MAC Grey Friday Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Grey Friday Lipstick
MAC Grey Friday Lipstick

It’s Going to Be a Grey Friday

MAC Grey Friday Lipstick ($15.00 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “blackish-grey with silver shimmer.” It has a frost finish. In the tube, it looks like a steely gray shot through with silver shimmer. When swatched, it’s a semi-sheer to semi-opaque grayish-black with bits of silver and teal micro-shimmer. On lips, it’s a lot less gray/black and is more like insta-vamp by turning my natural lip color into a really dark, muted gray-ish plum color. The only color that came to mind as something similar was Urban Decay Perversion, which is a lipgloss and much, much sheerer (so they look quite different on).

It’s not nearly as intimidating when applied as it looks in the tube, though it is undoubtedly a darker, vampier lip color even in its most subtle application.    The color is semi-sheer to semi-opaque and is sheer enough to allow your natural lip color to come through; the redder your natural lip color is, the redder this is going to turn.  It applied mostly evenly over the lips, and it wasn’t too dry or too slick.  I tested the wear of this shade, and it managed four hours and lingered as long as five, but it was significantly faded at that point. It wasn’t drying or hydrating, and as always, it was vanilla-scented.

There’s also a nail polish with the same name releasing on November 23rd online at (and in-store at MAC Times Square), which I don’t have at this time.

MAC Grey Friday Lipstick
MAC Grey Friday Lipstick

MAC Grey Friday Lipstick
MAC Grey Friday Lipstick

MAC Grey Friday Lipstick
MAC Grey Friday Lipstick

MAC Grey Friday Lipstick
MAC Grey Friday Lipstick

MAC Grey Friday Lipstick
MAC Grey Friday Lipstick

MAC Grey Friday Lipstick
MAC Grey Friday Lipstick


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Mariella Avatar

Honestly, I just don’t get it. Why would anyone want grey lips? I find that almost all women look so much better with a “normal” colour on their lips – pink, peach, berry, red – and I just don’t get this other stuff.

Andrea Avatar

It depends on what kind of look you prefer. If you’re into more “alternative” fashions, having a dusky lip color might better compliment your look. Also, there are a lot of women out there with very deep skin tones who can rock this kind of color like it’s not even a big deal.

ElaineR Avatar

Sometimes it’s not about portraying the traditional standard of beauty. Sometimes I like to go wild and crazy and experiment with my makeup and make something fun and crazy and (to me) beautiful! It’s about creating art!!

xamyx Avatar

Why *wouldn’t* anyone want grey lips? I don’t understand why anyone would want to wear neon-pink, orange, coral, etc. on their lips, since those aren’t “normal” lip colors, either.

Lauren Avatar

I don’t really get blue lipstick for example, but this actually looks wearable. If I were younger, I’d totally consider it. At 34 it’s just not “me” but at 22, I would have wanted it.

Quinctia Avatar

My lips are much redder than Christine’s, so this would end up looking vampy and purple on me. I’m seriously contemplating getting this, and I’ve so little interest in MAC, it’d be my first lipstick of theirs.

Granted, I wouldn’t have looked twice at this if I hadn’t been so pleasantly surprised at how wearable UD’s Oil Slick lipstick was.

Andrea Avatar

My lips are very red, too, and the Rimmel Kate Moss color in number 14 (I think) is basically the same concept as this, but with a bit more plum already thrown in. I think MAC’s version is just too sheer for the price!

Clarey Avatar

Some of us like the more unusual colours, I’m a goth and I love this sort of thing. It also depends on how you use it. I love it when stuff like this is released!

However, it’s unlikely that I’ll get my hands on it as I’m in the UK…

Christine Avatar

This is all MAC has on it: “Celebrate the busiest shopping day of the year with M·A·C Grey Friday, a colour-coordinated Lipstick and Nail Lacquer duo in dark, sultry shades. Featuring M·A·C Grey Friday Lipstick, a black-grey with silver shimmer, and M·A·C Grey Friday Nail Lacquer, with silver suede pearl. LIMITED EDITION.”

Jade Avatar

Thanks for that 🙂 I think this would be great as a layering lipstick. I love how factual and thorough your reviews are – if the company does/doesn’t say a product is meant for something, you don’t make excuses for it or factor it into your review. Thanks for all your hard work!

Nichole Avatar

It looks almost like a shade Estee Lauder released a couple of months ago. Theirs was more for layering and was more sheer. The gray-ish shade is great actually for lips colors that are way too light. I’ve made the mistake in buying lip products that look fine when swatched on my hand, but were way too light when applied to my lips.

Angela Avatar

Kind of reminds me of a cool toned version of “O”. Kind of a sheer shimmery lipstick that could pass for a gloss, but since it’s dark there’s still some dimension. But it would also look good over matte black lipstick for a goth look

Dusty Avatar

I was all like “WOW!” and then I was like “MINE! ALL MINE!” and then I was all “What? That looks kind of sheer… cool but sheer” and then I was like “this looks like those Lauder lipsticks that launched over the summer” and now I’m all like “okay I still want it but… I wish it was opaque.” LOL

Ruca Avatar

The MAC promo pics of it show it very opaque… same color, but incredibly opaque. Lipsticks pretty much always look different on me then they do on Christine (she often wears it better), but we clearly apply our lipstick differently. I will not be shocked if it wears on me as an opaque like the MAC promos, not sheer. I suspect it may be very different from the Estee Lauder gunmetal color….and I want that, too. lol

Hannah Avatar

This is pretty fantastic. Does anyone know how it compares to the Gunmetal lipstick that Estee Lauder put out a few months ago?

