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NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner

NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner

NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner

NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner ($23.00 for 0.02 oz.) is a new (and permanent) long-wearing pencil eyeliner that is available in nine shades (though two have not yet been made available online). They’re touted to have 12-hour wear with no smearing or caking. Each eyeliner twists up and also has a built-in sharpener.

I posted sneak peek swatches a couple of days ago, and I’ve spent the time since then testing different shades out to see how they wear. I had high hopes for this product, especially because the initial wear test (which had only been four hours or so) made it seem promising. First, these are infinitely better than NARS Eyeliner Pencils. When I had these on the back of my hand, I can’t smudge them after they set–really vigorous rubbing will cause them to flake a bit, though.

  • Santa Monica Blvd. is a pure white a matte finish. This one applied a bit unevenly, and it seemed less opaque than the other shades. It seems similar to MAC Pure White.
  • Rue Bonaparte is a soft beige with a matte finish. This works well to give eyes a more awake appearance when used on the waterline–the problem is getting it to stay there, though. It seems a touch lighter than MAC NC15/NW20.
  • Abbey Road is a blue-teal with soft blue shimmer. It seems similar to Urban Decay’s Covet.
  • Rue Saint-Honore is a royal purple with strong blue pull–it’s described as a deep royal blue but looks more purple than blue on me.
  • Via Appia is a dark, copper-shimmered brown. It’s not as dark (or as warm) as Urban Decay Corrupt.
  • Madison Ave. is a medium-dark gray with a matte finish.
  • Via Veneto is a deep, dark black with a matte finish. It reminded me of Urban Decay’s Perversion and MAC Black Black.

I’m not sure if these are waterline-safe or not–the press release nor the website indicate that they are–but typically, matte shades are usually suitable for the waterline while shimmery/glittery shades may not be. I wore Via Veneto (which is a deep, dark black) on my lower waterline and lash line, and I get about an hour of wear on the waterline before the majority has faded away.

The eyeliner on the lash line lasts much longer, and what I noticed is when I wore foundation, the eyeliner wore better and had no smudging eight hours later.  By 12-hours (the claimed wear time), there was very, very faint smudging underneath the lash line, and the eyeliner wasn’t as intense or as thick as it was originally.  When I wore no foundation, by the sixth hour, there seemed to be a faint, but noticeable, darkness beneath the line–a subtle smudging.  I don’t have oily eyelids, and when it’s not allergy season (and it is not), I don’t have very watery eyes.

The built-in sharpener is best used when you twist-up the pencil a good amount, because you really need to get a good portion of it into the sharpener to get it to work.  You do lose some pencil in the process in order to achieve the slanted, pointed tip.  It seems a bit less than a traditional pencil eyeliner per sharpening, but I’m not sure it’s significant enough that one would be persuaded solely by that–after all, most pencil eyeliners are 0.04 oz. and this is half the size at 0.02 oz. and you do still waste some when sharpening.  It is more than most mechanical eyeliners (which are around 0.01 on average), though.

They’re creamy and deposit mostly even color when applied (except Santa Monica Blvd., which is sheerer overall). They glide across the skin and lash lines with ease, so there is no tugging or pulling. The texture of these–overall–is really nice and easy enough to apply. The wear is good, and of course, when it comes to eyeliner, wear is the defining factor.

NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner


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NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner Swatches Sneak Peek

NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner

NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner Swatches Sneak Peek

NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner ($23.00 for 0.02 oz.) is a new (and permanent) long-wearing pencil eyeliner that is available in nine shades (though two have not yet been made available online). They’re touted to have 12-hour wear with no smearing or caking. Each eyeliner twists up and also has a built-in sharpener. I’m not ready to write-up a full review quite yet (one trial does not a review make!), but so far, my experience has been positive–and I was worried, because I had a terrible experience with NARS Eyeliner Pencils previously.

Available shades:

  • Abbey Road Iridescent turquoise
  • Bourbon Street Purple
  • Madison Ave. Slate grey
  • Rue Bonaparte Light almond
  • Rue de Rivoli Metallic forest green
  • Rue Saint-Honore Deep royal blue
  • Santa Monica Blvd. White
  • Via Appia Copper brown
  • Via Veneto Black

See swatches!

Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliners Swatches, Photos, Review, Dupes

Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliners: Woodstock, Eldorado, Siren, Radium,
Sabbath, Retrograde, Smog, Demolition, Bobby Dazzle, Revolver, Perversion

Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliners

Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner ($18.00 for 0.058 fl. oz.) is new for fall, and it claims to be waterproof, long-lasting, high-pigmented, and have “an ultra-fine brush tip that’s short and easy enough to control.” There are eleven shades:  Woodstock (hot pink with iridescent sparkle), Eldorado (yellow gold with gold sparkle), Siren (teal with blue shift), Radium (bright blue with silver sparkle), Sabbath (deep matte navy), Retrograde (dark purple with purple sparkle), Smog (deep brown with golden shimmer & iridescent sparkle), Demolition (deep matte brown), Bobby Dazzle (white silver with iridescent sparkle), Revolver (dark grey with iridescent sparkle), and Perversion (carbon black).

There are many, many variations of this liquid eyeliner, which tells you a lot about the efficacy of the formula if so many brands have brought it into their lines. I find the formula, on the major points, to be largely the same and consistent across the different brands, but there are subtle differences in the consistency of the liquid liner itself as well as the applicator. The outer packaging only differs in labeling, color, and branding, but the caps are the same length and the ends have the same design. There are some similarities in color across the brands, but there are several shades that you will only find in one brand–the ones that overlap tend to be more basic shades like black.

  • Woodstock is a brightened, medium-dark pink with gold and pink shimmer. Make Up For Ever #9 is bluer-based, more neon, less hot pink and more fuchsia.
  • Eldorado is a yellow gold with light and dark gold shimmer. It is similar to Illamasqua Alchemy, MAC Pure Show, and MUFE #1.
  • Siren is a blue-based, darkened teal with teal shimmer. I couldn’t think of anything similar to this shade in other brands.
  • Radium is a brightened, medium-dark blue with subtle sparkle. It is similar to Stila Curacao.
  • Sabbath is a blackened navy blue with a near matte finish. Most brands have, thus far, put out mostly shimmery shades (other than blacks), so I couldn’t think of a dupe for this. MUFE #6 would be the closest but has shimmer and looks more purple.
  • Retrograde is a blackened purple with purple and violet shimmer. MUFE #7 is similar.
  • Smog is a khaki brown with gold shimmer. This, too, didn’t seem as easily duped, because it doesn’t lean green like the other khaki liners do (like MAC Desires & Devices and Stila Flash).
  • Demolition is a blackened brown with a near matte finish. MUFE #12 seems similar.
  • Bobby Dazzle is a bright, metallic silver. It is similar to MAC Nocturnal.
  • Revolver is a medium-dark gray with multi-colored shimmer. I couldn’t think of a dupe for this one, just because it has a strong gray color base to it. The shimmer in it reminded me of MUFE #14 and Stila Starry but those appear black with a hint of purple.
  • Perversion is an inky black with a near matte finish. It is similar to Illamasqua Abyss, MAC On the Hunt, and MUFE #13.

The applicator on these is where they deviate from other brands. It is a thin, narrow brush–it’s not a foam applicator that’s been tapered. I think the brush, overall, may yield a more precise line–for those more experienced with liquid eyeliner, though. The applicator is similar to many traditional liquid eyeliner applicators. To me, the brush felt a little too flexible. I wouldn’t describe it as floppy, and of course, flexibility is good as you want to curve around the lid with ease, but it could use a touch more stiffness.

Like Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners, these need to be shaken before application. If you don’t do so, you’ll find the formula seems almost watery, which gives you sheerer color. Once shaken (only a few seconds), the color is much more concentrated and less watery. After testing several shades yesterday with a hot shower, I didn’t experience any bleeding, fading, or smudging. I’ve had some on my hand for several hours, and I couldn’t get them to rub off at all. They did remove easily with a makeup removing wipe or remover like Lancome Bi-Facil.

I made several swatch comparisons previously in this post.

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Buxom Smoky Eye Sticks

Bow & Arrow, Silver Sword, Nunchucks, 5″ Stiletto, Two By Four, Brass Knuckles, Ice Pick, Smokin’ Pistol

Buxom Smoky Eye Sticks

Released this past spring, Buxom’s Smoky Eye Sticks ($18.00 for 0.03 oz.) might seem familiar–MAC Greasepaint Sticks look awfully similar. They feel similar, too. Both formulas are creamy but yield slightly uneven, almost patchy application, because they set really quickly. Buxom’s Smoky Eye Sticks don’t budge, smudge, or crease when worn alone, but you have to work fast to soften the edges if you plan to wear it as a one-and-done shade.

There are eight shades available: Bow & Arrow (smoky moss), Silver Sword (smoky silver), Nunchucks (smoky royal blue), 5″ Stiletto (smoky plum), Two By Four (smoky black-brown), Brass Knuckles (smoky bronze), Ice Pick (smoky gray), and Smokin’ Pistol (smoky coal).

