you say mating call resembles ud’s grifter, asphyxia, or ecstasy at all? i’m a huge sucker for purples but i’m trying to pass on this ..

caprig Avatar

Chocolate brown pigment is slightly more reddish, but you are right- Center Stage seems closest to that one of anything, ๐Ÿ™‚

SO glad I only am getting a few of these!

Christine Avatar

Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no idea WHY I don’t have Chocolate Brown, so this dupe thing is a bad idea – every time I’m like, “Well, it’s probably closest to X permanent…” and I don’t own it, then I feel I have to rectify that, lol!

Carolina Avatar

i am a HUGE fan of yours and i love your blog..u r amazing!!! these swatches are so you think mulch is close to centre stage? thanks x x also, which shades are must haves from this collection?

Victoria Avatar

Wow Christine, that’s a lot of work, but so helpful! (Especially the Ego vs Oomph swatch.) Thanks a bunch.

Does Ego look a bit like Antique Green pigment? I have grey-green eyes and have to be careful about which green E/S I use. Unfortunately, I’ll have to buy the Peacocky shadows online, so won’t be able to try in person first.

By the way, your New Years Eve look was awesome!

califabulous Avatar

i love center stage! but i wonder if using a dark brown or black base under mac sable would make it too dupable? maybe i should go with spectacle of yourself. I can’t tell which would be most different!!!???

jenni Avatar

i dont know how you do it! i thought ud darkhorse looked just like centre stage but it obviously isnt that close at all! you must have a great eye
thanks for the dupes xx

Jessi Avatar

Thank you so much for doing this. You are perhaps the most dedicated person I know (well, I don’t KNOW you, but you know what I mean.) ๐Ÿ™‚

Mia Avatar

happy new year!

excellent job with all the comparisons! I also think that center stage looks like stila’s grand and the dalliance almost looks like stila’s kitten. found some other ones on my old stilla pallete, but it doesn’t have any numbers or name to tell you about it. hope that helps…

maomao Avatar

Hey Temptalia, thanks for doing this post, it’s super helpful! I was wondering how close Centre Stage is to MAC’s Chocolate Brown Pigment…

Sunny Avatar

Hello Christine, I’m just wondering how close Mating Call is to Satellite Dreams. I went to the MAC store here in Brussels yesterday and swatched all the purple shades on the back of my hand, and I have to say Satellite Dreams is the most (and about the only) one that’s truly impressive. If it’s very close to Mating Call then I might just get Satellite Dreams instead, because it’ll fit into the palette! Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer! I’ve been following your blog on a daily basis and whining about the fact that there’s a hell lot of stuff we don’t get in Belgium (Peacocky won’t make it to the stores till March, can you believe the atrocity?)! xx

Baby1black Avatar

Hey Christine I think I found a close dupe for dalliance. I wanted to buy it today but when I swatched it, it kinda reminded me of nyx single eyeshadow in earthy shimmer. By the way thanku for letting us know that urban decay naked palette was back online at sephora after it was gone on the afternoon. I finally got mine that day and am waiting for delivery!

Jennifer Avatar

I wish you would take the photos WITHOUT the flash, because the flash washes out the color which means the color isn’t very accurate. Can you reconsider doing photos without them next time and in good lighting? Thank you!

Christine Avatar

I find these 100% accurate, actually. I find that pictures taken of swatches in natural lighting to be inaccurate, so I choose to use flash, and often because you lose the nuances that occur because of shimmer, glitter, finishes, etc. so colors look dull and lifeless. I work very hard to ensure that what I show is color accurate – and since I am working with these products, I am constantly double-checking to ensure color accuracy. If I ever am unsure, I swatch it and literally hold my arm up next to my monitor.

If I’m ever able to find the appropriate lighting that would give me better results, I would be happy to use it, but since I find flash produces the most accurate results, that is what I use.

Chris25 Avatar

I was looking at my UD Deluxe palette yesterday, and I realized that Ransom looks a lot like Noir Plum, except that it may be a bit bluer than NP. I may try to swatch it the next time I go to MAC.

paradise Avatar

Hey christine thank u for the swatches are centre stage, sexpectations, spectacle๏ปฟ of yourself and tweet me similiar or alike any permanent mac eyeshadows, Really drawn to them colours but don’t want to buy them if i already have a similiar colour. Please reply back

Christina Avatar

Hi Christine,

Thanks so much for your postings! I just wanted to mention that I bought Noir Plum and find it incredibly close to one of the purple colours in the new Wet n Wild 8 pan palettes. On my hand, the only differences I can tell are in texture (WnW is really soft) and that NP flashes a bit more blue/pearly. On the eyes, they look the same (unless you pack on a lot of shadow on both eyes and compare them side by side, which is what I did as well). It’s a good alternative for those who don’t want to shell out the money for NP because they’ll never use it all. ๐Ÿ™‚

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