Thursday, May 13th, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Thrills, Fun Bathing, Beachbound, Lazy Day

MAC To the Beach Collection — Lipstick Reviews, Photos, Swatches

MAC’s To the Beach Collection features four limited edition lipsticks from champagne-gold to deep berry, with each retailing for $14.

  • Beachbound is a really sheer golden-champagne shade. It has a glaze finish, and it gives more shimmer than color. It does seem to mute my natural lip color a bit. For me, this is a shade best paired with stronger, more intense shades of lipgloss.
  • Thrills is a stunning combination of red-rose and amber-bronze shimmer/frost. It’s a shade you just don’t see often. The only shade that comes close is nearly three times the price–La Prairie’s Rose Bronze (but that’s much pinker, rosier; same effect, but the base color is stronger). This originally launched with Rushmetal, way back in 2007. I don’t even have to see anything else from To the Beach to tell you this is a must-have from it, though. It’s AMAZING!
  • Lazy Day is a milky cool-toned pink.  It reminds me a bit of Angel.  I feel like this color is something I’ve seen many times before.  I like that it’s pretty pigmented, though.
  • Fun Bathing is a reddened raspberry wine with a metallic bronze shimmer and sheen.  Super pretty!  It has the same feel and look as Thrills.  It’s similar to ‘O’ but lacks that really metallic bronze pop–it’s kind of there in ‘O’ but not as much.  This seems lighter, too.

See more photos & swatches!

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Thrills, Fun Bathing, Beachbound, Lazy Day

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Thrills, Fun Bathing, Beachbound, Lazy Day

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Thrills, Fun Bathing

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Beachbound, Lazy Day


MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Thrills Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Thrills Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Fun Bathing Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Fun Bathing Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Beachbound Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Beachbound Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Lazy Day Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Lazy Day Lipstick

Beachbound was provided as a press sample; Thrills, Funbathing, and Lazy Day were purchased by Temptalia.

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170 thoughts on “MAC To the Beach Collection – Lipstick Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Tiffany

    dang, I wish mac had sent you the collection as a whole. I’m anxious to see the other two lipsticks!

  2. Thrills is SO mine. It is a gorgeous, unique colour!

  3. Lia

    oooh you look so pretty and glowy in that picture with beachbound on your lips! can’t wait for the rest of the lipstick swatches!

  4. beachbound seems so 80’s and dated. kinda of a miss for me. Thrills looks beautiful though. pretty pretty.

  5. min

    beachbound looks like it doesn’t apply evenly.. but I know that’s just the colour 😛 but.. you’re right thrills.. ! I am most definitely getting.

  6. Hello, how similar is Beachbound to Front Lit? xx

  7. Jess

    What are you wearing in the first picture! I love the cheeks and eyes!!!

  8. DevilishDoll

    What else are you wearing in the full face pic for the Beachbound swatch? It looks so beautiful.

    • MUFE #140 HD Foundation, Marine Life high-light powder on cheeks, Float on By eye kohl on lash line – no mascara.

      • DevilishDoll

        That almost makes me wanna get the Marine Life powder, I love the way it looks on you, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the money for me. And I already want most of this collection.

  9. SB_sweetie

    Love these both! I’m a big fan of the glaze formula from MAC. The Beachbound color is somewhat frosty/retro, but I think it will look terrific with a tan (real or fake!). The lipstick cases are so adorable, too! I like to get the limited lipsticks b/c then I can find them in my stash b/c they stand out against all the MAC black.

  10. elko

    What’s on your waterline in the Beachbound pic? It looks awesome.

  11. Elle

    Thrills looks beautiful on you. I can’t wait to see you use it in a look!

  12. Maria

    Definitely got to get thrills. So uniquely gorgeous. I’m not going to go overboard with this collection, at least I don’t think. But Thrills and one of the e/s is on my list. Hopefully that’ll be it 😉

  13. Carrie

    Beachbound is right up my alley, since I prefer subtle lipstick shades. Thrills is also gorgeous. Those are definitely the two lipstick colors I want from this collection. The light purple one looks pretty, but too similar to other MAC lipstick shades and the darkest lipstick looks way too dark for my liking. Thanks again for posting these swatches & reviews!

  14. Leah

    Is Thrills similar to Sci-Fidelity?

  15. Sasha B

    could you say thrills is like beautiful liar from nars

  16. Liz

    awe beachbound looks gorgeous in the tube but is different on the lips. Plus it looks too much like two other lipsticks i have. Thrills is gorgeous but bronzilla didnt look too good on me so i dont think this one will either.

  17. Bobbie

    How does thrills compare to MAC O lipstick??

