What is the first beauty brand you remember using?

What is the first beauty brand you remember using? Do you have good memories of it? Β Bad?

MAC made me fall in love with makeup — it was MAC pigments (which could have very well been fake MAC pigments, actually, given I bought them off of eBay), and it was pretty much a downward spiral from there.

Thanks to Arian for today’s question!

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Samantha Avatar

I wish I remembered! It wasn’t a Walmart that I saw it at because I don’t shop there, but um.. I think it was a drugstore? Maybe a Happy Harry’s / Walgreens I’m thinking? But it’s not at the newer Walgreens near my house, just the one that was a Happy Harry’s that got bought by Walgreens.

Amanda Avatar

AVON 100%! I remember my friends from high school used to sell it at school! I started using just lip glosses and then a little bit of eye shadow… Now the make up thing is out of control! I just love it soo much! ahahha

xmissxandristx Avatar

probably wet and wild. i remember i had an iridescent lipstick from them when i was like 11 that changed from green to purple. other than that, covergirl.

Katy Avatar

Kind of embarrassing, but when I was little I was obsessed with all things Mary Kate & Ashley and I loved their Wal Mart makeup line! Of course, I was about ten and loved anything with sparkles (though that hasn’t really changed!). As far as high-end real makeup wise, it would have to be Urban Decay. My first time to a Sephora I was mesmerized by all the colors and sparkle!

AS Avatar

The Mary Kate & Ashley stuff was actually good quality. The same manufacturer for that line changed the brand to Hard Candy when the contract with the Olsons was up. So the current Walmart Hard Candy line is really just a continuation.

Maya C Avatar

I used to play with my mom’s Maybelline lipsticks even though I wasn’t allowed to. My dad bought me makeup from Aveda when I was 14 or so, and that was the first “real” makeup I used.

Caitlin Avatar

Probably some drugstore brand. I wanna say Maybelline’s foundation. I wasn’t super into makeup then…so I just wore foundation and mascara and that’s it. Then around 15 my mom took me to my first MAC makeover and it was addiction at first sight. lol.

Janna Avatar

I remember playing with those teeny tiny trial-sized lipsticks that came in Avon orders my mom would make. I was OBSESSED. This was wayyyyy back. I was probably 8 or so.

Jessica Avatar

Estee Lauder makeup that came with the gift with purchase that my Granny got when she purchased her Youth Dew perfume. She always gave me the free gifts. My first lipstick was called All Day Knowing Red.

Jasmine Avatar

well, I was in ballet when I was a youngin’ so I knew makeup well from performances. I do remember my mom buying me a Wet ‘n’ Wild “color-matching” foundation for a performance. But the 1st brand I ever bought for myself/everyday use was Sephora brand. I got this little black palette with 6 shadows, 4 lipglosses, and one bronzer on sale for $7 πŸ™‚ I still have it!

Xia Avatar

It was the summer of 7th grade and my mom had given me $20 when I went to Valley Fair in Santa Clara. So much money for a 13 yr old! Haha. Anyways, I bought my first eyeshadow from SUGAR at Sephora in a lilac shade! I thought I was so cool, even though I used my fingers and no primer! Shortly after, I fell in love with M.A.C. and Urban Decay! Thanks for the great question today, I loved it <3

Jackie Avatar

I loved Valley Fair!!! My stomping grounds was Oakridge in San Jose though.. it’s SOOOOOOOOO different now.. I’m amazed when I go down there to visit family how HUGE that mall is now! LOL.

Emily O. Avatar

In 94 we went shopping for our prom dresses at Valley Fair. I remember a very dear love of mine purchasing Bitter and Rule for me from the MAC store circa 97. Now Fashion Island, THAT was a mall.

Joyce Avatar

I wasn’t really allowed to wear makeup so whenever I did, it was my mom’s stuff. So probably Shiseido or Lancome?? Lol. I vividly remember loving the texture of Lancome Juicy Tubes.

But when I fell back in love with makeup, probably some drugstore brand. No idea what!

