MAC Eyeshadow x15 Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes Launch

MAC Eyeshadow x15 Palette
MAC Eyeshadow x15 Palette

Eyeshadow x15 Cool/Warm ($100.00 U.S. / $120.00 CDN) (New, Permanent)

  • Hey Metallic coral (Veluxe Pearl) (Repromote)
  • Warm Breeze Pastel coral (Satin)
  • Gingersnap Deep rosy pink (Frost)
  • Dark Brew Deep chocolate with pink pearl (Velvet)
  • Dance in the Dark Dark brown (Matte) (Repromote)
  • Brule Soft creamy beige (Satin) (Permanent)
  • Vanilla Extract Soft warm yellow beige (Frost)
  • Honey Lust Bronze-dipped peach (Lustre) (Permanent)
  • Amber Lights Peachy-brown with shimmer (Frost) (Permanent)
  • Saddle Golden orange brown (Matte) (Permanent)
  • Lemon Tart Metallic gold (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Butterfudge Dirty mocha with gold pearl (Satin)
  • Creative Copper Frosted gold (Lustre) (Repromote)
  • Unwind Dirty olive (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Divine Decadence Soft bronze (Velvet) (Repromote)

Eyeshadow x15 Cool/Neutral ($100.00 U.S. / $120.00 CDN) (New, Permanent)

  • Flounce Chalky white pink (Matte)
  • Sweet Allure Soft light pink (Satin)
  • Sun Tweaked Soft frosty coral (Frost)
  • Blackberry Muted burgundy-plum brown (Matte) (Permanent)
  • After Dusk Mid-tone rosy pink with pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Pick Me Up Pale ivory (Matte)
  • Crushed Clove Dirty gold olive (Frost)
  • Cozy Grey Cool grey (Matte)
  • Deception Chocolate gold (Frost)
  • Brun Muted blackish brown (Satin) (Permanent)
  • Silver Fog White with silver pearl (Lustre)
  • French Clay White-grey frost (Frost)
  • Cumulus (Repromote) Dirty grey charcoal (Frost)
  • Pearled Earth Deep blue-grey (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Black Tied Black with silver sparkle (Velvet) (Permanent)

Availability: Online now at MAC; available at MAC Pro and MAC Stores January 9th, 2014; March 2014 (International)

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MAC Eyeshadow x15 Palette
MAC Eyeshadow x15 Palette

MAC Eyeshadow x15 Palette
MAC Eyeshadow x15 Palette

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Not a bad idea, but do they realize that there are TONS of brands out there that makes 12-15 pans neutral eyeshadows palette for half that price? Not sure it will be that popular….especially if it is the same «quality» as other MAC palette.

I agree with you Catherine! You can find a lot of neutrals palettes for half that price! But it’s MAC, so people will buy it no matter what.

The price is outrageous! I would never pay that much for a MAC palette…neutral or not lol – I have yet to be that impressed by MAC eyeshadows…they are imo average

MAC’s quality is hit-or-miss. I remember a few years back they had a loose-pigment smoky-eye set that was good quality and didn’t cost a fortune, but I’m not impressed with what has been put out in recent months and would think twice about spending money on their shadows.

The price is high, but if you think about how much the case is and the shadows are when you buy them individually, this isn’t actually a bad compromise. but to us here in the Uk $100 isn’t exsactly cheep but its roughly £60/70, to buy a full mac palette now here is roughly £170.50 (new case and 1 insert). had these been about before I built all of mine I probably would of been tempted especially when I think ive got bout 4 full ones and when I think about the money it kinda hurts. but I do think its is a nice starter set for those that want a mac palette and the initial outlay was a bit too much.

Hi Jamie,

I work at a MAC freestanding store in Canada and we’ve had both palettes in store for a little while now! They should already be in stock at your local MAC store. 🙂

I bought the neutral warm palette 3 weeks ago in burlington, USA. So it must be available in stores already and I saw it in Montreal, Canada last week, so its available in canada in stores as well

Ohhhhh…I know where my extra money is going too!! LOL!! Thank goodness I do not have but maybe one or 2 colors from each palette anyway so this is a nice buy!

Was just wondering if you were going to do a review on these palettes? I have tons of MAC eyeshadows but I really like the warm neutral palette. Thanks

It irritates me to no end when MAC uses shades from their permanent collection in items like this. I have been collecting their shadows for years and have all of the permanent colors, and none of these are something that I have any interest in having duplicates of. Ggrrr…

I know what you mean, Krista- I have 5 out of the 15 shades from the warm palette and 3 out of the cool- in addition to the many other MAC and other brand eyeshadows I have in the same color spectrums and tones. Not really sure if these are woth my money yet, because, as stated by others- there are many, many other palettes out there of comparable color and quality at half the price. I wish MAC didn’t throw in so many permanent shades- because I would probably be all over them- if the quality was there.