Like MAC Greasepaint Sticks, though, as pretty as they look, they tend to “eat” color, so you might find yourself packing on an eyeshadow if you plan to layer additional products on top. The tip of the pencil is pointed but still thicker than your average eyeliner pencil, which may be cumbersome to use for some (I do). On the bottom, there is an included sharpener (just like MAC Greasepaint Sticks). There is some overlap in the shade range, but a few shades do not. MAC’s Greasepaint Sticks were limited edition, so they are not longer available, and when they were available, retailed at $17.50 a pop.

  • Bow & Arrow is a dark, mossy green with subtle yellow undertones. It is not as cool-toned (it reads much yellower) than MAC Greengrease.
  • Silver Sword is a dark, silvery-gray with a brownish base. It seemed darker than MAC Zinc Zone, which I’d say is the most comparable.
  • Nunchucks is a medium-dark navy blue. It is very similar to MAC Uniformly Blue.
  • 5″ Stiletto is a blackened plum-purple. It’s red-based, while MAC Charred Mauve is blue-based.
  • Two By Four is a dark brown with a near-matte finish. It doesn’t have a comparable shade in MAC’s line-up.
  • Brass Knuckles is a reddened brown-burgundy. It is very similar to MAC Below Ground.
  • Ice Pick is a dark gray (which almost casts a bit green) with a near-matte finish. Like Two By Four, MAC does not have a comparable shade.
  • Smokin’ Pistol is a creamy black with a near-matte finish. It is very similar to MAC Slick Black.

You can usually tell within a couple of hours whether a product that extolls long-wearing properties is actually going to live up to the claims. I splashed my eyes with water, and I didn’t experience any bleeding or running color, so they seemed waterproof to me. I didn’t go swimming or anything with them, though. With summer in full swing, I thought this might be an appropriate time to review these, given they just don’t budge!

Have you tried Buxom’s Smoky Eye Sticks? How did you like them?

Buxom Smoky Eye Sticks


Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner

Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner<
Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner

Hourglass Script Precision Liquid Liner

Hourglass Jett Script Precision Liquid Liner ($32.00 for 0.028 oz.) is a felt-tipped liquid liner that’s specially designed with a really fine tip. The formula is described as long-wearing with a quick dry down to prevent smearing and transfer. It’s available in only one shade–Jett–which is black.

Like many black liquid eyeliners, it does have a tendency to photograph brown in swatches, though it does look like a medium black in real life. It’s not an ultra deep black, but it’s not a soft black either; it’s a happy medium of the two. It applies smoothly, gliding on with ease, and the color is distributed evenly without dragging. There’s no patchiness in the color, so you won’t have to go back over the same area twice. When swatched on my arm, it did bleed around the edges, but I did not notice any bleeding until I was cropping the swatch photograph. I didn’t spot any bleeding eyeliner when I tested it on my eyelid, but it does make me want to note that it might do so if you have more wrinkly eyelids.

It’s budge- and smudge-proof, and I’d even go so far as to say it’s very nearly waterproof. It had no problem lasting through a shower. I do need a more robust eye makeup remover like Lancome Bi-Facil to remove it, but it doesn’t require elbow grease to do so. The lines you can draw with this are quite thin and precise, and you can curve around the lash line easily in one motion. The thinness and smallness of the tip may require a few practice runs, but you’ll hit your stride with little work–especially if you are a liquid liner pro.

Because of the slight bleeding on my arm swatch, I did take that into account for the rating.  While I did not experience it personally on my actual eyelids, there are several liquid liners that I’ve swatched in the past month or so that did not have any inkling of bleeding even on the arm, so it is something to consider depending on the texture of your natural lids (mine are fairly smooth).


Stila Curacao Sparkle Eyeliner Review & Swatches

Stila Curacao Sparkle Eyeliner
Stila Curacao Sparkle Eyeliner

At Last – Stila Curacao Sparkle Eyeliner

As promised, Curacao! 🙂 It’s so pretty, I couldn’t just slide it into the original post without some sort of fanfare! Stila describes Curacao as a sparkling violet blue. I found it more blue than violet, though. At best, you might argue indigo, but I think it’s more of a rich, navy blue with electric blue shimmer. It’s bright without being neon; dark without being black.  Curacao has nice color pay off and glides on as easily as the other shades in the Sparkle Eyeliner family.  It’s an impressive formula, and if shimmer in your eyeliner is your thing, you’ll probably enjoy Stila’s new liquid liner.

For a full review of the Sparkle Eyeliner formula, please check out this review.

Have you tried Stila’s Sparkle Eyeliners?