Timeless Blue Spark (760)


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Product Information

  • Availability: Permanent
  • Finish: Metallic
  • Color: Blue
  • Undertone: Cool

Temptalia Review

Timeless Blue Spark (760) Infallible Eyeshadow ($7.99 for 0.12 oz.) is a muted, medium blue with a very metallic finish. Applied dry, it was mostly opaque, and then applied with a dampened brush, it was very opaque and incredibly metallic. Giorgio Armani Blue Beetle (34) (LE, $33.00) and Giorgio Armani June Beetle (31) (LE, $33.00) have more of a duochrome finish. Urban Decay Haight (P, $18.00) is brighter, bluer. Illamasqua Alluvium (P, $25.50) is darker. bareMinerals Controversy (LE) is similar but less metallic, so it appears darker. See comparison swatches.

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