Friday, June 11th, 2010

MAC Dazzle Lipstick
Dazzle Lipstick: Baby’s On Fire, Glaringly Hip, Hellraiser, Hot Sass, Infused with Glam

Preview: MAC Dazzle Lipstick & Dazzleglass from Digi-Pop

MAC Digi-Pops: Lip Server Collection is available for pre-order at your local Nordstrom. It doesn’t launch until July 15th, but pre-orders are in full swing. There are thirteen shades of new (and of course, limited edition!) Dazzle Lipsticks and seven shades (some new, some repromoted, but all limited edition) Dazzleglasses.

I didn’t test any of these my lips, so I really can’t comment on the wear or feel on the lips. (Sorry all, I couldn’t bring myself to use a tester — the germaphobe in me refused to participate!) The Dazzle Lipsticks did not feel gritty or rough when I swatched them–surprisingly smooth. They look like they varied from sheer to semi-sheer in color, but it’s difficult to know for sure just how sheer or opaque they may lean without swatching them on lips. (Which I fully intend to do, when I’m able to pick up my pre-order!)

Dazzle Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Baby’s On Fire is a sheer darkened ruby red with silver sparkle.
  • Glaringly Hip is a muted peach with brown undertones and pink and white glitter.
  • Hellraiser is a sheer, darkened mauve-plum with bluish-silver glitter.
  • Hot Sass is a semi-sheer, muted orange with reddish-copper glitter.
  • Infused with Glam is a warmed-up brown with red undertones and reddish glitter.
  • Liquid Lurex is a sheer yellow gray-gold with silver glitter.
  • Naughty You is a brightened medium pink with fuchsia glitter.
  • Smash Hit is a sheer beige-gold with darkened gold glitter.
  • Snazzy is a semi-sheer red plum with fuchsia-purple glitter.
  • Sweet Bits is a grayish lilac with multi-color glitter (predominantly light fuchsia). It’s kind of like Vex eyeshadow in lipstick form.
  • Troublemaker is a darkened red-pink with fuchsia glitter. It’s a darker, more opaque version of Naughty You.
  • Wham is a red-brown with gold and copper glitter.
  • Win-Win is a light baby pink with blue undertones and gold glitter.

Dazzleglass ($18.50 U.S. / $21.50 CDN)

  • Boys Go Crazy is a darkened plum-berry purple with iridescent purple and blue-violet glitter.
  • Fabulous Fun is a brightened fuchsia-pink with fuchsia-purple glitter.
  • Glamour OD is a brightened red with a touch of coral and pink glitter. This is a repromote.
  • Hi-Falutin’ is a softened peach-coral with gold glitter.
  • Spanking Rich is a softened pink mauve with fuchsia glitter. This is a repromote.
  • Utterly Posh is a darkened orange with a little brown and orange-gold glitter. This is a repromote.
  • You Got the Look is a brightened tangerine orange with almost teal glitter.

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Dazzle Lipstick
Dazzle Lipstick: Hellraiser, Hot Sass, Infused with Glam, Liquid Lurex, Naughty You

MAC Dazzle Lipstick
Dazzle Lipstick: Infused with Glam, Liquid Lurex, Naught You, Smash Hit, snazzy

MAC Dazzle Lipstick
Dazzle Lipstick
: Snazzy, Sweet Bits, Troublemaker, Wham, Win-Win

MAC Dazzle Lipstick
Dazzleglass: Boys Go Crazy, Fabulous Fun, Glamour OD, Hi-Falutin’, Spanking Rich

MAC Dazzle Lipstick
Dazzleglass: Glamour OD, Hi-Falutin’, Spanking Rich, Utterly Posh, You Got the Look

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120 thoughts on “Preview: MAC Dazzle Lipstick & Dazzleglass from Digi-Pop

  1. Elysia

    I totally want Fabulous Fun and You got the look

  2. Cait

    Out of the Lipstick I think the Hot Sass and Baby’s on Fire are pretty nice, and for the Dazzle Glass I like the Hi-Falutin’.
    Interesting Range of colours, though in a way, I do not see them being that ‘summer-y’.

  3. Alexis

    Okay this is about the time where I get overwhelmed and I take a self-imposed BREAK from buying anything MAC related…I’ll start up again in the FALL.

  4. baby in a corner

    like naughty you!

  5. Michou

    Cannot wait to get my hands on Hi-Falutin’ and Utterly Posh!!!

