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ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek Review, Photos, Swatches

ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek
ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek ($8.00 for 0.15 oz.) is described as a “true bright neon pink pie in a matte finish.” It’s a brightened, magenta pink with cool, blue undertones and a mostly matte finish–there appears to be a smidgen of micro-shimmer but applied, it looks matte. ColourPop Homie (P, $8.00) is slightly brighter, more magenta than fuchsia. ColourPop Pegacorn (P, $8.00) is slightly more fuchsia, shimmery. LORAC Unashamed (LE) is lighter, powder. MAC Sweet Sentiment (LE, $27.00) is more shimmery, more muted, powder. Surratt Beauty Se Pomponner (P, $32.00) is a powder. Makeup Geek Hanky Panky (P, $9.99) is lighter, powder. Urban Decay Savage (P) is a powder. NARS Coeur Battant (LE, $29.00) is darker, powder. Urban Decay Quickie (LE) is lighter, powder. NARS Desire (P, $29.00) is a powder. MAC Florida (LE, $21.00) is similar. See comparison swatches / view dupes.

I’ve tested a few of the new blush shades, and this is the first one to be reviewed (I like to test a few of a new formula prior to posting any reviews, just to have a better “big picture” of where it seems we’re going), so more are on the way. The formula on the Super Shock Cheeks seems to be creamier in comparison to the Super Shock Shadows, though they still have that more sponge-like consistency where you can press and mold the product like clay. According to the brand, coverage is buildable from “natural-looking” to “more intense,” and they specifically state that “fingertips will provide the highest amount of coverage.” On each blush’s product page, the brand suggests using a flat synthetic brush or duo fiber brush with the latter yielding “a more sheer, air brushed effect.”

This is a formula where technique counts. So, how best to apply? It depends on the shade, your skin’s natural texture, the level of coverage you want, and what tool(s) you use to apply the color with. All true with any product, of course, but I felt like there was a bigger learning curve with this formula as a blush. I have been using an assortment of brushes and techniques to apply these as I’ve applied them for testing as well as for just capturing initial face swatches to see what worked best for me. I’ve had good luck with brushes like MAC 159, MAC 188, Real Techniques Setting Brush, and Real Techniques Contour Brush for semi-sheer, buildable coverage that looked well-blended and diffused nicely along the edges. Fingertips work exceptionally well for depositing medium to full coverage and blending edges. For initial application (to get color coverage), dab and pat along the cheek area, don’t swipe. For blending, the key was to use less pressure than you think; a more airy touch is all you need to blend without displacing the color. I didn’t like flat synthetic brushes for applying these, as they tended to streak and were more prone to appearing uneven and blotchy–I would always end up correcting with fingertips. Some shades were less buildable than others, and some of the very lightest and more matte finishes were less forgiving on the skin (a couple seemed less creamy, which might have been a contributing factor).

Most of the blushes look mostly matte to semi-matte applied, even those that have shimmer don’t appear nearly as shimmery applied as they do swatched or in the pan unless you’re wearing them at full, true-to-pan intensity. As I swatched through a lot of them (I still have a few I haven’t photographed yet), several shades overlapped. If you tend to like a subtle application, you may want to stick with the lighter version of the shade, but if you need or like the versatility of having a richer and deeper shade and don’t mind sheering out the color, opt for the deeper version. If you have very strong cool or warm undertones, you may find that the nuance in undertone of two seemingly similar shades may be the make-or-break difference.

Pie had good color coverage that was slightly lighter than the pan color itself, but it had mostly opaque coverage. It was blendable and sheered out to a softer, cool-toned pink. Applied with a stippling brush, it had more of stained appearance on the skin as it was brighter but more translucent. The finish is mostly matte but doesn’t look flat or powdery on the skin, and it looked good on bare skin and over (liquid) foundation. When I tried it over liquid foundation, it doesn’t disturb the underlying base product much, if at all, because it doesn’t have a wet or creamy consistency once it hits the skin. It acts more like a powder product, but it is more forgiving when it comes to diffusing and sheering the color out than really intense powder blushes. On me, the color wore well for nine hours before fading. I think if you wore it at a higher opacity level (and depending on any base products underneath), you might also see slight staining of the skin.


