Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham London Eye Palette Review, Photos, Swatches


Estee Lauder London Victoria Beckham Eye Palette ($75.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a deflating release from a collaboration that was known for its higher quality–that while incredibly expensive, the majority of products delivered on their promises, but this was a total and utter disappointment.

The eyeshadows did not apply well, nor did they stay on for longer than three hours, without primer. I had to use primer just to get enough product to show up visibly on the lid to give you an idea of the “look” one could create from the palette, and even then, it still turned out poorly with unevenness, patchiness, fading within mere minutes. The “look” above is using as much as eight layers of product, packed on, and pressed on with fingertips or with the product used damp over primer (Smashbox 24HR). I have dents in my pans from jabbing and scraping at the surfaces in an attempt to get something usable out of it.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that Blanc was supposed to be “sheer” and Gris was described as “translucent” so the lack of coverage not entirely unexpected, but the formula itself was also described as “buildable” and “blends easily” and “smooths on evenly.” Unfortunately, regardless of whether one prefers sheer or more pigmented eyeshadow, the quality of the application, blendability, texture, and wear of all four shades was dismal. None of them were worth the money, and none of them were even worth the words I’m wasting my time writing here.


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Blanc is a bright white with a sparkling, metallic finish. The consistency was dry and flaking with chunks of eyeshadow coming away from the surface, creating a mess in the pan, and was incredibly difficult to use on the lid dry with a brush as the eyeshadow clumped and dropped underneath my eye with sheer coverage (as marketed) that was not buildable at all (which it was marketed as) and always looked uneven and emphasized the texture of my lid. I could only get a fraction of color to adhere when I jammed my finger into the pan and pressed against my lid, and then it lasted for a good two hours before creasing and almost disappearing entirely. When I tried it with a dampened brush, it applied with semi-sheer coverage that lasted for an hour (creased horrendously).


Gris is a light-medium gray with neutral-to-cool undertones and a satin finish. It was supposed to have translucent coverage (though the formula was also described as buildable), and translucent coverage was only achieved by digging and scraping off powder from the pan as the texture was dry, sandpapery, and incredibly stiff. This did not blend out evenly at all; it darkened in places and dusted away in others. It faded within an hour of wear on bare skin and within three hours over primer.

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Noir (London)

Noir (London) is a medium-dark black with neutral-to-warm undertones and a satin sheen. It had good pigmentation, but it was a real challenge to blend out the product–it did not want to diffuse at all to create any semblance of a gradient or softened edge. It was patchy and balled up in places, which resulted in chunky fallout during application despite the eyeshadow having a much denser consistency and no powderiness or kickup in the pan. It started to crease within an hour and a half of wear.


Bordeaux is a medium-dark plum with warm, copper undertones and a pearly sheen. It had mostly opaque color payoff with a soft, smooth texture in the pan, but it faded within five minutes of application. It could not retain any of its intensity and started to darken unevenly as it sat on the lid. It did this over primer, not just over bare lids (and my lids are normal-to-dry, not oily). It did not blend out that evenly, though it performed better than the other three shades in the palette. It had almost disappeared within two hours of wear on bare skin and made it a whopping four hours over primer.

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Estee Lauder London Victoria Beckham Eye Palette

Estee Lauder London Victoria Beckham Eye Palette

Estee Lauder London Victoria Beckham Eye Palette

Estee Lauder London Victoria Beckham Eye Palette

Estee Lauder London Victoria Beckham Eye Palette

Estee Lauder London Victoria Beckham Eye Palette

Estee Lauder London Victoria Beckham Eye Palette

With Smashbox 24HR Primer + Packed On (4+ layers) + Shimmery shades used Damp

With Smashbox 24HR Primer + Packed On (4+ layers) + Shimmery shades used Damp

Estee Lauder Blanc Victoria Beckham Eyeshadow

Estee Lauder Blanc Victoria Beckham Eyeshadow

Estee Lauder Gris Victoria Beckham Eyeshadow

Estee Lauder Gris Victoria Beckham Eyeshadow

Estee Lauder Noir (London) Victoria Beckham Eyeshadow

Estee Lauder Noir (London) Victoria Beckham Eyeshadow

Estee Lauder Bordeaux Victoria Beckham Eyeshadow

Estee Lauder Bordeaux Victoria Beckham Eyeshadow

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I have no words for how sad this is and am wondering what is going on with brands that turn out this type of product? It seems like lately there have been a lot of premium brands suffering total failures. Maybe they need to take some time and rethink their product development and quality assurance issues.

