MAC Mischief Makers: Lipglass/Lustreglass Swatches, Reviews, Photos

MAC Mischief Makers Collection:  Lipglass/Lustreglass Sets

Every year, MAC offers up holiday kits and sets for giving and receiving.  This year, there are three lipglass/lustreglass sets, each with three lipglasses and two lustreglasses, and all of them are in miniature sizes.  MAC has them priced at $29.50 a pop, and they denote the value of the set as $35.  (Yay, they did the math for me!)  Each set is housed in cute, giftable packaging (as pictured above), so they’re incredibly easy to give as holiday gifts.

The majority of the sets contain a mix of permanently available shades, repromoted shades, and the occasional brand-spankin’-new shade.   Long-time collectors may want to take a quick glance at their stash to see if they already own a lot of the shades (or need to replace some of their old favorites).  I did notice that they repromoted quite a few shades from 2005, which is about four years ago, and I imagine some of those lipglasses may be in need of an update.

Don’t forget — if you like one of the shades that’s permanent but aren’t sure about the rest, consider purchasing it by itself and in full-size! 😉

Overall, I really did like the way these came together. My favorite set was the 5 Models Misbehaving, but I’m also often attracted to bolder lip colors, even if I seldom wear them!  5 Sexy Shenanigans was the lightest/sheerest of the three sets, while 5 Frisky Business was a good mix of soft, medium, and bold.

See swatches and shade breakdowns

Note: I didn’t purchase these as I own a lot of the repromoted shades, and it seemed awfully silly to purchase these just for photography. This means two things: 1) I will not be doing lip swatches (since I do not own all, but own enough not to merit purchasing) and 2) I’ve linked to any shades that I have photographed previously for your reference, so just click if you’d like to see the product photo.

Cruise Control, Elle, Ensign, Morning Glory, Poetic License

5 Sexy Shenanigans ($29.50 U.S. / $35.50 CDN)

  • Cruise Control is a semi-sheer, medium yellow-based pink with soft yellow shimmer. This is a new, limited edition shade exclusive to this set as far as I know.
  • Elle is a milky, pearlescent pale white-pink with soft shimmer. This is a repromote from Belle Azure (2005) and Patternmaker (2006).
  • Ensign is is a bright, medium pink that’s not a hot pink, just something bright enough to get noticed. It kind reminded me of watermelon, but a little pinker. This is a repromote from Naughty Nauticals (2008).
  • Morning Glory is a sheer, pearlescent pinky-lilac. This is part of the permanent range.
  • Poetic License is a creamy, beige-y coral. This is a repromote from Naturally Eccentric (2005) and was recently featured in palette form in the duty-free exclusive Trip II (2009).

Angelwing, Gitane, Instant Gold, Magnetique, Pinkular

5 Models Misbehaving ($29.50 U.S. / $35.50 CDN)

  • Angelwing a rich, raspberry-fuchsia with purple and copper-red shimmer. It’s like a deeper, more intense version of Magnetique (and darker overall–not as bright). This is a repromote from Madame B. (2005).
  • Gitane is a semi-opaque shade of rich, warmed-up chocolate with copper bronze. This is a repromote from D’Bohemia (2005).
  • Instant Gold is a sheer slightly yellowed gloss with lots of gold shimmer. This is part of the permanent range.
  • Magnetique is a mostly opaque deepened fuchsia-berry shade with iridescent purple pearl shimmer. This has always been one of my favorite lipglasses. This is a repromote from Belle Azure (2005), Holiday Dress Sets (2006), Nocturnelle (2006), Little Darlings Sets (2008), and A Rose Romance (2009).
  • Pinkular is as far from pink as you can get. It’s a rich, coppery shade with lots of copper sparkle–very warm. This is a repromote from Patternmaker (2006).

Beaute, Pinkarat, Silly Girl, Totally It!, Wonderstruck

5 Frisky Business ($29.50 U.S. / $35.50 CDN)

  • Beaute is a semi-sheer soft orange-y coral with multicolored shimmer. This is a repromote from D’Bohemia (2005).
  • Pinkarat is a sheer, cool-toned pale pink with gold shimmer. This is part of the permanent range.
  • Silly Girl is a gilded peachy-gold with gold shimmer. This is a repromote from Balloonacy (2007).
  • Totally It is a bright pop of hot pink with matching pink shimmer. This is a repromote from Fafi (2008).
  • Wonderstruck is a semi-sheer medium pink with a little raspberry tone and silverish shimmer. This is part of the permanent range.