MAC Cosmetics – Moonbathe Collection Review and Swatches

MOONBATHE – Detailed reviews of individual products as well as swatches are behind the more link!

Overall I felt like this collection was a good mixture of hues for the upcoming summer season, and it seemed as if this collection was different compared to the past few that have launched this year. I suppose if I was reminded of any prior collection, I would have to say C-Squeeze. I was pleasantly surprised by what purchases I actually made and what I was able to skip over. I found the majority of the lip products to be things I could pass on or colors I couldn’t see myself wearing more than once or twice. Those who want to test out vampy colors – there are plenty here! The colors of the collection seem to be a bit more muted, though still dramatic with the bold cranberry colors.

What I purchased: Firespot eyeshadow, Other Worldly blush, Astral Rays and Ritzy! glimmershimmers, Molten Sol liquidlast liner, and Moonbathe lipglass.

Eclipse – Talk about a dark, vampy burgundy! This is a brown-burgundy that’s matte in texture (but not the yucky dry mattes like Blow lipstick was) with a decent amount of moisture in the lipstick so your lips won’t look chapped or cracked with this on. It was much too dark for me to feel comfortable in, even though the artist insisted on it.
Honey Moon – The sheerest and lightest lipstick of the four, and I would say it is a pale, neutral pink with a touch of brown undertones. I could see this color washing out a lot of ladies, but it is gorgeous.
Solar Plum – For those who liked Wild ‘Bout You, this is a chance to get a similar color (though more brown in it), only in a frost, so it is sheerer and buildable. It is also not nearly as potent in the color, which allows it to be more wearable for most users.
Sunmetal – This is a bronzy, light-gold color, which I imagine looks good with deeper skintones, but I never seem to drawn to this color family in lipsticks.

Crescent – This color turned more orange-brown on me, and it was simply too dark for me to find it wearable.
Dark Flower – This gloss reminded me a bit of Sex Ray lipglass with more brown undertones, which was limited edition awhile ago, but not so chunky, more shimmery.
Elaborate – This is the typical sheer/clear gloss that MAC tends to put out in each collection; I had absolutely no use for this color, as I already own one too many in this family.
Moonbathe – A cute watermelon color that would be great on less pigmented lips as a fun summer gloss, and quite lovely over darker lipsticks in need of a brightening for summer-wear.

Cranberry – In case you weren’t aware, Cranberry is an existing shade in the permanent MAC line, so unless you have a fancy for the creamy packaging, you can always pick up this shade later. I do like this shadow, though, so make sure to check it out at some point down the line.
Claire De Lune – A faint white color with a touch of color, which turned a bit pink/purple on me, despite appearing like a light beige in the pot. The texture was a bit chalky for my liking, so I skipped this one easily.
Cosmic – I thought this was an absolutely divine color, especially because it went on so smoothly and the color payoff was incredible. However, it instantly reminded me of Elite eyeshadow, which I owned at some point, and just never used. I know that I have near-dupes of Elite, so I had to pass on this color, too.
Firespot – A great orange shadow without being over-the-top; it’s shimmery, has decent color payoff, and the texture is smooth enough to make it a very workable shadow. I like that it is an orange without being extremely bold/bright. This will be perfect in sunset-esque looks!
Saturnal – Like Claire De Lune, this shadow felt more on the chalky side for me. I really like the color, if only for the fact that there isn’t one like it in the permanent line. Sadly, though, MAC launched a shadow called Sable Wrap in the last holiday palette collection, which is a dead ringer for Saturnal.

Molten Sol – A gorgeous bronzy gold that looks beyond lovely, and if you enjoy bronzes and golds, you simply will be hard pressed to pass it up.
Point Black – Repromote (permanent?) of a black liquid liner.

Afterdusk – I actually expected to be ga-ga over both the blushes from Moonbathe, but I found Afterdusk to be extremely chunky, instead of smooth. However, it did remind me a bit of Petticoat mineralize skinfinish, and since it is glittery, it might even be worthwhile for someone to check into a comparison between the two.
Other Worldly – Going with the theme, this is a bronze/gold blush with a lot of warmth, and the best part is how smooth the texture is. It goes on like butter and almost feels like a cream blush in the pot (though it is a powder).

Astral Rays – I fell in love with this color! It is such a gorgeous creamy color that I can see myself using it as a highlight not just on the face, but on collar bones and shoulders. You could definitely mix this with one of your favorite moisturizers for an all over shimmery look.
Ritzy! – I think this is a repromote, but I don’t remember offhand. It is a lovely deeper bronze color than Other Worldly blush, and it does remind me an awful lot of a darker Melon pigment.