I just hope they don’t ruin the formula on these! I like the look of it, but I’ll have to wait for swatches! And of all of them I only have Amber Lights from the one, and Black Tied from the other (but then I don’t use neutrals much!!)

I wonder if they’ll do palettes this size with other colours too?

This is definitely a great idea, but I think it should be slightly less expensive. Or at least have included no permanent shades because I wouldn’t want to buy a palette if I already own some of the shadows in there.

I hear you! I can’t imagine what it’ll be if we get it here in New Zealand. 😛

The Cool palette has lots of nice colours, but I feel like I probably have many similar shades already!

This palette is available in Turkey now. They cost $495 Turkish Lira which is $247.50 US dollars! We have the same cosmetic ‘tax’ as New Zealand and Australia. Insanity!

I think it is fantastic! I have met a lot of my friends through a shared make-up addiction. So much to talk about! Christine does an amazing job connecting people. I don’t know how she does it all. I am in awe!

for that price I could either get 2 Naked palettes or a naked palette and the Lorac Pro! I love MAC but honestly their formula is not superior to either brand and since MAC has been known to have low quality on their palettes…. I’d never dream of getting either of these! This is coming from an avid MAC fan.

I love the idea and I really like the look of the warm palette. But by reading the list of colors, I realize I already have a lot of the colors in singles…

Still, these are gorgeous and I may have to get one (or maybe both!).

Christine, I hope you get them soon so you can test them and tell us if they are really worth it!

MAC is kinda late to the game considering every cosmetics brand has a neutrals palette now. And the price is crazy considering Urban Decay’s Naked palettes cost half as much.

These palets do look gorgeous, but are they cheaper than when you costumize one yourself? If not, I don’t see why anybody would choose this over having the freedom to pick you own shades.

I mean…the Naked palettes are half the price and superior in quality…I do wonder if anyone who spends money on this really wants/needs it or is just hauling for the hell of it.

I love M.A.C. but this is no sense..Normally we love to create our 15 or so pan palettes, little by little.This help us to spend the same amount of money gradually. But except for a makeup artist or a blogger..who would like to spend 120$ in a palette like this? Personally, i would have preferred the launching of the same non permanent eyeshadows gathered in a specific collection..

I can see how this would be a nice thing to have, but people who are into MAC eyeshadows probably have a lot of these permanent shades already. Plus, it seems to me like the major selling points on these large MAC palettes is that you can pick out exactly the shades you want/work for you – completely customizable. So, it just seems a bit pointless to me unless maybe you’re just starting out…

I don’t have, so I can’t say what it looks like myself – I don’t think MAC is manufacturing any of their palettes with solid black lids, so I would expect it has a clear lid.

My heart fluttered when I saw this post…..! I’ll wait for your review on these palettes – I do hope MAC nails two worthy products!

If these are full-size and of good quality, it could actually be a decent enough deal considering the full price of a palette of this size ($160, if I’m not mistaken). I wonder if you’ll be able to pop colors in/out like one of their regular 15-pan palettes. I hope you have products/time to review soon. Thanks for the release info!

You cannot refill or remove the pans in these palettes!
They are already available at all MAC stores so you can go check them out in person whenever you want!:)
(I work for MAC)

Well, this basically just sealed its fate for me. I am not buying them. I hate the idea of ruining palettes by depotting and seriously. what happens once i finish a shadE? it just sits there empty? no thank you. Plus for the price, I’d rather get a 20 pan palette from inglot with almost twice as much product per shadow and a huge selection of lovely, never hit-or-miss shadows that I can refill later on.

Both palettes are really pretty but the warm one could use more matte shades. I’ve been seeing these around for a little while but never noticed the price until now. These palettes aren’t worth $100 to me. That just killed any thought of me ever wanting one lol

Well, considering one is getting $225 USD worth of product for $100 USD, and of 30 shades, only 7 total are permanent, I’d say one would be getting a pretty good deal… Then factor in the cost of the palette, the insert, and effort of depotting, I’d say these are *definitely* worth the price, if one is a fan of MAC.

It’s only $225, and there’s only the haste of deporting if you don’t buy the refills. But if buying the refills, then it’s $150 in shadow (and $10 in palette and insert). That isn’t a terrible deal, but not nearly as bad (or cumbersome) as what you’ve described.

I was speaking of “retail” value of a single shadow, and since not everyone has access to an actual MAC free-standing store, getting the pans isn’t always an option. I also like the idea of having a coordinated 15 shades, which takes out the guesswork, and the risk of buying dupes because I can’t always remember what I have, and MAC has some shades that run too similar.