You know what I think? I think some brands are just like “people are going to buy it no matter what” and sometimes they don’t care that they put out dismal products.

That’s how I feel it’s become with the crazy speed and pace at which companies are chucking out collection after collection.

I think what Christina D. meant was that it’s shocking it’s performs so poorly, considering that it’s made in Korea where they have pretty high quality makeup. Or maybe I’m reading the tone wrong. LOL! Like you said, the challenges of conversing over the internet.

I might be wrong, but I think the point she was trying to make was that if something costs $75 (with a price like that, it should be good) and is made in Korea (where high-quality beauty products are usually made), then a product like this receiving an F grade is extremely surprising and disappointing.

I was also wondering at the Korea comment. Because in my (albeit somewhat limited) experience, it seems like a lot of the innovation and groundbreaking ingredients in the cosmetics industry are coming from Korea. They take their makeup and skincare super seriously over there. πŸ™‚

I think you’re all being very positive. The way I read it is that for $75 she expected something made in the US. But I’ll take that back if OP’s gonna explain.

Definitely a misconception there though, because Korea beauty manufactures are great (eh, 85% of my skincare products are from there).

“None of them were even worth the words I’m wasting my time writing here.”
Haha, ouch.
Huge step down from last year’s palette – I thought that one was overpriced, but the swatches looked so nice!

Ooooohhh snap! What an expensive fail. And yet you still managed to eek out a great eye look (although it sounds like it didn’t last). I hope they didn’t change the formula on Modern Mercury, they’ll have a mutiny on their hands.

Womp, womp…
The only Estee Lauder shadows I’ve tried have been from their holiday blockbuster sets & have been rather hit & miss. BUT c’mon EL, you can’t even do a basic black shadow !?!
Anywho, thank you Christine for reviewing this so we don’t waste any $!

OMG I just LOLed for real. Tell us how you really feel Christine. πŸ˜‰

“None of them were worth the money, and none of them were even worth the words I’m wasting my time writing here.”

In all seriousness though you could get a similar (better) look with the Basic Bitch palette, I know because I’m wearing it today and those colors are so close!

Wow. Don’t know what to say. I bought the eye palette from last year which is great. But boy did this fall through the cracks. 8 layers to create a look? Unbelievable….

Woooow. I’ve been reading your blog for about two years now and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you be this harsh in a review! But by the look and sound of it, this palette really deserved it. That’s a shame, because until I got a close up view of how uneven the color applied, I really liked the tones of the look that you put together and was thinking it’d be gorgeous for late fall.

Do these companies actually think that their high price-tags and the name of someone famous will fool people into thinking they’re getting something worth having? I guess their hope is that people will be so caught up in the the “prestige” and “celebrity” that they’ll buy this and think they’re getting something “special”. Well, I guess there actually are plenty who will do that, which is what these companies count on! You can get a drugstore quad for $10 that is better than this!

…Christine, just now, looking at dupes, there seems to be a real mix-up of dupes/swatches of Blanc and Noir. Just wanting to let you know.

It all appears to be fixed or to have fixed itself but when I first clicked to see dupes for Blanc, the first one that showed up was for Noir and then there were several others for Noir and one or two for Bordeaux. Weird but it’s righted itself!

Hmm, maybe what you saw was for the palette? The palette’s image set as Blanc eyeshadow instead of the actual palette, and when I checked the post for the dupe issue you mentioned, I corrected the thumbnail for the palette!

Well, last year’s collaboration and products were quite good (on the whole), so the price/celebrity spokesperson can churn out a good product. They’ve just chosen not to here.

