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MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder Swatches, Photos, Review

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

MAC Fashion Flower: Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder ($25.00 for 0.35 oz.) is a pale pinky coral with a very subtle satin sheen. I found it was more pigmented when I applied it to cheeks (I used MAC’s 116 brush) than when I attempted to swatch it on my arm. My “heavy” swatch was rather dismal, but it was better on cheeks. Alpha Girl was a touch powdery, and I felt that it made my cheeks look a little dry.

The powder itself is very soft, so it blends out easily, and the softness of the color makes it difficult to overdo. Beauty Powders typically wear eight hours or so on me, but it is often hard to tell since the majority are so subtle!

I’ve always loved how much product you get in a beauty powder, though, because it’s nearly double the size of your average blush, but it’s not double the price!  These beauty powders are packaged in traditional all-black MAC packaging and include a mirror inside the compact.

This shade debuted in the Heatherette collection (back in ’08), so long-time MAC fans will want to peruse their stash of beauty powders to check if they already have this one.

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder Swatches, Photos, Review


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MAC Fashion Flower Collection: Coming Soon!

MAC Fashion Flower Collection – Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for full photos, swatches, and reviews for six eyeshadows, two lipsticks, two beauty powders, and one lipgelee! 🙂  I was up late last night photographing and swatching before crashing (1AM), and now I’m up early to roll out the reviews!  Will definitely have to grab some Starbucks ASAP, haha!

Initial thoughts:

  • Alpha Girl applies more pigmented than it swatches but still looks subtle
  • What’s up with all of the super glittery lipgelees?  Love me some glitter but the past six or so have all been glitter bonanzas!
  • Flower design is cute – kind of dig the imprint over special packaging, personally!
  • Aqua and Free to Be seem less pigmented than my pan variations
  • Bows & Curtseys looks way better on than swatched
  • Summer Shower is pretty much colorless with lots of aqua, teal, etc. shimmer/glitter

P.S. — I do also have some products from Flighty and the new Magically Cool Liquid Powder as well.  I’m still waiting for the official description of the Big Bounce Shadows, because I can’t review them properly without knowing what exactly they’re supposed to do.  Stay tuned!

MAC Flighty Collection for Summer 2011 Official Info & Photos

MAC Flighty Collection
MAC Flighty Collection

MAC Flighty Collection for Summer 2011

U.S. Launch Date: May 5th, 2011
International Launch Date: May 2011

Elevate your state of mind with a high-altitude collection of sensually spongy watercolour whipped mousse cream shadows in 16 hues that fly higher than gravity’s rainbow.  A new formula innovation in luminescent washes that build from sheer to medium easily.  Eye plumage is playful with four limited-edition shades of Zoom Lash Mascara certain to unleash a torrent of tweets.

Zoom Coloured Mascara ($14.00 U.S. / $17.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • High Esteem Mid-tone grey with silver pearl
  • Blue Charge Deep navy blue
  • Plum Reserve Light violet purple
  • Green is Green Jade green

BIg Bounce Shadow ($16.50 U.S. / $20.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • The Cool Elite White with silver pearl
  • Good Fortune Soft pink yellow with pink and silver pearl
  • Reward Yourself Bright peach coral with gold pearl
  • Impeccably Rich Light cream with gold pearl
  • Sizzlin’ Diva Copper with gold pearl
  • Trophy Soft peach with pearl
  • Free as Air Sky blue with silver pearl
  • Spread the Wealth Dirty olive with gold pearl
  • Extra Charged Bright green with multicolour pearl
  • Up the Ante! Rich copper with gold and silver pearl
  • Rich Thrills Dirty silver with multicolor pearl
  • Luxury Touch Violet with gold pearl
  • Count Your Assets Rich blue purple with multicolour pearl
  • My Next Indulgence Forest green with blue and gold pearl
  • Rich, Sweet Chocolate gold with gold pearl
  • Black Diamond Black with gold pearl


  • 242 Shader Brush ($24.50 U.S. / $29.50 CDN)

See more photos! 

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MAC Surf Baby Collection Sneak Peek

MAC Surf Baby Collection Sneak Peek

While I was in Toronto last week, MAC had a glass display of recent/upcoming collections, including Surf Baby. Obviously, since everything was behind class, I couldn’t quite get all up in Surf Baby’s business for the very best of shots nor have a swatch session. I do not know when I will have products to review or swatch, but I will, of course, review the collection as I do each MAC collection.

Trust me — if I have something new I can share, I do so immediately, and that goes for any brand. If you wonder why you see something elsewhere but not here, it means that Temptalia will likely be subject to legal action if we did, despite other websites posting the same information. It’s one of those unfortunate growing pains but our motto is that it’s better to spend time on swatches/reviews than in legal battles to post mere photos a couple of weeks early!

See some sneak peek product shots!

MAC Surf Baby Collection for Summer 2011 Info & Photos

MAC Surf Baby Collection for Summer 2011

U.S. Launch Date: May 26th, 2011
International Launch Date: May 2011 (excluding Asia), June 2011 (Asia)

Grab the board, hop in the Jeep, cruise the Pacific Coast Highway… Surf’s up! The lure of the endless summer starts here with My Paradise Cheek Powder, Summer Stash of Crushed Metallic Pigments, Hibiscus Lipstick and Splashproof Lash Mascara that just won’t smudge. Colourful, lustrous, and full of life…journey to a world where feeling the rush means taking a risk. Hang Ten!

Here’s bronzing for every dude and dudette looking to hit the half-pipe with a killer tan. Bring commotion to the ocean with Solar Riche Bronzing Powder and new Gold-go-Lightly Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder. Capture the surf spirit, add contours & dimension with the latest Skinsheen Bronzer Stick! Defy sun-and-sea blasted lips with Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balms.
Limited edition.

All information is OFFICIAL.  Information now includes Suntints, Bronzer Sticks, and Studio Careblend/Pressed powders.

See collection information & promotional photos! 

MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick

MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick
MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick

MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick

MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “warm terracotta-plum with pearl,” and it has a lustre finish. Lustre finishes have sheerer color coverage, and it is definitely true with Viva Glam VI. This is a very easy to wear color, because it’s incredibly neutral–not just in the color itself, which is a rosy terracotta, but it”s not too warm or cool. Like many of the other shades in the Viva Glam family, it is wearable across skin tones.

It wears just under three hours on me (I typically average four), and I find that lustre finished lipsticks are not moisturizing.   I also find that this particular finish doesn’t always apply evenly.  It is vanilla-scented, like other MAC lip products are, and the tube has metallic red detailing in the logo and inside the tube in the spirit of Viva Glam. 100% of the selling price of each Viva Glam lipstick goes towards the MAC AIDS Fund.

Viva Glam VI
Viva Glam VI