MAC Flighty Collection – Preview Swatches

MAC Flighty Collection – Preview Swatches

It’s really important to me to really test out products in full before reviewing them, which is why I will not be posting my reviews for the new Big Bounce Shadows until tomorrow or Sunday (depending on how today’s testing goes). Β I’m trying to test them for a full twelve hours today, which is why I can’t get a review up immediately.

I do understand, of course, the desire to see things right away, so I have included a group shot of the five I received for review and swatches for them. The full review will have more photos. I’m still trying to get an official description of what these eyeshadows are supposed to do or how they are supposed to be used.

I will, as always, purchase the remaining products as soon as I am able to. Β I apologize in advance that I do not have all of them to show you.

Initial Thoughts

  • They really do work about a billion times better applied with a brush (the 242 specifically, which is launched with this collection).
  • They remind me of motor oil in their pots (not a compliment!).
  • They have a long dry down time.
  • I wore one as a base underneath eyeshadow, and it lasted without creasing for 8 hours (I had planned to sleep in it, but I just couldn’t!).


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