  18. Jenni

    Hey Christine, How do you think Beachbound compares to Hue?

  19. Em

    would you say that thrills looks like dainty cakes lipstick from a collection a few years ago?

  20. Kathie

    Love them both!

  21. Initially I really wanted Thrills but I realized it is REALLY close to NYX’s Indian Pink lipstick, which I already own. <3 Looove it!

  22. Sari

    I definetly need Thrills ! But to me , Beachbound has that same weird texture of that one from Pret A Papier ..

  23. Paloma

    Thrills is gorgeous!

  24. Mya

    Is thrills lipstick going to be permanent?

  25. kat

    based on the picture, thrills looks like a lipstick that smashbox used to make called ‘distortion.’ (if you ever come across it, i strongly recommend it!) its my favorite unique shade and i don’t think its available anymore so i’m glad to know that mac is releasing a similar lipstick. thanks for your reviews! ^^

  26. Diana B

    They both definitely remind me of the beach.

  27. Mandi

    Beachbound seems similar to Archetype from pret-a-papier. How would you compare the two?

  28. Emily

    So I really REALLY like Thrills, however, I don’t know that I see it on my skin tone…I’m NC15 with brown hair/blue eyes. You think I could rock it?

  29. JoElla

    I really like these! I think Beachbound is a little more user friendly, but Thrills is such a pretty nighttime color.

  30. Karyn

    OOOH Thrills is beautiful! I wonder if Beachbound would be good on a darker color like myself (NC42)

    Thanks for these sneaks Christine. This is the last MAC collection I’m probably gonna be picking up from since I need to save so it REALLy helps to be able to purchase properly. So far I have Thrills x2 and Marine Life powder, I can pass on the rest I think :)

  31. Nicole

    Thanks for the swatches, Christine.
    Is Beachbound similar to Pleasureseeker from the Neo Sci-Fi LE (2008).

  32. Tina

    Thrills looks so much of a darker version of Guerlain Gems

  33. Ashley

    I am NW20, would Thrills lipstick look good on me? Thanks:)

  34. Do you think Beachbound is similar to Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy lipstick?

  35. Michelle

    I’m thinking that Fun Bathing looks a lot like O!

  36. Beck

    Very nice, I am liking this collection more and more, thankyou for the great quality pictures as usual!You know you have sold me on your camera, the Nikon D90 I think you said it is. I have to have it, you get the best picture quality and clarity. I don’t even have to see them in person to know what I want! You save so many people from going crazy with impatience waiting to see the new collections in person. =o)

  37. Wendy

    Thanks for the swatches, Christine!
    I LOVE how Lazy Day looks but I’m not sure I could pull it off. :\
    I’m NC35 with fairly pigmented lips, what do you think?

  38. Natalie

    Oh my gosh! I just died over Fun Bathing!! It is fall here in Australia.. I could so see myself wearing that and Spiced Choc quad!!

  39. Nadine

    I’m so gonna get Lazy Day,since I got the Viva Glam Gaga I’m in love with cool-toned pinks like that.How would you compare it to Viva Glam Gaga?

  40. Ada

    mm after seeing the lipgloss lip swatches I’m 100% i’ll be skipping them and just get 2 lipsticks (beachbound and lazy day)and one cheek (either marine life or hipness) I’m not going to even bother with the liners and bronzing stuff especially that glittery bronzing oil XD

  41. really liking Lazy Day lipstick

  42. Susum

    Hey Christine,
    i was wondering if lazy day is similar to the viva glam gaga? I purchased 2 viva glam gagas and i don’t know if it’s worth it to get lazy day if the colours are similar.

    • Lazy Day isn’t as pale/light, and it’s not quite as opaque as VG Gaga. Gaga also has a bit of lilac to it that Lazy Day doesn’t have.

  43. Jennifer

    Would Lazy Day work better than Angel for someone with warmer undertones? Or since both are cool-toned, should I just avoid both? (I’m NC15 btw).

    Your eye-makeup in the Lazy Day pics is absolutely stunning, btw! :)

    • I think so – it’s not quite as cool :) But if you like Angel, maybe Urban Decay’s Naked would be better — prefer that over both!

      Thank you!

  44. ellie

    I wanted to get thrills and lazy day at first but changed my mind fun bathing is so gorgeous on you Christine! I think i’ll get that. I have lady gaga and i pair it with subculture lip pencil and english accent lipglass and that’s exactly lazy day is!

  45. Definitely getting Lazy Day!

    How would you compare “Lazy Day” to Dsquared “Nude Rose”?