Miriam Cecena Avatar

This is a great question! well I had to be all of 7 or 8 years old and I became obsessed with Hard Candy nail polish and make up I believe Tori Spelling was the spokes person (I think) well anyway that’s when I got hooked on make up and ever since I haven’t stopped! Thanks Estee Lauder for all the great cosmetic lines!;)

Amanda A Avatar

My Mom used to sell Mary Kay and Avon so those were my first products. She also used to buy my sister and I the occasional Lancome product. However, it wasn’t till I was an adult and got into MAC that I really feel in love with makeup. Just like you Christine! I remember it because I had been using Bare Escentuals when my whole train case of makeup was stolen at college. Luckily, as a gift my husband took me to MAC to get the basics! He’s so good to me, lol. Bet he didn’t know what he was starting though!

Boone Avatar

My makeup collection consisted of my mom’s Clinique GWPs pretty much until I graduated high school! (I wasn’t really in to makeup back then.)

Jacey Avatar

I remember buying bottles of Wet n Wild nail polishes when I was in grade school. I always wish I could buy those same bottles from when I was a kid now! I bought Wet N Wild nail polishes today for the first time in like 15 years and got all nostalgic.

Amy Avatar

The first ever I remember using is my mom putting Lancome and Hello Kitty makeup on me for an event at school, but the first makeup brand I bought from myself was from bhcosmetics, then Urban Decay <3333, then MAC, then Revlon. I don't know if it counts but I also used all those free samples Lancome pass out.

Denise F. Avatar

My first was a few things from Avon: fragrances,cream shadows, mascara, and lips. Then Lancome. I loved the way Isabella Rosellini, had the color placement of their eye shadows. It was so beautiful,the way they photographed her. I fell in love w/ their eye color products, lips were pretty then, as well. Some pretty blushes, exact match foundations. I loved the packaging too,and their quads.

Julia Avatar

Benefit “realness of concealness” palette was the first time I bought expensive makeup and it gave me the confidence I needed to get into this wonderful world of beauty!

stacey Avatar

These questions bring back old memories. Clinique..makeup to cover acne…it was this makeup where you shake the bottle and use a cotton ball to apply the liquid type of makeup which then set dry….the makeup had drying incredients to keep the oilness at bay etc. It was so long ago…like 30 years ago…I cannot even remember what it was called.

queenfrostine Avatar

That’s a tough one. I’ve been a makeup fiend since I was a toddler (that’s no exaggeration either! There are pics of me at two with blush and lipstick smeared all over my face). Estee Lauder maybe? My first makeup collection included an assortment of my mom’s cast offs, and I know there was some YSL and Estee Lauder GWP items in there as well as some cheaper stuff. The first makeup I bought just for me was probably Jane. I have found memories of the little look books/pamphlets they offered for free at their permanent displays. If it wasn’t Jane it was probably Bonne Bell back when they had a more robust product line apart from Lip Smackers.

Martina Avatar

PUPA. it’s an italian brand which used to make palettes in very playful shapes, like angel, devil, anything… i still remember the very first time i put makeup on, it was a black khol pencil in the waterline, i was on vacation in france with my father… i was so surprised by the effect!

Stepha Hernandez Avatar

Jane cosmetics was my first! I was in junior high! I had to BEG my mom to let me start wearing makeup…I am sure she knew that I would inevitably be obsessed with it! Wow that brought back some memories!

Christelle Avatar

Dior. It was their eyebrow pencil after I accidentally overplucked one day at age 15. My mum gave me her Dior eyebrow pencil and I’m nearly 30 now and I still use that product daily. Best eyebrow pencil out there !

Ebba Avatar

LancΓ΄me. Yeah wierd, but it was my mothers that I played with (uh playing with LancΓ΄me :S)
But my first own makeup thing was Loreal or Maybelline, mascara.

Frances Avatar

Lip smackers! Haha surprised no one has said that. Along with bonnebell eyeshadow and liner, maybelline great lash mascara and that h20 makeup they used to have. Those were my FIRST makeup items I can remember

Leticia Avatar

Lip Smackers were my first beauty product too! I even remember my first ones were in Orange Crush and Watermelon. IΒ΄ve been obsessed with lipglosses ever since!

Teresa Avatar

My very first makeup brand was Avon. My older sister gave me her foundation that she didn’t want. I never used foundation before and I didn’t care that it looked orange on my face – I was thrilled to pieces! I slapped that stuff on and proudly walked around outside to show my friends. I must have been around 9 or 10 years old.

