MAC Cosmetics – Tendertones Collection Review and Swatches

TENDERTONES– Detailed reviews of individual products as well as swatches are behind the more link!

Overall I wasn’t overly impressed by the Tendertones. They are sure lovely in their little glass pots (oh, and a tad heavy!), but I prefer my lip products in tubes, sticks, etc. because it is easier to grab and go with those. I’d rather not dip my finger into a product if I can help it, and let’s face it, I’m not the type of girl that is going to remember to carry a lip brush with her. Despite looking fairly pigmented on my hand, please take heed that I did swipe a good amount of product to get it that way. I put on Take A Hint on my lips, and I’m not exactly sure that it’s even on – it’s that sheer. They are very soft on the lips without being sticky, and they still give off a high gloss shimmer. Despite being soft, though, if you attempt to build up the color, you’ll end up with a very thick layer of the stuff, which is not nearly as delicious as the raspberry smell.

What I purchased: Take A Hint tendertone.

Deep Sigh – Sheer warm brown with light shimmer.
Hush, Hush – Extremely light in color just by looking at the pot, and once applied, even sheerer; almost like a light nude gloss.
Pucker – This looks gorgeous in the pot – a dark raspberry color – but so unimpressive swatched. It looks more watermelon than raspberry.
Purring – I imagine once this is actually applied on lips, the orange color would not stand out so much. It does look quite bright in the pot, but it is easily sheered out during application.
Shush! – I actually read this is as Sushi! instead of Shush – which would have been completely appropriate since it is green. This is was actually a very pretty color when swatched, with just the faintest green undertone. It would look lovely on top of other colors; kind of like a greener Luminary lustreglass.
Softnote – This color instantly reminded me of Helium pigment if it were mixed with a bit of clear gloss.
Take a Hint – A darker pink than Tender Baby, but still ridiculously sheer when actually applied to lips.
Tender Baby – I was reminded of Fun Fun or Real Doll lipstick with this color, because it is a bit of a pale pink, but this is incredibly sheer.
Warm Smile – This is too similar to Hush Hush, which is a light nude color. I would say this is a touch deeper, with more pink-orange warmth to it.