  46. how would you compare lazy day to fun fun? i have fun fun so i’m wodnering if i should skip lazy day

  47. Thrills is pretty – It reminds me of how Rose pigment looks actually.

  48. I love how beachbound and lazy day are both unique neutrals..they are gorgeous!

  49. Dawn

    I had originally thought that I’d like Lazy Day, but seeing it on I’ve changed my mind as it looks way too pale. I’m very pale skinned myself, and I think this would make me look so washed out.

    I did buy Thrills, though, and I absolutely love it! It’s one of my new favourites

    Fun Bathing I had thought would be too dark for me, but seeing it on you, I think that with the shimmer it has I could actually pull it off!

  50. sandrine

    Ohhh, Thrills is a lovely shade. *salivating* I’ve spent so much on MAC recently, it’s a good thing this collection will reach my country in June. Still have time to save.

  51. Proximity

    Thrills looks a bit like a darker/more opaque version of Jupiter Brown from Shu Uemura’s Holiday 2009 collection (with the awesome cartoon cats and stars).
    It’s a great color, I wear it a lot! (But I’ve gotta slow down, because it was LE and I’ve only got this one.)

  52. kenneth alan

    I’ve been looking for a lipstick as close as possible to the one the girl is wearing in the ad from the Style Black collection and I think Lazy Day looks kind of close so I’ll probably pick that one up.

  53. Bowie

    i love lazy day. :) how do you think it compares to mac myself lipstick from the all ages all races all sexes collection?

  54. Zoe


  55. Sami

    I’m going to the preview party thing but I really wanna purchase some nude lipsticks. I’m super fair so I’m not sure about what colors from mac to pick up. I love a Kardashian-esque nude lip.

  56. starr

    im definitely picking up 2 lazy days! thanks for the swatches christine :) seriously i always come to temptalia before buying anything from upcoming mac collections.

  57. cynthia

    I really like how the lazy day lipstick look on your’s really pale pink..but I alreday own the creme you think they are similar?
    Also, I do have La Prairie’s Rose Bronze lipstick..but I found it’s too frosty for my taste..but thrills lipstick looks stunning on your lip..should I still get the thrills lipstick?

    • Hmm, Thrills is pretty frosty/metallic. I love it, but if you find Rose Bronze a bit too frosty, you might not like this one either :(

  58. Silvia

    Hi Christine, great swatches! I have the l/s ramblin’ rose from 2006 summer. Is it somewhat similar? really like that one.
    enjoy your weekend!! Since i will be moving soon, I have to pack a lot of stuff

  59. Beth

    Oooo, Fun Bathing looks very similar to Clinique Surprise, which I LOVE. My Surprise is old and broken, so I don’t really wear it any more. (It’s a bit dark on me for daytime, but I love it at night, especially in autumn.) Might have to get Fun Bathing as a replacement!

    Do you think Thrills would work for my NW15 skin tone?

  60. PinkPrincess

    Wow, Lazy Day looks great on you! How is it compared with MAC’s Lovelorn?

  61. Gao

    Lazy day looks so pretty!!
    somewhat like angel huh?
    hmm.. I wanna try it though.. haha!

  62. Tiffany

    Thanks for doing such great swatches, Christine! I’m just wondering how Beachbound compares to Cutester from the Hello Kitty collection? =P

  63. Morgan

    I can not wait to wear lazy day with splashing on top! It sounds super gorgeous!

  64. Michelle

    Heya Christine,

    How would you compare lazy day to angel, nude rose and UD naked? What is your favorite of all 4?

    PS. looking for my perfect nude-pinkish lipstick.

    Thanks in advance!

  65. Emily

    Ok so Thrills lipstick looks beautiful but I don’t want to waste my money. I have a very light, cool skin tone, do you think it will look awful on me?

  66. nicci

    Thrills is really pretty and I thought Fun Bathing would be too dark but seeing it on you it doesn’t look as dark as I expected! Maybe I will walk away with both :)

  67. Katie

    Is Beachbound similar to Pleasureseeker from Neo Sci-Fi?

  68. When I saw Thrills I was like OMFG! Amazing color! And Fun Bathing

  69. leah

    Christine, how would you compare Sunsational (Style Warriors) to Beachbound? I am really looking for a slightly more pigmented sunsational. It’s my HG nude! Any recommendations?

  70. Miki

    Hi Christine, how does Lazy Day compare to Viva Glam Gaga?

  71. nmnikki

    fun bathing looks the best on you–really great for your skintone!

  72. Vis

    Thrills!!!!!!!!!!!! a must have. So pretty

  73. chibu74

    Fun Bathing looks gorg on u

  74. i want beachbound and lazy day so badly~ they look so pretty on ur lips!

