Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream
Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream ($22.00 for 0.21 oz.) is described as a “golden tangerine sheen.” It’s a vibrant orange with golden shimmer-sheen. It’s borderline retina-burning, honestly! It’s approved for use on the lips and cheeks (so not eyes). Whether it’s used more opaque or sheer, it’s a rich color and applies opaque. You would use the teeniest, tiniest bit to get a wash of color for blush or a lip tint. It has a more molten, deeper hue when layered (like the heavier swatch). OCC Banjee is lighter but still bright–it’s the only shade I could think of that came close to being a dupe. A lot of the other orange lipsticks I thought off are darker.  Maybelline Fierce & Tangy is much lighter.

Aqua Creams work well on the cheeks as far as wear goes, and lower shimmer shades like #10 add color easily that also sticks around for eight hours or longer. Because it has a softer finish, it doesn’t emphasize pores, so it sits well on the skin. What I really like is that these don’t remain sticky on the cheeks, which many cream blushes do. On the lips, I find this one stains a bit, and again, because the finish has less frost in it, it is not as drying as other Aqua Creams have been for me. It’s not my first choice in lip color, because it’s not hydrating and a bit drying, but it does wear for five to six hours and leaves behind a subtle tint.

The Glossover



Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream is a great formula, but while I love the performance for eyes, it's not quite as stellar when it comes to cheeks/lips--so if it's not eye-safe, then the overall score is a bit less. It's good on the cheeks when it has low shimmer, but on lips, it's long-wearing but somewhat drying.











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Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream
Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream
Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream
Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream
Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Sephora, $22.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

OCC Banjee is lighter but still bright--it's the only shade I could think of that came close to being a dupe. A lot of the other orange lipsticks I thought off are darker.

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24 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever #10 Aqua Cream Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I never tried these aqua cream but I am so looking forward to use them, I like the grade you give them, so thanks for the info!

  2. Sarah

    I own this and love to layer it under NARS Capucine Lip Laquer (bright shimmery orange)and pair it with an uber neutral(an almost no make-up make-up) look on the rest of the face. It is just the perfect pop of colour on my fair complexion.

  3. shontay

    I still use this color on my eyes and I haven’t had any problems. There’s nothing like orange eyeliner! LOL! I’ve never tried any aqua eyes shades on my lips/cheeks. It seems odd to me.

    • Kim Brown

      I have a sample of this and it is so darn pretty. It is the orangest orange I have see in makeup. I used it on my eyelids and loved it. I also have a sample of the green on and it is pretty also.

  4. Maria Dias

    I wish I could see a swatch on the lips :(

  5. I bought this last summer for the orange lip craze (glad it’s sticking around for spring!). I haven’t tried it on the cheeks yet, what brush do you suggest for application? I love it on the lips! I use it with the MUFE lip liner, and nars lip gloss.

  6. Kathleen

    I like them on eyes, but on lips I think they’re INCREDIBLY uncomfortable. I tried to wear this one for Halloween and I had to take it off within just a few minutes.

  7. Elaine R

    I’d love to see you do a look with this!

  8. Carla

    I’ve only tried the aqua cream in shade number 6 and I really don’t like it. It just doesn’t seem to blend well and I always end up with streaky cheeks. Do you have any tips for applying it?

    • What are you applying it with? What type of brush or something else? Over or under foundation?

      • Lisa Kim

        I agree. I’d love to use it on my cheeks but it’s so darn difficult. I feel like it sets too quickly or something but I always get streaky cheeks. Ive tried it with a stippling brush, and a foundation brush (after I apply foundation with it so that it is not dry)

        • The best is using fingers (try getting a little out with a spoon or spatula), because the warmth of your fingers will help it blend/melt against skin for a wee bit longer :)

  9. I can’t say I would use this at all!

  10. Dinitchka

    I have a few Aqua Creams and I do like them (not as much as my Calvin Klein though) and I love the range of colours. As much as I LOVE this orange colour, I don’t know how I would pull it off??? Orange lips might work, orange eyes … I’ve no clue how it would look but defo NO orange cheeks!

  11. Yazmin

    i love aqua creams but i cant get use them much because of the odd smell

  12. tat

    wow that colour is mad!!!

  13. Tango Tangerine trend I see. I’m not a fan of the beauty/fashion industry dictating a shade to wear as they only do it to sell items. I remember when a shade of purple was the colour of they year and walking into a store that ONLY had purple and shades of black on the racks. O__o

    But despite this not considered eye safe I would use it as shade over a lip product.

  14. Hilary♥

    Very nice color but I wouldn’t use it on me because it is way too orange lol.

  15. Naedyn

    I bought this because I really wanted to use them on my eyes (and bought the blue for my lips, even though they’re not meant to be used that way). I feel like this product dries quite quickly and can dry up before you blend the edges. However the pigmentation is saturated and the colour is just lush. Also, they’re very weatherproof (think hot and humid tropics) on me!

  16. Aaaaaaand already we’re seeing the Pantone prediction coming true! WOWZERS I love it!

  17. Brittany

    OMG I LOVE how bright this orange is! I love orange, period. I have no where to wear this shade, though. :( I definitely like the scores given and I’ll have to put it on my list to try. Maybe a pretty silver shade or something if they have one. :)

  18. Aimey

    Oh the day I find myself wearing orange on my lips. On purpose! LOL I feel like as a blush, this product would go a long way since you should only be using a teeny tiny bit. I wonder how I’d look with orange blush LOL Is it a color that would suit warm tones better?