MAC Bloggers' Obsessions Collection

MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions Collection

No one<3’s M∙A∙C more than a beauty blogger. To thank them for their passionate devotion & always honest feedback, we invited nine of our favourites to our lab in Toronto to custom-create their own Eye Shadow or Lipglass. Exclusively online, just like the makeup-mad minds that created them.

Eyeshadow ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

availability: June 21st, 2011; online only, U.S. and Canada

You can read all about Jealousy Wakes and my experience here!

See more photos!

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That’s awesome! I want Hocus Pocus and Parisian Skies.

Might have to see real swatches of the lip glass, though Nitro:Licious 2046 is tempting!

Yes, definitely! Nobody else was at home, and I was like, “OMG WHO DO I TELL?” (Not that I could really TELL anyone!) So I told Mellan, since he can keep a secret…

… for reals?!?!?!?! I had to check the calendar, it reminded me too much about last year’s april fool’s joke! How awesome – congrats on your very own eyeshadow!

Haha, it is kind of funny – because it will launch about a year after my fake April Fool’s collection launch date!

Where is this fake April Fool’s “collection”? Is it still available to see online? I don’t think I had found this place back then and must have missed it but it sounds like fun!

This is wonderful news! Will be picking up all the eyeshadows to support this genius idea!

Could you make anything you wanted?

Any eyeshadow/lipglass – of course, it is based on your submission, but we had free reign on our submissions. The only constraints were that it had to be an eyeshadow or lipglass, but you could choose your finish, describe your color, etc.

Oh man, is this only available ONLINE??? 🙁 I assume it won’t be made available internationally. Oh BOO, I want your eyeshadow SO BAD!!

Whether it was going to be available internationally was one of the FIRST questions I asked, but unfortunately, it is just U.S./Canada 🙁

Oh no, only USA and Canada! Wish we could buy it online here in the UK! Congratulations Christine – amazing news. I love the eyeshadow you have created :o) .

Wow! That is so freakin’ amazing! Congratulations Christine! This is just awesome! I’m so excited for you, Karen and the other bloggers!

Congratulations Christine! OMG I love the Jealousy Wakes what a fabulous name!!! Did you pick the name yourself?…I’m such a sucker for green..but that is wonderful…DEfinitely going to get! I also like the Parisian Skies. I have a hard time wearing brown and bronzes, I’m such a sucker for COLOR! I really the Nitro-licious but not sure if it will work with the Jealousy Wakes you know…you don’t want INTENSE COLOR ALL OVER, Love the All of My Purple Life. When will you be doing a “look” in advance? I think that Big Bounce in “Weath” will go well with Jealousy Wakes as a base and a little accent. I can’t wait for this to come out! Geez! I need to win the lotto! Nordies will be doing the Philosophy 32 oz once a year promotion and MAC will also be releasing all those wonderful new mineral colors around the same time…But Jealousy Wakes is at the top of my list! GREAT JOB!

Yep! The name and description are all my own doings! 🙂

I definitely will be — I wanted to wait until I have the real deal absolutely final shade in my hands (which is supposed to be mid-June – still before it launches!). I plan to do a bolder look and subtler one, too 🙂

Omg!!! Christine how exciting!! So lucky! I would love to make my own color. How long did it take for you to come up with the color? Is there a certain reason you decided to go with green? I love all the color.

omg I want your shadow and the pink lipglass lol

This’ll be bad. I start at Macy’s beauty counter tomorrow… right next to the MAC counter :/

Whoa! I’m getting your color and Parisian Skies for sure!! And the Caqui lipglass looks great too, but I’ll wait on swatches before I start craving those. Congrats!!

Christine! Your shade is a lovely green and one I would actually where since I have a strange aversion to green. The gold in your shadow really sells it to me. Do you know off hand if Parisian Skies is a matte finish? I have a lust for matted gray-blues. Keep up the creativity! <3

To be honest, I don’t know if it is! It looks like it’s definitely more of a satin or matte finish. I will try to get finish info tomorrow (nobody’s working today, lol!).

Thank you!

What an awesome opportunity, I’m so happy for you! Will definitely be buying Jealousy Wakes, it looks gorgeous! The Evolution Revolution gloss sounds like it’ll be pretty, too. 🙂

I can understand you abstaining from reviewing this collection, Christine, however, since it’s only gonna be available on line you just have to provide swatches so we can make an educated decision when ordering. 😉

I’d totally appreciate swatches, even if you don’t get them early, as well as any possible dupe swatches. You’ve spoiled us, and it’s so hard to buy anything without checking Temptalia first! Thanks!