Oh, I know last year’s e/s palette was lovely (though I passed on it because (a) I had too many dupes and (b) it was gone before I could have got my mitts on it even if I’d wanted to) but this one – F – I mean, really, how are they not embarrassed to release something this sub-par?

Oh my gosh. Wow. I’m so disappointed to read this but thank you for posting this before preorders opened, Christine. Alot of money saved. What a terrible shame that quality has declined so drastically. I really hope it isn’t true across the board.

I have to give kudos to you Christine. I’ve followed you for years and have never seen a review like this- it has to be abysmal! Thanks for saving me money. Also, I agree with the below comment- companies are too eager to bring out new products and are making the quality suffer horrifically.

WHOA!!!!!! Last year was a great launch; what happened this time around!?!? If a company expects me to spend 75.00, it needs to be an A+ Temptalia recommends for me to buy four shades of eye shadow.

I find it so ironic that Identity palette (hope that’s the name) by Persona is awesome. It’s created by someone new to making a line of makeup and the price is only 32.00 for 15 shades that blend like butter and stay put on your eyelids yet Estee Lauder charges crazy prices for something that’s worthless. rant over.

This was the only item I was curious about in this collection as her last collab’s shadows performed really well! Oh, well.

On a side note unrelated note but still about badly performing eye shadows: I recently tested out a new palette where the eye shadows creased and faded over primer. That weird me out because it’s a primer I’ve used with dozens of other brands and performs fantastically. So I know that means it’s the eye shadow formula but I still think that’s weird because it’s in the minority.

What palette was it, Agona?

Occasionally, there are certain types of textures that seem to work better with some primers over others (like a more powdery eyeshadow might play better with a creamier primer), but in general, most primers work well with most formulations and deviations from that are typically no good!

It was Note Cosmetic 05 (white/silver/gray/back color scheme) which is a shame because it was extremely pigmented going on. I usually use bareMinerals Prime Time eyelid primer or UD Primer Potion–the only time I’ve ever seen creasing like this before was a white shade from a Shiseido trio (Snow Shadow) I used to own. I was going to try the same eye look again with Make Up Forever shadows I own in the same color scheme (Snow, Silver, and Black Diamond…don’t judge me as I know this statement means I have dupes in my collection and didn’t need to purchase the palette in the first place ><) as a control test to make sure it's not me (aka I'm doing something weird in my skincare routine pre-makeup application). But I don't think it is me because I've been wearing eye shadows from several other brands with no issues all year.

I just looked at the other one now, that did look nice…but I think in general EL/Clinique makes cruddy eyeshadow..flat and thin…and blah. I really don’t like them. So I think I was still a bit apprehensive. .even if the last palette was good..I was like it’s still idk and..with these colors…it’s important to up the amp…I think. But comparative to last does appear to have majorly tanked.


I’ve actually really enjoyed the formula in Clinique’s 8-pans and quads. Although I don’t enjoy all their color selections in some of their palettes as they could use more contrast!

My goodness! This was totally unexpected! You probably don’t return products, but you should definitely try to return this as it sounds like it’s a complete and total waste of time!

I said “Holy crap” out loud as I was reading!

I’m with Indya, this is absolutely return worthy, even though we know you almost never do. If for no other reason, it would send a powerful message to the powers that be at EL that decided to release something THIS bad at such an inflated, lux price! Also, not even good enough to donate, either.

I’m in agreement. You should return this product. Maybe they’ll pay attention to quality better. If nothing else it will get your money back and it might make you feel better about it.

I also thought while reading your review that you should definitely return it Christine. If only to let EL know that they won’t fool anyone into paying for this trash.

I totally said, “holy crap” aloud too! I was NOT prepared for this – it didn’t look as strong as last year’s palette but Fs straight across the board. I wonder what on earth happened. Was this just bad execution or was zero effort put into the concept at all? If it’s the latter….that’s incredibly disappointing to imagine.

I don’t buy from Lauder very often, but this is really too bad, because I love the selection of colours. It’s a nice combination of classic smoky eye shades combined with a nice pop of a colour that’s so hot right now.

