ColourPop Astrology Eyeshadow Quad Swatches (x12)

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

The swatches look pretty good, but when the offerings come at such a dizzying pace, my head spins like the Exorcist. I think CP fatigue is a true makeup phenomenon.

Thankfully you didn’t offer up that other unforgettably branded mentally scarred me as a child locked in my head forever scene … you know the one I mean.

Yup. Plus Dario Argento and Mario Bavaria Gialli. Profondo Rosso/Deep Red, with David Hemings as a beautiful young man, unlike his less than svelte aged self. It is said that women let themselves go…..they have serious competition from DH. Oy.

Oh gosh…me too! I was afraid to catch sight of myself in a mirror for weeks, honestly fearing demons could have turned my face into the face of the girl in the movie (and I was a teen at the time, not a child).

Thanks for getting these swatched and posted so quickly, Christine! I know I don’t need these, and thought perhaps I would get only my sun sign, rising sign and moon sign (I had a friend years ago who did my astrological chart), but now I want them all. Is it my imagination or are these quads a superior quality compared to the typical CP formula (which IMO is still good for the price point)?

You’re right. They do look like top shelf CP. It’s risky to do zodiac. Bite also got similar reactions. ‘Not what I see as the color(s) for X/my sign.’

What I like about quads is that it forces a focused selection of colors. These look nice! Categorization themes don’t capture my interest generally but these make me wonder how’d they’d design quads around the 16 personality types lol.

!!!!!!!! Great first product set for your m/u company. UD had some split bullets w/ DSM names. I had Manic/Depressive. You’d never get away with that names of mental health issues these days. Probably a good thing.

A Myers-Briggs set would be original! I’d buy it. What pretty eye candy! I love the color stories all put together. Looking forward to the reviews.

I would be all over that! If they were really lazy they could even just do eight colors arranged sixteen ways. Or the enneagram types!

I am a Taurus, and I don’t like this one! You can have mine. 🤣 I should have been born a Scorpio, I guess.

Libra is my zodiac sign but it’s NOT for me at all. Capricorn is really “my” sort of quad; even Aquarius is more to my liking but Libra – just like BITE (I think it was BITE that did the signs of the zodiac lippies), this is a total NO for me.

Libra is the most boring one, so I won’t be getting my sign. Taurus is the best color story out of the 12. They’re also about 4 years late on the Zodiac-themed makeup trend.

I NEVER like the colours cosmetics companies come up with for Leo. Yeah, I know it has a fire sign and lions are golden, but do they always have to do some variation of warm golds, yellows, browns and oranges. I really like Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and maybe Scorpio’s colours. Heck, I’d even wear Aquarius and Pisces over mine. Guess I’m just now a brown warm neutrals kind of gal.

As a fellow Leo whose favorite color is purple, I am feeling your post. My favorite color schemes out of this bunch is the Cancer and the Scorpio,

Wow ColourPop…maybe…maybe slow down? Maybe stop for a month? Or maybe just a week. Can you take a week off?

The astrology theme has been played to death, and I’m bored with it. And this is coming from an amateur astrologist.

It’s funny how astrology-themed stuff obviously sells well, so companies continue to produce it, but there are always people complaining about how the colors aren’t “accurate” for their signs. Every single time.

I love these! I’m an Aries and I’m not sure if I could pull those colors off, but they certainly represent a fire sign well, and I like it better than the other fire sign palettes.

Man, my last CP of their new collection hasn’t even shipped yet and they released another. Slow down! It’s not even holiday releases yet!!

Plus: These swatched better than I thought they would.
Minus: Not one single quad jumps out to me – unlike the CP Just a Glitch 5 pan from yesterday.
Plus: Saving money ;-D

These are SO pretty; really impressed with the swatches. I like the idea with throwing one or two of these in a bag for travel (if we ever do that again).

Taurus in particular is calling to me with that green.

Pisces is not my style but would be my pick for the prettiest single palette here.

To me it kind of looks like these colours were chosen at random. There are some pretty combinations but….Idk…

OMG – why does CP release so many at one time? Just a few would be fine. The brand is certainly loving the quad format lately.
I just find that so many look similar to earlier releases, with perhaps one change in shade. The produsion of mattes in them doesn’t make them appeal to me though.
The swatches look fairly good.

Scorpio is purples, Virgo is pinks and browns. I’m Scorpio sun and moon, Virgo rising, and I love purple and pink. No complaints here!

Ugh… I’m SO SICK of ♈ being represented by “fire” & the orange and red toned shades already!! 😭
Why can’t we get colors that represent the actual RAM? There’s plenty of beautiful nuetral shades that would represent ♈🐏 ( Aries) very well!!! Have so many of these “zodiac sign” palettes and they all look exactly the same. Reds, orange, terracotta, burnt oranges, maybe a deep brown occasionally. 🙄

As with all other astrology themed releases I don’t much care for the palette for my sign.
I’m also getting tired of CP, there’s a new release every day it seems. Or at least nearly every day. Take a break, CP, please!

I love the theme but am so tired of Scorpio always being purples and pinks that I’ll never wear. I know some people love them and I’m sure this will sell because it is pretty, but just ONCE I’d really like to see my sign with something neutral but able to be super sultry/smoky. JUST ONCE. LOL

I’m gonna end up with a bunch of these, I know it. I love the look of the Capricorn one, which works out great cause my moon is in Capricorn!

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