Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Spiced Tea, Warm Me Up, Siss

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection: Lipsticks

I was pleasantly surprised by the texture and coverage of both Siss and Warm Me Up. Siss is permanent, by the way, so you don’t have to rush out and purchase that one if it catches your eye and you’re on a budget. (I didn’t own it previously, though, so I still picked one up.) My favorite was easily Warm Me Up — it’s totally a shade I’d gravitate towards, and the finish is truly lovely. Spiced Tea was definitely the disappointing one of the three.

  • Siss is a fleshy-beige with a peachy undertone. It reminded me of the color of foundation (well, a darker foundation than my own, I suppose). It’s not flattering on my lips, and I doubt I’d wear it alone — perhaps layered with a coral gloss or even a red.
  • Warm Me Up is a creamy medium pink with a little warmed-up yellow in it. I know MAC says it’s a neutral pink, but I think it has a lil’ warmth in it still! It has a nice amplified finish, so it’s rich in pigmentation and goes on smooth. It reminded me of a much pinker version of Brave New Bronze for some reason…
  • Spiced Tea is a semi-sheer coppery bronze with an orange warmth to it. It has a golden shimmer in it. I thought it wasn’t so bad at first, but on my lips, it looks a little splotchy. I just found it really trying to get an even finish/color with this particular shade.

See more photos and swatches!

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Siss, Warm Me Up, Spiced Tea

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Siss Lipstick

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Siss Lipstick

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Warm Me Up Lipstick

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Warm Me Up Lipstick

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Spiced Tea Lipstick

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Spiced Tea Lipstick

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53 thoughts on “MAC Warm & Cozy Collection: Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches, Lip Swatches

  1. Cristina

    Im skipping on the lipsticks in this collection. I normally gravitate toward blue pink and lilac lip colors, but they do look really good on you.

  2. Brian Kelly

    Siss looks like its going to be my new one.

    Also, something I was wondering about Creme d’Nude, is it fully pigmented like Siss lipstick is? I’ve seen loads of swatches on people, some light pink, some look unbearably sheer and some look just dull. Is Creme d’Nude anything like Siss?

  3. selva

    Warm me up looks so nice

  4. claudia

    Warm me Up is adorable !!! I love amplifieds !!

  5. Leila

    Warm Me Up is definitely the best. I do like the color of Spiced Tea, but you’re right…it looks like it’s hard to get it on your lips evenly.

    • It is! It’s like every time you try to layer it on (I always just apply straight from the tube, ’cause let’s face it, that’s how most of us do it! — plus, it’s just for swatches), the shimmer budges one way, the color slips the other way… annoying!

    • natalie

      Yeah i was just thinking the same thing. Esspecailly with Spiced Tea. I also think Siss looks a little too much concealer like but maybe thats just me. Id only get Warm me up. Seems lovley.

  6. daphne

    Warm Me Up is the kind of color I’ve been looking for for ages. I may well be the only thing I get from this collection. Why do I have the exact same taste in lip products as you? It’s dangerous! 😛

  7. femke

    warm me up looks gorgeous, I’m thinking about picking that up when the collection comes out in holland

  8. Warm Me Up will be the only lipstick that I’ll get from this collection since I love pinky nude lipsticks.

  9. Heatherette87

    I’m really liking Warm Me Up.

  10. amy

    I use to have Siss, it is one of my earlier MAC purchases and my very first “nude” lipstick. Looking at the swatches, I may buy Warm Me Up lipstick because it does remind me of Brave New Bronze and I missed out on that one.

  11. Nic

    Warm Me Up looks nice, and I love Amplifieds. I’m not sure how it’ll look with my skin tone, but I’ll have to check it out next time I’m at MAC. I’ll probably get either Warm Me Up or one of the tinted lip conditioners.

  12. Autumn

    Warm me up looks lovely! :)

  13. Rosanna Lam

    I bought “Siss” lipstick a while ago. It’s definetly a SUPER nude lipcolour and has to be worn with a lipgloss lest you look lifeless.

    The crazy thing is I’m a NW 20/25 (!) and I wear it with coral lipgloss but it doesn’t look weird if I have a strong or colored eyeshadow look.

