MAC Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow Comparisons & Swatches (Part 2)

MAC Odalisque, Sugarpill Junebug, MAC Jealousy Wakes, MAC Surf USA

MAC Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow Comparisons & Swatches (Part 2)

As promised, I did play around with mixing both MAC Teal and MAC Emerald Green pigments to see if it would create something closer. It does — I had the best results when I did Emerald Green as the base color and patted Teal on top–you get a more reflective, metallic-like sheen and the green doesn’t pop as much but it’s close. I also included some more comparisons below. Β If you’re trying to dupe the color, it definitely seems like mixing a medium green with a shimmery teal will be your best bet.

  • MAC Odalisque is pretty much a different color entirely–very much blue in comparison.
  • Sugarpill June Bug has more of a blackened green base with forest green shimmer in comparison.
  • MAC Surf USA is much bluer, more of a teal. It’s like it has the color of the teal shimmer/sheen of Jealousy Wakes but it lacks the green.
  • MAC Ego is a blackened forest green and looks much darker than Jealousy Wakes.
  • Sugarpill Midori is a brighter green–less teal in it–in contrast to Surf USA, this has more of the green base of Jealousy Wakes but not the teal shimmer/sheen.
  • MAC Sassy Grass is a rich grass green, but it’s not really like Jealousy Wakes.
  • MAC Teal is more of a teal, so it ends up being bluer.

See more swatches!Β 

MAC Odalisque, Sugarpill Junebug, MAC Jealousy Wakes, MAC Surf USA

MAC Ego, Sugarpill Midori, MAC Jealousy Wakes, MAC Sassy Grass

MAC Teal Pigment, MAC Jealousy Wakes, MAC Emerald Green with Teal patted on top,
MAC Teal with Emerald Green patted on top, MAC Emerald Green

MAC Jealousy Wakes, MAC Emerald Green with Teal patted on top,
MAC Teal with Emerald Green patted on top, MAC Emerald Green

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I *knew* it wouldn’t look a thing like Sassy Grass, but for some reason wanted to see it next to Sassy Grass and you somehow psychically knew this! I wonder what the Teal Pigment would look like over Sassy Grass…?

Six weeks or until it sells out – basically, it goes up for sale, and if it never sells out, they take it down after six weeks.

Of course!! If they do a major re-stock (like they actually email the bloggers to say they are going to make more), I’ll for post about it, but the absolute best way is to check in on Twitter ( or Facebook (

Christine, this is a gorgeous colour! It’s going to look wonderful with brown eyes. This is going to be the first eyeshadow I’ll have multiple backups of!

Those swatches are making me kick myself HARD that I didn’t get Odalisque. I love the Megametal shadows I did buy but hesitated on Odalisque because I have 2 or 3 similar shadows…similar but NOT the same. I sure as heck won’t miss Jealousy Wakes. Christine, I may have asked this before but can’t find the reply – are all of these products ONLY online? I’d really like to see them in store.

I guess it makes a perverse kind of sense when you consider that all these lovelies were developed by bloggers and blogging is an online activity but I honestly think their marketing of these shadows and lipglasses is really shortsighted. I’m all set to place my order though…I’ll be checking after midnight tonight to see if they’re up on the Canadian site.

OK, I was already sold on JW, but your swatches have convinced me I need Sugar Pill Midori as well! For some reason I thought it was yellower than that and convinced myself I didn’t need it as I have a lot of yellower greens.

I am not a MAC person…just cannot get into MAC. But I will definitely get Jealousy Wakes,…only because it is such a beautiful green and becuz Christine was behind it….The other LE…I will pass. Hopefully, it still will be in stock when I go online becuz I am not the kind of person to wait for “Mervyns to open its doors”.
Congrats Christine on such a delightful color!!!

Yippy!!!! I got my order and the order number emailed. Once in my lifetime I get something in this mad rush of buying. First, I tried to order it online with the free shipping code Christine provided. Then, that didnt work so I called the 1-800 number. The sales rep was very nice and waived the shipping cost; she told me that code was only good for the blogger online (what she meant is beyond me). As I stated all the time, I am not a MAC follower. I bought it only becuz of Christine and the color is so pretty. I JUST WANTED TO BE PART OF HISTORY and the OCD that I am bought two of the same again. The order was completed before 9pm PST. Then, I just check again with the 1-800 rep. She said they do have the order.

