A Medley of Mauves #3


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A Medley of Mauves #3 Reviews

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The Glossover


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Product Information

  • Availability: Permanent
  • Finish: Pearl
  • Color: Plum
  • Undertone: Warm

Temptalia Review

A Medley of Mauves #3 is a warm-toned plum with brown undertones and a pearly sheen. The texture didn’t feel stiff but translated into a stiff, uneven application, which occurred whether I applied the color dry or with a damp brush. It had sheer coverage when applied dry, and then semi-opaque coverage when applied damp. This shade was more faded than the others after seven hours of wear. Anastasia Pink Sapphire (LE) is warmer. Urban Decay Last Call (P, $18.00) is more metallic, lighter. MAC Trax (P, $15.00) is more matte. MAC Star Violet (P, $15.00) is browner. See comparison swatches.

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