A signature piece in this collection is utterly disappointing! When I saw how unpigmented the grey was, that did it for me, especially at this price. I really wanted the bourdeaux shade and a decent light grey. I remembered this morning that I have a bourdeaux in an old Aveda palette (where small pans in magnetic cases were the norm). I applied it and it is gorgeous! I can’t believe how well Aveda eyeshadows have held up over the years. VBxEL will need to be auperior, almost flawless, for me to pay these prices.

“…none of them were even worth the words I’m wasting my time writing here.”
Wow! That is amazing. This is a Mac worthy fail. I thought Estee Lauder was above that.
I can’t imagine what the thought process was behind this. It’s incredible.

What a fake out for those who were thinking they would get a quality palette on par with the palette from the previous collection. Why not just stick to the previous formula and change the shades? So confusing when a brand has multiple formulas, or new LE formulas, and you don’t know what to expect.

I loved last year’s palette! Totally unique in my collection and really beautifully done. I’m so glad you reviewed this quad before the launch because I was totally going to buy it just on the basis of last year’s being so strong.

Oh wow…I wonder if there is a QC issue with this palette? Mine is sheer too but I didn’t have the problem with clumping and fallout. Having said that, even now that my skin is normalized again and isn’t eating everything I put on it, I still cannot get a good result with brushes, only fingers and spongetip applicators. :/ As much as I like it, after playing with it a couple of times I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping either. At least, not for the price.

wow, that kind of quality is unacceptable (in my opinion) especially for a product priced so high! $75 US so it will probably be closer to $90 CAN. Christine, I hope you return it and tell them why!

I bought it for review and since it wasn’t broken, I won’t return it since I purchased it solely to review and I have (so I got my “value” out of it).

Those eyeshadows may be terrible but that eye look is inspired! bravo, Christine. I may try that colour combination and placement myself this week. Thank you again for your review.

I just had a feeling this one would be an F after getting that glimpse of it on discord! But that actually makes me feel so let down by the EL X VB collaboration this go round. And then there’s the price for this utter piece of garbage; just INSULTING to one’s intelligence. $75?!?! For THIS?!? Uh, NO.

OMG, I’m stunned! The swatches looked hit or miss, but 4 F’s??? Wow, that’s got to be a new record. And this was purchased too, so can’t blame it on some wonky press sample. 3 hours without primer, 8 layers??? I bet these wouldn’t last more than 3 min on my super oily lids. I’m super sad as the first collection had such a great shadow kit. Well, I think you saved a lot of people $ 72, will be checking out your dupes list

Oh wow, that is a really low rating. I’m not sure if I remember a palette where you graded everything an F. It’s disappointing that this is such a poor product considering the price. The colors are nice and the packaging exquisite, but I don’t pay $75 for packaging and dismal products. Such a shame!

I’m grateful you reviewed it for us and prevented me from making a mistake and buying it.

It’s so rare that anything wears this poorly – I mean, so many other formulas last 6+ hours on the lids without primer (on me, obviously!), so a couple of hours?! What?!

What are the other items you purchased that you will be reviewing, Christine? I am so confused as to what to order. And they sell out really fast where I am.

Oh no, so sad to hear this palette is a dud. I was looking forward to Thursday when this collection launches at Selfridges. I’m alarmed to see that this is made in Korea! Where are the other products you got made Christine? No offence to Korea, but I would expect high end cosmetics to be made in Europe, Japan or North America, in my experience this is where the best products are made.

Maybe, I’m so surprised because Estee Lauder products (at least the ones available here in Europe) are made either in USA, UK, Belgium or Italy. I have never seen anything from them made in Korea and as you say the quality of this palette is so terrible it makes me wonder if EL have farmed out manufacturing to a sub-par facility that aren’t up to the job. Is everything you ordered from this collection made there, if so I’m wondering if the quality is suspect on everything?

Thank you for writing such an honest review! This is always why I check your blog, I can count on your reviews to be unbiased and honest.

Hi Christine – you mentioned you only bought a few items from this launch. Any chance you will be reviewing Modern Mercury again (I am assuming the formula is different…)? I missed out last year and unsure if its worth the extra $10 this time around

No, I didn’t repurchase any repromoted items – as far as I’m aware, it’s not supposed to be a different formula.

