What is the most crucial part of your beauty routine? Least crucial?

Brows and mascara I think have the most impact, and for me, without either (but say everything else), it wouldn’t come together. Least crucial is probably a lot of eye makeup, even if it is a very fun part of the routine to do!

— Christine
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*Most crucial – definitely brows. My brows are sparse, and if I don’t do them, my face looks un-finished, un-framed. Doesn’t matter if the rest of my makeup looks great, doesn’t look right without the brows.
*Least crucial – eye makeup. I love wearing it, but it’s not totally necessary

Greatest impact: Skin and lips! I don’t have much acne now but I still have enlarged pores and a couple of whiteheads so it’s important for me to even out my complexion. Lipstick, because I have pale lips and it really brings back colour to my face.

Least crucial: eyeshadow. My double eyelid isn’t very prominent, I don’t have much lid space and I wear glasses so any eyeshadow effort doesn’t really get noticed. Eye liner is a different thing though!

Oh boy! Well in order for me to look presentable, I must have at minimum, my actual skin products on, whether BB cream or foundation because of my having uneven coloring, and absolutely my brows and mascara done, otherwise my eyes disappear behind my glasses!
Least crucial would be contouring and highlighting. I love the effect they have, but I already have very high cheekbones, so I can get away with just some blush in a pinch.

Brows and mascara are a must for me as well! Could do without eye makeup like liner and shadow. On my simpler days when I just need to run errends and grocery shop then cook dinner at home for my family, or if my boyfriend pops by I will normally just do I will do a very simple day look. Bb cream, brows, mascara and blush. If im feeling like I have extra time ill throw on a nice highlight to look extra glowy and a nice lip color.

The most crucial part for me is definitely my base. My skintone is very uneven at the moment and making sure to prime my skin and apply the right foundation and concealer is really important. I need it to look as natural as possible and I really need it to last as long as possible on my oily skin! Done well it makes such a difference. And it stops me from scaring the children. ?

The least crucial for me is either eyebrows or eyeshadow. If everything else is done, skin, blush, lipstick, I can skip eye makeup completely. I do this pretty often actually because I’m lazy! I know that I look better with it but I don’t think I look bad without it. My face makeup wins over my eye makeup every time and I prefer a few extra minutes in bed if possible!

Most crucial: Sunscreen so my pale skin doesn’t burn. Also, lip color. My lips are almost as pale as my skin. I need something on them or I look like I don’t have any.
Least crucial: Filling in eyebrows. They’re still thick enough I can get away without that step. I do have to brush them, though. The hairs are long and need some taming in the morning.

It seems like this question could be considered broadly (hair? skin care? makeup? nails?) or narrowly (makeup only, since, after all, Christine focuses on reviewing color cosmetic products).

So, broadly, my hair may have the greatest impact on my overall appearance, so taking care of that might come first. But having skin that doesn’t look diseased is right up there with hair in good condition, so whatever I have to do to subdue the rosacea (in my case, mineral SPF and BHA) is absolutely crucial. Otherwise my face can turn flaming red when I go outside. It even hurts.

So my base with mineral SPF is the most important part of my makeup routine. But you could consider SPF as skin care, rather than makeup. Once I have tinted SPF on, I would have a really tough time choosing between tinted brow gel and some kind of lip color. When I was younger, I would have said brow gel to tame my brows, but, as I get older, I tend to look washed out and tired without some kind of lip color on. Bottom line is, I always use both when I leave my apartment.

Tracey, it’s weird, nothing the dermatologists gave me ever helped, although they do have some newer products that I haven’t tried, but have heard good things about.

It seems like the most important thing with rosacea is to figure out what your biggest triggers are, and, if possible, avoid them. In my own case sun exposure is the biggest trigger, so using SPF religiously is key; and, like most people with rosacea, my skin doesn’t like most of the sunscreens other than zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, either. So I’ve used zinc oxide/titanium dioxide-containing TMs and BBs and CCs from Tarte, Too Faced, and IT Cosmetics successfully for that. For rosacea pimple prevention, 1% or 2% salicylic acid works for me; I was able to tolerate the Burt’s Bees toner even though it has denatured alcohol in it, but now I prefer products from Paula’s choice, especially the Clear Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution 2% Salicylic Acid. SA has anti-inflammatory effects that can help with rosacea, too. Taking a shower also makes my skin turn red, especially if I wash my hair, so I switched to showering in the evening instead of in the morning — I can’t stand a cold shower, so at least I don’t have to use as much concealer this way. Hot drinks aren’t a big trigger for me, but I’ve switched to iced coffee during the warmer months.

It took several months or a year or so of consistent SPF and SA use, but my rosacea calmed down considerably. It’s pretty rare when my face turns flaming red any more, instead of that happening almost every day. And the progression of new broken blood vessels on my face has slowed down.

Someone else on this forum recommended the Rosacea Control Serum from Skin Actives, which contains epidermal growth factor, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Least crucial: eye shadow, even though it’s my favorite thing to do. Concealer, something on my cheeks, tightlining and mascara all come before eyeshadow for me.

