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MAC & Beth Ditto Powder to the People Powder Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder

MAC & Beth Ditto Powder to the People Powder

MAC Powder to the People Powder ($38.00 for 0.35 oz.) is an odd product. At first, it seemed like a cheek product. It’s listed under Face > Powder on the brand’s website, but the description is, “Play with polka dots to create highlighting effects on your eyes by blending the colours of this ultra-fine, lightweight pressed powder with a velvet-smooth finish.” With all that said, it appears to be an eyeshadow “palette” so-to-speak, but I’m baffled as to why they put it under the powder category instead of under eyes/shadow, if that’s what this intended to be used for. Nevertheless, I tried it as an eyeshadow and swirled together as a cheek color.

I’m only rating this on the performance of the product as an eyeshadow because of how it is described by MAC specifically–I just wanted to cover all the bases and show you how it works and looks as a cheek color, too, because I know a lot of us thought that was what it was initially!

I’m not keen on the texture of the powder. It’s dry, powdery, and half of the shades look chalky applied. When applied as an eyeshadow, it was so-so, but it absolutely needed a primer underneath in order for the colors to show up (which is what I have shown below). The darker brown is the most pigmented shade out of the compact. As a blush, it left a powdery finish on my cheeks that wasn’t particularly flattering.  When I tested it on the eyes for application/color and wear, it lasted about six hours over a primer before fading around the edges (I couldn’t really get it to show up without a primer).  When I tested out the longevity of the product as a blush, it wore for seven hours and only looked a smidgen faded after eight.

The first shade I swatched was a medium-dark terracotta brown with orange undertones. It was the most pigmented of all the shades. It’s more orange and lighter than MAC Soft Brown. It has more brown in it compared to MAC Rule. The second shade is a pale peach-orange with a matte finish that’s sheer and powdery. NARS Ramatuelle was the closest dupe.

The next shade was a medium-dark blue that applied very sheer and chalky. It was darker than Dior Swimming Pool and NYX Cool Blue. MAC Winkle is darker and cooler-toned. The fourth shade was a sallow yellow with a sheer, chalky color payoff. MAC Three Ring Yellow is similar.

The last shade was a soft, light-medium yellow-toned pink that was fairly sheer and powdery. Inglot #359 is a smidgen darker. MAC Paradise Island isn’t as yellow-toned. MAC Launch Away is more pigmented. MAC Crew is a smidgen warmer. When swirled together, the effect is a dirty brown-tan with a mostly matte finish and ends up rather powdery. MAC Sun Dipped is so much better. Chanel Sable Beige is yellower and has a golden sheen.

As an eyeshadow palette, the packaging is a bit frustrating–dust and excess powder from the colors will mix, which means when you’re trying to get pure yellow, you might find brown-hued dust on top, which will give it a dirty look. You get a lot of product, but the price tag is rather steep, too. I imagine it would be more practical and useful to have put together a quad of four colors and priced it at $38 instead. I used MAC’s 239, and it felt almost too big for the polka dots.  At the end of the day, it feels and looks like a collector powder, and it exemplifies a common problem with multi-tasking products: they’re never as good in one as they are separate.

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder (Diffused Flash)

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder (Studio Lighting)

MAC Powder to the People Powder
MAC Powder to the People Powder over primer (this was just to see how the colors applied, NOT a look, not blended, etc.)


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fabiola Avatar

I don’t know what to think about this product is something I’ve never seem before, I wasn’t planning to buy any from this collection because it is too hard for the wallet to keep up with mac collections. Thank you for your always honest review Christine.
By the way, mellan looks so cute in is little pool.

Mariella Avatar

Cute name but “no thanks”. I can’t help wondering if/when MAC will start getting the message that these less than stellar collections aren’t enhancing people’s sense of MAC as a great cosmetic line.

Sofie Avatar

I strangely actually REALLY like how it looks on the cheeks. Eyes weren’t bad either; gave me kind of an 60’s or 70’s VOGUE feel for some reason!

xamyx Avatar

I have to admit, this one looked intriguing in the promos, and I do like the colors blended together for the face, but $38 is a bit too much if the individual shades don’t work. I also have a soft-spot for cosmetics that promote a more alternative image, so this collection did really pique my interest. However, I did pick up a Gareth Pugh pigment, although it was 2X the normal price for half the amount…

vvs9992003 Avatar

This is one of the most hideous products I’ve ever seen from MAC. It’s a rip off, the design is ugly, and the product quality looks like kids’ play makeup. Maybe I’m being overly harsh but I just don’t get why MAC even bothers releasing such substandard products and then tries to sell it based on it’s limited edition status alone.