LOL! This was fun to read πŸ˜›

I can’t believe these shadows didn’t even stay on a few hours, even with primer.

Thanks for the well-written and honest (as always) review!

Oh wow, I can tell this product really made you angry Christine! From the description I thought it was going to be bad (2 shades out of 4 supposed to be translucent/sheer, not a good sign) but I didn’t expect it to be an F all the way…
That’s absurd considering how good last year’s palette is. What a quick way to damage a stellar reputation for this line…

Wow! You don’t give Fs very often. I’m happy that I can save $75 for this one – not that I would likely get one anyway because $75.

What on earth are some of these cosmetic firms even thinking? For a well established company like Estee Lauder to release something of such poor quality is unthinkable. At one time, well, quite a few moons ago, Estee Lauder used to put out consistently great eye shadows and I still have some that I hit every so often and they still perform just as they did when I first purchased them. This is just so disappointing, not that I would have purchased this palette, but for Estee Lauder to launch this and price it at $75 U.S. is almost criminal. Thanks, Christine, for calling it for what it is. It’s just hard to believe that such a venerable cosmetic line has missed the mark so badly because they know better.

This is an epic fail ! I did not expect it, tbh. I passed last year’s eyeshadow palette from EL x VB but I was eyeing this one. I was hoping this palette would be made in Italy, like the previous one. Personally, I like and trust more the quality of the eyeshadows/blushes/highlighters made in Italy.

From now on I shall be hoping the products I buy are complete crap… then I will send you one and look forward to your review. LOL

Your time was not at all waisted. That was hilarious!

Wow how disappointing! I wasn’t planning on getting this but I hope that everyone who is reads your review first. It isn’t even rating a c which still would be bad but an all out F. I did purchase her Aura Gloss and I like it a lot but my favorite lip gloss is still 01 Moroccan Heat it comes in a pen shape where you click it at the bottom that is still my Very Favorite Gloss! I also picked up her Fired Crystal Gloss 02 which is o.k. but nothing special I would not do a repurchase. My next purchase will be her eye shadow in Blond Gold I have all the other single shadows from prior releases. My favorite three things are the highlighter Modern Mercury I have a backup and her 01 Moroccan Heat Gloss and her single eyeshadow Bitter Clove.

I’m both saddened and relieved. I had a mini heart attack when I saw that a second collection was coming out, this quad looked awesome. But at least you save me $75! Now I just hope the powder isn’t equally disappointing. :/

My mouth literally dropped when I saw the “F” grade. It seemed implausible to me after how well reviewed and received the original collection was.

I cracked up as soon as I read your review. “None of them were worth the money, and none of them were even worth the words I’m wasting my time writing here” is so brutally honest, I love it. Unreal they have the audacity at this price point to sale a product so poorly executed.

I think the last time I heard you so upset over a makeup product was a Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil or something.

Well, if it’s any comfort, you definitely didn’t waste your time reviewing this. TONS of people have just saved a lot of money and a lot of heartache because of you.

I am as equally shocked and disappointed as you Christine. This would have go into your epic fails list for the end of the year. It is the worst I have ever, and probably you, too, have seen.
Last year’s palette was so glorious and now this, how could EL, in all honesty, release this mess?
Even Colour Pop does their eyeshadows better at a fraction of the price.

How disappointing! I was really looking forward to this quad. How can they put out such a low quality product… I mean it just baffles me. Thanks for reviewing this as it will be an easy pass for me now. BTW, your review was pure gold, especially the last part! ?

The colour scheme is gorgeous, the performance frustrating. The saddest thing is that an average person would buy this palette, discover that make up doesn’t seem as great and decide that they are the problem if they cannot make this product work. Great that we have your website for reference!

β€œNone of them were even worth the words I’m wasting my time writing here.”

Yikes, Christine, I’ve never heard you this sharp.

I didn’t like anything from the collection when I saw the preview, so I’m ok. I’m sorry for all the people that seemed extremely excited at it. Bummer.

