MAC Euristocrats II Collection – Review & Thoughts

Cockney, Costa Chic, London Life, Milan Mode, Naked Paris, Patisserie, Saint Germain

MAC Euristocrats II Collection – Review

OVERALL, MAC’s Euristocrats II Collection offers a good combination of lipsticks and dazzleglasses. Some of the dazzleglasses have better pigmentation than previous dazzleglasses, and when pigmentation is still low, I noticed the sheerer ones had a pseudo duochrome to them. I was actually a bit surprised that some of the lipsticks ended up being so sheer, but for the color shy, you’ll definitely want to check out these new lipsticks! Particularly Cockney, which is likely to be a wearable red for those a bit wary of red lipsticks like Russian Red.

Temptalia Recommendations

Must-Haves: Cockney, Costa Chic, Milan Mode lipsticks; Euro Beat, Rue d’Rouge, Via Veneto dazzleglasses

Nice-to-Haves: London Life, Saint Germain lipsticks; Internationalist dazzleglass

Skip: Patisserie lipsticks; Roman Holiday dazzleglass

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  • Cockney is a semi-sheer red lipstick with a bit of a yellow undertone. It has a soft sheen as expected from a lustre lipstick.
  • Costa Chic is an opaque, frosty coral-pink. It’s not too orangey, but it isn’t so pink that it loses its coral-ness.
  • London Life is a semi-sheer, reddish raspberry shade. It gives a good amount of color, and it is definitely different from the other lipsticks. It was surprisingly pigmented for a lustre finish lipstick!
  • Milan Mode is a pinky-berry shade with a semi-sheer finish. It has a nice sheen without much shimmer.
  • Naked Paris is a sheer, brownish-plum shade with some shimmer. This is one of the lesser pigmented lipsticks from the launch.
  • Patisserie is a sheer, pinky cool-toned nude lustre finish lipstick. It has a nice sheen, but it had the least amount of pigmentation out of the seven from this launch.
  • Saint Germain is a creamy, opaque cool-toned pastel pink. It has a little bit of a sheen to it, but it’s extremely creamy and pigmented.


  • Date Night is a dirty plummy shade with soft bronzy-plum shimmer. It is semi-sheer, but it does provide color to lips.
  • Euro Beat is a soft pink with just a touch of coral to it. It has soft gold shimmer laced throughout the shade. It also provided my lips with some color, but very subtly.
  • Internationalist is sheer pinky shade that looked mostly like shimmer on my lips. The shimmer, though, is pretty, as it is a blue-violet-purple kind of duochrome shimmer.
  • Local Colour is a milky pink gloss with just a bit of gold shimmer. It is oddly creamy relative to the others.
  • Roman Holiday is kind of like a dirty brownish shade.Β  It didn’t rock my world, because it looked a bit blah on me.Β  It seems like it has multicolored glitter in it, which might have contributed to why I wasn’t so hot on it.
  • Rue d’Rouge is a semi-sheer reddish shade with gold shimmer. It’s pretty, but it isn’t a bright pop of red–so again, for thosse looking for a softer red, this might be it.
  • Via Veneto is a sheer, violet-blue shimmery gloss. It doesn’t have much of a base color, though it definitely adds a lot of coolness to my natural lip color. I did like the shimmer and the way it glinted in the light.