I’m just the opposite of Christine….brows and lashes are probably my least crucial. Most crucial – concealer and some lip and cheek colour (I’m very pale and need the colour on my face; being so pale, my dark circles are super-visible).

I love to make sure my eyes have some makeup even if it’s a natural look for everyday. I spend the most time on my eyes & trying to make them the best feature of my face. I think my lips are the least crucial part. I can get away with just a sheer lip balm too. ???

I’m very complexion-oriented but I agree, brows are important! Even if i just brush them with brow gel I need to do something to look polished.

The most crucial thing is definitely sunscreen! Then it would be eye cream and lip balm. That’s often all I’ll do if I’m just running errands. The next level is concealer and brows, with mascara in third. Least essential are contour, highlight and eye shadow (especially if I’m wearing glasses). Blush, eye and lip liner and lipstick are somewhere in between. I appreciate the benefits of lip liner more and more the older I get.

Most crucial for me is to make sure my skin and lips are nice and hydrated. Everything else comes together after that, even if I don’t have time for a full face of makeup. Least crucial for me is eyeshadow and liner. I wear it every once in a while, mostly because I live close to work and like to sleep in as late as I can. LOL

I think my base is most important for me, I often have spots, so my makeup looks best when my face is sorted out with concealer and a base. My base depends on the season, and whether I’m wearing it in the daytime or the evening. If it’s daytime I wear a lighter base, like Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, if it’s summer I wear something like It Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC+ which has SPF. In the evening I will tend to wear something a little heavier and with more coverage like NARS Velvet Matte skin tint. I always wear Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, it’s a cheap drugstore one but very good and I don’t react to it like I do with UD Naked concealer.

The rest of my makeup is more for fun and I might only wear one item besides my base, like lipstick, or mascara, or blusher. I don’t really do anything to my brief apart from keeping them relatively groomed, tidy and shaped. I don’t wear products on my eyebrows because it can look heavy and aging on me.

Most crucial are eyebrows, I won’t leave the house without them even if I don’t wear anything else! My brows are as routine as brushing my teeth at this point. Least crucial is eye makeup because I feel more put together with just lip makeup than just eye makeup.

Brows (darken, fill in sparse areas) and lips (bright, bold color) are most important. I can pretty much skip everything else if I do those. Eye shadow is by far the least important.

Most crucial is undereye concealer; without it I look tired and sick, and I usually use it double-duty as my lid primer. Least crucial is my highlighter. As much as I love it, I think it’s making the smallest overall impact for my look. It’s more of the icing on top!

Eyes for sure is the most crucial. It takes as much as the rest of my face to do.

The least crucial are the lips. Just a swipe of a lipstick or a gloss and I’m done there.

Brows and undereye concealer have the most impact, gives me a much fresher look. Mascara does a lot too, but I’m okay skipping it sometimes (when I’m not wearing a full face of makeup).

Most crucial is definitely exfoliating and moisturizing. My skin is so dry that if I slack off I get ashy and itchy. (also, spf on my face every day)

Least crucial is mascara. I have yet to find one that doesn’t make my eyes itch and/or burn. UD Perversion is the one I have the least reaction to, so I have a mini and I pull it out for special occasions (like my brother’s wedding).

Alice, the best for my eyes have been Physician’s Formula, Almay, Tarte, and e.l.f. If you haven’t tried them yet, I’d recommend giving them a shot.

If you have a gel liner that works for you and sets completely, you can also use that on your lashes, applied with a mascara fan brush.

Yeah I’ve tried a few of those. I even have reactions to the “natural” stuff, it’s annoying.

I don’t have any gel liners but if I ever pick one up I’ll be sure to try that, thanks!

Brows and the final dusting of Guerlain Meteorites. For my brows, I really don’t care about them, but I do notice that they look faded or bland when I’ve got the rest of my face done, so I always do them for balance. For the finishing powder though, I love this step – not only for the scent of the Meteorites, but it diffuses and blends everything and takes away any patchiness and blockiness and shine, every time. I love them – one of my all time favorite beauty buys.

Shoot – anybody else start answering a question and it morphes into a different question and answer by the time you are done?

Most crucial is a tie with the brows and finishing powder of Guerlain Meteorites.
Least crucial is lips – I think I could get away with just a slick of clear gloss or balm for most if not all of my eye+cheek looks.

Foundation. It doesn’t matter how skillfully I appy the rest, or how flattering the colors potentially are, if I don’t start with a full-coverage foundation. I need my skin to look like it belongs on this body first — the rest is accessory.

Just realized I never addressed “least crucial” — lips. I generally don’t care whether I have anything but lip balm on my lips, so I often skip them entirely.

Most crucial is skincare and lip balm. I’ll go without everything else but I always do my skincare now.
Least crucial is probably highlighting or eyebrows. Thank god for full eyebrows.

Most crucial hands down are brows and mascara, a 2 for 1. I naturally have thin, non-dense brows and eyelashes so I actually must enhance them.
Least crucial are lips. Most days I go without dressing my lips up. I do moisturizer them with a balm but lipstick, gloss and liner are not a priority.