This is shameful, really. $75 USD for a shadow palette that is, essentially, crap πŸ™ And why? The EL x VB palette that was released last year was gorgeous! Too bad.

So sorry to see this review …. I was looking forward to this quad. Really like the color scheme. I will definitely be passing on it now and will create a similar look with the dupes you suggested.

A lot of cosmetic companies and celebs are rushing and falling all over themselves to sell items that many people will buy at a huge (make that gigantic) markup. This is what we’re seeing now.

I love the looks of Beckam products, but I always choke on the price. Her clothes included. Performance, wise.. seriously? c’mon. I agree with another post: a lot of people will not slow down enough to evaluate and buy on looks, but that’s not my problem.. and why I value Temptalia.

I knew it was going to be an F as soon as I saw your eye look. This really speaks terribly of Estee and I’m afraid they won’t even address it because they are such a huge company. I’m so sorry you had to go through such an unpleasant experience but we’re all totally grateful for helping people avoid such a disaster of a product.

Wow! The colors look so nice in the pan but you’re right, on your lids they hardly show up. I like many of the new Estee Edit products and feel like the brand is becoming more trendy and appealing. And the last Victoria Beckham palette was nice. But before the brand overhaul / Estee Edit era, I would have said Estee Lauder eyeshadows are very unpigmented. I only ever bought the lipsticks because they were super silky and pigmented. The eyeshadows have been a historical weak point for the brand, to me. It looks like they still have a way to go.

Christine- Do you think the formula for the highlighter and bronzer might have changed too? I was going to buy a back up of Modern Mercury but now I’m not sure if that’s a good idea…
On the plus side, it’s kind of amusing to read about an absolutely EPIC makeup fail from time to time.

I have no idea, as I did not repurchase, but I am not sure why they would since they have re-released both in the past!

I think they were going for a different formula with this palette in general.

JAJAJA!!! So, I had this in my cart and then though, I better go check out Temptalias reviews. So I read it and when I get to this part, “None of them were worth the money, and none of them were even worth the words I’m wasting my time writing here” I cracked up out loud so hard!! LOL!!!! Well – I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Hi there,

Massive VB makeup fan after last year. Accidentally bumped into it when visiting her store in London and went mad for it. After trying on much in the flesh I was impressed as usually dubious of celeb collabs and chi chi packaging.
Had also just finished a certificate in MUA studies so was already over spent and product critical but it floored me.

A lot of beauty editors were super honest as criticized some products whilst lauding others.
On the whole, I agreed.

Aura expensive but worth it as a glamour purchase. Packaging was weighty and most important a number of the products were pretty innovative, (eye foil wands) and gorgeous to apply, lasted (thank you first eye pallet) and frankly clever. My first dual eyeliner with perfect flesh tone for lower water line.
I did repeat purchases for the foils and dual eye liners when returned to Australia and really happy I did.

My taster purchases of 2017 drop arrived last week. Did a look yesterday and what you say, mostly rings true, so thank you, I’m not just going bonkers…

1. The blonde pressed powder eye shadow applied terribly and wasn’t in the same stratosphere as her first eye shadows.

2. The smudge grey liquid wand came in gold packaging but was weightless packaging that felt cheap, but not reflected in hefty price tag! It did apply well but the tiny amount of product you get and weird applicator, just a stick, didn’t work. I had to layer with her previous palette to get any ‘look’ happening at all.

3. Haven’t opened my new dual eye pencil, java vanilla as scared it will be crap too and not the standard of her brilliant first one.

What I don’t understand is VB had made a name for herself as a perfectionist and standard queen. She owns all her own trademarks and has made a point of not associating her name with anything else to protect her image and consumer respect.
So while last years drop with Estee had me applauding, why on earth would she associate herself with a total compromise in quality, wear and consumer satisfaction?
Her VB brand is highly protected so I’m wracking my brains here.
Her clothes are excellent and I do respect her business approach so I’m flummoxed.

Disappointed and am about to see her Hong Kong store for first time but will not be applauding but skipping over the makeup and trying on clothes only.


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