Thursday, September 17th, 2009

MAC Lipsticks: Hipster, Red Full Stop, Faultlessly F/W, Our Pick

MAC Trend F/W ’09 Collection Review: Lipsticks

MAC Trend F/W Collection launches in-store today across North America locations, and the collection includes four lipsticks, three lipglasses, an eyeshadow quad, and a fragrance.


  • Hipster is a burgundy-berry with a hint of red shimmer laced through it that comes off as very holiday-esque. It is a frost finish lipstick, and it has been out previously (though I didn’t have it). It applies fairly evenly (though not super creamy–felt a little dry) and goes on opaque. This is kind of the same family as Odyssey.
  • Red Full-Stop is a glossy coral-pink with no shimmer but lots of shine. It is a lustre finish, but it is one of the most opaque lustre lipsticks I’ve ever seen. This shade reminded me of Fusion (PRO) or Eager (which may run a little pinker).
  • Faultlessly F/W is a deep, dark purple berry with cool-tones and just a pinch of red in the undertones. It has an amplified creme finish, and it applies opaque. It should be worn with a lip liner, as the creaminess tends to make this one have a propensity to bleed. It’s similar to Cyber, though not the same (but I haven’t swatched Cyber in awhile).
  • Our Pick is a light coffee brown shade with a creamy texture, no real shimmer, and a satin finish. This is not a shade I can wear alone, and even mixed with others, requires some planning and experimenting. I’d say this is in the family of Spirit and Mocha, but it feels a bit cool.

While none of the colors struck me as immediate, must-have colors for my fall makeup wardrobe, all four were different enough from previous launches and had good color pay off — even the lustre. I think Fautlessly F/W is an interesting shade, but it is also a shade that requires confidence to pull off; it’s very, very vampy and dark and everything the fall trend of dark lips is. Hipster would make a lovely holiday lip, and I could see it being even lovelier when layered with a red shimmered gloss to help bring out the redness in it.

Red Full-Stop is like a toned-down version of Fusion (PRO) or Eager. I thought Eager was permanent, but after checking, looks like it’s not. See Sheer or Vegas Volt are both similar, but they both run a bit more orange. Our Pick just looks terrible on me–it’s like a darker concealer on my lips–but layered with other shades, it’s more wearable, but not a favorite for me. I am sure it will work well on others, though!

  • Product: 8/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 8/10
  • Packaging: 8/10

Recommendation: None are really must-haves in my book; I think Hipster makes a greaty holiday shade, and I like the coral tone of Red Full-Stop (why call it red?) the most out of the four.

Availability: MAC Cosmetics

See more photos, swatches, and lip swatches

MAC Lipsticks: Hipster, Red Full-Stop

MAC Lipsticks: Faultlessly F/W, Our Pick

MAC Hipster Lipstick
MAC Hipster Lipstick

MAC Red Full Stop Lipstick
MAC Red Full-Stop Lipstick

MAC Faultlessly F/W Lipstick
MAC Fautlessly F/W Lipstick

MAC Our Pick Lipstick
MAC Our Pick Lipstick

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91 thoughts on “MAC Trend F/W ’09 Collection Review: Lipsticks Swatches, Photos, Lip Swatches, Review

  1. amy

    I like Red Full Stop the best out of all of them. This collection was launched last Thursday at the Vancouver MAC store at the same time as High Def, but nothing seem to catch my eye for this collection and I did not pick anything up.

  2. amy

    Our pick also reminds me of Siss, which I layer it with Mocha.

  3. Trisha Mae

    I’d love Hipster as a red holiday lip, but too bad I haaate Frost finish lipsticks. They’re so uber drying on my lips. But Red Full-Stop looks super cute! Just might grab it. [: Thanks for the swatches, hon!

    • This one probably isn’t an exception then! I don’t usually find frosts drying (on me), but this one did feel a bit dry (enough for me to notice).

      No prob!

  4. Red Full Stop looks so pretty! I hope it works well for me. Hipster looks amazing too! I don’t own any dark reds like that… It looks very special, enough to purchase if it goes with me. :)

  5. claudia

    Red Full Stop is pretty but I have Costa Chic and I don’t need another coral lipstick ! I expected more from Our Pick, I thought it was less brown than it actually is !! Thanks, Christine !!

  6. ohh Our Pick looks like an opaque version of fresh brew

  7. JO

    can any1 tell me (in there opinion) whether ‘Our Pick’ would suit an NW20 skintone? Or would i look very pale and ill? lol

  8. Ali

    Red Full-Stop is gorgeous. I’m going to have to own that one!

