Introduction to Marc Jacobs Beauty

Introduction to Marc Jacobs Beauty

I’m new to this brand. Where should I start?

A Few Notes | Highliners: It’s one of the longer-wearing formulas, and I’d say one of the interesting things about the range is that they also manage to have more unique shades (relative to what you see from most brands, and then even more so for a higher-end range). They are often raved about for the longer-wear on waterline as well. Eyeshadows: The brand doesn’t offer singles, only trios and seven-shade palettes (and last holiday, they did a 20-pan palette) for their powder formula, and then they have cream-based large pencils that are available individually.

Lipgloss: Their lipgloss range is average; a big reason they did not score high was that they said “maximum color” and what I’ve tried has, in general, been sheer, but they are easy to wear. Lipstick: Their Le Marc Lip Creme is fairly popular with readers from what I can tell; my experience was that they were longer-wearing at four to six hours but not the full ten (so the ratings suffered a good deal from missing the mark there) and aren’t hydrating, but they are pigmented.

Blushes: I’m not a fan of their powder formula; it seemed unnecessarily stiff/firm in the pan and really hard to get color out of them, but I have not tried any since the brand originally launched.

Base products: There is a lot of love for the newer Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation, which is a foundation that does offer a lot of coverage, but I’ve struggled to find a decent shade match (I have three shades, and the shade range itself is quite large!) and have had trouble applying it (sometimes it looks good, sometimes it makes my skin look dry). I like the Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer for adding some slip and light hydration to the skin.

Brushes: If you’re looking for a higher-end, synthetic range of brushes, particularly face/cheek brushes, these are nice. They are well-made, wash easily, retain their shape after washing, feel nice against the skin, and perform well overall.

What would you recommend to someone just trying Marc Jacobs Beauty for the first time?