Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Hipness Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection — Hipness & Refined Golden Swatches & Photos

I reviewed these originally with the sneak peek from last week. I’m re-posting what I said about both in this post, but the photos are of the products in the limited edition packaging.

  • Hipness Blush is a soft pink with a hint of coral with a smooth finish–very satiny, not shimmery. It was originally released with the Fafi and MAC collaboration.  Hipness is pinker–less orange–and more pigmented than Instant Chic from Pret-a-PapierHipness is much pinker and lighter than Marine-Life high-light powder.
  • Refined Golden Bronzer is a dirty brown with a very fine golden shimmer strewn through the powder that’s barely noticeable when used. I don’t find it turns orange-y at all, so I like it for a bronzing option. It’s dark enough to work on light to medium dark complexions, but it’s not so dark that it will look drastic on lighter skin tones. This is a permanent product, but I have it because it was released with Style Warriors. (Which also released Solar Riche as the second bronzer in that collection, whereas To the Beach features Golden, also a permanent bronzing shade.)

See more photos & swatches!

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Hipness Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Hipness Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Hipness Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer

MAC To the Beach Collection
Hipness / Refined Golden

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71 thoughts on “MAC To the Beach Collection — Hipness & Refined Golden Swatches & Photos

  1. Erin K

    If I have “instant chic” is “hipness” still worth getting?

    • Depends on what you like… they are different enough to own both, if you really like that shade family. If you hardly wear Instant Chic, then you might not see it worth getting Hipness.

  2. HC

    How come I see all these random purple colored links all over your review? It’s weird…

    but I totally want to pick up these two products! **drool**

    • The links are considered contextual advertising – it’s one of the ways we earn money to help pay for the blog, server costs, support, products, etc. You shouldn’t see them too cluttered, but we just implemented them last week, so we are still tweaking things.

      • HC

        Ahhhh okok. I was wondering if your page was getting hacked or something! Or perhaps a bug, haha

        • Aw, sorry! :( I’m hoping to tweak it a bit, because I definitely don’t want a ton of those popping up in a short post!

          • HC

            haha no worries. Just wanted to make sure your blog was AOK! I can’t imagine my work day without your blog…haha

  3. Carrie

    Gorgeous shades. I wanted both of these. Love the compacts.

  4. MUST get Hipness!!!!! Must get Hipness!!!

  5. Meri

    I thought there’s another blusher called Get Away Bronze ?

  6. Katie

    I’m definitely getting Hipness. Although I liked Instant Chic, I think that this blush really suits my skin better (NW20). It’s such a gorgeous shade of pink!

  7. nikki

    is hipness a lot like peachykeen blush do you think christine? thanks so much!

    • Katie

      I *think* based on the close up of Hipness, Peachykeen has more shimmer. Also, Peachykeen is described as “baby peach”, which it really is, but I see a lot of pink in Hipness which makes the two very different from each other.

  8. Thank you so much for the swatches :)
    I’m loving hipness and will definitely get it. I cannot get any MAC limited edition stuff where I live and have to order it overseas. Your accurate swatches help me to decide what I should get.. 😉

  9. SB_sweetie

    I think I’ll be getting a powder bronzer from this collection, but I’ll pass on “Hipness.” I have Benefit “Coralista,” so I think I’m all set for the shimmery coral blushes. I’m curious about the other, more bronzy blush, though…

  10. SusyLovesMac

    Yaiii I get to spend my money on different “To The Beach” stuff. I already own both of these and I must say when Hipness came out with the Fafi collection I was in LOVE! Such a beautiful color and works well against my NW15-20 skin :) Thanks for the swatches girl!

  11. Audrey

    Would Hipness blush work on NC40?

  12. ellie

    Hi Christine, i wear mostly hot pink lipsticks which would go better hipness or instant chic?

  13. Zoe


  14. Mercedes

    Would hipness look to pink on NC25 or NC30 skin

  15. Aubrey

    How does this compare to Springsheen?

  16. Angela

    ooh hipness is such a pretty light coral/pink color! (: And am I the only one who is not so crazy about the lime green and orange packaging?

