Givenchy Fall 2008 Dandy Collection Swatches, Photos, & Review

For Autumn/Winter, Givenchy’s Dandy Collection is a nice mix of smokiness and ultra glossy lips. Givenchy continuously does an amazing job on packaging. The eyeshadow quartet is so portable and compact, and the polka-dot theme for both product packaging and the eyeshadow itself is adorable. However, don’t count on the cuteness of the black and white polka dotted eyeshadow, because the polka dots vanish upon first swipe. Givenchy shadows are well-pigmented, but what always amazes me is how utterly soft they are–like butter. The above quartet is #43 Smoky Shimmer ($49.50), and I like the polka dotted shadow the most, actually. It’s this grayish black, really sultry. A nice way to tone down a smoky eye if you don’t want to use black.

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The Pop Glosses are so cute with their decorated caps! Dandy features #441 Romantic Dandy and #442 Fatal Dandy ($23.50 each). Romantic Dandy is a sheer pop of subtle shimmered pink, not sticky, and incredibly glossy (as is the way of their Pop Gloss Crystals). Fatal Dandy may look intimidating, but it’s a sheer high gloss red. For someone looking to just begin getting to know the red lips family, this might be a good way to feel like you’re going red without all of the punch of a true red.

Captiv’Eyes ($25.00) is a volume-building mascara that comes in #6 Dandy Black, which is a slightly blue-cast black. Interesting for opening eyes! (The other item pictured is Givenchy’s black liquid liner, haven’t tried it yet.)

#37 Romantic Dandy and #38 Fatal Dandy ($26.50) are lipsticks that, obviously, are made to pair with their crystal counterpops. When you see these, then the glosses make more sense (since they are pretty sheer); the glosses really pump up the gloss and “wet lips” effect. Romantic Dandy is this soft, creamy pink-berry kind of color. Fatal Dandy is a bright red with a touch of pink–it’s not an over the top, in-your-face kind of red. My favorite reason to splurge on Givenchy lipsticks is for their long-lasting wear. No matter what the color is, they are pigmented and adhere to your lips like a second skin (but feel creamy and heavenly!). Especially with the darker ones (like Fatal Dandy), they also stain the lips a bit, so even when it starts to wear off, you are left with good color as it fades through the day.

The first four swatches are from the quartest; the fourth being the polka-dotted shadow (which kind of looks like the black shadow). The blue stripe is #14 Dandy Blue Magic Khol ($21.50) — think Deep Truth, but darker, soft sheen. Then you have Romantic Dandy/Fatal Dandy Rouge Interdit lipsticks; underneath are Romantic Dandy/Fatal Dandy Pop Glosses./