Kathy Avatar

Reading these comments, I feel so old. My first makeup was Max Factor’s Wine With Everything and I had the eye trio, blush and polish. When Revlon took Max Factor over in the ’80’s, they changed the formula so I couldn’t even buy it for nostalgia now.

John Avatar

Mine was Clinique and Laura Mercier. I actually purchased skincare the fist time around, but I guess that counts. But my first makeup purchase was from Laura Mercier, (even though I ended up returning everything from that first makeup order).

wendyh Avatar

lancome, when I was 13. πŸ™‚
my mon bought a set including skin products for me to have something to play for fun while she was using something else for herself.
so for a very long time, I actually thought Lancome was something not really working but for beginner or children to have fun with.
I don’t mind their skin products now although I am still not keen but I think the makeup range is actually not bad at all.

Annika Avatar

Maybelline? L’Oreal? Revlon? Max Factor? Nivea? Lumene? The Body Shop? I don’t remember, but those makeup brands were accessible to me when I was a teenager, so probably a mix of those.

Emily O. Avatar

Clinique. It was ’88, it was Tyson’s Corner, it was Bloomingdales and the choices were limited (though we didn’t feel that way)

SJean Avatar

Maybelline! Specifically the good ole’ pink and green packaged Great Lash mascara. Got it for Christmas and totally didn’t know what to do with it. πŸ˜›

Amelie Avatar

I remember that the day before my 6th grade school picture I was anxiously trying to decide whether I should wear my bright bubblegum pink Wet n’ Wild lipstick or my bright tomato red Wet n’ Wild lipstick the next day. I think I ended up going with pink because I was wearing a pink skirt lol About a month ago I bought Wet n’ Wild lipstick in 901B Think Pink and I felt so nostalgic! By the way, I have a very fair complexion with pink undertones, so orange-based tomato red lipstick is about the worst lip color I could ever decide to wear lol I laugh when I think about it now πŸ™‚

Krista Avatar

Started with Maybelline, then I finally leveled up to MAC and other higher end products. But my heart still remains with the great quality drugstore brand. πŸ™‚

Amanda Avatar

I can remember my mom buying me Tinkerbell makeup when I was 5 or 6 to play with. Late 80s early 90s. Anybody else remember them???

Cynthia M. Avatar

my first “higher end” brand i liked was Ultima which is no longer even around. i would say it was totally comparable to MAC back in the day! it had the sleek black look that MAC has and good matte lipsticks.

Quinn Avatar

Silly enough, I remember when I was around the age of 12-14, I used the baby pink and baby blue eyeshadows of NYC! I thought they were the best thing invented, and I was the best thing!!

Amanda Avatar

Baby pink and baby blue were so cool back then! Assuming you’re around my age (mid-late 20s), I blame the Spice Girls πŸ™‚

Alexandra Avatar

Such a good question! I love reading all these responses!
I also danced when I was younger and I remember our moms bought us these beautiful lancome blushes and lipsticks for recital. but i think the first brand i was obsessed with on my own was Stila. i went through a couple pans of a light purpley/lavender eye shadow through high school and now i cant even remember the name! πŸ™

Kitty Avatar

My mother always used clinique so thats what I played with growing up. I started using Jane (LOVES!!!) because it made me feel “Cool”. Then I saw a MAC counter and next thing you know Im a MAC Addict!!!I even work there now!

AnGeLwInGz Avatar

Wet n’ Wild. I started wearing makeup early, around age 10, and my mom didn’t mind buying it for me every now and then to play with because every product was 99 cents.

Lidalgirl Avatar

mhmh, i think it was Clinique, a buttery eyeshadow they don’t produce more. Or Collistar (Italian brand. They produced a good blue kajal)? maybe both. I used them for years in combo…

Amanda Avatar

I can’t remember what the very first brand I picked up was, but I remember using the older version of Revlon’s ColorStay with CG Clean powder to set. I had exactly three eyeshadows, all CG: a pink frost (that may have actually been called Pink Frost), a blue frost (it was the late 90s, blue frost eyeshadow was cool), and a brown frost color similar to UD’s Toasted. I definitely kept Bonne Bell in business with my robust purchasing of Lipsmackers. I then graduated to Mary Kay (my grandma is a rep), and then MAC and BE and now I’m obsessed with MUFE, UD, BB and Estee Lauder.

Sorry for the nostalgic makeup timeline! πŸ™‚ Great question though!

