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MAC Heavenly Creatures Collection - Photos & Swatches (Preview)

MAC Heavenly Creatures Collection – Photos & Swatches (Preview)

MAC Heavenly Creatures launched online late yesterday. I purchased everything from the collection and overnighted the order, so I just received it today. I’m working as quickly as I can to get through everything 🙂  Here are some preview photos/swatches to hold you over.  Please hold questions until I’ve had a chance to post reviews — thanks!

Mineralize Skinfinishes

MAC Center of the Universe Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Earthshine Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Star Wonder Mineralize Skinfinish

Mineralize Blushes

MAC Ring of Saturn Mineralize Blush

MAC Solar Ray Mineralize Blush

MAC Stratus Mineralize Blush

MAC Supernova Mineralize Blush

Mineralize Eyeshadows

MAC Aurora Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Bright Moon Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Earthly Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Invincible Light Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Magnetic Attraction Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Neo Nebula Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Sky Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Universal Appeal Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Water Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Astral Cremesheen Glass

MAC Celestial Kiss Cremesheen Glass

MAC Galaxy Rose Cremesheen Glass

MAC Meteoric Cremesheen Glass

MAC Strictly Plutonic Cremesheen Glass

MAC Cusp of Dawn Lipstick

MAC Cut a Caper Lipstick

MAC Fire Sign Lipstick

MAC Pleasureseeker Lipstick

MAC Venus Lipstick


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gilded_lady Avatar

Although I suspect it’s fallout city, Sky is just gorgeous with the gold shimmer! Astral and Galaxy Rose are pretty too! Look forward to the reviews 🙂

Kate08 Avatar

Thanks so much Christine! You are SO on top of everything!
Just to let everyone know, Supernova just sold out on the MAC website. Hopefully everyone who wants it already ordered it!

Deb Avatar

THANK YOU, Christine. I’m sure there will be plenty who will not be happy by the fact that you do thorough and not rushed reviews, but I appreciate your efforts (which will be Herculean given a third MAC collection in a month.
Thank you – we appreciate you. 🙂

Allison Avatar

Christine, I just want to thank you for all your hard work in ordering this collection and swatching it really fast!  We really appreciate all that you do!

Vanillasnow Avatar

Cut a Caper lipstick is the only thing that caught my eye.  Everything else looks too frosty and shimmery for my liking.  And as usual for MAC mineralize collections,  the eye shadows look like they will apply poorly dry… will wait for reviews, but most likely a pass on this collection.  Kinda relieved since I’ve no money anyway.  The products look extremely pretty in the packaging as a whole though!

Rachelcarlene Avatar

I want to order now so bad but know I should wait to hear christines dupes.. I probably already own something like magnetic attraction but grrr want it so bad!

Mariella Avatar

I like one blush and one shadow but both are so much like other items I have that I will probably pass on this one.
Christine – do you have any info on the results of that “vote” thing MAC did about which past favourite LE products they would repromote? It was the feature with Moth Brown as one of the choices. 

Becca @The Beauty Sample Avatar

Some of these look nice. I like Cut a Caper–it’s a pretty color and I like the sheerness of it (I prefer very sheer color on my lips). Light Year and Star Wonder are pretty–but looks like it will be a bit too shimmery for my taste and will highlight my already large pores. But, those shadows look amazing! I try not to purchase baked formulas if I can help it, but the shades of these are so unique and pretty that I don’t think I will be able to help myself! I’m eyeing Bright Moon and Sky (such a unique, lovely shades of blue!), Earthly (who doesn’t love a good taupe?), and Universal Appeal

Tarsyla Avatar

Usually i fall in love with mac lipsticks. But in this collection, OMG, i loved the MSFs and blushes! Amazing colors. ^^
And you’re super as always, congrats for the fast swatches, they look amazing!!

denisisima Avatar

Christine, you are amazing! I purchased three shadows, but I need the lipsticks! I’m going to have to beat everyone to the mac store next week! I’m still impressed at your dedication and speed… that is why I visit this site every hour! lol.

