MAC Hello Kitty Swatches

Lucky Tom Eyeshadow Palette (L to R)

MAC Hello Kitty Swatches!

If you followed me on Twitter, you might have read that it happened to me again — they gave me TWO Lucky Tom palettes instead of one Lucky Tom and one Too Dolly palette. They put one on hold for me, so I’ll be picking it up tomorrow. I’m SO SO SO sorry for not having it up tonight, but I hope you’ll sit tight and wait for it tomorrow and forgive me for it all. 🙂

*EDIT* So Too Dolly features 3 shadows I already own, so I swatched them. I’m still missing Too Dolly, but now it’s not *as* bad as missing four, right?

Yogurt, Romping, Too Dolly, Stately Black

Fashion Mews, Fresh Brew, Big Bow

Strayin’, Cute Ster, Most Popular

Fun & Games, Tippy
Nice Kitty, Nice To Be Nice, Mimmy
Her Glitz, Girl Groove, Kitty Power, Glamourpuss

Pretty Baby, Tahitian Sand
Sweet Strawberry, Fast Friends, She Loves Candy

Popster, Pink Fish

Reflects Blue, Reflects Very Pink

Deep Blue Green, Milk