  6. Andrea

    Wow Boys go Crazy looks stunning!

  7. Kim

    Hey Christine!! Thanks for the pictures!!

    Would you say You Got The Look looks similar to Flurry of Fun lipglass?

    ps i just finished my exams too!! YAY! :)

    • Congrats on finishing up exams!

      I’m not entirely sure yet – I’d really have to see it on lips first.

    • Emily

      The flurry of fun really doesn’t compare. Flurry of fun doesn’t evn looks orange on ur lips just very sheer. You Got the Look is very popsicle orange on your lips it’s so pretty!! I really reccomend preordering it. It also looks great over Glaringly Hip which is a light orange too.

  8. I hear you on not wanting to try them on the lips.. The ones at my counter were all smooshed, some of them had bits of hair on them *gag*

    I was also surprised at how smooth they feel! They felt like glazes to me.

    I didn’t pre-order any, because I was out of town when I saw them. Do you think a pre-order might be necessary with these, or should I just go on release day?

    Also, when they go international in August, will they be at MAC stores and MAC online?


    • EW! That sounds worse than the ones I swatched! I just can’t… do it. I know what people do. I don’t blame MAC or the artists at all, but I just can’t!

      At least I am not the only one, LOL!

      I have no idea, to be honest. Nordstrom is doing pre-order/pre-sale SO SO early for everything, so I don’t know if things are going to sell out really early now or not.

      I haven’t heard anything about them being online or at MAC yet.

      • Thanks for replying! I was shocked to see them in stores so early. I can’t put testers on my face at all. After I clean them off my hands, you better believe I lather up with purell immediately!! I don’t think I’m going to bother pre-ordering any. I’ll just go on release day. I only want 2 or 3 (or 4 or 5 hahaha).

        • Same here!

          Yeah, I don’t like my makeup done at counters/stores, and nothing on my face. On my arm is as much as I can handle! But I am prettyyy paranoid, lol.

          • Dianna

            I’m confused… don’t the artists at your MAC store/counter dip the lipsticks in alcohol? Or does that still not make them ‘clean enough’ for you? lol. I’m a germaphobe myself but using some kind of disinfectant is usually enough for me :)

            • I’m just really, really grossed out by the things people do with testers – I’d rather not risk it, personally. It’s not a reflection on the artists, the counter, or the sanitation methods/techniques they have in place. I’ve seen people’s dead skin in testers – and the alcohol doesn’t get rid of that. And while I’m OK with using alcohol to sanitize my own lipsticks periodically from my own germs… at least I know that I don’t have any infections going on. :/ The benefit of trying on a lipstick is outweighed by the risks for me, personally.

            • Dianna

              Ew that is gross! I’ve never seen anything like that at makeup counters… but the Sephora testers do look pretty nasty.

  9. Jennifer

    I quite like Hi-Falutin’, and Naughty You is pretty too, but otherwise I’ll pass on most of this. The lipsticks especially come in colors that I don’t wear often. This is good though, allows me to save money lol.

  10. hang

    Christi, how does the dazzleglass-boys go crazy compare to Fab Frenzy? r they similar? thx.

  11. Kate M.

    I love Glamour OD!!  The Dazzle lipsticks look sooooo shiny!!  None of the colors call to me though =)

    Thanks Christine!

  12. Michelle

    Hi-Falutin dazzleglass is calling my name!

  13. Shelly

    You Got The Look reminds me of Flurry of Fun, how do you think they compare?

    • Shelly

      Whoops didn’t realize you already answered this question! Don’t mind me 😉

    • They look like they may be similar, but it really depends on how it looks on lips.

      • Emily

        I actually did try You Got The look on my lips and it came out like a very light orange and was easy to see. Flurry of Fun does not comeout very orange on the lips. If anyone has questions ask me because I tried on a lot of things from the collection. Only because I was the first to try them out.

  14. Amber

    OMG You Got The Look is HOTTT!!!!!!!!! I have nothing at all like it – must have!

    thank you Christine!

  15. Pam

    I think they are already at the Bay (Toronto – Yonge and Bloor location) if anyone wants to check them out. a little bit frosty for me… but cool collection! :)

  16. Ren

    I’m loving Hi-Falutin!

  17. Courtney

    Thanks for posting those! I want to love the lipsticks, but the colors are just blah or too pink/orange for me. I’ll try them on for fun.