TheresaKlijn Avatar

Thank God I held off on ordering until I saw swatches. I didn’t like most of the products swatched that I thought I was going to get. My wallet thanks you once again Christine!!! Now to go place a much much smaller order. lol

nacacijin Avatar

I was excited for the MSFs, but none of the swatches strike me as something that I’d actually wear. Most of the eyeshadows are quite nice looking, though I am not planning on shelling out the money for them (same with the lipglosses). I am, however, strangely attracted to Cusp of Dawn and Pleasureseeker lipsticks. I have a feeling that they’ll dry the absolute hell out of my lips though…I shall await the review ! 🙂

zainab Avatar

The sky and water eyeshadows look beautiful (I can’t believe I like a light blue eyeshadow for once). Lipstick swatches are a bit meh, but they’d probably look nice on. 
I’m just not sure I can get past how these look in the pan. I think they’re pretty, but pretty in the same way as the $2 ‘colour swirl’ lip-glosses I used to get as a kid, or pretty like the hippy knitted clothing you see at music festivals and the like… 

Andrea Avatar

I’m definitely getting the Supernova Mineralize Blush and Cut-a-Caper and Pleasureseeker lipsticks! I can’t wait to see lip swatches of the Astral and Meteoric Cremesheen Glasses as well. I never touch the mineralize eyeshadows I have so I’ll pass on those..

Caitlin Mary Avatar

It’s official, I want every lipstick now.  I initially wanted cut a caper because I missed out last time… my wallet T_T

Veronica Avatar

Swatches already?  Geez, you’re like the Chuck Norris of beauty blogs.  MAC doesn’t have release dates – they just wait until Christine of Temptalia stares them down into surrender.

Cathy Blanton Avatar

OMG – I had to LOL at the “Chuck Norris of beauty blogs” comment…   THAT was priceless – and so true…  Christine = Beauty Ninja

divinem1 Avatar

 @TMBJessxox I bought ever single MSF. Didn’t particularly like Center of The Universe, but that’s my nickname to some dear friends, C.O.T.U.  LOL! I had to buy solely for that reason. 😀

EstherKudron Avatar

I wasn’t even aware of this collection until I did my nightly Temptalia check and saw this post. some of these look nice, and I’m looking forward to seeing your reviews :]

Cathy Blanton Avatar

THANK YOU CHRISTINE!  Especially for paying overnight shipping charges, so you could get these pics up as soon as possible…  These photos are BEAUTIFUL!!!  Super Nova is already sold out on the website…  So glad I picked it up yesterday…

divinem1 Avatar

 @Cathy Blanton I paid overnight shipping for the first time ever on a MAC order. Tired of waiting for the Pony Express to deliver to Nebraska.  MAC Cosmetics should LOVE Christine for the business they get from her hard work!

Miss J Avatar

 @divinem1  LOL. I feel you on this comment. Ground is like 7-10 days, but my Sephora and NARS orders come ridiculously fast for some odd reason. I get NARS within what seems like 3, and Sephora comes around in 4-5.

jennyh Avatar

Not feeling the blushes of MSFs, so I’m glad you put up the swatches. But I am really liking Universal Appeal. I was loving Neo Nebula but not sure if it’s worth it considering it doesn’t look very good applied dry.

Melody Avatar

Thanks, Christine!  Universal Appeal looks really cool when wet.  I think the star of this collex is Earthshine.  It’s very unique.  I’ve ordered Water and Bright Moon but I’m holding off on everything else because I won’t know if it’ll work on me until I go to the counter.

divinem1 Avatar

I must have been living under a rock because I hadn’t even heard of this collection until today!  Shot a huge wad, got everything I wanted, thanks to Christine and her fantabulous, wicked-fast swatches! Thank you so much, Christine!

phoeberun86 Avatar

I’ve regretted not pick up cut a caper lipstick when it came out in the Tartan Tale collection; I’m so glad it’s finally being re-promoted. It should be be delivered by the end of the week 🙂

Budziak Avatar

Don’t these eye shadows remind you of Milani’s baked marble shadows? Some of the colors are very similar too! Hmm… I love MAC Meteoric Cremesheen Glass though, very pretty and sparkly!

