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same – plushlash = love love love! but i wonder if this is just because mac is so rewarding to buy…lol

same here Christine..i always wonder why people are like “Don’t even bother getting a mascara from MAC..” because my HG is plushlash too…and I always wonder what about MAC’s mascara they don’t like..

its because mascara is diffrent to everyone we all have diffrent reactions and if our lashes are like mine it will take forever to come off but i like mac’s x mascara though 🙂

Well, I like lustre e/s. Usually everybody seems to hate them, but I think they are great for wrinkly lids because they (also) have an uneven texture.

I also LOVE MAC mascaras and have even recommended them to some ladies at work and they are very happy about them too!
But, I would say that the beauty product/makeup I really like that seem to always get ranted on is my EyeEnvy e/s press-ons! I wear them for “fun times” and they really work. When I wear them, I get compliments and people think that I have applied all the funky designs by hand! They are amazed when I explain the concept to them.

I seem to be one of the few who like mineralize eyeshadows. 🙂 I think they’re extremely pretty and don’t find them hard to work with. I cannot tell you how excited I am about Color Craft! 🙂

I love MAC lustre lipsticks. It seems a lot of people say they are sheer or don’t like the formula. But I love them — they have a gorgeous shine and they never appear sheer on me 🙂

Well, Lustre lipsticks are transparent by essence so I generally fail to see why girls dislike them because of that. Why reproaching a product its particularity? It’d be like buying a matte and reproching it its lack of glossiness. Not everyone like opaque. As a matter of fact, Lustre is my absolute favorite lipstick texture at Mac! I also adore theit formula and their effect on my lips! 🙂

I love lutres as well. I don’t like too much color on my lips. However, I find Lustres to be very buildable if I was more color! And no lipgloss required 😉

I love CG Lash Blast & typically when i say that, people tend to disagree cause they hate the blunt end wand. For me, it makes my lashes amazing.

I also religiously use Smashbox’s Oil-Free Light Primer, not the silicone one. Smashbox primers don’t get a whole lot of love, but i honestly think its cause everyone thinks of the silicone one when you say the name. The one I use is 60% water based so it never causes me breakouts & I have very sensitive acne-prone skin.

I LOVE lash blast. I don’t even know what I did before it. I’ve never even though about the end of the wand. I guess it is blunt but I don’t really get why that would bother me.

I also LOVE MAC Plushlash…I have heard bad things about Dazzlelash and Zoomlash…but not too many bad things about Plushlash.

I LOVE HIP Gel Liner…many ppl say it dries out quickly…I haven’t had that problem and I have gone thru two. I use it to line my waterline and it’s the best liner I have ever used for this purpose. It has great staying power and is the blackest black.

I also love MAC mascara. I was kinda weary b/c I had heard so many people say that they hate MAC mascara, but I love my zoomlash! I plan on trying more types of MAC mascara.

Nivea Soft Cream Moisturizer and Oil of Olay Complete SPF 15, my friends wonder why I don’t use an expensive cream. Yet these work just fine for me, I can’t really justify spending a lot on face cream. Everyone also seems to not like MAC Studio Fix but its great because its simple to apply and comes in so many shades.

I LOVE Olay Complete. I’ve been using it for years and still have not found a better moisturizer. It’s simply everything I want…smooth, hydrating, spf, and cheap.

Me too! i always end up going back to my Olay and I have been using it on and off for many years. My face loves it!

Maybelline Great Lash -reg or wp. A lot of ppl put this down, but it is a great basic mascara. After using my Shu curler, Great Lash is all I need for a good tint and holding the curl (wp). I use a metal lash comb to make sure it looks perfect.

No guilt when I toss at 3 mos. A lot of HE mascaras just wasted my $ over yrs.

Aveeno cleansers & moisturizers – work well for me. Moisturizers are nice and light for summer too.

Not one product per se but as a brand, a lot of people don’t like Napoleon Perdis but I truly love his products! Although it bothers me a bit to read rants about NP, it doesn’t stop me from buying his cosmetics especially his Devine goddess lipsticks.

