Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass — Cyndi & Gaga

Coming at you on September 2nd, MAC will launch corresponding lipglasses to February’s roll out of Viva Glam Cyndi and Gaga Lipsticks. Like the lipsticks, the lipglasses are only around for a limited time (six months) — both the lipsticks and lipglasses will be available until February 2011.

Just like the same-named lipsticks, Cyndi is a coral with very subtle white micro-shimmer, while Gaga is a light pink with blue undertones and nearly imperceptible white micro-shimmer. Surprisingly, Gaga [lipglass] seems more wearable than its lipstick counterpart–it’s not as cool or blue toned, so its more flattering across skin tones.   Cyndi feels like there’s just a little less red to it–maybe a touch more coral, more orange, but certainly feels at least a smidgen brighter.  Both glosses are incredibly opaque for a gloss, which is nice–but they can, of course, be worn sheerly by simply using less.  It doesn’t take more than two or three swipes (depending on how big your lips are!) for a nice, opaque look.

When you’re looking for a lipstick/lipglass, Viva Glam is always a good way to go!

See more photos & swatches!

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RECOMMENDATION: I’m all for a good cause, so if you like either of the shades, they’re both very pigmented and flattering on many skin tones.


MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass / Cyndi Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Lipglass - Gaga and Cyndi
MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass

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162 thoughts on “MAC Viva Glam Lipglass — Cyndi & Gaga

  1. I am so excited for these! Cyndi looks great on you.

  2. Valerie

    I love the Gaga and Cyndi lipsticks, but for some reason these are not doing it for me. That’s a good thing, because I’m going to go NUTS when Fab Felines hits my local MAC store!

  3. HAVE to get my mittens on Cyndi…I may also purchase backups before they are discontinued next year.

    I don’t have Gaga, nor will I be purchasing the matching gloss…far too cool for me.

  4. Jenna

    Are these gonna be available in The Netherlands?

  5. Sarah

    I gave a “loving it” but only for Cyndis color ;-D

  6. Tess

    I love them both, cuz theyre so pigmented <3

  7. Laura

    Loving Cyndi Lipglass!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on some!

  8. I don’t know about the Gaga lipglass (way too light for me) but Cyndi looks great, might have to try it

  9. Ah! GaGa! I absolutely love it. <3

  10. Hey Christine, I want to ask if the Viva Glam Gaga & Cindi Lipsticks are still available? I love the colors of the lip glosses but too bad I don’t wear lip gloss! :(

  11. This is nice. I’m NW45 in MAC and the VG Gaga lipstick looks like powdered donuts on me. The lipglass is looking more like what I expected the pigmentation of the lipstick to look like. I think I’ll get this lipglass and stick with VG Cyndi’s lipstick. The Cyndi lipglass is looking a bit more orange like you said. I think I may try it though. I’m excited about these.

  12. Ellie

    I so want Viva Glam Gaga Lipglss :)

  13. I don’t like how they look like, especially the pink one…

  14. Ally_D

    I don’t currently own any lipglasses because of their stickiness but Cyndi may have to be my first (and second) – think will get a backup of the lipstick too

  15. nat

    Music wise, I like Gaga more than Cyndi, but makeup-wise, I like the cyndi color a lot more than Gaga!

  16. Amy

    OMG Cyndi looks AMAZINGGGG on you Christine! I am so going to get it.

  17. Naomi

    I want Cyndi’s lipglass :)

  18. Avin

    While the Gaga isn’t exactly my color preference (blue-pinks just don’t jive with me for some reason), Cyndi looks FANTASTIC! Corals are definitely my thing. Thank you for the great pictures, Christine!

  19. Caite

    is the gaga lipglass similar to Turkish Delight?

  20. ah i SO need to get these! i actually think i like the cyndi one better though.

  21. Maren

    Wow, the Cyndi lipglass looks stunning!! From what I can see from the pictures it doesn´t even settle into the lip lines too much, which is what usually keeps me from buying milky glosses. And the color is just perfect!
    Definitely a backup candidate for me.

  22. angela

    yay! I am so excited you made swatches!

  23. Ann

    LOVE the look of Cyndi!

  24. Veronica

    “Cyndi” looks great on you, Christine! It looks like a nice, light reddish-pink for fall. I actually like it more than “Gaga”, which is surprising since I’m a sucker for nudes and baby pinks.

  25. angela

    Also I was wondering if the signature rubs off the lipglass packaging because the liberty of london lipglasses did which was sad. :)

    • I don’t have any issues with the printing rubbing off, but I don’t take my lipglosses/lipsticks with me very often. Like my Liberty of London lipglasses don’t have any missing parts or anything, lol!

      • lipglosses are the first thing that looses it’s printing for me. lipglass, dazzleglass, etc. the more i use them the faster it goes of course, but they’re always gone within a couple months 😛

        it doesn’t bother me tho… i’ll probably get 2 of these just to keep and collect, then another 2 to actually use. gaga doesn’t look as milky as i was dreading it would! :) they both look great!

  26. Alyssa

    Cyndi’s is so nice!