I’d love a few of the shadows in each of the palettes (Hey, for example) but I have too many of the other shadows to make these realistic purchases for me.

I feel like if you could use every single one of the 15 shades then it would be worth it. Saving about $58 then buying them singly…which it looks like only the permanent shades are available singly. I don’t own any of the shades in the cool palette, but I also don’t think i’d use all the shades either. It’s a toss up for me. May consider although I wish they’d release the pan form of all the new shades.

$100 for a premade palette? No thanks! I’d be happy to pay $100 for a 15-palette where I could choose freely from those 30 shades, though (assuming the quality is decent).

Hmm, now that you put it that way… I assume there’s a limit on how expensive they can make this before totally turning customers off. We pay about double the US prices, so $200? That’s not so bad, though the palette apparently isn’t customisable.

I still think it’s a pretty expensive entry to the US market, given the Naked Palette is 12 full sized eyeshadows for $50.

Not anyone has a whole collection of MAC shadows. For anyone like me who doesn’t own many of their eye shadows is an amazing product ! I’ll be happy to buy the warm palette if I like the texture of them. And I think I rather buy this one than any of the Naked palettes … just my opinion. I am looking forward for your review on this beautiful palettes !!

I think these look lovely, but from a Canadian perspective, it’s hard to justify the cost:

Mac = $120 for 15 shadows
Urban Decay= $62 for 12 shadows in the Naked Palettes

It’s still a great deal at $8 per, compared to the price of a single Mac shadow, but it just doesn’t feel like they took competitors into consideration when they put this together.

First impression: Thank you for remembering cool-toned ladies like to wear neutrals, too, MAC! Second impression: Whoa O_O at that price tag. I realize that it’s quite a deal if they’re full size, but still, it gave me some pause. I’m assuming you’ll probably review it at some point, so I’ll have to decide then if I think it’s worth it.

This is actually a really good price I think alot of people are forgetting the cost of a single MAC eyeshadow and case and insert.

I know you can find palettes like urban decay for half a price, but these actually look good to me. The warm one is getting my attention, I only own amber lights from that palette. Thank you Christine.

Everyone is comparing this to the Naked palette but how much product do you get in this versus the naked palette? I don’t think those shadows are as large as this palette. It works out to be less than 7 dollars a shadow which is amazing for MAC. Personally I’m an Inglot fan but this works out to be similarly priced to Inglot. Definitely considering it once I see swatches.

MAC eyeshadows are 0.05 oz. each, Urban Decay’s eyeshadows are 0.05 oz. each full-sized, which is the size used in the Naked palettes (12 x 0.05 oz.).

oh baby, the cool palette needs to come to me right now! i don’t have any mac shadows, just lipsticks, so it’d be a good experience i think. the only thing is yeah, the price :\ because i used naked 2 nearly every day and it’s half the cost.

I like the idea and it IS a good value for MAC eyeshadows. You’d save about $50-70 vs. buying the refill pans, pro palette, and insert. My only gripe is that I already have a lot of these colors. Plus, I’m pretty sure the new shades will be bad simply because MAC releases crappy limited edition eyeshadows more often than not. Still, a great idea for anyone who doesn’t own any MAC eyeshadows. xx

I don’t really think these palettes are worth it. UD and other brands have way better for half the price. It’s just too much money for something not that great. Sorry MAC!

This is really a bummer. There are so many high-end cosmetic companies that I’m willing to spend top dollar for because I know I’m paying for quality, most of the time. One of the greatest things about MAC is their affordability. Take that away and they lose (what I personally think) is their best selling point.

Hmmmm. This is interesting, but I won’t make a move until I see swatches and hear your thoughts Christine. It’s a whole lotta money. It had better be off the hook for that sum of hard earned dough. The colors look pretty mellow. I agree with others here. I can get a neutral palette that is great quality for $25.

Too expensive for a palette. The colors just look like UD Naked2 and Naked3. And those palettes are just half the price of this!
Will definitely skip this one.

I’m on the fence. They all look like nice colours but at the price point? I don’t know. But then again, it’s MAC, lol. They don’t know what affordable really means.

The Urban Decay shadows really irritate my eyes so I can’t wear them. This is going to end up being a great deal for me. I just need to check it out… wonder if the palette will be available at IMATS, then I can get 20% off.

These would be very interesting were it not for the less than stellar reputation of past MAC palettes. I personally have purchased only 2 palettes from all their most recent collections and neither got an excellent grade here. They’ve been hit or miss as long as long as I know so I’ll risk missing these and wait for the review.