I’ve just thought of another one: Everyone says how weird the Givenchy Phenomen’eyes mascara is, but for me it’s one of the best mascaras ever. 🙂

I like the Sweet Liason Suite Array shadow duo. Everybody hates ALL the Suite Array duos because of the texture, and granted the textures ARE terrible, but the colors have good pigmentation and are reaaaly pretty. I use the dark brown from Suite Liason as a liner topper for smokey brown eyes, and the pale yellow in sunset looks as a highlighter. The other day I applied the chocolate shade all over my lid and blended into and above the crease with Shroom. I topped the lid (keeping the crease the way it was) with Sable and it made this gorgeous, ultra-deep and dark blackened bronze with red reflects – SO pretty! I finished it with black smudged liner and Sable on the lower lashline, mascara, and nude cheeks and lips (literally nude – I only had time for shadow, liner and mascara!). It was SO great – everybody stop hatin’ on the Suite Array duos! 😉

I really love MAC matte blushes. A TON of people are into super shimmery cheeks with the MSFs and Sheertone shimmer (which I do like as well for occasions) but I’ve always loved a matte cheek.

Also, I really love UD’s packaging. Yes, it’s kitschy, but it always gets people to look at it and play with the product. Super effective marketing and they are great products. (*with the exception of UDPP bottle).

In terms of beauty products…I have to say I LOVE my Clarisonic, which has receive alot of bad reviews apparently from people. I also CANNOT live without my Proactiv, which again, is not very popular at all.

I recommended MAC Face and Body foundation to my friends and they aren’t too big on it. I think you just have to learn how to work with it. I have really bad keratosis pilaris rubra faceii on my face and this is the only foundation that I found that works to cover up the red and doesn’t irritate my skin more than it already is.

Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition -quite common- typically on upper arms. Bumpy skin, but relatively harmless. I believe OP has this on her face, to the degree where it is quite red and irritated. hth

There must be another term for your condition that people are more familiar with. Can you tell us? Would be helpful to a reader who may suffer from the same condition as you but doesn’t know it by the technical name. They may want to utilize your advice. Is it rosacea??

It makes your face look really red and has little bumps on it. Like mentioned before, many people have it on their upper arms, but in some cases it’s on the face as well. It just makes someone look like they have a flushed face all the time.

I think I’m the only person on the planet to truly loooove Pro Lash. It gives me the longest, darkest doe-y looking lashes.

Ohhh you’re not alone <3
My favorite is the Pro Lash in Charcoal Brown…which everybody must’ve hated, cuz now it’s discontinued. wahh!

I also really like the Metal-X shadows. I’ve swapped for like 8 of them. It’s easy cuz nobody wants them. For some reason they just work really well for me when layered over Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows as a base. But, oddly, ONLY the CCS’s…no other base works as well for me with the Metal-X formula.

Mac Swimming eyeshadow, I’ve heard that a lot of people don’t like it, but I love it, I think the colour is amazing, and the texture is great too!

I love Swimming too. Don’t own many lustre eyeshadows due to the texture, but this one is an exception. One of my favorite greens.

Olay complete moisturizer is what my mom uses and my great aunt and now I use it. They are really youthful in the face because of it

I love St. Ives apricot scrub! It’s my HG and I know a lot of people hate this stuff and think it’s too harsh on their skin. I use the gentle one and I never have had problems with it and I use it on my face twice a day.
I love the price too!

I love this scrub too! I don’t find it to harsh at all, in fact I use it everyday and my face routine doesn’t feel complete without it. I just follow it with a wash of Dove Beauty Bar and my skin feels amazing!

Nars Orgasm seems to be hated from many but I totaly love it! I have it in my work, as the only blush there so it’s practicly the only blush I wear every day (second half of the day when I need refreshing).
Chanel inimtable mascara is hated too and I repurchased few times.
Allot of people complain about shimmer bricks too – I can’t live without my bobbi brown bronze sb.

i love the philosophys hope in the jar cream lotion and purity cleanser )people dont like it b/c of the strond smell), but i love it. i have been using this set for like 2 months now and i have had absolutly no breakouts, ad my skin is so silky smooth. i wash off my makeup with the cleanser, then put the hope in jar lotion on my face b4 bed. then in the morning i put on clinique dramaticlly different lotion.

Love the cleanser, the only makeup remover I’ve tried that doesnt cause my dry skin to dry out even more. Not a big fan of the moisturizer though, for some reason the chemicals in it cause my eyes to burn even though I put the stuff no where around them 🙁

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy and Grifter. Despite the glitter in them, I love these eyeshadows and may end up with a little fall out but nothing disasterous like people complain about. I just tap out most of the glitter. Same NARS Super Orgasm, I love it despite the glitter and by tapping the brush you can get rid of most of the glitter if you just want the color.

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