  27. I love Cyndy lipstick and lipglass!!! I want it! xD

  28. Argeleen

    Getting both! Thanks!

  29. Argeleen

    How many coats did u apply in the photo?

    • One even coat? I usually apply in parts, not in coats :) I believe I mentioned it in the review that it took 2-3 pumps of gloss. I typically use at least 2, even on sheer glosses, to get an even look.

  30. shayna

    i like the cyndi one a bit better, but i will probably end up with both!

  31. MysteriousMia


  32. Etaoin

    i have the lady gaga lipstick so it might be wasteful to get the lipgloss as well cause they are so similar. i do like the cyndi lipglass. how similar is it to illamasqua mistress lipgloss intense?

  33. Cynthia B

    Definitely want Cyndi! Not sure if I can pull off Gaga. :(

    Gaga reminds me a little of English Accents l/g from Liberty of London. I got it on a whim, and it looks HORRID on me, unless worn very sheerly.

    I may just end up getting both l/g, as I already have both l/s, and it’s for a good cause! :)

  34. Claudia

    I love the cindy lipgloss. How similar is the gaga gloss to english accent gloss?

  35. Marinella

    Viva Glam Cindy! Must have! Amazing coral…can’t wait to’ get it!!!

  36. The Cyndi lip glass is definitely more coal than red. I love them both!

  37. Nattasja

    I love the Cindy lipgloss as it seems more wearable on a day to day basis.
    I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  38. I’m looking forward to the Cyndi lipglass since I LOVE the Cyndi lipstick!!

  39. I love how your lip swatches look so smooth and flawless! I think I’ll get Cyndi

  40. Kathy

    The Cyndi lipglass looks so pretty, just like the lipstick. :)

  41. Hi! Is the VGC l/g similar to Fold and Tuck l/g? Thanks!

  42. B

    i am so excited for this!! will definitely get back ups of these products because i love both shades!

  43. JayJay

    Cyndi looks awesome! I’ll probably end up getting both though, since they’re for such a good cause :-)

  44. I can’t wait for these. I know a lot of people have been loving the gaga more than the cyndi. but i think cyndi’s one is more wearable.

    the viva glam cyndi lipglass looks so good on you. u have convinced me to run and buy this once it hit the store ^^

    thanks christine for the swatches. really helpful.

  45. Dana

    I was going to buy the Gaga gloss..but it looks milky for some reason..I don’t think it would look right on me.

  46. Bobbie C.

    I plan to pick up both of these. I loved the lipsticks and I am actually wearing Cyndi today. Gaga lipstick did not look flattering on me but I am hoping the lipglass will be different. I feel like I would need to wear a lipliner with Gaga lipglass though, I am NC50. What liner would u suggest if any?

  47. karen

    I’m definitely getting Cyndi.

  48. Amanda Enn

    i definitely don’t like the lady gaga

  49. Catherine

    I’m not much of a lipstick user, so I’m glad these are available. I will probably pick both up.

  50. Sarah

    I really don’t like the Gaga one but the Cyndi gloss looks really good!

  51. Sam

    GORGEOUS. Love them both!

  52. May

    I want to like Gaga but the color is all wrong for me. But I have and love Cyndi lipstick. I’m going to have to get off my spending diet and buy the lipglass.

  53. AnGeLwInGz

    Is Cyndi more of a red-coral or a pink-coral?

  54. monica

    i got backups of the gaga lipstick, so i will definetely be picking up a few of the lipglasses.

  55. rukia

    I love MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass on you and hopefully it will go well on me also. I bought the Lipstick why not buy the Lipglass as well 😀 Love it.

  56. Ooh I like the Cyndi, really seems to flatter your complexion and brighten (not that you need that). I’m still trying to get my hands on the Cyndi lipstick, keep calling my counter checking to see if it’s arrived in the next delivery so they can hold one or two for me, sigh, will keep trying, when I swatch it, it just looks like the warm pink I’ve been searching for and of course it’s for a good cause. It’s great you get to try out products early and give us these lovely previews, thanks Christine.

  57. Leslie

    Cyndi looks so good on you but it doesn’t for me. I’ll stick with Gaga and I want to bags too.

  58. vivian

    have all viva glam lipsticks/glosses always been limited edition? My MAC store always has all of them……how come these are the only limited editions ones i’ve come across? cyndi (l/s and l/g) is to pretty to be limited edition ):

  59. stef

    gaga looks like splashing.

  60. Azaza

    I so want these lipglasses

    Is Gaga lipglass similar to splashing lipglass?

  61. Margot

    Both glosses are calling my name ! Plus it’s for a good cause, all the more reasons to splurge and get both 😛

  62. margo

    well it will be cyndi but it is a bright coral. It should overlay the cyndi lipstick quite nicely as on me the lipstick wears more muted.

  63. Jennifer

    I have the lady gaga lipstick and didn’t like the cyndi but for this it’s the opposite way around. I like the cyndi gloss not sure I want to buy it though but the gaga lipglass isn’t very appealing. I think I’m going to skip this and just get a few backups of the lady gaga lipstick because I love it!