CaseyCODay Avatar

Just when we start getting tired of Mac’s less-than-stellar collections, they suck us back in… tricky people, they are! xD

divinem1 Avatar

 @CaseyCODay I love your “stellar” play on words — and no truer words have been [written].  I was one of those complainers saying, once again, “I’m so over these LE releases.” Then I find myself crazily searching for early swatches and placing a massive order to ship overnight.  LOL Famous last words!

CaseyCODay Avatar

Just when we start getting tired of Mac’s less-than-stellar collections, they suck us back in… tricky people, they are! xD

JillBaldwin Avatar

It’s a good thing I get paid in a few days! Also, I’m so tired, that I initially read “Cusp of Dawn” as “Cup of Doom”!  🙂

vennnii Avatar

mac venus lipstick is beautiful.. i just hope it isn’t a ‘my lips but better’..  when applied.because that shade of pinkish red is lovely. its not a permanent color is it? 

TamaraBetancourt Avatar

Ahhh!!! I cannot wait till they are in store. Thats why I love your site, you have all the up to date news in the beauty world. WOOT WOOTT!!!!!

Pamela Avatar

Christine, girl, you are wicked awesome!  I didn’t expect to see a review until next week.  Once again, you’ve exceeded my expectations!

nicolemaramba Avatar

Is it bad that I’m not that excited for this one? When I heard about the collection I was pumped, but now looking at the swatches I’m a little on the fence. I like to buy things that wow me, especially when I’m living on a college budget haha. I guess I’ll have to wait for the final review! Looking forward to it 🙂

Tone Avatar

Me too! Looooved the concept, but most of the mineralize products looked a bit… Disappointing! Love Astral and Meteoric gloss, though, and I do think I need Cut a Caper……

wwendalynne Avatar

I did a double take..  another MAC collection and I hadn’t even heard of this one.  Christine another marathon review session??  I don’t know how you do it, but I’m so glad you do.  I see one product – Meteoric Creamsheen Glass.. wow!The lippies look pretty, but appear to be like a Lustre finish which on my lips equates to a waste of time and money.  The eyeshadows awfully attractive in an arty way, but gimicky.  I’ve never purchased a Mac mineralize product ever!  It should prove interesting to see the reviews, but it’s fab to get pictures and swatches together lighting fast!   

ZulaikhaMuddassir Avatar

please please do reviews and swatches for the skin finishes. i missed out MAC skinfinish in whisper of gilt. the lipsticks look v pretty too.

timeless Avatar

I wanted to stay away from MAC for a while, but now I kinda want Bright Moon and the Venus lipstick…Well, I will wait for the reviews before I make a decision. Thanks for your work, Christine! 🙂

Liya Avatar

The pictures of the actual products looks beautiful, but the swatches nothing special! is it just me? I’ll try my best to skip this collection 🙂

divinem1 Avatar

 @etaoin Ain’t that the truth? Nobody can touch this girl. She’s always top notch, high quality, doesn’t skimp. She does what she loves and her passion shows! Go, Christine!     */*   */*    */*   <– Cyber Cheerleaders  😀

BPJ_Ellie Avatar

Cut a caper is the most interesting to me. For some reason I just can’t get excited about mineralized collections.. the MSF always seem to powdery to me.. Thanks heaps for all the swatches, Christine! 🙂 x

DaniellaNoel Avatar

I absolutely love this collection! I actually love everything about this collection which hasn’t been happening for me lately, they’ve had a few misses in some of their collections 

keleighbeth Avatar

Christine – Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for all of your hard work!! Yours is the one website I go to for reviews and dupes and swatches, and I know it’s stressful and time consuming. But you do such an excellent job and I just wanted you to know how much I (and lots of other people!) appreciate you and all you do!!!