Oh wow! I’ll be picking up as much of this collection as I can get my hands on.. I’m sooooooooo jealous of you right now!

I just had to comment to say CONGRTS – it’s probably many beauty bloggers dream to create a makeup item! And to say thanks for giving us something personal to look forward to in June. Fun! xoLiz

Congratulatiions, Christine! The colour you designed is absolutely lovely, as are most of the eyeshadows, and I cannot wait to order them for myself. I shy away from bright colours but your Jealousy Wakes looks like the perfect green! I hope you had a lot of fun doing this!

i HAVE to get Jealousy wakes and Hocus Pocus!! they needa make yours permanent i have never seen a more perfect shade of green shadow 🙂

At first I didn’t believe this, because of your April Fools joke last year, lol. But then I went on Karen’s website (makeupandbeautyblog) and I saw that she posted about this too and I was like, “YES! This is for real!” I am so excited for this! Congrats Christine this is so exciting! I am for sure going to be buying a few pieces from this collection! =D

WOW!!!:)) and a while back i remembered you tricked us on April fools telling us that MAC had created a collection for temptalia and here you are right now.. just amazing!!

Oh my fricken god Christine are you kidding me?!!!? You got to design a Mac eyeshadow!! That’s sooo coooll!! I’m so happy for you!

Even if you don’t review the products, at least PLEASE post photos and swatches! This blog is what ultimately helps me decide what to purchase from any MAC collection.

THANK YOU Christine for taking the attitude of “go big or go home” and giving us color, a veluxe pearl finish (LOVE) and understanding the opportunity. You had a chance to strike out from the pedestrian neutrals and really create a unique twist. I wish the other bloggers went that way as well, but Temptalia is the standard barer. Well Done!

I knew I HAD to represent! I wanted to do something that people would be proud of, not just something I liked, and I hope I accomplished that!

Thank you, Kristanna!


First af all, Thank you Christine for your website.
Thank you for all this information you share and which help all of us.
(This is my first comment)
Wow! That is great!
I hope I’ll be able to purchase the items I’m interested in from France :-/

I think I’ll take for sure : “Jealousy wakes” eyeshadow Green is my favorite colour; thanks Christine), and “Nitro Licious” lipglass (love this deep red colour)

Wow!!! That’s so, so awesome, Christine. A dream come true! I’m so glad you got this opportunity, you totally earned it. Your reviews are so thorough and you keep coming out with amazing new features.

Congratulations on your eyeshadow, it was cool to see how involved you were in the creative process — they didn’t just slap your name on some random shade 🙂

Definitely not something I could do – I am so picky and VERY VERY concerned about maintaining my reputation, I have to be involved! I was impressed how the chemists and VP (Nicole) remembered little tidbits I had mentioned about this and that–like how I LOVED the texture of Freshwater eyeshadow and held it up as a stellar example of the veluxe pearl finish or how they knew I was concerned about going too close to blue/teal. A part of me felt bad, because I felt like I was being too picky, but then the other part was going, “You only get one shot–make it count!”

OMG! you replied to me! that is so kwl! will have to find someway of buying the three products I want (have crossed off Aileen’s lipgloss after realising its orange-red, I don’t really look good in orange)

Christine I’m sooo happy and I can’t wait to check out the collection 🙂
I believe it was soo exciting to be there 🙂 Happy for that you all made these amazing colours! 🙂

Congrats. Although since it’s online only and mac don’t ship to Ireland I will have to look to evilbay! I hope this does really well and that they do it again with pigments!

congratulations!!! :o) i’ll have it shipped to a friend in the US and then she will send it to me in italy!!! can’t wait for it to be released!!

Wow, great ! Especially the e/s you created, i love it ! I’m from the Netherlands, but i know someone in the US, who’s buying some make up for me sometimes, and ship it to me. So i will ask her to order this one. Can’t resist it 🙂

Congrats, Christine!
Such an awesome opportunity! 🙂

It makes me quite sad that the collection will only be available in the US and Canada though 🙁
Great that MAC wants to thank beauty bloggers, but they’ve forgotten about their beauty blog loving costumers 😉

I almost said no because of it, but it was my hope that either it does so well that they think about offering it internationally or some other miracle happens!