Will Jealousy Wakes look nice on Hazel eyes? I’m always looking for ways to enhance my eye color. Compared to the other MAC greens, is there any other that will look nice and available in store.

hey christine! how would you compare JW to Mac’s Gulf Stream? In any case, I hope I can get my hands on this wonderful product! I’m in Canada and we have a mail strike going, who knows how long it’ll take to get it! πŸ™

Annnnd it’s already sold out. Your eyeshadow is the first and only item in this collection that is sold out already. That is amazing. CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINE!!

Congratulations Christine! You truly managed to create a unique shade and people took notice – it’s already sold out in both Canada and US. Mac needs to add Jealousy Wakes to their perm line. Same goes for Hocus Pocus, I can’t think of a similar deep complex grey in Mac’s collection. I know there’re tons of international Mac (and Temptalia ;)) fans who are upset for not being able to buy the eyeshadows. Now there’re also tons of fans in US and Canada who were left without because of these ridiculously limited amounts of stock.

OMG Christine, I freaking love you!!! I had been looking ALL OVER the net to find a side by side of surf USA and Odalisque. Gracias!!!

WHY, WHY & WHY? Does MAC have to make all their best products LE? I HATE that so much! Christine, you are AMAZING & such an inspiration to us ALL! Of course I missed it, I went to MAC online, put it in my cart, shopped a bit, went to check out & it was GONE (crying now.) I just can’t understand WHY everything I WANT, has to be LE? JUST MAKE MORE OF THEM!? I mean, you know they make a ton of $$$ but why don’t they want to make more? Is it because it gives them more publicity? I ask myself so many questions about this, not just MAC too. There must be a reason? Another thing is companies make these colours that people just love & get used to having & then they DISCONTINUE them, happens all the time! I just don’t get it, it’s so upsetting! Sometimes they bring it back “for a limited time” & I usually miss it again! I just can’t keep up with everything I want! Maybe it’s because they make so much $ off people buying more than one & all the buzz? I dunno but I do know that all the evil scalpers on HellBay make tons off this stuff. They are smart, I often want to do that but then ethically I just can’t bring myself to do it. They should limit how many you can buy (like w/concert tix.) MAC could be selling these items to people at a fair price & making that extra money or making these permanent! Blogger’s KNOW we want new & different! Yes, I could go & spend over $50 dollars on JW but I just don’t want to put more $ into these greedy peoples pockets! I wonder how many people will turn to 3CC for these shades? Or how many co’s will attempt to dupe them (but fail?) Christina, thank you for working so hard for us & for painstakingly creating, THE BEST green EVER! I don’t even usually like green’s much but your JW is undeniably gorgeous! I managed to get Odalisque, thanks to your post -(thanks again, Christine!)- You are my hero, a multi-talented, Superwoman! Before I buy ANY makeup or nail polish, I ALWAYS come to you because truth be told, you are the BEST! From swatches of makeup, nail polish, ratings, colour descripts, looks etc., you are always right on target. I’m SO happy for you & your success! You deserve it but I’m sad for me because I will probably never own Jealousy Wakes πŸ™ …xXx…Sorrow

Christine you did an awesome job creating such gorgeous eyeshadow shade congratulations. Its just so upsetting that I didn’t get my hands on this beautiful eyeshadow myself. All because MAC continues to do this to their fans. I find this (Online only and limited editions) very unfair to those of us whom just want the product to enjoy to themselves and not to sell them on EBAY at a ridiculous price and make tons of profit out of your products! I am extremly upset about this,I am always on top of each Mac collection just so I won’t be left out of a great product like this one,but these people whom dedicate to sell Mac products on Ebay have a business at your expense and therefor have faster computers at home, and one dousen’t even have the chance when an Item is as popular as Jealousy Awakes..sold out so fast!PLEASE MAC, MAKE JEALOUSY AWAKES A PERMANENT SHADE!

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