  14. Paloma

    I love Spiced Tea, it looks a little bit like the lipstick version of Light That Fire, but I would definitely coat it more if possible.

  15. Warm Me Up looks perfect! I am definitely getting that one :)

  16. Warm me up looks gorgeous. It’s not the color that I like to wear but I will make an exception cause it really looks nice on your lips :).Maybe it will look good on me too…although I’m kind of pale :)

  17. Jenny H.

    so you said warm me up is like brave new bronze except pinker.. and I LOVE brave new bronze. MUST GO GET WARM ME UP !!

    • Kind of, yes! I don’t know, I saw it, and I was like “Brave New Bronze!” that same kind of feeling, haha.

      • Jenny H

        so I lip swatched it the other day.. it’s kind of pinkier than it looks? I thought maybe it would be a more muted pink. but it looked super pink on me. so i passed =\

  18. egon

    I’ll B2M Warm Me Up =)

  19. Anitacska

    Warm Me Up looks pretty. :)

  20. Victoria

    Siss could potentially be a nude lippie for the darker skintoned ladies…

  21. “warm me up” looks great!

  22. Miss_Silk

    haha Siss looks just a shade or 2 darker than my own foundation..hahha but then again…i’m getting lighter

    I really love Warm Me Up…i want it TT…i really love my Brave New Bronze, but a little pink looks better!

    hmmm Spiced Tea my friend has that looks amazing on her…but did not show up on me TT it just looks like lipgloss faded on my lips..eww

    • I wish Spiced Tea looked better! I’m going to try it with a gloss on top, which I’m sure will help it along, but boo for it being so bleh! by itself.

      • ak

        Aww seeing how bright and light the Warm Me Up lipstick looks against you makes me sad! :( Tell me, is Warm Me Up lipstick anything like a lipstick by MAC called Malt? Malt was a Satin(?) lipstick that MAC had all the way back in 2001. Malt looked like a permanent color at the time but I guess they discontinued it some years back! LOL

        • IMO, no, not really like Malt. I remember Malt (I think I may have a stub left, but I may have used it for B2M) being a lot more taupe/brown, I guess. This is kind of like a more coral version of Cosmo.

  23. cloudburst

    I wasn’t going to get any of the lippies from this collection until I saw Warm Me Up, then I was like “Yup, that’s on the list”.

  24. Eden Landers

    I love Warm Me Up!

  25. mmm not a fan of these lipsticks. siss looks pretty sickly…

  26. Lynn

    Warm Me Up definitely on christmas list..

  27. I love Spiced Tea, I gotta get this l/s.

  28. Erin

    I’m dying to get my hands on Warm Me Up! All the swatches I’ve seen look absolutely gorgeous.

  29. Toni

    I was ready to give up on MAC then I came across Warm Me Up (and Cuddle shadestick) today! Love it – actually considering getting a backup!

  30. ak

    I’m an NC45 and I already have Siss but I have to mix that with a lip pencil or with Touch lipstick. I think that Siss suits people that are like two or three shades lighter than NC45. I bought Warm Me Up and I’ll use that one with either the Cremestick Liner lip pencil in Beurre or the Half Red lip pencil.

    I highly recommend the Spiced Tea lipstick which is a Glaze, but don’t bother buying it if you already have the lipstick called Shag because Shag is very similar. I didn’t bother buying Spiced Tea because I have Shag somewhere.

  31. Hi Christine, thanks for the great swatches! I really like Warm It Up but am wondering is it very similar to Hi Def lipstick? It looks like Warm It up is slightly pinker and more opaque?

    Do you think Warm It Up is different enough to justify getting it if I already own Hi Def?


    • It’s definitely pinker and creamier – they’re different enough that I’d get both, but if you’re on a really tight budget, you could skip and maybe wait for a more distinct color!

  32. Pontip

    I received the Warm Me Up lipstick as an early birthday present yesterday, it looks pinkier on me than it is on you. i’m an nc42 though.

  33. civa

    Warm me up looks georgous on you!

  34. Emy

    Aww, I’m such a fan of this collection.. Funny but Warm me up looked on me pretty much like Spiced tea does on you. It’s my natural lip colour with a little brown..
    Now is it worth 20$ to look like myself with a little bit of a bang?? IS IT? Arg decisions decisions..