Parisian Skies, Jealousy Wakes, All of My Purple Life and Nitro:Licious 2046 look awesome! However, “Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle!” and “Evolution Revolution”, BORING. No offence but seriously if you could make your own shade, do something fun not something everyone’s already done.

I think you should go read what inspired them to make these shades. 🙂 Karen’s story is really quite touching and it makes me want the lipglass even more!

I was moved as well. It’s perfectly ok to create a product that you believe is truly representative of your experience, whether it is “out there” or not. A well- crafted product is always appreciated, particularly from someone who has tested enough to have a honed sense of what “works”. The color may seem “boring” to some because it’s in a popular color family that is very wearable. I don’t see this as detracting from its worthiness.

Just because Evolution Revolution is wearable, doesn’t mean it’s boring. And I agree with Julie, Karen’s story behind the color is very touching. It’s a lovely color, with some unexpected multi-colored microshimmer. It’s far from dull.

I think I’ll save to buy the entire collection. There are some shades I don’t think I’ll reach for often, but it’s for the sake of supporting beauty bloggers! Yours and Karen’s are top on my list though!

This is so awesome! I love the look of Jealousy Wakes and also Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle…and maybe the two of them together! What a great opportunity.

Some of my really good friends are beauty bloggers, like Muse (Musings of a Muse) and Elessa (Pursebuzz)!

Love those girls! I want to congratulate you on the lovely product you’ve created, didn’t expect anything less than perfect from you. That’s why you’re my favorite blogger, love your intelligent inputs!

I’ve been waiting for this color story for weeks now. Congratulations, Christine! I just feel bad that I won’t have access to these products.:( I think Mac should’ve made this available for everyone because the blogs have readers worldwide, not just in US and Canada.

I hope you get a chance to review them or at least post some swatches. I’d still love to see some swatches even if I’m not sure if I can get any of the products.

I could have never kept a secret like this, I would blurt it out from excitement.
So sad it’s not available internationally !

The color is beautiful… I just dont think that it will look good on my skin tone. That makes me sad… b/c I would love to own a shadow from one of my favorite guru’s. But Congrats anyway. This is an amazing accomplishment and looked like lots of fun.

Well, at least I know enough in advanced to have someone order them for me then. I LOVE the shade you created, it’s perfect.

how amazing! How luck u gals r! It makes me proud of mac that they would do that! Recognize the people! This is is cool! Good for u guys! Definitely an incredible milestone for a blogger!

Wow! Congratulations to you!! This must be so exciting!

It looks like I will be buying ALL of the shadows, and at least 2 of the lipglasses!

June 21st is now marked on my calendar, but I know I’ll be checking the site for the entire week prior to the release date!

Congratulations to the bloggers. I like the look of Evolution Revolution but am getting increasingly annoyed that the MAC products made in Canada (like the lipglasses) cost more to buy in Canada. I’d rather buy Canadian products but not when I’m getting ripped off!

I completely agree with you about the pricing. When our dollar was so low, I could understand, but we’ve been at, near, or above par for the past couple of years. It’s time for all companies, especially Canadian ones, to adjust product pricing. Maybe if the prices were more inline with the U.S., paying our 13% HST would be easier to swallow.

I realize that MAC is owned by EL. However, when many of the products are made in Canada, by Canadians, we shouldn’t have such a huge price differential. 🙁 Since many of the products are made domestically, duties to import them should not be factoring in to the equation either. I don’t know what type of duty would be paid on raw material..

I didn’t realize Quebec was 15%! Man, I thought your taxes were around 13.5%. I remember when Nova Scotia was 18%. It was hard living there at the time.

At least in QC, you do have cheaper beer. I make a run to Costco in Gatineau once a month, and pay about 35% less than I would in Ontario.

Ah well, back to the makeup!!

I am sad that we wont get this in the UK 🙁 It seems silly with it being a bloggers collection and bloggers reach a worldwide audience… I am extra sad because green is my favourite colour and I would have snapped up Jealousy Wakes 🙁

These COLORS! OMG Each one is so unique. Even so, all the more wearable as well. Christine, you really must at least swatch and let the world see. The colors will speak for themselves. Congratulations, and job well done. Yea!


I think you guys blogger should be hired permanently to create such beautiful shades from now on!