Bianca Avatar

once upon a time, I was totally obsessed with those lip smackers lip balms. my first real make up was hard candy, when it was still good quality and sold at sephora. then that snowballed into my makeup obsession.

MsLelee Avatar

As a woman of color our first true blue beauty brands are tend to fashion fair or flora roberts… My 1st was a cream based foundation that made me orange as a pumpkin and always transferred to my clothes … Now I use Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation… what a difference a decade makes… LMAO

Mariella Avatar

I’m a lot older than most of the others who post here and my first forays into makeup were with lipsticks by Cutex (doubt they are even around any longer) – I think I was in gr. 6 or 8 and I had 2 “flavoured” lipsticks by them – purchased at “great cost” to me with my allowance money. I still remember them – one was Peppermint Pink (and it was minty flavoured) and the other was a butterscotch or caramel one both in taste and colour! Not too long after that, I moved on to Mary Quant and Yardley (they were all the rage with their lip glosses called “Slickers” and other products “fronted” by Jean Shrimpton!

Stephanie Avatar

Haha same here! When I was 16 I bought my first mac product which was some pigments as well from the M.A.C. store. Ever since then I never stopped, thats what really made me fall in love with makeup because their products were always so fulfilling. Lets just say 3 years later my addiction to M.A.C. and other high end brands is larger haha.

Lisa Avatar

I -loved- the naked palette from Too Faced (Not Urban Decay!). I saved up my pennies and blew $100 worth of makeup from Sephora.com. I thought $100 was ALOT to spend on makeup back the in day… but now I spend that quite often. Sorry wallet :(.

Chris Avatar

The very first beauty product I got was a Max Factor mascara (2000 Calorie, I think). It was horrible to apply! I got spider eyes instantly, and it smeared all over my lid.
It actually put me off from trying anyting from the brand for about 10 years. Then I tried the same kind again a couple of years ago, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I remembered. So it was probably just my poor application that made it such a bad experience, hehe.

Leslie Avatar

MAC here too. When I was in highschool, a cooler, trendier friend of mine took me to a store and I got Studio Fix powder and a couple of eyeshadows: a bright teal (possibly Electric Eel), a sparkly blue, and a sparkly purple. I loved those eyeshadows. I would use a q-tip to line half of my lower lashline with the teal and the other half with another color. I always got compliments…haha. Now, I’m a nude eyeshadow kinda gal, but I’m also 10 years older. Memories.

brittany Avatar

i had a very attractive blue lipstick from afterthoughts and some markwins blue eyeshadow that i regularly wore in high school πŸ™‚

first good brands were some smashbox my mom gave me from qvc and i started buying clinique because there was a counter on campus.

Monika-Luiza Avatar

wow! that’s a tough one given that I started with make-up with 13 and am turning 29 next month πŸ˜€
but it must have been a sample of Lancome’s defincils mascara, oh and I don’t count the horrid nailpolishes I mixed with tip-ex and blue ink πŸ˜€

heidi Avatar

I remember it well. My mom has always been a faithful clinique addict. And when she got products in the gift bags she didn’t want or stuff she had hit pan on it went into my drawer. Thus started my love affair with makeup at age 5. Clinique is still one of my favorite brands today!

Lauryn Avatar

oh boy.. wow. All i can remember is going into the ONE and ONLY drug store my “Town Center” had an eyeing up all the makeup. I remember when L’Oreal LASH OUT was first out, and there was this eyeshadow (maybe someone here remembers?) It was “supposed” to do your lid, crease and highlight all at once. The pot was a flat, rectangular shape, it came in brown with flecks of white, cream etc, and blue with flecks of deep blue, white and light blue.. gosh, i can’t remember it. There was also this other drug store brand that you bought their palette and was able to customize it..HOWEVER, the first high end (so i thought) stuff? Mary Kay.. I remember my mom putting their foundation on with wet fingers. YUK!

Olivia Avatar

I remember I stole my moms lancome foundation when I was three and took it to daycare with me ( and I wondered why the grown-ups were staring at me) then I had some kid makeup from sephora and collected dozens of lip smackers. What really got me started was when I got my first mac and urban decay makeup on my 13th birthday.