  75. Liz

    Just wanted to say these all look gorgeous on you, especially Thrills. I might end up picking that up, :)

  76. Zoe

    Thanks so much for the swatches :)
    none of the lipsticks are anything I’d really wear except lazy day… do you think lazy day is similar to hue? hue is my favorite lipstick by mac….but either way I’m getting lazy day :)

  77. Italia

    I am dying to get beach bound and easy lounger.. I wonder how lazy day and flurry of fun will look together :)

  78. definitely going for the Thrills and BeachBound! they are both so gorgeous! love the deep thrills color, and i love the natural color of beachbound 😀

  79. A mixture of Beachbound & Lazy Day will do for me! Sometimes mixing two colors can be more vibrant! Also, the two colors look perfect for the summer!

  80. Kate

    Is Beachbound similar to Not So Innocent from Fafi? Thanks!

  81. SB

    how does lazy day compare to a rose romance l/s from last year?

  82. Sweeda88

    I’m DEFINITELY getting Thrills lipstick! I’m obsessed with orange and coral right now!

  83. fernanda

    Does Lazy Day is comparable to Angel Lipstick>

  84. How similar is Lazy Day to Viva Glam Gaga?

  85. Brenda

    I just placed my order for Lazy Day. Way to love from A Rose Romance is my all time favourite pink..I’m a neutral nc or nw20 (i can use either depending on what area) so I’m really hoping this works out!!! I also ordered Hipness and the pink lustre drops. Here’s hoping!!

  86. Jessica

    Hi Christine,
    How similar is Thrills to Coral-Coordinate from the Textures collection, if you are familiar with that at all? TIA :)

  87. Estella

    Hi Christine !
    I’m new at commenting but I’ve been following Temptalia for awhile now and i love it ! I was just wondering since i have the hello kitty pink fish tlc should i skip on the lazy day lipstick as i thought they looked similar. Also would thrills look nice on fair skin, i’m on the fence about such a vibrant darker color, i tend to go for neutral colors

    • They are kind of similar – if you don’t think you’d wear Lazy Day a lot, you could definitely skip.

      I think it would! Funbathing would also look great against paler skin.

  88. Sarah

    Hi Christine!

    They look lovely on you. I’m really interested in Lazy Day–how does it compare to creme cup? Thanks.

  89. Jinny

    Wow, Thrills look like you have a beautiful sunset in front of you in a paradise beach! Sooooo pretty

  90. kcrystal

    Thrills is absolutely gorgeous and stunning! It’s a brightened reddish coral on my lips and looks even more delicious with flurry of fun! Although, too much flurry might end up looking too bright on the lips, but a subtle shine definitely enhances the look.
    Beachbound is horrible! There is hardly any pigmentation! Funbathing was not a color i would ever reach for and lazy day is too blah for my liking.
    I didn’t like thrills when swatched online and i don’t like frosts lipstick but in person, the color was wonderful and complimented my coloring too well for me to pass up.

  91. Dorothy

    they all look so gorgeous. its kind of a lot of money to get the whole mac collection but i really want all of them sooo nice :)

  92. Christina

    I hardly ever wear lipstick, I usually go the gloss route, but I own two lipsticks from mac. The gaga one, and beachbound. I love beach bound so much, though it looks a little more orange on my lips, I pair it with flurry of fun for a bit more pop and I absolutely love it.

  93. ellie

    Hi Christine, is lazy day with splashing same as speed dial? Which is better lazy day or speed dial? I am NC25/NC30 with pigmented lips.

  94. Do you think Lazy Day would suit an NC37 skintone? <3

  95. Jywoi

    Sorry for the late comment, but some products of this collection are still available online and I’m hesitating! Lazy day looks really good on you but I’m wondering i it would work with very pigmmented lips?
    I fair skin (NW20) but dark reddish lips (mac laugh a lot comes close to my lips), do you think it’d show?
    The Lady Gaga one was a bummer, it settles into my lines and looks terrible.

    Thank you for your help!
    I never buy anything from Mac before looking at your swatches and seeking your advice! :) <3 <3

  96. Leah

    I bought thrills, and Im not a huge fan of it by itself, but I love it with a lipglass over it.

    • Neha

      Is thrills similar to CB96 or Ramblin’ rose. Please advise as I m in love with thrills. Also, plz suggest if there is another similar shade in MAC or other brand.

  97. Does mac still sell lazy day? did u use a lipline with the lazy day? What was it? Thanks

  98. Mel

    Grrr…I’m so mad I missed this collection. Thrills is super pretty and Funbathing would be gorge for a night out look during the summer. I hope funbathing gets re-released soon.

  99. stefani

    I love your site! It has been so helpful with my online makeup purchases!