    I really want Boys Go Crazy, but looking at these swatches, I may give Hi-Falutin and Utterly Posh a try.

  18. stephanie

    what is with MAC and all the glitter? I am still trying to get over superglass, lol.

    Nordstrom’s has the product out to make a pre-order? i would love to go and swatch this weekend.

  19. SusyLovesMac

    My shopping list! :)

    Smash Hit & Naughty You l/s
    Hi-Falutin d/g

  20. i have been so interested in these but i can’t bring myself to pick them up until they launch at mac stores! ergh!!! i’m still excited though – and i love some of the names! i used to play a cover of “baby’s on fire” years ago! lol!

    • Do you know if they’re launching at MAC stores? The last time I asked, the artist said they weren’t!

      • Emma

        What does that mean? Will this be a Nordstrom exclusive ? I live in Iceland, so no Nordstrom here. Will I not be able to get these except by ordering?

        • As far as I know, it is a Nordstrom exclusive, but the information originally stated that the international launch was in August, but I really don’t have a lot of details on that.

      • MAC Pro is SF swears up and down they’ve been told August for these – But they don’t have a solid date (they go to update on the 20th so after that I can ask again and get a more solid answer I suppose). I called MAC to see what’s up and they said NO, not at stores (but they also said that they weren’t 100% sure on that “no” and wouldn’t know until later…)

        • Ahh… and thus, it is a waiting game! July 15th for Nordstrom… so hopefully we’ll hear back before then.

          Update on the 20th of June? Wow, early!

          • I have noticed at the SF store they do their update WEEKS before the employees at the MAC at Macy’s around here go… Maybe it’s a Pro thing? I donno. Here’s hoping these will launch at stores but I have a sinking feeling they won’t. Oh! Slings and arrows!!!

  21. melissa

    I wonder when MAC will do their friends & family sale…does anyone have any idea…it seems like around this time last year, I have been holding out, however there are so many new launches coming I dont know if I can keep my wallet closed!!!!

  22. Emma

    oooouh! I really want You Got The Look and Spanking Rich Dazzleglasses and maybe the Snazzy lipstick! Really, really excited for this collection!

  23. fiaspice

    I love those color. I think I’ll be getting one when it hits The Bay. I so become a Mac addict by reading this blog!

  24. DevilishDoll

    I want
    Troublemaker Lipstick
    Win-Win Lipstick (maybe)
    Boys Go Crazy Dazzleglass
    Fabulous Fun Dazzleglass
    Spanking Rich Dazzleglass
    You Got The Look Dazzleglass

  25. Leenie

    Hellraiser & Hot Sass and Snazzy lipstick looks pretty.

  26. Natalia

    I want Hellraiser just for the name!

  27. Keshia

    The only ones that impress me are Hi-Falutin’ and Fabulous Fun. Everything else is meh. Nothing we haven’t seen before from MAC.

  28. Katie

    I am reeeally glad I’m not into super sparkly lips, otherwise I would go broke on this collection! I do really like some of the colors of Dazzleglasses though.

  29. AA

    Can’t wait to get my hands on those dazzleglass!

  30. Wow, from these and the other swatches I’ve seen, I’m totally let down by the Dazzle Lipsticks! I was so excited when I heard about them, but the colors are blah to me, and so sheeeeeer!! *hate*
    I have a bright, glittery fuschia from Fafi from 2 years ago that looks similar. I’ll just stick with that. :/
    (I guess it’s good though, ’cause I am poooooor right now)

  31. vickie

    These look gorgeous! I can’t wait for your full review of them! The dazzleglass even look pretty and I might just have to pick one or two up

    • Vickie

      oh and i totally agree with you on not using the testers…i could never use them either…yuck

  32. Shanika

    I love a dazzleglass.. that Boys Go Crazy…. has my name all over IT!

  33. I’m really interested in this collection, I love Dazzleglasses, and Dazzle Lipsticks sound so nice. Based on your swatches I want 3 or 4 Dazzlesglasses (Boys Go Crazy, Fabulous Fun, Glamour OD, Spanking Rich) and 4 or 5 Dazzle Lipsticks (Infused with Glam, Naughty You, Snazzy, Troublemaker, Hot Sass or Win-Win). :)

  34. rowan

    i love these!

  35. Vianca

    i NEED You got the Look!
    thinkin bout Hellraiser 2…

  36. eh

    Babys on fire is weak sauce I thought it would be more like their discontinued lipstick in rocker instead of sheer gloss… on another note snazzy is pretty hellraiser looks interesting.