Devi Avatar

My mom bought me a Color Workshop palette with tons of eyeshadows, four blushes, two face shimmers, two lipsticks, and four lip glosses. Needless to say, as a 12 year old who knew zip about makeup, I felt so happy and loved all the pretty colors. Color Workshop is a horrible brand of course, poor pigmentation with no longevity, but as a preteen, it excited me.

bxboricua Avatar

The first makeup I remember buying was a Hard Candy eye shadow quad, back when it was sold at Sephora, then Print eye shadow from MAC…hooked πŸ™‚

Anne Avatar

Christian Dior!!! My mom took me to the counter and bought me an eyeshadow quintent (beige and browns), a lipliner and a beige lipgloss… I remember it like it was yesterday :s

Then I started using Lancome, Chanel, MAC and so on!!!!

Julie Avatar

My first makeup product was a brown Rimmel mascara and a beautiful (that’s what I thought it was) sheer pink lipgloss from H&M. I was 12 years old and I loved those products to bits!

Lee Avatar

My first eyeshadow was an almost invisible skin colored drugstore brand. But the first make-up brand I remember vividly is a L’Oreal lavender eyeshadow that had a weird sponge applicator that fit over the tip of your finger. I used to lover L’Oreal back in the 80s.

Sam Avatar

i convinced my mom to buy dior mascara which turned into the first makeup brand i ever used and then i began to explore other high end and drug store brands!

Nancy Avatar

Shiseido. It’s my mom favourite brand and I was kind of try out with what she had. And, I’m still using Shiseido these days. It never fails me especially their skincare products.

Ruth Avatar

It was a lip gloss duo from Avon, around 1979-1981 ??????? I loved that little gloss compact shaped like a fried egg, you had to twist the yolk off and the gloss duo was under there !

PJ Avatar

I became addicted to eye shadow while in H S . I remember this brand called aziza ,I think it was called. Use to sneak to the drug store then stash it and apply it AFTER I got to school in the bathroom. They had great eyeshadow palettes. Also, I loved Bonne Bell.

Christina Avatar

clinique. My sister bought me an eyeshadow and cream eyeshadow over 8 years ago. I still have it today and it’s still good. πŸ˜›

SmirkingValet Avatar

I love questions like this! Does anyone remember Tinkerbelle Cosmetics? THAT was the absolute first brand of makeup, I ever used. I used to play with my mother’s Ultima II, then got my first big Estee Lauder giftset around 11. I wore a lipstick called Classic Red everyday, until the principal threatened to send me home!

Laura H. Avatar

I totally remember Tinkerbell! I loved it so much; I’m sad it’s not still made, actually, because I’d buy it for my niece.

Helen Avatar

Mine, I think, was my grandmother’s Helena Rubenstein bright pink lipstick called Roma Rose, or possibly Bonne Bell lipglosses in the 70s. I was really too young for makeup:) That just made me want it more.

Helen Avatar

I forgot to say if I have good memories of them. Yes, I do! I loved my grandma, and if it was good enough for her, then it was good enough for me! We were both “Winters” in coloring. Of the Bonne Bell lipglosses, yes, I have good memories of them. They had cloying flavors, but who was I to be picky?

Krystoljoi Avatar

The first beauty brand I ever remember using was Estee Lauder. It was my 11tg birthday and my mother’s BFF bought me the Estee Lauder “Beautiful” perfume, mauve colored lipstick and a red lipstick. I didn’t know what to do with the red lipstick then, but I do mow!

meme Avatar

Mayboline. It was the late 50’s that I wore a little makeup for a very swanky high society wedding. I had a touch of cheeks, some mascara and if they ever had such a thing as clear lipstick I had it on…it was probably more like a really light pink that I licked of right away as I don’t see any of it in the photos I still have. We did not have a ton of brands back then. Once I was into doing my own makeup – it again was Mayboline with some Bonny Bell tossed in. Still to this day I remember the GREAT cheek stain that Bonny Bell made in a gel form (in a tube). I wish someone made it to last as long as that used to last.

Nikita Avatar

Miss sporty was my first make up brand, but when i bought my first baught MAC i did fall in love with make up and since than i love to were make up and love playing with it!

Definitelybeauty Avatar

I remember it was a Maybelline Mousse Foundation that I had seen a friend using. At the time I thought it looked great, I know realise that this may not have been the case. I eventually stopped using it and moved onto other brands and products.

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