Best Products of the Week | Vol. 324

Hope your weekend is starting off on the right note! Every Saturday, I like to share the top 10 products from the last week of reviews. It’s a nice way to highlight what reviews have been published recently. Similarly, I love reading–and I know others enjoy sharing!–their own “week in review” when it comes to what makeup/beauty products they may have used and/or enjoyed.

What was your week in review like? Copy and paste the lil’ survey below and share your answers in the comments 🙂

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • What was your favorite makeup look you wore this past week?:
  • What was the hero product of the week for you?:
  • Any products you want to use next week?:


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Nancy T Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Under my name (blue-green eyes, dark hair)

What was your favorite makeup look you wore this past week?: Yesterday, I finally got to use my ND Retro Midi palette and I loved it!
Eyes: Nude Mauve transition, Opart to deepen up and define crease, outer V and outer lower lashline, Mod with some Psychedelic inner corner tearducts, Helio on mobile lid, Jude to blend Helio and Opart and also lower inner and mid lashline. My usual black tightliner and winged liners, Sephora Flirting Game lower lashline. Kiss Me Heroine Make Long And Curl Mascara Super Waterproof.
Cheeks: Becca Malibu Soleil bronzer, Marc Jacobs Night Fever & Hot Stuff and Ofra Glazed Donut.
Lips: Sephora Cream Lip Stain liquid lipstick in Vintage Rosewood.

What was the hero product of the week for you?: Kiss Me Heroine Make Long And Curl Mascara Super Waterproof! BEST mascara I have used in many years. Beautiful separation, length and it never smudged, flaked or let my curl drop all day yesterday. Only caveat; must remove with an oil. Not a problem for me, as I always have used baby oil with added aloe vera to remove eye makeup.

Any products you want to use next week? Absolutely! Natasha Denona Retro Midi palette! And more of the shades from SG x Mel Thompson Tiny Marvels. I can actually see those two even working together in looks!

kjh Avatar

I thought the Heroine Make mascara was the best thing ever, as well. Having heard of it, I got a tube at an Asian marketplace. English is basically not spoken there and does not need to be. ‘Is this mascara tubing?’ Is only comprehensible here, anyway! Well, the one I got WAS and easy to remove. Never able to replace it, because ‘tubing’ was not in the English on the package. I can’t tell one from the other on Amazon. The color ‘coding’ of the packaging reminds me of the cereal aisle, overwhelming. If anyone knows which Heroine Make is tubing, please….

Nancy T Avatar

KJH, it’s the one that says “Advanced Film”, that’s the tubing one! I didn’t get that version, but the Super Waterproof one held up perfectly even though my eyes were acting up that day. Removed *fairly* easily with my baby oil, I just held the tissue with oil on it for a good minute before wiping it off. I may try the tubing one next time just to see how I like it.

kjh Avatar

Know-it-all! Lol. I cannot believe you knew…on the one hand. But my other hand is ‘one hand clapping’ and totally impressed. So, thanks so much. I get so distracted by the romance and anime faces on the package. Way beyond Bette Davis eyes, Brenda Starr, reporter more like it. And the look sounds great.

Deborah S. Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Under my name. Very fair with neutral undertones, brown eyes and grey hair.

What was your favorite makeup look you wore this past week?: I only did very simple looks this week and I really loved how most of them looked. For my base I used the Estee Lauder Futurist Hydra Rescue foundation in 1N0 Porcelain. I used that over a primer which was the Tatcha Blurring Primer. I am still trying to use this up. There was a lot more in the pot than what I had thought. I did not powder down as I am liking a more glowy look. For blush I used my go to everyday blush which is the Chantecaille Butterfly blush, I can never remember the actual name but it is a nice pinky shade. For highlighter I used the Cle de Peau Luminizing Face Enhancer. I did a very basic eye with MAC Omega over the lid and a touch of Guns and Roses shadow just on the center of the eyeball. For lips I used Patrick Ta’s Matte Suede Lipstick in the shade That’s Why She’s Late. I love this red so much. It is more comfortable to wear than Ruby Woo and is a true matte red with cool undertones. Just my cup of tea.
What was the hero product of the week for you?: The Patrick Ta lipstick. I think I wore it 4 days this week. I even put it on on a day I didn’t wear makeup. I really love red lipstick when it is snowing outside. Don’t know why but when I take pictures outside in the snow, red lippies just make it look better!!
Any products you want to use next week?: I am not planning that far ahead, LOL! Still trying to figure out when I am going back to Seattle. Snoqualmie Pass has been closed more than open this past week as heavy snow has blanketed the coastal mountain range. I got about 8 inches over the course of 4 days but it is getting slushy so will likely be gone in a couple of days. I am making the trip to Seattle to pick my daughter up and bring her home and then I will return her the day after Christmas, weather permitting. She doesn’t love driving at night and she planned on coming after work that Thursday night. I don’t mind night driving and since the pass is about 40 miles outside Seattle, we will be over that before it gets dark. Anyway, I haven’t gotten around to planning anything beyond that.