Who else knows what we want better than you!

Congratulation, Christine! Your shade is definitely you! Such beauty!

This is awesome. The fact MAC is giving you and other bloggers the chance to do this is just amazing. I can only imagine the fun you all had creating your shades and seeing it be made! I’m wicked excited for you guys and for us! haha

Those lipglasses are speaking to me…saying “buy me…buy me”…the eyeshadows are pretty too. Going to put this date in my phone so I can get online and buy them…does the MAC site launch at Midnight of the day products come out? I really need to know these things! LOL!

Wow, Christine! This is just fantastic! What an awesome concept. I really wish I lived in the US… I want all of those eyeshadows and a couple of the lipglasses 🙁 Cmon, MAC! Make this international! LOL

They picked a really good shot, too! And thank you for emailing me about it, too — I had to pretend like it didn’t exist, LOL!

would you be reviewing all items? would you be scared of the political altercations you might encounter from reviewing other bloggers items?

I am abstaining from reviewing the collection. No matter how strongly I feel I could do so without bias, I recognize that the perception is different. I may swatch it and just post swatches for readers, since it is online only, but I haven’t made a decision for sure on that.

Swatching it would be nice, if it’s not too much trouble, and if there’s anything similar you can compare it too, perhaps?

Since it’s going to be produced in formulas you’re familiar with, there shouldn’t be a need for review there, and color is subjective aside from that, anyway. There’s probably not a huge need for a review of the products themselves, since you cover MAC pretty extensively, anyway.

Aside from pictures of the colors, whether someone likes the actual color’s always subjective, anyway.

MAC should definitely do this more often! It show appreciation for the consumer and of course you wonderful bloggers! I haven’t been this excited for a new collection for a while 🙂 I am definitely getting all of the eye shadows and at least 3 or 4 of the glosses, yay!

Congratulations Christine! This is really amazing. For the record, I really liked the ideas in your Temptalia April Fools. 🙂 It’s interesting seeing all of the process involved in the behind the scenes. I like the color of yours- Jealousy Wakes and Karen’s Evolution Revolution. Though I’ll be curious to see everything swatched.

I am excited for all these colors. I am a little curious why they picked two grays and three lipglasses that seemed so close in color….I figured maybe they don’t look that similar in person. Regardless I am looking forward to a collection with no duds in it!

I don’t buy MAC whatsoever, but if I do buy, I will buy from this collection. I support the outreach this company has done, and if they keep it up I may buy from them in the future.

This is amazing! Congrats to the wonderful bloggers represented in this collection. Way to go MAC. Of COURSE I’ll be purchasing from this collection. How could I NOT buy Jealousy Wakes? When I would never have started my love affair with MAC if it were not for Christine!

You’re quite welcome! As someone who has no MAC in her area and has to purchase online, I’ve come to rely on temptalia to guide my purchases. I SO greatly appreciate all your hard work with your true-to-life swatches and fantastic honest reviews. You haven’t steered me wrong yet!

I’ve decided i have to have those eyeshadows! I really want to see the lipglass swatches… Will these be available for pre-order? If so, when will it be?

OMG this looks amazing!!
And you guys were in Toronto!! Ahaha kinda random thing but last thursday I meet one of the co-founders of MAC!

I honestly can’t wait until these come out. Your shadow is absolutely stunning. The closeups you posted left me breathless! I’m definitely buying your eyeshadow and probably Evolution Revolution. Congrats on this opportunity!

Oh my, this is sooo amazing. I absolutely love every one of the eyeshadows and Kudos to you for choosing emerald green-my ab fab color.
I’m really loving all the lipglasses, too. This is so exciting! I think MAC will have my undying devotion for doing this.

These are so cool! Congrats again on your honor.

Now to plan my first MAC purchase in at least 6 months… and I was being so good, too!

I can’t even begin to tell you how insanely jelous I am that you got to do this Christine!

Not to mention I won’t be able to buy it! I’m in the UK *mumbles*

Congratulations darlink! What a wonderful experience! xx

CHRISTINE!! CONGRATS!!! This is so amazing, and quite an accomplishment!!
When I first read this, I was like “she better not be joking, again!”, but had been anxious to hear about your big announcement that you hinted about a few days ago. Can’t wait to order mine!! 🙂

Christine I am so excited for you. I also follow Karen’s blog so I’m doubly excited. I will definitely be buying from this collection. I’ve been loving jeweled toned eyeshadows and yours is right up my alley. I can’t wait!!!! 🙂

Great green! It’s the best color! 🙂 When you made that fake MAC collection joke did you know this would happen? T’was fate!