DCDiscontinued. $8.00.

See more photos & swatches!

ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek
ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek
ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek
ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek
ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek
ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek
ColourPop Pie Super Shock Cheek

Makeup Look
On face:
  • Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation
  • Urban Decay Naked Loose Setting Powder
On eyes:
  • Maybelline Playful Peony Lipstick


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electra Avatar

It looks gorgeous on you Christine! Lovely shade! I am wondering what product have you used for your brows? Is it Anastasia dip brow pomade? (I ‘d love to see a review on the pomades!Please!)

Ginny Avatar

Thanks for being so thorough! My real question is, can they be used on the eyes? I couldn’t find any info on the website, even under their ingredient listing.

Christine Avatar

I would assume they are not eye safe, since they are designed for cheeks specifically. Most blushes aren’t eye-safe (that is why you get companies that put out shades that look like blushes and almost make it seem like they’re eyeshadows, but they’re really not).

Ginny Avatar

This might be an obtuse question and so you need not answer: But… what’s the worst that can happen? Are we talking possible mild irritation to the skin… or is my eyeball going to burn out of my head? I’ve used powder blush in the crease before with no problem. It’s just a disclaimer, right?

Christine Avatar

I’m not a scientist, chemist, or doctor, so I really couldn’t say as I don’t have the expertise in that area and wouldn’t want to be responsible for anyone having a reaction! In some products that are listed as “not safe for eyes” in the U.S., that same product may be approved for use on the eyes in another country, but if they don’t make any disclaimer, you’d have to really understand each ingredient in the list and know the safety on each one. I know some readers have reactions to even plum and burgundy eyeshadows (that are generally safe for eyes), so reactions can vary by the individual. I would recommend doing more research on ingredients and/or writing to the brand to ask them question since they know the formulation best!

Sarah Avatar

I love the bright colours, but I’m not sure about how fussy this seems to apply. I have oily skin and I’m no makeup maven, so I prefer no-nonsense powders. I’ll be paying cloooose attention to the dupes for this line. Coastal Scents also has some well-received blushes in similar vivid colours I’m more keen to try now, since they’re powders. Still so excited to see these reviewed, this one looks wonderful!

Christine Avatar

They feel like a product people will LOVE and others will loathe… which is kind of like their eyeshadows, though their eyeshadows were a lot more intuitive/easy to apply for me. I think with the blushes there’s more need for that balance between coverage, evenness, and blending.

Katherine T. Avatar

SO glad these are getting great reviews! I’ve already narrowed down which Colour Pop shadows to order, so I was just waiting for reviews of the blushes to include in my order.

Alecto Avatar

I have So Quiche — it’s beautiful! I do swatches and write notes to myself on my color impressions, and I described it as a medium olive-tan with a strong bronze & pink shimmer. It has to be seen in real life to be believed.

BeyondtheBath(Stephie) Avatar

ACK! This looks like a good dupe for my long d/c, Lancome Pink Pool blush! (Don’t even try with that ‘Shimmer’ Pink Pool crap. Shimmer does not equal ‘2 shades lighter’.)

Do you have any recs for a color similar to this with more glitter?

MichelleChefNYC Avatar

I bought 4 of the blushes after falling in love with the shadow formula. So far I have been happy with them. I went out and got an ELF mini duo fiber brush to apply these with, and it works perfectly to deposit and then lightly blend out the product. They last a very long time on me, far longer than a powder blush. It took a while to get used to applying them just right, especially with the more intense shades. Between the Sheets has become my go-to every day blush shade. This one is outside my comfort zone, but looks lovely on you Christine!

Ellin Avatar

I definitely had to turn down the lighting on my laptop screen. WOW IS THAT BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL. I only ordered one so far…. but this looks promising.

Beautiful on you Christine!