  9. Hipster and Red Full Stop are lovely!

  10. At first sight, Fautlessly reminded me of a blend you did with occ lip tar, Morose.
    It’s not really similar but the effect it has on me is quite the same! Those are appealing but also very difficult to wear. At least on me…

    Red Full-Stop is adorable. It looks great on your plain lips. I just wonder if it’d work well on thiner lips (sometimes a color that looks beautiful on full lips really don’t flatter thin to medium lips.)

    I also love Our Pick. I think I could wear it on its own. How close to Fresh Brew is it?

    • I find this kind of color hard to wear, too. It is very dark and bold… and for me, it’s also very cool, so it can be difficult to find the right way to pair it!

      I think Red Full-Stop would be fine on thinner lips, but it is a bright lipstick, so if that’s a worry, you may want to check it out in person.

      It’s similar to Fresh Brew, but it’s much more opaque – probably a little browner.

  11. Anitacska

    Will check out Hipster when this comes out in the UK.

  12. annie

    OMG this is killing me. i am so so so in love with red full stop… but we will not get this collection *cries*

  13. Our Pick look like it has the potential to be awesome. I’m NW43 so I’m wondering how it would pull on me.

  14. I wish Faultlessly and Our Pick would have a baby l/s though. *Sigh*

  15. Christy

    I think I’ll just get Hipster, New Berry and So this Season. Hipster does remind me a bit of O and Fluid, some faves of mine. Faultlessly F/W is just not a color I would wear. Our Pick looks almost exactly like Siss, which I never wear anyways. It’s kind of corpse-like.

  16. Cole

    I’ve been wanting a lip shade like the one Katy Perry wore at the VMAs, looks like Red Full Stop might be the one I was looking for (yay)

  17. Lyndsay

    Hipster looks chunky and too glittery… I like the color, but not the over all finish. I am drawn to corals, so I do like the red full-stop. (but I have already found my holy grail coral). Faultlessly does absolutely nothing for me. I’d look crazy trying to wear it. Our pick…DANG thats nude! Might be a bit too brown nude for me, though.. I don’t know that I’ll be picking any of them up..

  18. Bridgette

    Hipster is very pretty but its not a shade that is a must have for me.

  19. How similar is crosswires to red full stop.?? They look vaguely similar!! and our pick looks gorgeous but can anyone actually wear it?

  20. Stacey

    Hipster looks a lot more brown in your lip swatch.. I need another lipstick like I need a hole in the head but I am lemming Red Full Stop HARD!

  21. Macaddict

    This afternoon I stopped by my MAC store and bought the whole collection except Red Full-Stop. I don’t do corals very well (I prefer bright pinks and bright oranges on their own).
    I love love love dark purples and own so many. I do own Cyber and Burnin’ and the first thing I did when I got home is compare them against each other. Burnin’ is the palest of the 3 and Cyber is not a blackish/dark as Faultlessly F/W. Also loved the l/gs as well! Very pigmented for MAC which I like cuz I can wear them on their own and they still show color on my lips.
    Not many different products in this collection but definitely many quality ones IMO! ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Dusty

    Blinded by my inability to NOT purchase purple lipstick, I bought Faultlessly F/W straight away without even testing it. The color is almost a dead ringer for Smoked Purple – Smoked Purple is matte so the color payoff is much better, but it’s also much dryer (cause it’s matte).

    I de-tube all my lipsticks and store them in stackable jars anyway, so I’ll probably just end up mixing the two together and hope for a slightly creamier version of Smoked Purple (or more pigmented version of Faultlessly F/W depending on how you look at it).

    I need to mind my purple lipstick addiction :/

    • LOL! Love it, Dusty! That’s me with reds. I don’t even wear red lips very often, so it makes no sense, but what can ya do?

      • Dusty

        Haha! I love that!

        I gave in and decided to follow my brain this time – I returned everything except for the coral lipstick (even though I’m not a huge fan, I thought I should keep something). I was really excited for this collection but when I got it… Eh. The quad was disapointing and the lipsticks were all so close to colors I already had. Hipster is really pretty but you can match it with about 3 different Aveda lipsticks (Aveda lippies are more hydrating too) so there you go… Oh well ๐Ÿ˜›

        This will not stop me from buying two of everything in the black collection next week though! Haha! :)

  23. evangelia

    hmmmm…is red full stop a bit like high 90’s slimshine? i lost high 90’s, and always on the lookout for a dupe

  24. Jennifer

    Is “Red Full Stop” anything like “Made with love”? I ordered RFS , but I also have two MWL’s. lol How would you think they vary?