Annie Avatar

Rather disappointing. These always look so much nicer in the pan. When applied they look fairly generic and nothing special. So many indie companies are coming out with more interesting/dramatic shades and color shifts at more affordable or comparable prices. I look to MAC for something unique, and I just have not been seeing it lately.

Quinn Ryan Smith Avatar

What a gorgeous photo! MAC Cosmetics should be paying for advertising because that picture alone makes me want to buy EVERYTHING!!!

Nicola Avatar

I’m not loving this collection. It’s kind of hit and miss for me. A lot of the products look great in the pan and then when swatched, look like a lot of the products I already own. At this point the only products I’m liking are the Supernova blush and Solar Ray blush.
As always Christine, you are fantastic! Thanks for getting these up so quickly. You work so hard!

divinem1 Avatar

 @angelbaby2535 I have both. NARS Orgasm doesn’t come close. It has much more gold and peach — and is more chunky — in texture. I was very pleasantly surprised by Star Wonder. 

divinem1 Avatar

Magnetic attraction is absolutely stunning! I cannot wait to get my hands on that!  Do any of you have a guess for what the model is wearing on her lips? I LOVE that juicy berry shade. 

Sstephville Avatar

I thought this collection was awesome looking, until I saw the swatches, in the pan everything looks great… But then when you see it on the skin, its just kinda.. whatever. Great job though Christine! You got these out quick time!
The only semi-interesting things I’m probably going to look at are the lippies…

Kira Avatar

The colours look amazing! Looking forward to the detailed reviews! Thank you for all your hard work and for giving us all this little preview haha 🙂

SophiaK Avatar

OMG why did I see this? I’m gonna get bankrupt…… LOVE LOVE LOVE msf in Center of the Universe, Blush in ring of Saturn, cremsheen glass in Meteoric, cut a caper lipstick and that eyeshadow with the lime green swirls in it!

divinem1 Avatar

Turns out I love all the Cremesheen glasses I bought (didn’t get Celestial Kiss).
This was a surprisingly exciting collection for me. Invincible Light MES, although beautiful on, is a glitter bomb. I’m going to give it a few tries with some mixing medium, but I have little patience with fallout, so I will return it if mixing medium or some other base won’t eliminate the fly away glitter. 
Hope everyone gets what they want from this collection, and thanks again, Christine, for all your hard work!

divinem1 Avatar

 @Kaktusbluemchen Magnetic Attraction is SO gorgeous! It’s the only one of the MES I’m keeping. The others were very disappointing, but I can’t get over how beautiful Magnetic Attraction is in the pan and on the eye!

Shell Avatar

I ran to buy leap year and star wonder. Didn’t swatch center of the universe right away. Omg call it orange call it coral. It is georgeous with a light hand and 187 brush. Lasted all day it is what Margin and orgasm didn’t quite do for me. I am fair by the way 😉

lurganista Avatar

@lovelygirlybits joo are a genius! There are 2 shada’s that look like my perfect find!!!! Gonna RoadTripToBelfast as soon as!!!! ❤

lovelygirlybits Avatar

@lurganista doooo! I got Ring of Saturn blush which can be used as a shadow so the MUA told me, must give that a go actually 🙂

lurganista Avatar

@lovelygirlybits you can’t bate a multitasker! My next obsession is the perfect gold highlighter, sunbeam isn’t parfait pour moi!

Nikki Avatar

Hi Christine,
So I have a random question to ask.. I love this whole collection but was unable to get a few items before they were sold out and dispite being warned away from eBay I really want some of those items. Do you think there could be fakes from this collection out there as well? And if so what do I look for??

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