Congratulations!!!! It was totally generous & obviously thankful to do this for you all!! They obviously do appreciate all the hard work & honesty you all put in your blogs! Recognition unnoticed! Beautiful shadows & lip glasses! Can’t wait for a look using your green shadow 🙂 XX

those are all very different, creative colors for sure – I would like to try all of the shadows and the “Evolution Revolution” & “All of My Purple Life” lipglasses – well probably the “Caqui” one too =D

Christine, I am so excited for you! I was so proud to see your gorgeous eyeshadow up there as part of this collection! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now, and this is the icing on the Temptalia cake for me! 🙂

Why would they select all American beauty bloggers! why is there not one ”single” Canadian included in this. This is OUR company, ”Canada’s own” ( yes I’m aware we were bought out by Estee Lauder in the 90’s but MAC was still founded on Canadian soil), probably the only source of Canadian pride we have and they select all these Yankee B*tches instead. God that really pisses me off!

Woof, back at you.

1. Canada had a lot of things that should inspire pride in their citizens, not the least of which is the absolute hospitality and kindness I generally encounter when I am there (present company excluded).

2. I’m assuming these invites were based on merit? I don’t know if MAC checked passports prior to determining the quality of the submission.

3. Thank you for giving me a fabulous new return address for my letters- just “Yankee B*tch will do, thanks!” oh and I will use an actual “I”, not an asterisk.

Ahahah you are very welcome! I was just in a bit of a pissy mood this morning and a tad hungover, which would get me all riled up in anger at the silliest things, I obviously didn’t have my Tim Hortons coffee either.. as a canadian should.

Though I do always feel like we (canadians) get swept under the rug in sometimes, like we don’t matter in the eyes of other companies even one ”we created”. I know lots of Canadian beauty bloggers that unfortunately will never get the recognition from a big name company like ”MAC” or be invited to press events like Christine ”A.K.A Temptalia”– it sucks. Next time I pass the original MAC store in Toronto I’ll be sure to throw my feces at the door. lol lost my support.

Congratulations!!!! From the looks of the eyeshadow, it looks stunning!!! I can’t wait to buy it along with some of the lipglasses!!

OMG. I am so excited to hear about this!! CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINE! Your eyeshadow sounds amazing. I can’t wait to wear it!

what an AMAZING idea for a collection. one of the best things MAC has ever done. you must feel so honored. congratulations! (i will be buying!)

Ack! Parisian Skies, and Evolution Revolution will be mine! Jealousy Wakes is GORGEOUS, but I think it’d be too dark for my skin tone (I’m super, super pale). 🙁

Congratz Christine!
I definitely want Hocus Pocus and Jealousy awake eye shadows! *drools* maybe even sparkle, neely, sparkle.. but definitely the first two shadows! *eyes sparkle*

i dont like that this collection is just available in the us.. 🙁 i loooove hocus pocus ,persian skies and evolution revulotion .. they look so pretty 🙂

Companies, please keep doing this whole collaborate-with-bloggers thing. Because the results are muy fantastico.

Hocus Pocus, Jealousy Wakes, and Nitrolicious blah blah blah are calling my name…

I had my doubts about this collection when I heard the first rumblings about it a few months ago, but Christine, I have to say, you really nailed it with Jealousy Wakes. Such a gorgeous, sublime shade… being a green eyeshadow junkie, it’s honestly close to what I would come up with if I had the incredible opportunity that you did. Thank you so much for sharing the experience you had creating it–it was a fascinating read. You are so lucky! All of your hard work on this site is really paying off! I cannot wait to get my hands on that eyeshadow. You ROCK!

Christine, I’m probably going to buy three Jealous Wakes eyeshadows because it looks gorgeous! You really nailed this. I might buy another eyeshadow, and I’m kind of eyeing Evolution Revolution lipglass, but we’ll see!

I absolutely love your color, Christine! I am usually not a fan of greens but I will be buying this one. I love all your colors compared to the rest of the bloggers!

Do you know if there will be a free shipping code? btw Jealousy Wakes is my 1st pick…just an fyi. I LOVE green- Thanks Christine for your creation and all the thought you put into it!