    Random question… I love “Angel” but what color is like it but has more pink than pale pink frost tone to it?

  25. Angela

    I’m going to try out hipster and our pick. Our pick seems like it may work for me.

  26. Lexia

    “Our Pick” looks more like a nude lipstick rather than a grey taupe color that mac describes it. :(
    i was so looking forward to this but looks like every other nude lipstick.

  27. Okay so I got Faultlessly F/W, Our Pick, and Red Full-Stop today. :) The only one I’ve worn so far was Faultlessly F/W and it is definitely a NIGHT color; I think I’m brave enough to wear it out lol, but I wouldn’t do it during the day, it’s just too dark. :)

  28. Mija

    Our Pick is absolutely my perfect lipstick, i swear they designed it for me..
    I have to pick up like 12 tubes of it =]

  29. Lorna

    i like red full stop even though it’s not really red. not sure if i’m going to buy. will swatch first.

  30. Silvia

    Hey, is red full stop somehow similar to the lipglass pink lemonade?
    If so, I might go for it…always liked pink lemonade

  31. Luda

    Hipster is something i was really debating on but i ended up not getting it because i tend to wear a lighter lip and a really dark eye – i got our pick instead

  32. Nicole15

    i really like Red Full-Stop & i love that it is a fairly opaque lustre. I lack corals in my collection so this may be a purchase. However, Our Pick lipstick just seems kinda yucky to me. I think it would require way too much mixing in order to make it work & I don’t really want to be bothered with that. Thx for the swatches!!

    • I didn’t know lustres could EVER be so pigmented, haha. MAC, in general, doesn’t have near enough coral lip products!

      I’m with you on Our Pick. I’m not sure how I’ll work it into a look yet.

  33. neli

    our pick is what i will be going for instead of siss which washes me out.. will layer it with girl’s delight dazzleglass

  34. Ashley

    I had very high hopes for Our Pick when I saw it described as a cement taupe. I was thinking it would be grey, which sounds so cool to me. This looks like Siss, which I already have and is really hard to wear for me. The yellow tones are just too much. I’ll have to pass. I’m only getting the two dark lipsticks and the two dark glosses. The palette looks too dupable and glittery. I remember Asphalt Flower. It came out with Synthetic Nirvana, which I bought.

    • Wow, you are a long-time MAC fan if you remember the original Asphalt Flower! Kudos! :)

      Yeah, I have no idea how to wear Our Pick. I know some readers have commented saying it’s the best, but it looks terrible on me, LOL.

  35. Rebecca

    I just wanted to say that ‘Our Pick’ is a total dupe for an old discontinued lipstick called ‘Folio’. Very Angelina Jolie nude mouth on me (very fair Scandinavian skin) if applied lightly. best not to use concealer or lip erase first so it mutes your natural lip color but a little shows through. (Which Angelina said she used to use Folio for in an old/way back interview.)

    P.S. I know not everyone likes her, but a lot of people liked Folio so maybe this will help anyone still searching for a dupe.

  36. marie

    ……..I want them all – I like each color and the different texture. I’d add ‘Redd’ lipliner w RF, ‘Currant’ w Fautlessly, ‘Stripdown’ w Our Pick and ‘Auburn’ w Hipster

  37. Raven

    I wound up going back for Our Pick and Hipster. I fell in love w/ our pick. It looks as MAC describes it on my fair, fair warm skin. Hipster impressed me, so I had to have it and doesn’t dry out my lips!! I think Runway Fave is GORG. on top for texture. Runway Fave is so opaque that it also impressed me as it can be worn alone. Yes. Our Pick is much like Folio, but on me it’s EVEN better. I really didn’t think I could pull this one off!!! Anyway, enjoy ladies!!!

  38. I already have a lipstick like Hipster (Revlon’s super lustrous pearl in Spiced Brandy).

    And I think my lip glass in Pink Lemonade looks a little like Red Full Stop, but I want it anyway just because I’m starting to prefer lipsticks over glosses! I never used to like lipstick when I was younger.

    Faultlessly and Our Pick are so unique to me that I must have them for my Fall/Winter collection.

    Thanks for swatching!

  39. Elysia


  40. Jenna

    Our Pick looks amazing on me with Love Nectar gloss. Apply Our Pick kinda lightly, the Love Nectar, and then blot lightly…works like a charm and the lips are gorgeous!…Should I get hipster? I am going to have to try it outttt…