  64. ali

    wow! before, everyone wanted the VG Gaga lipstick, but now everyone wants the VG Cyndi lipglass! I like Cyndi a lot more too!

  65. CJ

    cyndi seems very wearable and gaga seems very un-wearable.. weird. But everyone is right, Cyndi looks GREAT on you christine!

  66. Carrie Ann

    Ooh, pretty. I love the packaging.

  67. Hannah

    Both are great. Which one would you reccomend for fair skin with pink undertones?

  68. Christina

    Awesome! Your swatches always look so fabulous. I love Temptalia!

  69. Gina

    So ugly… 😛

  70. Gina

    Actually, the Cyndi looks okay, but I’m not impressed with the Gaga.

  71. Krista

    I was just at MAC last night and bought Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick, and I am dying to get the lipglass as well!!

  72. Ashley D.

    *-* Must have… Btw Christine, do you know if the Cyndi & Gaga lipsticks are still available?

  73. Another twenty-nine dollars out of my wallet… :p

  74. bxboricua

    Yay! Can’t wait for Viva Glam Cyndi lipglass!

  75. Victoria

    Love the smooth opaque look of Cyndi, not loving the too cool, sink-into-liplines look of Gaga

  76. nmnikki

    Cyndi looks great! Could you do a lip swatch of the lipstick and gloss layered sometime, please? Thank you 😉

  77. Jenn

    Cyndi looks amazing on you, Christine!

    I’ve been looking for an opaque red lipgloss, too. I think I’m getting Cyndi over Wicked Ways!

  78. Lacey

    Wow, I have been waiting for this forever for GAGA, but after seeing it on you I don’t think I’m going to get it! It looks nothing like the lipstick. It’s much whiter :-( I feel like in the tube it looks just like English Accents from LOL, but it doesn’t translate onto the lips….I’m sad!

  79. Melissa

    I think I will get Cindy, blue tones rlly dont go wit me

  80. Kathie

    Can’t wait. I plan on getting both. I have both lipsticks to support AIDS research which touched my family back in the early 90’s when we lost my sister so, even though the colors are not too wearable on my NW45 skin, I still love the colors and wanted to support the cause.

  81. Imogen

    WOW!! The Cyndi one looks hot hot hot!

  82. aradhana

    wow i like the cyndi gloss. i loved the lipstick too but i held back.
    too many items on the wish list tho…hopefully something will just ‘remove itself’ when i swatch in store?!

  83. i loove both colors but cyndi looks gorg on you!

  84. How do each of these look over their matching lipsticks? Does it bring the colors out more?

  85. karen

    really loving how cyndi looks on u christine. but i hate lipgloss.. i might give it a try though it looks so good and reading through the comments, i bet it will sell out in a flash!! i always wear nude lipsticks so this will b a change. i have gaga lipstick but dont love it. Can u return viva glam items? i would never since its for aids but just curious

  86. SiaM

    I like both =)
    But I have to agree with everyone Cyndi looks great on your lips, I wasn’t planning on getting it, until I saw your lip swatch.
    The Gaga one I will pair it with other lip colors so it will be a bit more wearable for me, I do like it a lot as is too.

  87. Cyndi reminds me of Revlon Coral Reef! It looks lovely :)

  88. I love Gaga lipstick! From your swatches, I think I prefer Cyndi lipglass. It looks really pretty.

  89. thechon

    Cyndi is the PERFECT colour! I´ve been looking very long for a lipgloss in this shade, does it have shimmer in it ?

  90. Cyndi is my favorite lipstick. I cannot wait to get a hold of the gloss. It looks beautiful on you. I’m not as convinced about the Gaga gloss. I will have to wait to see it in person.

  91. Luisafer

    love the packing and cyndi’s lipglass!!! have to try it on me, though it was going to be brighter

  92. haha I luv cyndi l/g, but the l/s did not look good on me…I LUV gaga l/s..but I am not feelin the l/g…lol

  93. vikaki

    wow…i have the cyndi lipstick..and the cyndi lipgloss seems gorgeous!!
    p.s…the gaga doesn’t look good on you..:(

  94. Cyndi! So pretty! I already have the lipstick but now I need this.

  95. Rolando

    I believe that Viva Glam Lipglass will be a great addition to the V/G collection! I have 67 female employees in South America, In the fashion industry they love the Gaga lipstick the gloss will be a great stocking stuffer!


  96. ofir

    im totally gonna buy 2 of each!!!
    and you are so amazing christine, as always :)

  97. Hannah

    OMG. Cyndi looks absolutely gorgeous! Cannot wait to get my hands on it! :)

  98. jess


  99. Kat

    Cyndi looks gorgeous, will be getting it =)
    Although maybe you can wear the Cyndi lipstick and add some sort of gloss over it for a similar effect? Maybe the gloss is a bit lighter…so pretty…

  100. lauren

    Oh wow i love both of these especially gaga, cindy looks fab on you though! just wondering do you know when these will be out in the uk? i cant find details of the launch date here anywhere!