  37. Carrie

    Is Hellraiser similar to High Top from the Fafi collection?

  38. Sass

    l/s = hot sass (lovely name), infused with glam, naughty you

    l/g = you got the look, utterly posh, hi falutin

    and this will be my digipop haul. :)

  39. Kathy

    I JUST tested the Dazzle Lipsticks today (since my local MAC counter at Nordstrom’s had a “preview”). They’re crrrrrazy sparkly!

    Oddly enough, I might actually pick up Liquid Lurex. I tested it out just for the heck of it (because of the really weird color), but I really dug how it looked.

  40. Hendrix

    Hmm… I was really into the promo pictures of the lipsticks, but now that I see them, they’re too sheer and wayyyy too sparkly for me I think. I like Snazzy, but even that I think I can pass on.

    Still can’t wait to see the lip swatches, though!

  41. Salina

    I’ll take Hellraiser, Sweet Bits, and Boys Go Crazy…. Christine, will this being going to MAC counters later? I don’t have a Nordstrom’s… Could I pre-order/order online???

  42. Christy

    I’m moving away from sparkle but they still are very pretty and I love the names.

  43. Angela0804

    Looks like stuff I already have. Passing.

  44. Jessi

    How does You Got the Look compare to Flurry of Fun? They sound similar with the teal glitter….

  45. Tiffany

    I can’t find these on Nordstrom :(

  46. Jenna

    Hellraiser looks so unique I Love it!! I think I will wait for lip swatches before I buy though just in case it’s one of those colors that make warm complexions look dull.

  47. Lana

    Hi Christine,
    I was wondering, how close would you consider Hellraiser to be to Fafi’s High Top? Thanks :)

  48. Kalee

    Naughty You lipstick and Hi-Falutin’ gloss looks prettttyy.

  49. Rebekah

    the only nordstrom near me isn’t really near me, its on the other side of the state. will i be able to order anything online from

  50. Paloma

    I’d really like to see the lipsticks in a look or whatever, cuz I can’t really tell if they’d look good on someone or not….

  51. I tried on Naughty You, Hot Sass & Sweet Bits (after it was dipped in alcohol).
    I would consider getting Naughty You (gorgeous), but the dense glitter finish won’t make me get much use out of it.
    The glitter didn’t feel gritty and it went on smoothly. I would say it’s semi-opaque to almost opaque.

    It pretty much looks like dense glitter on your lips and highly reflective – garish, almost; way more intense than the MAC in Lillyland Lipgelees! This is definitely more for a fun night out than a daytime everyday thing unless you want to blind people as you walk by.

  52. Oh my gosh, Naughty You looks GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for the swatches!

  53. Interesting collection but I wouldn’t wear all the shades. I love Dazzleglass in Fabulous Fun though. :)

  54. Brittany

    so even when lanched these can only be bought at nordstrom?

  55. Michelle M

    I seriously don’t blame you for not wanting to put testers on your lips. I’m in health care, so I do often tend to feel that alot of the germ hysteria is overdone, but in this instance- I’m with you all the way. Those testers are crawling with microbes and should not go NEAR mucous membranes! Yuck! I am looking forward to seeing your lovely lips swatches when you get some of your own, though! :)

  56. Cherie

    I was at a MAC counter and checked these out… Liquid Lurex suprised me! It was so interesting and beautiful! This is a neat collection but one that I doubt I would wear on an everyday basis. HOWEVER, I will most likely get Liquid Lurex with B2M just to have for those rainy days 😉

    And I’m loving the new quads packaging. Hope they do this for the 15 palette but then it would throw off my collection! lol

    • The only thing about the new design is it feels bulky – like it just seems way bigger than it needs to be. I like the updated look, though!

  57. Kylee Francirek

    Glamour OD looks really pretty :)

  58. Liz

    would you say naughty you is similar to show orchid? BUT I’m guessing Show Orchid is more pigmented. I’ve been looking for something simular to show orchid cause it keeps coming out when im broke! :(

  59. The lipsticks aren’t very exciting to me… But I totally wanna check out the dazzleglasses! Especially Glamour OD, Hi-Falutin’, Spanking Rich and You Got The Look :] You Got The Look looks like a must have for orange lipsticks *__*

  60. mmhmm

    Craving Glamour OD and Naughty You.