  17. Emilie

    Is Hipness very similar to Coralista?
    I have Coralista and if its about the same colour as Hipness I think I’ll pass on that.. It looks so pretty though! *sigh*

    • Very… hm, not quite. Coralista is definitely darker/more pigmented… but they are similar, though I don’t know if I’d say *very* similar 😛

  18. Melissa

    Hey Christine. How do you think Hipness compares to Fleur Power? Trying to decide if I *need* hipness lol

  19. Jennifer

    Hi Christine, is Hipness at all similar to Ripe Peach Blush Ombre?

    • Ehh, kind of, but it’s a lot pinker – Ripe Peach has some stronger peach undertones.

      • Jennifer

        Yay! I’ve been lamenting not buying Ripe Peach, but I think this can fill the empty gap in my heart. I definitely dig that it’s pinker! Thanks!

  20. Madison

    how is hipness blush compared to coralista? :) thanks!

  21. Becca

    From the pictures I’m not seeing much shimmer in the Hipness blush but I noticed you didnt mention that it was a matte blush. I have quite large pores on my cheeks and prefer a less shimmery blush; would you say this would accentuate pores or settle into them….or is it matte enough it’d work? Thanks so much!

    • It’s supposed to be a frost, but I really don’t find it to be all that shimmery. I think it’s more aptly described as a satin, so I think you could work it :)

      • Becca

        Frost…that concerns me but you’ve never failed me before so I’ll take your word & order it! :-) thanks for your help!

        • It is the weirdest frost ever. I was like, “Ohh, satiny!” and then I read the description was a frost. I was like… huh?! I hope it works out! *crosses fingers*

  22. karen

    I like both of these.

  23. Nothing outstanding…

  24. livnzoe

    hey christine.. i own pinch o’ peach… is hipness simliar to this one.. thank you!

  25. aradhana

    thanks for posting the new collection pics/swatches that you have…i am off to mac right now to go check out the stuff, so it’s very helpful.

    also someone mentioned your new advert links — i think it would be good if they act like your other ‘pink’ links where they don’t get underlined until you hover over the words…a few times i thought you were putting emphasis on those words…which didn’t really make sense! :) but you probably have it all sorted already 😉

    • Hey!

      With the links, that’s the industry standard — it’s actually to identify what IS an advertising link vs. a regular link. I’m not sure how much we can play around with that particular aspect of it!

  26. Diana B

    Hipness is very nice

  27. I only bought the blushes from this collection. Love Hipness!

  28. Freya

    How similar is Benefit’s Coralista to Hipness?

  29. Freya

    Sorry just realized someone asked the same question – GOT MY ANSWER!

  30. Just wondering, how does it compare to Fleur Power from the permanent line?

  31. Katie

    Thank you again for doing the swatches! I bought mine from Bloomingdale’s last night and now I’m really excited about it. I’ve been splurging A LOT on MAC blushes lately, but I think Hipness definitely has a place in my collection. Do you think that you can do a swatch comparison of Coralista and Hipness? I’m sure you’re crazy busy, so maybe I’ll buy Coralista too and see what happens.

  32. Do you think Hipness blush would suit an NC37? <3

  33. Kate

    i just ordered Hipness off & I have instant Chic which I love. Hope I love this one too! :)

  34. Lisa

    I am really picky about blushes, but I’m going have to get Hipness!

  35. nunuiviet

    i have just started to become a mac blush addict! I’m starting my mac blush collection and try to get my hands on every limited edition stuff, i’m so crazy about cute packaging!!!!!
    thanks for your pics, hope the new collection will be released very soon in asia!!!!!

  36. Ashley

    Between “Hipness” and “Marine Life” which one is worth getting more? I am NW20. :)

  37. Angela0804

    Hipness is nice; however after looking at the swatches, I’m unsure if I should get both marine life and hipness. Imo they look very similar in these swatches.

  38. Karen

    Do you think hipness can be worn during fall/winter ?? I like products that can be used more often than a few times in a certain season.

  39. Chelsea Forma

    Have you ever seen Annabelle’s “Haute Gold” bronzer, it looks and swatches (in my opinion) very similar to “Refined Golden”