2014 Readers' Choice Awards - Nominate Your Favorites!

The 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards are now open for nominations!  Beginning today, you can nominate your favorite brands and products for our annual Readers’ Choice Awards.  The nomination process is incredibly important, because without nominations, your favorites may not make it onto the final ballot!  You can submit nominations for as many or as few categories as you desire!   Nominations will be accepted from now until January 16th.  The top 10-15 nominees for each category will make it onto the short list!  Voting kicks off January 20th, so stay tuned. 🙂  You can check out last year’s winners here.  Thank you for taking the time to participate in the nomination process!

Nominate your favorite brands and products here!

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Christine, when I click on the “here” button for nominations, I get a “sorry, not found” message. Just wanted to let you know (it’s an awfully polite message, compared to most!).

It’s really hard to get nominations for skincare, so we’re not adding any more skincare categories (in fact, we might be scrapping 5-10 categories from Readers’ Choice Awards if nominations for them continue to be low). 🙁

Skincare, hair care, foundation, nails. We will be looking to do a pretty big overhaul next year, but we’ll give them all one last chance with this year’s process! I know that one issue is that the more categories we have, the longer it takes to fill out, and then the less nominations we get, period.

Wow, I’m surprised foundation is a low nominated category! Was the whole category low, or just for a specific type? I know I didn’t answer for loose or powder since I don’t use either, and I haven’t tested enough to say one is the best.

I can understand why skincare, haircare, and nails are lower nominated. For me, it’s not that I don’t have an interest, I usually don’t nominate because I have favorite products, but not one brand for those. If you scrap them from the awards, I think people would still appreciate some kind of post to share their favorite products in those categories for the year.

All of the related categories for each of those areas are low, unfortunately! 🙁 I totally understand why certain categories garner less nominations, and a lot of these have been added over the years based on requests/suggestions… but right now, we’re leaning towards a more pared down awards going forward. We’ll be really churning through the data and numbers to determine which ones get removed, and others might be merged (instead of separate ones for foundation, just one, like we used to – Best Foundation). We definitely have other areas where readers can share their favorite products (not just those categories but even more) – like Hit List, which is best/worst products in general, and then the weekly survey often revolves around favorites, must-haves, etc. and these are places where readers can also give more detail about their skin tone/type, why something works or doesn’t.

Voted! So many categories I absolutely had a favorite for, love that!

I get narrowing skincare down but I wish I could have voted for a drugstore and a higher end brand…just to put both out there.

Skin care: Obagi Nu Derm. I tried everything and I mean everything to get rid of brown spots due to sun damage. I have been to so many derms I can’t even count. I have had the spots frozen (they came back darker), various lasers – no luck, hydroquinone (they came back darker). Of course, I use SPF 50 every day but nothing was working for this woman who grew up in California at a time when dark tans were popular. Nu Derm erased the spots and even softened the fine lines around my eyes and mouth. I had purchased a botox package (I had fillers and botox previously) but can’t figure out where I need it. No lines on forehead. Very slight lines around eyes and mouth. I am 58.


To nominate a brand, we need you to fill out the survey (link is above), so that way we can track all the nominations in one place! Thank you so much! 🙂

so with you on this one! It’s not the easiest program: very time consuming and lots of arguments from your skin about whether or not it wants to tolerate the program, but sooo worth it. I had sun damage/discoloration just around the perimeter of my face from riding in a sand ring for years which looked so weird without the benefit of foundation. I’m back wearing no makeup with just lots of suncreen or tinted moisturizer because my skin doesn’t need the exta coverage.


To nominate a brand/product, we need you to fill out the survey (link is above), so that way we can track all the nominations in one place! Thank you so much! 🙂

Huh, I was wondering why there wasn’t a cream foundation category when there were ostensibly two powder foundation categories (powder and loose), but I saw your comment about low foundation nominations overall. Explains a lot! I think one foundation category will get your more nominations, but it might be hard to narrow down a list for voting still, many would probably tie, since there are so many kinds of foundations!

We looked at the types of foundations being nominated, along with the types of products readers mention most often here on the blog, and there just aren’t enough cream foundation users to pull in enough nominations (this was when the categories were initially added).