  61. kfm

    Snazzy looks more interesting than I had thought it would- especially since you compare it to my all-time favourite eye shadow!

    Boys Go Crazy, Baby’s on Fire and Hellraiser are pretty much definite for me.

    Don’t know if you have this one to compare, but Hellraiser looks like High Top from the Fafi collection. Even if it does, I’d be happy for the back-up.

  62. Aida

    Do you think tath “You Got the Look” dazzleglass is a dupe of “Flurry Of Fun” lipglass from MAC to the Beach Collection??

  63. Li-Li

    I love Hi-Falutin’!!

  64. lameka

    cant wait i’m totally loving it!!!!!!!!

  65. Emily

    I went to nordstroms today and was luckily the very first person to touch anything, so I really didn’t mind putting them on because they were all brand new untouched. I tried on “You Got The look” and it is a light popsicle orange and is so pretty on!! I also tried on Win-Win and it goes on nice and smooth and does look cakey or craky if you know what I mean. Win-Win is just a really cute baby pink. Also I tried “Fabulous Fun” in real life it’s more purply. When I put it on it was so pretty!! It’s like pink and purple at the same time I can’t explain it but its definelty worth buying!!! Also I tried on “Sweet Bits” on the picture it looks really white but is actually a light lavender. I also tried “Glaringly Hip” but she doesn’t have a picture of it. It’s really just a pretty light orange and would look really pretty under You got the look! Also the glass called “Boys Go Crazy” is really dark in the bottle it was like purply black!! But i never tried it on. I really think all the ones I talked about are must haves!!! They are nice and sparkly and not at all gritty! When you wipe it off your lips they’re still sparkles left which I really didn’t mind. This collection is awesome go to nordstroms now to test them out!!

  66. Emily

    Flurry of Fun does not at all compare to You Got The Look!! Flurry of Fun doesn’t come out very orange just kinda sheer. You Got The Look comes out very Popsicle orange that you can see easily!! So they dnt compare at all nothing alike.

    • Thanks, Emily!

      They look similar in the swatches, but You Got the Look does seem a little more orange! Always hard to tell without trying it on lips, though.

  67. Lynn

    Hi Christine! I went to Nordstrom yesterday and I was able to swatch the Dazzle lipsticks and some of the Dazzleglasses. Everything wasn’t completely out yet as they were still taking things out of boxes. For Pre-order, I got Baby’s on Fire Dazzle lipstick and 4 Dazzleglasses: Boys Go Crazy, Fabulous Fun, Spanking Rich and Utterly Posh. Spanking Rich is soooo pretty- I love Dazzleglasses! I’m not too crazy over the other colors of the Dazzle lipsticks. I feel like Baby’s on Fire has more color and pigment to it than the other lipsticks so I only ended up picking one.

  68. Robyn

    On Nordstrom online can’t do pre order ?

  69. Lia

    I swatched the lipsticks at the bay in Canada and most of them were fairly used already and I found they were quite gritty when swatched but I didnt try on my lips either

  70. Halo

    These all look so bright and fun. How can i resist

  71. Shanda

    I kinda like them all

  72. Tiffany

    are lip swatches coming soon? 😀

  73. Amanda

    Is the color of sweet bits similar to fashion mews at all?

  74. JillyB

    I was in Nordstrom’s today and if you “preordered” these you could take them home with you. I bought Baby’s On Fire, Snazzy and Wham. They looked a lot darker swatched but were surprisingly sheerer on. They felt smooth on and not gritty. I also bought Glamour OD and Spanking Rich. Glamour looks really nice over the Baby’s On Fire and the combo isn’t over-the-top sparkly. The MUA told me they were almost sold out. I probably should have bought Hot Sass too.

  75. cmferret

    i just found some dupes for some of these lipsticks, that i found at victoria secret. their called sparkle lipsticks from VS, their exactly like the dazzle l/s from mac. just in case some of u cant get them later on, or u may already have some of these-i know i did, so that saved me some money.
    mac babys on fire = VS on fire
    mac wham = VS spark
    mac snazzy = VS limelight
    mac troublemaker = VS light it up
    mac win win, mac sweet bits = VS adorned
    mac smash hit, mac liquid lurex = VS spotlight.

    so the ones i got from this mac collection are: mac hellraiser, glaringly hit, hot sass, naughty you, infused w/ glam.

  76. cindy

    anyone know where i can get Dazzle Lipstick Hellraiser?