Genevieve Avatar

Your whole looks sound lovely Deborah and I think red lipstick (which I love and it hates me by turning pink!) with the snow is a beautiful combination.
All of us on this blog are learning all about this Snoqualmie Pass and the dangers it presents in snowy/heavy rainfall weather. I know I’ve had to look it up and it certainly does look challenging, even in the best of times because I think it’s probably got a whole weather system going on of its own.
I hope you are able to bring your daughter home with you sometime this week and I don’t blame her for not loving driving at night.

Deborah S. Avatar

You are right about it being it’s own weather cycle. It can be perfectly clear all around but that pass is closed due to heavy snow or rain. The good news is that it is really excellent road. They repaved a few years ago and widened the road at the same time. Washington state has very good roadways, in comparison to most larger states. They use all the money they are making from the legalization of pot to redo a lot of the roads there. They have overhead signs telling you how many minutes to the next city given the current traffic and weather which I find handy. The only real problem is that I have to traverse the entire state before I get to Snoqualmie and if I can’t get over then I have to make the long trip home. I use to live in Sacramento and would make the trip over the Donner Pass to go to visit family in Reno. It is a challenging pass also.

Nancy T Avatar

“Snoqualmie Pass: danger, danger!” As Steve Irwin would have said if he was announcing weather!
I learned about it when we lived in NJ and I would watch The Weather Channel to relax before bed, weird little routine, but effective back then.
I’m sure you’ll be careful and all will go well, though. Enjoy your visit with your daughter!

Deborah S. Avatar

Thank you, Nancy. Yes, I don’t take risks. I have chains if I absolutely have to but don’t love having to put them on. They have “chain monkeys” who stay out on the pass and they will put your chains on for $40 and take them off for $10. I use to do it all the time when I live in N. Cal and had to go over Donner Pass in the winter. Then one year, when I got to the other side there were no chain monkeys out to take them off. I pulled onto an off ramp and tried to take them off myself, not my smartest move as I had never done it before. Got them half off and couldn’t get them the rest of the way. I sat there trying to figure out what to do since there was no one around and it was getting dark. I saw a truck just around the corner from the bottom of the off ramp and I walked over to it. I saw footprints going off in the snow and followed them. They led to a little mountain cabin and I could see smoke out of the fireplace and lights on so I went up and knocked. A really nice elderly man and woman answered the door. I think they were as nervous as I was. He tried raising the chain monkeys on his CB radio and a trucker told him that there weren’t any. This wonderful old man took off with me to my car. He moved his trucks so his headlights would shine under my car and he got down in the two feet of snow and got my chains off. When I finally got home and called my mom to tell her I was okay and explain why I was late, she just about had a heart attack telling me how crazy I was to follow the steps to an unknown persons house. After that, I always tried to leave early enough that I knew the chain monkeys would still be out there. I was a lot younger then and walking through 2 feet of snow wasn’t a problem. Today, if there is more than a couple of inches, I won’t do it for fear of falling. Anyway, that whole long story just to say that I will be careful and not take any chances. You take care Nancy and if I don’t have an opportunity to say so later, have a wonderful holiday.

Genevieve Avatar

Your skin tone/colouring: Porcelain, with pink undertones

What was your favorite makeup look you wore this past week?: Last week I did an eye look featuring Lorac’s Noir palette – with Primrose on the whole lid, Silver Moon on the lower lid with Stardust and a smidgeon of Onyx on the lashline and I paired it with Maybelline’s Mauve for Me lipstick. I was shopping in Mecca (Australia’s expensive answer to an equally expensive Sephora) and one of the MUA’s commented on my lovely eyeshadows. She had NEVER heard of Lorac…..

What was the hero product of the week for you?: Hmmm – a toss between Lorac Noir and Bonjour Paris.
Any products you want to use next week?: Just more of my stash – I did a bit of a declutter last night and think everything is much more focused (less dupes of everything) and more of exactly what I really do use now.

Mariella Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: pale, cool
What was your favorite makeup look you wore this past week?: I can’t recall what shadows I used but I pulled out one of my 3 Buxom self-assembled palettes and used a champagne-pink shadow and Dawn til Dusk and a 3rd shadow from that palette and liked the result so much I wore it 2 days running. I think I used the Shiseido cream blush I have as well (want to use it more often lest it dry up and become unusable) – it’s so lovely and looks so natural.
What was the hero product of the week for you?: Nothing, really….
Any products you want to use next week?: the Stila Eyes Are the Windows/Spirit palette because I really want to use the Wheat shadow (and one or two other shadows for a quick and natural-ish look). I haven’t used that palette in so long and it’s really quite a good one.

Celesta Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: above with freckles, green eyes, warm brown hair.

What was your favorite makeup look you wore this past week?: I did a sort of holiday look using mint and burgundy that I really enjoyed last week! Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

What was the hero product of the week for you?: Blush… it gave life to my face while I felt like crap the last couple of weeks.

Any products you want to use next week?: My ND Retro palette arrived, so I’m excited to use that. My Viseart Etoile palette is due to arrive today, so that as well!

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