The short listing process is usually not too difficult, and if there are ties, I just let the list go over (which is why it’s usually between 10-15, and I think I’ve gone over 15 at times, if there are a lot of ties).

I don’t think we’ve had a tie ever in any category during the voting process, and there have been a few that have remained tight races until the end of the voting period (and others just win by a ridiculous landslide, of course).

Christine–just noticed a few things…what is a “loose” foundation? Is there an example? And there is no category for “cream foundation” either….

Not enough people use cream foundation to make it a viable category at this time! Loose foundation – like bareMinerals, MAC Mineralize Loose, etc.

Wow! I’m surprised! I love cream foundation. I’ve used Diorskin Nude for years, but looking to make a change when my skin lightened to put me between shades (after a scar lightening treatment), I went for Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau on your recommendation. What a great foundation! Really different texture! I love it! Thanks for what you do and for all your product recommendations!

Hi Christine,
I don’t know if there is any way something can be done about this, but I didn’t get to finish filling out the nominations. I was about halfway through and I was on other websites looking at different makeup products and thinking through my favorites. I clicked back to the tab and it had a loading bar that said 100%. Nothing loaded and there was nothing more of the page. I reloaded and it said I had already taken the survey (so I couldn’t fill it out again). Is there anything I can do to read the last questions and fill out my nominations?

Hi Christine, I didn’t want to bother you about it but since other people have asked, can you email me mine too? I filled out one entry and accidentally pushed “enter.” 😛 Thanks so much!

I shared my fav and so excited to see results 🙂
I want to pick the best of the best this yr 😀 be it skincare .. makeup or hair care
so all the final results matters to me a lot as I know your readers share their fav honestly 😀

i still read last yrs post and pick things accordingly 😀 it is seriously helpful

Stunned foundation turns so little results. 🙁 And really hope it doesn’t end up being a combined result. No cream foundation category so I voted Armani Maestro cream foundation as best 2013 product because it is that fabulous.

Have read all your explanations to others, Christine and fully understand.

There didn’t seem to be any way to progress beyond ? #4 on my computer. No great loss, but I would have liked to rave about some Paula’s Choice products. I have always had terrible skin, inherited from father, hence hormonally (and LACK of hormonally) challenged. I’m 65 + prior to PC, had ONE clear skin day in 15-20 years. Now I’m getting compliments, which absolutely drop dead NEVER happened before. Einstein said it better than I ever could, although I doubt he was referring to skincare. “Knowledge is Power.” I think that is what sets PC apart.

I am constantly amazed by the data base in your mind, as well as on your computer. It’s a toss up as to whether you are more intelligent or more creative! The amount of work you do is SUPERHUMAN. We all appreciate it so much. The reviews and dupes save us money, especially when something looks gorgeous, and is really a dud for wear or application. I tell my few makeup friends to check out your opinion, before springing for anything. Also appreciated is the industry insight which appears every so often: marketing, pricing, trading on brand recognition, etc. I’ll bet all your corporate classmates rom the JD/MBA program are wondering why you aren’t almost a partner at some white shoe firm. I’ll tell ya, it’s because you might prefer RED SHOES some days! And the buttoned-down crowd has little appreciation for Taj Mahal or Mme Batifole. Of all the hens, you rule the roost for professionalism. I look forward to Sunday, when you cite Kafkaesque, Muse and always a few international bloggers. You support your community in many ways. And Fridays, the Mellan photo! OMGGGGG!!! He’s so dear {as I’m sure your Standard(s)are Phyrra!} You are AMAZING!!! and we thank you every day.


There’s a scrollbar within the page, which might be why (it’s a longer survey). If you need me to dig out a link and email it to you so you can fill in the nomination form directly, just let me know 🙂

I’m SO happy to hear that you’ve battled your skincare woes and that Paula’s Choice has done it for you! Over the past couple of months, I’ve been at the top of my skin game–and never felt like I was going to have clear skin. Just… clear skin. I was just thinking about how amazing that feeling is to know that your skin is where you’ve always wanted it to be this morning, and I just wish that feeling to every single person.

Thank you so much for passing along Temptalia to your friends 🙂 And thank YOU for your continued support and readership!

Red shoes are definitely more my style 😉

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