I may need to pick this one up. I probably would layer it over another color, but it think it would look amazing on its own with clean dewy skin and a bit of black liner.

Lauren Avatar

Wow, I like that far more than I thought I would. It’s still not me, but it actually looks surprisingly wearable. I bet it would look amazing layered with a red or plum lipstick.

LindseyD Avatar

I have a silver lipstick from MAC from a very long time ago. I used to adore it, so I was tempted to get this one. But now I’m not so sure…an actual plum could do that look more effectively.

xamyx Avatar

I want this, even though I *hate* MAC lipstick! The EL one seemed a bit too sheer, and lacked the depth this seems to have. I just wish it were available at counters…

Kafka Avatar

Hm. I don’t know. I love the swatch and it’s surprisingly nice on you, but…. I don’t know. I think it looks so great on you because of your whole makeup look (is that partially grey-ish eyeshadow that I espy?!). I really like the whole face look & colouring you have on.

But, back to the lipstick, it’s definitely more wearable than I had thought it would be when you first posted the promo photos a while back. I also agree with Angela down below who said it made them think of MAC’s “O,” only in a slightly greyer version. In fact, the more I look at it, the more I really like it. But, all in all, I don’t think it’s for me because of the texture and sheerness, though — like “O” — it may be great for layering. I give kudos to MAC for offering a very different colour, though — as usual — I’d be more enthused about the company if their cool stuff weren’t always L/E.

KF Avatar

Boo, it’s so sheer! I was hoping for a great deep gunmetal like I wore in the 90s…guess I will have to start ordering from Manic Panic again to get some decent vampy colors!

MacAddict22 Avatar

I had hoped it would be more on the grey side. I really wanted a grey lipstick. I still love it and will be getting it. It’s still unique enough to add to my bajillion lipsticks. Love how it looks on you Christine.

YellowLantern Avatar

I totally love your whole goth-esque look you have going on here! I love this eye makeup on you!

I don’t think I would have much occasion to be able to wear this, but I salute all of you who do/can rock this lip color.

Nikki Avatar

It actually reminds me a lot of a cooled down version of MAC’s Icon–with is kind of a grayish frosty taupe. And like Icon, which is a bit shy of opaque too, I think it would look awesome with a lip liner to give it more defined edges. 🙂

Leslie Avatar

This looks exactly like that gray Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick that came out recently and is meant for layering. Totally not what I expected. I think I’m going to have to break the MAC chains on this one and skip it. Honestly, I own Lady Grey, Gargoyle’s Glance, and Dusky Plum by Morgana Cryptoria, all variations on gunmetal gray that are way more opaque than this. It’s a shame they didn’t make this an opaque matte.

VickyM Avatar

Interesting…now I might be a little color blind but to me it looks like a deep plum swatched, not grey at all, seems to me like a very deep plum would look the same. Considering how safe I play it with my makeup this is not for me.

Melody Avatar

Hmm. Not sure about this. It looks rockin’ on you but my lips aren’t pigmented like at all so it’ll be straight up grey on me. I could see it being nice for layering but I doubt I’d reach for it often. Probably a pass for me but I’m glad it’s better quality than a lot of le mac items of late.

Kate Avatar

For lipstick swatches, it would be awesome if you could post a photo of your full face without the smile too. It’s very helpful to see the overall effect of a lipstick for the whole face, and especially with a relaxed mouth as that’s what is default for most people. 🙂

Mayleen Avatar

I am beyond disappointed with this color. It is NOTHING like the promo pic. Since I’m stuck with it, I might as well find some use for it. Do you have any suggestions as to what lipstick may look good with ” Grey Friday ” layered over it?

Ruca Avatar

Try just wearing it a few times and breaking it in a little. When I wear mine, it only takes 1-2 coats and it is completely opaque. There is no way I could use this as a layering color. I’m one of about a dozen women in a makeup forum who have all found it to be fairly solid, off-black or silver-frosted black, and so has my daughter. It only looked sheer on me like this the very first time I tried it. Don’t give up!

Melissa Avatar

Grey Friday looks just like a lipstick MAC had in the 90s called Jet. It was a greyish black lipstick. I remember it fondly. Although I have a mocha complexion, I don’t usually feel comfortable wearing blackish lipsticks. This does look attractive on you, Christine. You’ve sheered it out nicely.

Rachel Avatar

Umm on your lips it looks straight up brown to me which is scary because I hate brown lip colors. I REALLY hope it doesn’t look like that on my lips.

Sara Avatar

Oh! I’m so disappointed. I should’ve read this review before purchasing. I wanted to try something really different and got sucked in by the limited 1 day only. The Facebook picture looked like a matte opaque true gray. This is a sheer metallic finish with sparkle! I have a million sheer lipsticks and glosses with shimmer. I wanted something unique and different. Shame on me for just looking at the Mac promo photo and taking it at face value. 🙁

Sarah J. Avatar

Anyone who missed out on this should check out Urban Decay’s Oil Slick. It’s really similar. And it’s on sale for $3 on Urban Decays website!

Lolita Avatar

Looks like a pretty solid dupe for Urban Decay’s Blackout if any of your readers are sad they missed their chance to pick up Grey Friday! Although being that Blackout is currently on sale for $3, it’s probably on the verge of being discontinued…

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