Rae // theNotice Avatar

But… but multicoloured polka dots! 🙁
I was really hoping this one would be a winner (seriously, it’s SO cute in the pan), so it’s rather disappointing that it isn’t. Not all that unexpected, of course, but disappointing all the same! Thanks for the (as always,) frank & honest review, Christine <3

Brittany Avatar

That Is weird that they would put it under the face catagory, I’m kind of glad they said it was an eyeshadow cause how on earth would you put that on your cheeks with the polka dots? It woulds just be a complete disaster going on someones cheeks with the blue, yellow, and pink. I’m not to impressed with this product or even care the lin, good thing to cause this is just not worth it- extremely dry and chalky just like you said. Horrible. Thanks for the review, this will save someone 38.00…hopefully!

WendyMiller Avatar

I think this is one of the least flattering items I have ever seen released by MAC. I don’t really know what else to say.

Manon Avatar

I’m so disappointed now that I saw this review, but at least I will not waste my money getting an awful product that doesn’t worth the price. The only good thing is that the colors are not an overspray, but they’re not pigmented so … :/  It’s funny how it looks when all the colors are mixed together, I didn’t know what to expect at first sight, it’s not an ugly shade. It’s definitely a collector product though.

Alison Avatar

Wow, sounds rubbish! I don’t understand why MAC are consistently putting out underperforming limited edition items. Maybe they increase sales in the short term but they are really alienating their customer base by peddling overpriced rubbish.

Dominique33 Avatar

The powder is ugly in a way but it looks very pretty on you. I don’t know if I will go to our M.A.C store here, honestly speaking i prefer summer 2011 Flower Fashion collection or even the Vera Wang collection, M.A.C used to be very creative and artistic but too many collections are so so good for creative inspiration. Let’s wait for the next collection…

Viola Avatar

The description in the german MAC site gave me another idea of the use of this. Kind of like those multicolored powders that are supposed to even out the appearance of your skin.
“First apply small dots in various shades to then blend them together.
The colors of this ultra-fine and light Pressed Powder provides your eyes a verlvety-soft  finish and radiant highlights.”
Hopefully my translation was understandable :/

Chynna Avatar

That is so weird! And why call it “powder for the people” and sell it as a powder, then make it about eyes? This is what happens when you put out so any collections every year. I think they’re always off to the next new thing and quality suffers.

corallista Avatar

It looked really intriguing in the pan but the powdery-ness can be seen in the swatches. The shade seems flattering for duskier skin tones when used as blush. I love what you’re wearing on your eyes in the full face shots! Which eye shadow is it? 

ds Avatar

The powder is for the face and eyes. The application suggestions given to us in the MAC update book include 1. swirling a 109 brush to apply to cheekbones and 2. using one of the colors from the compact on the eyes with a 217 brush.

Steph Avatar

What they told us at the update was the following:
Blue and yellow are eyeshadows
Brown is the bronzer
peach is the highlighter
And the pink base is a blush

And they suggested a 227 to apply the bronzer/highlighter dots

Hope this helps!


I was waiting for your review to decide about buying it or not. I thought this was a face powder, kind of funny!lol…So, this one is a NO NO! Thanks for your HONEST review! Too much money to pay for an ordinary, low quality product! kisses!

Laudes Avatar

I’m always glad when MAC, or any cosmetic brand, tries something different, creative & new… I’m always ready to give it a thorough try!  This is very cute as an art object, but as a makeup palette, I think it’s kind of an odd vision.                 
In the photos in which you use the dots as eyeshadows, I can’t see any particular advantage to them. Their texture looks thin & chalky, and the colors don’t seem all that special. Having said that, in the two pictures in which it’s used as a blush/face powder, your skin absolutely glows & looks wonderful! 

peachbabe Avatar

Am I the only person excited about this powder lol? It’s not Mac’s best but as a collector I think Mac will never put out anything as unique as this. It looks good on Temptalia’s cheeks so to me I can work with it and enjoy how funny it’s gonna look with the rest of my babies (skin finishes). It’s going to be like my odd child and for that reason I just had to have it BUT this is Definately my last buy from Mac for a long time because they do seem to put out anything now a days and just move on the next which is not cool at all to us loyal Mac buyers.

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