Nicole Avatar

Wow! That looks so much like I did not expect it to look a good way! It looks so great on you! I tend to shy away form colors like this. I have TF wicked and I barely wear it. I may have to give it a go with a stippling brush. At $8, I may have to consider Pie too!
I am so excited for these Now. I am really looking forward to the peachy shades because I have been searching high and low for a true 90’s vibe peach blush that wasn’t super shimmery. I have Fox, Holiday,Bonus, Trickery,Thumper,Mochi,Bday suit,and Quarters starred. Now I am starring Pie. I totally love the names too. It takes me back to college ( I type with a small snicker,lol)! It’s so awesome to see a budget-friendly brand perform so well! Thank you for doing such in-depth reviews! You are just amazing at what you do!

Nicole Avatar

What a great description! I cannot wait for some more reviews. I hate to pay for shipping. So, I’m on dying waiting for more reviews! I know Wicked is so,so pigmented. I love the texture of the TF blushes though!I I just got Flushed in the mail today..and the second I opened it I was like..wowza! Idk..not sure if that will work. That baby is bright! With shades like that, I tell myself,maybe when I get some color in the summer. Both are form Nordstrom return policy ever! I’ll play with them. hopefully they will work out with a duo fiber or my suqqu brush& skip the apples to avoid clown face.I find that helps once you get older with those heavy pigmented blushes to not try to pop color on the apples of your cheeks.

Meg Avatar

Christine, have you tried applying these with a beauty blender? I heard somewhere that they can be good to use with powder products and cream blushes. I’m curious if it would help out this formula. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the rest of the shades!

Christine Avatar

Only online, unfortunately! They only sell through their own site, too. I believe they’re about 1.5 years old? or so. I’m sure part of how they can keep their costs down is managing those channels effectively – I think you have to sell in BULK! to cover costs of selling in other retailers.

Danielle Avatar

Hi Christine –

I was wondering if you thought the Colorpop shadows/blushes had a similar consistency/feel of the MAC electric cool eyeshadows that were released last year? I’m curious about the texture and wanted to know if they were close in feel. The way everyone keeps describing the colorpop it seems like it, but I don’t know.

angie Avatar

can’t wait for your review of the neutral colourpop blushes!
i am eyeing# prenup &# bonus! hope that the review will be as good as the bright color

Apricotowl Avatar

It gives you a gorgeous glow! 🙂
Hmm from your review it sounds like a fantastic product, but probably not for makeup beginners. I can foresee a lot of overapplication or frustration on their part.

Christine Avatar

It’s one of those products that will frustrate you if you can’t figure out the application method that works well! Like, sometimes they seem easy as pie (ha, ha, I had to) to apply, and then other times it seems like it takes some work.

I see this in their eyeshadows, too – you have huge fans and then people who have been really disappointed (I hear primarily that yes, swatches nice on the arm with fingers but it’s sheer when applied to the lid) – but I definitely think the eyeshadows are easier to work with on the whole.

ApricotOwl Avatar

Hahaha, I know exactly what you mean! Have similar frustrating experiences with items like lip tints, and those are supposed to be easy.

Ah, is that so? Could it be a difference between primed and unprimed lids?

Megan Coyle Avatar

I don’t know what I’d do without your reviews! I’ve ordered a few of these. I always check your website before ordering any makeup online. You’re a life saver. Keep up the great work!

Lotus Avatar

Gorgeous! More. Please, Cheerio, Pegacorn, that name though :), pie, homie.. Omg! What’s the difference?! And that lippi looks so elegant! I’m still trying for a similar shade on my lip tone! So pretty! The whole look! How does one choose? 😀 I hear their lippies are hydrating. Why not try one in a light pink? I’m gathering my list together! 🙂 (slapping self in head for not steering this direction sooner but grateful to be here now) 😉 omg this is hard! I wish you had these all together like you did the MUFE ARTIST eye shadows for comparisons in the similar pops! Someday.. 🙂 😉 Exactly the finish and color I’m looking for. (All 5?) haha 🙂 fun!

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