Hi! Yes, these palettes are permanent items. I contacted my local MAC store on Tuesday morning to inquire if the palettes were available for purchase. The makeup artist I spoke with told me that the palettes are permanent items and that the palettes were popular holiday purchases. My local MAC store hopes to have the palettes back in stock before the end of this month.

I hope so, I was hoping to get one but I always miss out on limited edition items by the time I can get to the MAC store. I was in a chat on the mac website and they told me it was limited edition.

I’ll certainly not spend $100 on a palette like that when I can get pretty much the same thing from brands like Coastal Scents for only a fraction of the price, with similar quality – if not better, we’ll see how the new shades perform, but considering how bad many MAC’s recent LE launches were, I’m not too excited…

I was a huge fan of MAC but have virtually stopped buying any of their products…this palette is typical…not especially inspiring or new and sadly the quality and innovation have not been there for me of late. I used to order via their website but they introduced a huge postage fee so am now happier buying from Sleek, OCC n Limecrime…such a shame 🙁

I am so glad that MAC finally decided to sell prefilled eyeshadow palettes. I think these palettes are perfect for people like me who want to get into MAC eyeshadows, but may not have the patience to put a palette together and/or have a full knowledge of what eyeshadow colors/formulas would work best together in a palette. I intend to purchase both palettes and am excited to see the many eye looks I can create with these palettes.

Don’t MAC already have permanent single pan dupes/close variants of these colours? I’m assuming that most MAC fans already have some permanent MAC neutrals, and $100 for a palette is a lot to pay upfront… Not really feeling it.

LOVE how the cool palette is looking in these pictures… and they warm doesn’t look too bad either. Very interested to find out the formulas and see how they swatch!
I wonder how much these will cost in the UK, definitely considering a purchase, hope they don’t disappoint! I want to fall in love with MAC again.

I will be taking a pass on this. I like building my own palette when it comes to MAC because some shades just aren’t worthy in my opinion. Price aside…someone who is a MAC fan and just starting out with building their collection from the line this is a worthy buy.

I love these palettes and decided to purchase both!! MsAllmadeup on youtube, has swatches of the warm neutral palette. Happy Shopping!!

Hmmm, I’d much rather build my own palette… Also the price on this is insane! At least when you build your own buying one or two shadows at a time, you don’t notice you’re shelling out $120+!

These are pretty gorgeous. If only MAC were cruelty-free, the warmer one would be hard to pass up (assuming they get high marks from you, of course!)

I always liked MAC but they began to disappoint in the past year. I’ve really started noticing how they create a frenzy to buy with their limited (very limited) editions over quality. I know we complained about packaging but they put that ahead of quality. If you recall the frenzy over the Monroe collection – yeah, it wasn’t all that great, but the packaging was awesome. Now, it’s just all overpriced to me. So I’ll take other brands that cost much less and offer a better quality product. Bye bye MAC!

I just bought this pallet for my mom online a couple days ago, & I just wanna make sure that you can replace the eyeshadows in the pallet? Lol i’m sorry just wanna make sure.

You can’t replace the eyeshadows, their not removable for these pallets. I work at Mac and as for the Pro discount I personally don’t know but employes have to pay full price for this pallet. Which to us is a rip off because if we were to make a 15 pan pallet it would cost us $60 not $100. As for the shades Mac has so many dupes for these that you don’t really need this pallet unless your a die hard neutrals fan. Also this pallet is extremely hard to depot without ruining the other shades. So pros to the pallet are that you get 15 plus a pallet for $100, which comes out to $6-7 for an eyeshadow. (Normal pans are $10 and the pallet plus insert is $8+$2). So your saving $60. Cons are that you can’t remove them, about 25% are permanent shades. You can’t reuse the actual 15 pan pallet again, and if you like a specific shade that’s not in the permanent line you would have to buy the whole pallet again just for that shade. Hope this info helps. These pallets are permanent to Mac’s makeup line. Mac did this as a tester to see how it sells, so that they can eventually sell more colorful 15 pan pallets.

How is 100.00 for this ridiculous? Each one, if bought separately, in pan form, is 10.00. That means 150.00 JUST for the eyeshadow. The pallete itself is 8 and the insert 2.

This is actually a DEAL!

Go and buy..NOW + its MAC people.

🙂 I love MAC

I think I will also be passing on these. I have all of the UD NAKED palettes and I for sure didn’t spend $200 on them! Plus, if you are a pro this really doesn’t save you any money since they don’t offer the pro discount on these. So yeah, a pass for now. I will build my own palette so I can switch out the colors as I please.

They are charging AUD$250 for these palettes in Australia. At today’s exchange rate, that is USD$227.17. Who would buy this here?!!! Count your lucky stars, America! The reason I wouldn’t buy it is because I have some of the shadows in the palettes already, although if it was only $100, I would probably still splurge 😉

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