-Flawless glowy skin . I love using a makeup sponge to apply my makeup ( loving the tequniques makeup sponge ) .
– stained lips

Non- crucial
-eye makeup

Brows, foundation and lipstick are crucial for me. Without them I look blotchy and pale.
The least crucial is mascara because I wear glasses and the effects are mostly hidden.

Definitely the base. My skin is pretty clear from blemishes at the moment but I’ve got enlarged pores and red marks from spots on my face. base is a must before anything else.

My skin care routine is the most important aspect of my beauty routine because it primes the canvas for anything that comes after. Least crucial is primer, since I have already done the work with my skin care routine, making primer virtually unnecessary.

Most crucial: foundation and mascara! I have mild melanoma and pigmentation from past acne, and mascara really opens up my eyes.

Least crucial: contouring (I do light cheekbone contour everyday) and lipcolor. I can do with a clear balm!

Most crucial: base, as I have REALLY red cheeks so would look weird doing my makeup without at least some BB cream to lessen them. Next would probably be either mascara (though I don’t like mascara, but it makes a difference) or a bit of contouring of my round face.

Least crucial: brows, as I get mine threaded regularly, and they’re really full so unless I’m doing a full-blown makeup look I don’t even have to run my Brow Wiz through them. Next would probably be lip product, as my lips are quite pigmented (and evenly pigmented) already, and I’m young enough that my lip line is still pretty defined.

I’d agree with most everyone, my brows and lashes are the most crucial part of my routine and eye makeup is least crucial. Also, I can’t go without a great lip balm – the Fresh Advanced Treatment is my absolute favorite.

Most important step in beauty routine? Applying my BB cream, which has SPF 35 (I use Bobbi Brown’s, which is long lasting). This step provides sun protection, moisture, and coverage for little flaws on my face.

The least important? Powder on my face. It does help the BB cream last a bit longer, but it’s a step I can skip when I’m out of time.

The most crucial part of my beauty routine is good skincare. If you take good care of your skin, you don’t need a lot of makeup. Makeup helps to highlight the good parts of your face and hide the imperfections. I love makeup and have fun with it, but would never put it before my skincare.

Skincare. Nothing looks good if my skin looks bad. Next would have to be mascara because my lashes are straight and light at the ends so you can’t even see them without it. Mascara seems to make me look awake and vibrant so I don’t typically go without.

Most Crucial: Sunscreen; I can (and often do) walk out the front door with nothing but sunscreen & sunglasses. Taking care of my skin is definitely the most important thing, and I’ve worn sunscreen religiously since I was about 12, which is probably why I look a good 15+ years younger than I really am…

Least Crucial: Lips; I don’t often bother with anything more than lip balm… 10 years ago, I never left home without lipstick, even if it was the only makeup I wore. Now, it’s reserved for full-face days (if that!)…

for me most crucial is mascara. but i hate it, my eyes are watery and my lids are oily so it comes off, i have yet to find a good formula that doesn’t end up smudging everywhere. But my lashes are so small that without it my eyes look smaller.

least crucial is bronzer. i am pale so getting the right tone is a must if i am going to use it. often i use the bronzy hourglass ambient lighting powder to bring a bit of warmth to my face

Most crucial, definetely, brows. Mine are almost non-existant so if i don’t fill them, My face looks weird. After that, some kind of BB cream or TM, to even out my skin a little bit.

Least crucial, I would say highlighter. I love highlighters by I skip that step all the time. Secondly, eyeshadow. I don’t wear eyeshadows on a daily basis.

Hi Everyone! I just can’t express more about “The most crucial part of my beauty routine” is or starts off with a very clean face and then having your whole face, neck, and declote area well moisturized and well primed.. and then after your well primed and moisturized, after your concealer, foundation, primer and sunscreen, the last part would be a setting spray before you put on blush, eyebrows, lips and everything else. Imho, you need less product, and it goes on easier. 🙂

Blush and mascara are the most critical for me. Without blush my face looks flat and colorless – I always have someone ask if I’m sick when I don’t have any on! Mascara because my eyelashes are blonde, and my eyes just kind of sink into my face without it. !

Least critical would be foundation and lipstick. I have a natural red tint to my lips so I can get away without it if I must (but I’m a huge lipstick fan so I don’t like to go without!). My face definitely looks better if I have foundation on to even out my skin tone, but I can go without and be okay.

Note: skin care and sunscreen are definitely my most critical – I’m a skin care fanatic – but when I read this question I was thinking in terms of makeup, not skin care. To me, skin care is a no brainer and just part of health, not my beauty routine

Most crucial for me would be powder. My skin isn’t oily, but it is very shiny and I am a bit paranoid about looking too reflective/shiny so I always powder my T zone. Other than that, I neeeeed mascara and bronzer!

Least crucial is lipstick, for sure!

I think the most important part of my routine is skin prep, cleansing, moisturizing, priming. The least important is eyeshadow but it’s also my favorite.

Most crucial: skincare… morning and evening. Without my skincare routine nothing else works the way it’s supposed to. Brows are next in importance because they’re very sparce.
Least crucial: blush and powders, although I’m pale I can make do without either.

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